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About Us

Tiny Houses Inside is a small blog to help people live a content life from a minimal lifestyle.

Hi, I’m Dan Macormack and I wasn’t always a fan of minimal living, in fact, I was the opposite, 4 years ago I considered myself a chaser of the American dream.

Life Before Living in a Tiny House

Every day I woke up unhappy and in a frantic state, like a rat in a maze searching for cheese.

The strive for bigger and better in life was attached to how much money I had, the car I drove, and the house I lived in, the TV I had and etc. 

Like many before me, I thought that this mindset was the ticket to happiness.


Despite getting promoted, financed a new car, and got a house with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

I was alone, I had always wanted to travel but I let my mind get influenced by conventional wisdom and, the chasing of arbitrary goals and success for happiness had caught up with me.

And like many, I tried drowning these negative thoughts with bad food, habits and partying.

I was 31 but I felt like I was 50 years old. The bills and stress of living the American dream made turned me into a shell.

New Found Freedom

After 1 year of what seemed to be a tug of war, I sold off 98% of the stuff I owned and decided to live a life of a minimalist lifestyle.


I got inspired by the Tiny House movement on social media and I decided was going all in.

I purchased a Tiny home and the rest is history. The only things I owned at this point could be packed into a duffle bag.

Was it the best thing that I ever did? Yes, it was

TinyHousesinside.com blog is my experience of going from regular life to living in a tiny house and feeling the best I have ever been. 

I am wasn’t an expert on tiny houses, and i learned the hard way with some help from the experts.

You are interested in avoiding the mistakes I made and I wished someone would’ve guided me through.

My Mission

All for the price of free, I want to help people escape the rat race by living a happier and free lifestyle that the tiny house movement has created for me.

  • Get back in touch with what you want in life
  • Stop keeping up with the Jones and learn to be content with less while effortlessly building your wealth
  • Reduce your bills and taxes

If you want to learn more about how you can start living it up in a tiny house then follow this space.