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Tiny House Plans on Wheels & Trailers – Top 10 Ideas of 2024

If you are looking for great Tiny House Plans for Wheels & Trailers for 2024 then we have the best plans for you in this updated guide.

Travel enthusiasts will love all types of tiny houses.

However, there are countless options when it comes to tiny houses.

As a matter of fact, tiny houses on wheels are the best options for travel zealots.

Many homeowners currently prefer tiny houses over conventional homes because of the functionality, comfort, affordability and countless other benefits.

I know you are already wondering why tiny houses are built on wheels and why they are preferred over ordinary houses.

The first reason is that tiny houses are built on wheels by homeowners that usually love travelling seasonably.

If you have been looking for the best tiny house plans on wheels or trailers, read below.

What are the benefits of building a tiny house on wheels?

There are countless benefits and reasons why you might consider building tiny houses on wheels.

Many of the homeowners that usually go for the tiny houses have concerns such as saving money and having the flexibility of choosing what they want in real-time.

If you have been searching for the benefits of living in a tiny house on wheels, here are some of the considerations and benefits.

  • Portability
  • Minimal cost of living
  • No property taxes
  • No purchase for the property
  • You can rent wherever you want
  • New and exotic views
  • Travel and camping
  • Minimal living

One of the biggest reasons why many people want to buy tiny houses on wheels is the fact that they can easily avoid property costs and taxes.

This means that you will have minimal living costs and you will at the same time not have a lot of considerations especially when it comes to taxes and costs.

It works best for people, that are travellers and seasonal.

It might also work for you if you are the kind of person that likes change and not someone that likes living on one spot every time.

However, this means that you will be renting a spot every time you land in a different place.

But still, you will not be worrying about maintaining the property.

Some tiny house owners have learnt that it’s only cheap to rent land when they are travelling.

With a tiny house on wheels, you can enjoy seasonal living and at the same time ditch your RV.

Many people usually prefer a tiny house on wheels to the RV mainly because it feels more of a home than anything else.

The fact remains that living in a tiny house on wheels feels automatic like living in a 5-star luxury RV that can take you anywhere you want.

Which is better: Portable or Stationary Tiny Home?

You can probably think about a stationary tiny house when you have enough money to pay for travelling around the world.

The homeowners in this category automatically prefer having a solid place to come back rather than having an RV that they can travel with anywhere they want.

This means that the people will automatically buy a vacant lot to house the tiny house that in most instances is built on permanent foundations.

For people that prefer life on the road, it’s better to think of RVs and tiny houses on wheels.

It is the best match for you if you are a seasonal person that prefers travelling to the south and North depending on needs and preferences.

However, staying on a permanent foundation gives you the freedom to constantly change your routine and meet people as you need.

Homeowners in most instances will travel around the home with their tiny houses on wheels.

Regardless of how you want to live with your tiny house, lifestyle matters the most and you have to factor in what you want and like before making the decision.

Can you actually move a tiny house around?

Yes, depending on the size of the tiny house and the materials used to make the house, you can move with your tiny house around.

You can travel the world and live seasonally as you wish.

In many instances, the tiny houses are built from old buses or RVs which means that you can travel with them whenever you want.

Moving on, other tiny houses are built on small spaces which can fit to serve as a tiny house trailer What this means for you is that you can move around with your tiny house whatever time you like.

Moving around, you will also come across tiny houses on a trailer.

This gives you the ability to be more versatile and flexible when you travel.

Before we get to the real tiny house on wheels plans, I’ve to state that there are many homeowners, travellers, nomadic, seasonal owners and ordinary people that love to take their houses wherever they can.

If you are one of these people, then here is the list of tiny house plans on wheels that you can pick today.

Vina’s Soul Haus

This tiny house design is the original classic and full light house that was designed by Vinastinyhouse.com.

The designers mainly focused on simplicity and sustainability when designing this house plan that can be built on an 8′-6’X 20” trailer.

It is actually a comfortable 140sq ft of interior space.

It comes with an amazing outdoor deck that mainly expands from the living space to the outside and it has equally moved to be a signature design.

Vinas Soul Haus on wheels plans

Currently, this design has been built by countless customers around the world.

This means that it has already received a couple of reviews with time which can mainly inform your decision.

Immediately after purchasing this, you will get a construction plan for the main levels and the loft levels.

The designers also give you the millwork plan that comes with built-in cabinetry and storage.

The Living area

The main door leads to the living area which has enough space for a four-seat and a small desk area to serve as your working area.

The Bathroom and sewage

There’s a single bathroom that serves the entire house.

The bathroom is large enough to accommodate a small size shower and a small toilet.

It is served by a small sewage tank that holds both black and brown water.

The sleeping area

The sleeping area is found on the upper side of the house.

It only hosts a single bedroom with enough space for a queen size mattress and a small space to serve as the storage.


This house lacks a fully functional Kitchen meaning that the food will be prepared in a small area just past the living area.

The space is enough to accommodate a single fridge/freezer combination and a cooking gas space.

The space can as well accommodate a few kitchen appliances and necessities.

Who is this house plan for?

This house plan will work perfectly fine for a single person that loves travelling or a couple that wants to have the best of their days before moving on to a matrimonial house.

It gives everybody enough freedom to move around as needed.

The Light Haus Tiny House

This house plan currently attracts a 30% off at Vinastinyhouse.com.

Another special thing about this tiny house design is that it’s customized and easily designed for a couple.

It is just 5’0” and 6’4” tall.

The design equally provides a height clearance of 6’8” below the loft.

The design is also 4’6” above the loft and 24′ long.

Many features have been incorporated into this tiny house on wheel design.

It comes with 2 separate office spaces which automatically serve as the working area.

light Haus Tiny house plans 1 bed room

Moving on, the design comes with clerestory windows and an abundance of light.

To the interior, it also has a light interior color palette and non-toxic materials which makes it one of the most ecofriendly micro home plans that you can find out there.


This house design has two separate offices.

This is perfect for a couple that works in different niches.

One of the offices will work for her and the other one for him.


This tiny house on wheels has one large bedroom loft.

The loft has enough storage for everything you have at home.

It can host enough clothes and other necessities.

You can only access the loft through the uniquely designed stairs that also comes with storage space.


This Mini home floor plan has a large and luxurious bathroom.

Its space is enough to host a small shower, custom sink and a small toilet.

There’s also small storage that would serve as enough storage for toiletries and other necessities.

The Kitchen

This tiny house on wheels also comes with a full-size kitchen that presents an induction stove.

You also have heating and cooling functionality with a mini-split.

Other benefits

  • The house is made using a non-toxic healthy interior with no formaldehyde
  • All customized furniture for multi-functionality
  • The design is registered with the DMV and the RVIA.

Don Vardo Tiny House 11’4”X6’8”



This is a great starter tiny house project that you can build today on wheels.

It works as a detached office, a weekend gate-away, a hideaway or a guest quarters.

The design has been beautifully designed to invite space and beauty at the same time.

It comes with a dreamy arched ceiling which is built on a 10-foot utility trailer.

If you are one of the people that want to have the best travel accompaniment with your family and friends, then you might consider this because it can hold up to 5,000 lbs.

The whole house weighs about 3,200 lbs.

However, the weight might defer depending on the interior designs and materials used.

Don Vardo Tiny House 11'4''X6'8'' on wheels

Users can either go for the longer or the shorter versions.

The longer versions will be built on a 12-foot utility trailer that has about 5,000 lbs.

axel weight and two 3,500 lbs.


The whole design will automatically weigh about 5,000 lbs.

depending on the materials used in the interior designs.

The first design was brought to the limelight by Katy Anderson in 2010.

It has proven to be the best alternative for people that need a simple yet functional and comfy house plan.

The Bedroom

This tiny house on Wheels has a small bed that can accommodate two people.

However, the bedroom is too small and for that reason, you probably need good aeration to make it a conducive place to sleep.

Bathroom and sewage

There’s a small single bathroom with a tiny toilet and a medium-sized shower.

The Bathroom is enough to accommodate enough space for necessities and toiletries.


Due to its small size, the house lacks a luxurious and functional kitchen like it’s the case with one and two-bedroom 2 story tiny houses.

However, the kitchen is enough to accommodate a tiny cooker and a fridge/freezer combination.

The second floor that is missing in this tiny house on wheels would automatically serve as an extra space for sleep, an office or a study area.

Living room

The living room hosts different furniture and items that serve more than one purpose.

It can host a tiny work area with convertible chairs and a foldable table.

The living room is accessed automatically when you enter the house.

Who’s this mini home floor plan for?

This tiny house trailer would work conductively for a young couple that wants to start life from this perspective.

The space might not be enough for a family of more than two people.

Sol POD Mobile Studio

The designer for this house plan decided to design a mobile and a comfy office area after designing her own tiny home and living in it for many years.

This tiny house design is designed to be light enough for easy mobility.

It is also designed to be multifunctional, portable and flexible.

To make it a conducive office, the designer has bathed the interiors with a lot of natural light.

There’s also enough storage in the house that can host all your paperwork and devices.

The storage is provided by the raised platform floor.

Sol Pod by tiny projects 1 Bedroom Plan

Another major benefit is that the designers adopted some green technologies such as solar which is perfect for off-grid applications.

The designers have equally used innovative solar battery technology meaning that the battery can serve the house for a relatively long time.


This house comes with a single bedroom room which I personally think doesn’t provide enough space for storage and sleeping.

The room is small and would automatically attract a lot of heat during the night and summer.

An alternative solution is the use of perfect conditioning that can easily eliminate the heat.

Bathroom and sewage system

The house is served by a single bathroom that has a relatively large space for a small toilet and a shower.

Users have a couple of alternatives when it comes to the sewage system.

As a matter of fact, you can choose to use a portable low-flush toilet that comes with a holding tank.

The main reason is that it saves a lot of water.

However, it generates the backwater which automatically needs to be emptied.


You will have to cope with a small Kitchen that can only hold a minimal fridge and a freezer.

If you need to have a gas cooker, then you will be forced to use a smaller version.

The Living area

Because of the small area, most people opt to use the living space for multiple purpose.

As a matter of fact, you can use this space as an alternative office area or a sitting area.

Who is this design for?

This tiny house design is for a couple that wants to start their life from a minimalist starting point.

But you should know that it doesn’t provide enough space for everything you need especially if you are a maximalist person.

The sweet Pea Tiny House Plans

This tiny house on wheel plan will only cost you $79.00.

The house was designed by Gina as she desired to have a relatively conducive place to sleep.

It provides a simple, comfortable, spacious and somewhat adventurous space to live.

Gina designed this house to include a French door that opens to the sides saving more space.

This also avoids splitting the house down in the middle.

It also comes with windows, a bump-out nook and skylights that invite the outside to the inside.

The loft was designed to have enough space for two adults and a window seat that provides more storage and a sleeping area for kids.

The Sweet Pea Tiny House Plans

The designers also opted to leave the bathroom open to include a bathtub and a shower combination.

The bathroom space is also specifically made to accommodate children bathing area.

The whole house plan measures 136 square feet of living space excluding the sleeping loft.

Besides the fact that this house design was designed with Gina in Mind, it has been used by a couple of people and the results are amazing.

It is actually an inviting design for anyone that wants a spacious tiny home.

It’s perfect for a small family with almost two adult residents and a kid.


The sleeping loft is large enough to accommodate two adults and a child.

Space also comes with enough storage for all the necessities.

Bathroom and Sewage

The bathroom is large enough to accommodate a small toilet, a micro sink and a moderate-sized shower.

The sewage system is connected to get rid of all waste from the kitchen and the bathroom.

In this regard, you can use black and grey tanks.

Users can easily dump their waste into any approved residential sewer system.


This house comes with an open Kitchen which provides enough space for all the kitchen necessities such as a small Fridge, a microwave, cooker and storage for utensils.

Living room

The living room opens directly to the main door.

It’s a small sitting area that can accommodate up to three people.

The living room comes with multipurpose items such as foldable seats and a small foldable table.

The Salsa Box Tiny House

This is an off-grid Bungalow that offers enough space for a family of two adults.

It is a portable and durable tiny house on wheels.

Space is enough to pack a lot of amenities on its 93 square feet.

This design is featured on padtinyhouses.com but the site claims that the floor plan differs slightly from what is shown.

And it also includes a single bedroom that can host a double bed and a drop-down table that can either be used as a small office table or a reading area.

The Salsa Box Tiny House 1 Bedroom Plan

The designers made this tiny house plan with a shed roof instead of the curved roof as it’s the case with other tiny houses on Wheels.

The house also incorporates a simplified construction that uses weight-saving properties, energy-saving properties and space-saving measures.

The design also has instructions for the placement of a small living roof over its porch.

Lastly, this was designed as an instructional model that would give the participants clear instructions for building a functional tiny house on wheels.

The Living area

The living area is so tiny that every item in the area serves more than one purpose.

The seats also serve as the guests sleeping area.

You also have space for a foldable small table that equally serves as a storage area.

The Kitchen

The design comes with a fully functional kitchen that can host all the kitchen necessities.

It has enough space for a microwave, a fridge/freezer combination, a cooker and wall storages for utensils and other items.

The bedroom

The design comes with a single bedroom that can host a double bed for two adults and children.

The bedroom also comes with a small table that can either serve as a reading area or a small office.

The Bathroom and sewer system

This design comes with a composite toilet and a shower which has enough space even for the baby bath area.

The sewer system includes a small tank for brown and black water.

The water can be deposited in any approved sewer system.

Who is this design for?

This design is perfect for a couple or a small family with less than two adults and children.

Cider Box tiny house plans

Here is another floor plan for a tiny house on wheels that serves well for a startup couple, single people and small families that have less than two adults.

One special thing with this design is that it can accommodate two sleeping lofts and a space for laundry.

Unlike the design explained above, this one has a full kitchen.

Cider Box tiny house plans On Wheels

The design also has a non-traditional double shed roofline that adds more space, dimension and clears the way for light streams.

The windows are strategically placed and there are optional skylights and full glass doors.

You can easily access the main loft through the stairs that also contains storage compartments.

The Kitchen has enough space for a counter with bar seating and a four-burner stove.

Immediately after purchasing this design, the designers will issue you with a PDF plan that comes with a construction plan for this 20-foot hose and a 24-foot hose.

The 20-foot long design is 148 square feet on the main floor and also has 65 square foot main loft.

The other loft is 30 square foot.

Moving on, the 24-foot long design is 179 square feet on the main loft and the 30 square foot loft.

The Living area

The living area is found on the first floor.

The space is enough for four seated chairs and foldable chairs.

Depending on what you want in this regard, you can minimize the seating area and include a small working area.


The house has two sleeping lofts.

The main loft is larger than the other loft.

The main loft can be accessed through the stairs that also serves as an additional storage area.

Bathroom and sewer

There’s a small bathroom with enough space for a baby bathtub, a shower and a tiny toilet.

The sewer is simply a tank for black and brown water.

The water can easily be deposited in any approved residential sewage.

The Kitchen

The design has an open kitchen that has large enough space for a four-burner stove and a counter with bar seating.

This is one of the designs discussed here that has a large enough and functional kitchen.

Who is this design for?

This design is perfect for small family and couples seeking to start their lives from a minimalist perspective.

Dee’s Kozy Kabin Tiny House plan

This floor plan was designed by Dee in 2004 immediately after buying her plans from Jay Shelter of four lights house.

The space in this design was inspired by seeing her house and the way she hangs out on the house.

The designer immediately re-engineered the design with slightly different trailers which made the design perfect for such kind of houses.

Dee's Kozy Kabin Tiny House trailer plan

Unlike the previous works, this design is simple, comfortable and basic.

It is actually an 84 square foot house design with no running water and no exclusive bathroom space.

The house is powered by a smidgen of solar electric power.

The house has made space enough for a single person, a couple and a small family of fewer than two adults.

Besides the fact that this house was designed with Dee’s needs in mind, it has served as a good alternative to tiny houses on a permanent foundation.

It’s for everyone that wants to keep things simple, affordable and most importantly functional.

Living room

This house design lacks enough space for a functional living area.

This means that you only have a small area that serves as the guest sleeping area and the sitting area.

The space is accessed directly through the main door.


The design has only one sleeping loft that can accommodate two adults.

The space is also enough for small storage and a study area.

Bathroom and Sewage

The design lacks a functional space for a bathroom and shower.

The users have to consider other alternatives to the bathroom for their needs.

However, some users carry portable camping toilets that can easily be emptied on any approved residential sewage.


The design has a functional kitchen that can include a four-burner cooker, a fridge and freezer combination and any other necessity.

Who is this design for?

This special design is for every person that wants a functional minimalist design for a house.

It can work for retiring couples, small families or a single person.

Magenta Tiny House Plan

This tiny house with wheels is simply a 70 square feet DIY tiny house on wheels that can easily be built on a trailer.

It is a manifesto of a temporary housing alternative against mortgages and debts.

The design will easily be built on a flat trailer and has a heat-insulated wooden structure on both sides.

You have space for a sofa bed, a chemical toilet and a small kitchenette.

The storage space is well thought out to minimize space utilization mainly because it’s a small design.

Magenta Tiny House Plan Trailer

Bedroom and sleeping

This house design is small and for that reason, there’s no large and functional bedroom.

The house easily comes with a sofa bed which serves as the sitting space and the sleeping space.

The Living area

The living area is not automatically functional.

It’s accessed through the main door and serves many purposes.

It can serve the role of an office and guest sleeping area.


The design features a chemical toilet and a small space to serve as a shower area.

The space is enough for a baby tub and a small sink.

The sewer is mainly a chemically treated tank that can be emptied in any residential sewage system.


The design has a simple kitchenette that has space for a cooker, fridge and many other necessities.


How much does it cost to build a tiny house on wheels?

The cost will greatly vary depending on the location and materials used.

The cost might range from $60,000 to $80,000.

What states allow tiny houses on wheels?

Many states in the US including Colorado, North Carolina, Oregon, California and Texas allow tiny houses on wheels.

Is it cheaper to buy or build a tiny house on wheels?

It’s typically cheaper to build your own Tiny House on wheels