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Tiny house Plans Free PDF Downloads – Get Ideas & Inspiration 2024

If you are searching for the best and free PDF downloads of great tiny house plans to print in 2024?

then read on.

Saving enough money to take a big project like building your home can feel impossible.

However, with a solid plan and some tricks you can save pointedly throughout the whole project.

Some several simple strategies and tricks can help in this regard, but searching online for websites giving out free tiny house plans with downloadable PDFs or those selling discounted micro house plans is one of the best.

Living in a tiny house can feel more meaningful than living in a big apartment.

This is mainly because it saves you the hustle of buying expensive and big appliances, the hustle of cleaning extra space, and the prices of maintaining the house.

Here are 20 free DIY Tiny House plans that you can download and print.

The house plans are free and will help you build your own 100-400 sq ft house at a lower cost.


Why is there so much interest in tiny house floor plans all of a sudden?

If you are an empty nester or a single person, it makes more sense to save money on your house and at the same time be more mobile.

This is the first reason why the demand for one-bedroom house plans has suddenly skyrocketed.

Although it’s not easy to find a mobile two-bedroom house plan, some easy micro-home designs come with a loft and a flexible design for extra living.

Some other designs make it easy to connect two tiny houses together for a tiny house expansion.

For retiring couples and start-up couples that want to save more money on their daily living, it’s now easier than ever to get a small garden and live on a 3-4 times smaller budget.

There are also some rental programs in the country that distributes free prefab tiny houses to all qualified individuals.

Besides the benefit of saving a lot of money on this, downsizing is also a good way to organize your stuff and de-clutter.

This is the reason why Minimalist as a movement has been picking momentum among the young generations.

Tiny House Living: How much money can you really save?

We have all heard the stories of saving a substantial amount of money with tiny houses.

Maybe you want to leave the feel of being financially chained or you want to ensure you save enough for a large apartment in the future.

But how much can a tiny house really save you?

Tiny Houses are cheap and sure but many people claim that the tiny houses are very unlikely to save you enough money.

Save on mortgage and up-front costs

In normal instances, Americans choose 2,600 square feet on average for a house.

Statistics show that the median sale price for a house in America is $236,000.

In order to pay such an amount of money, you will probably have to go with a 30-year mortgage that can attract a lot of interest rates.

The cost can as well grow within time depending on the amount you are able to put as a down payment.

Tiny houses will automatically attract lower upfront costs especially if you want to go for Free and DIY tiny house plans.

If you build the tiny house on your own, the cost will probably be lower than $23,000 which might also depend on the interior design materials, fixtures, and appliances.

Save on Utilities

This is another major place where you can save a lot of money with tiny houses.

Many appliances in a tiny house setting are energy-saving, small but functional.

Most of them are likely to use alternative sources of energy such as propane, composting, and solar energy.

This means you might not be paying crazy electricity bills every month.

Downsized Living

When picking a tiny house, you are probably dissing a three-bedroom apartment to a one-bedroom or two-bedroom tiny house.

This automatically means that you are downsizing the amount of stuff you need in your house.

As you continue living in a small house, you will automatically adopt a minimalist setting where you can save money from all perspectives.

Increased Bank savings

Some common statistics and reports show that people living in tiny houses have more savings in Bank as opposed to the average American.

They have an average median saving of $10,972.

The same statistics show that about 89% of the people living in tiny homes have less credit card debt than an average American.

Additional Financial trade-offs

As we have explained above, the mortgage, utilities, and fewer financial debts are the common savings of owning a tiny house.

There are many other budget trade-offs that you can expect.

Tinier footage means that you have a higher level of savings and some fancy materials in your life.

Reasons people choose Tiny Houses over Apartment


The main thing that people look for when downsizing is the number of square feet.

All tiny houses should be below 400 square feet.

When we’re emphasizing the square footage, we want you to understand that the layout will also play a role.

Tiny houses take less square footage.

Liveable and usable

Besides space, more people love the space offered by tiny houses mainly because of the liveability aspect.

Minimalist individuals usually claim that the space is liveable and usable.

The minimalist space allows for a more comfortable way of living.

Space also helps you to live a more clutter-free life.

No renting

You might have to rent an apartment meaning that you will be dealing with a landlord or a property manager.

You will also pay a monthly rental fee.

Owning a tiny house eliminates the hustle of living with a landlord.

You will automatically be responsible for your own property.

Privacy is key

The biggest benefit of owning your own tiny house is privacy.

You get a sense of privacy.

Privacy is invaluable and unique.

Tiny houses are on trailers and you can literary move with your house as you need.

Building Costs

Tiny houses are less expensive.

If you want to save a lot of money on your housing, you will definitely have to think about downsizing your living.

The amount of money you pay to build the tiny house is minimal.

The cost of maintaining the house is also minimal.

Free vs. Paid Tiny house plans

If you already have the DIY skills, you might now be wondering which the best between Free and Paid tiny houses.

You also might be wondering where you can get the floor plans.

Well, here is a brief comparison between free and paid tiny house plans.

Not all free tiny house plans fit your lifestyle

One of the biggest mistakes we have all made when shopping for a tiny house floor plan is to forget your personal needs.

Some free tiny house plans lack enough information and custom features that might be very important in decision-making.

You might not understand the floor plans, you’re not crazy

Unless you get these floor plans from the best sources, you might not be able to understand the plan drawings.

This is mainly because some designs don’t give it enough time.

But still, the nomenclature and the symbols can be difficult to understand.

Architectural features

The architectural features can cost you additional money.

We make the mistake of getting excited over the looks of a 2D floor plan but remember there are some architectural features that can cost you more money.

The sizes of the rooms on the plans are not usually adequate

You might read the dimensions of a room in the plan and eventually realize that the materials don’t usually fit the room.

This is common with free tiny designs because the designer might not pay a lot of attention.

Always get it from a good source.


Safety is also very important when you are choosing a tiny house plan especially the free ones.

Many floor plan amenities such as the stairs, the ceilings, glass showers and balcony and other features can be great for adults but the worst for children.

The Budget

Paid floor plans are usually expensive and they might add to the initial cost of building the house plan.

Free tiny house plans are offered for free in different formats such as PDF and downloadable instructions that you can submit for approval and start implementing for free.

To make the whole process easier for you, we have collected 20 really cute tiny house plans for two-bedroom, one-bedroom, free tiny house plans with a loft and free and printable house plans in a couple of other categories just for you.

Free one bedroom tiny house plans

Free tiny house plan from Ana White

This is one of the best modern and bucolic-free tiny house plans that people can get from Ana White.

The house comes with a private bedroom, a loft and a full kitchen.

There’s also a large amount of storage.

It is also a complete plan for a DIY tiny house.

The free plan comes with the building instructions, the color photos, a video tour, a diagram, and floor plans.

The house plan is built on a 24′ long and an 8’6” wide trailer.

However, it’s slightly over width because of the roof overhangs.

This is the reason why you might need a permit to transport it in many states.

But remember regulations vary from one state to the other and you need to check the local regulations before purchasing the house plan.

The Living area
The living area is the biggest space in this house and it comes with enough space for normal storage and a sitting area and a TV station.
The Bathroom and sewer
Being a tiny house plan, you can expect a small bathroom in one corner.

The bathroom however has enough space for normal storage for skincare products, toiletries and any other necessity.

It also has an open shower and a tiny toilet and a small sink.

It can be connected to an underground sewer tank that can be emptied using a small exhauster.
The Kitchen
Regardless of the small size, this house plan comes with a fully functional Kitchen that accommodates all the necessary tiny kitchen appliances and storage.
Sleeping area
At the very extreme end, there’s a large enough private sleeping area.

The room can take a double bed or a queen-size mattress for the master bed.

Homesteader’s Cabin from Tiny House Designs

This free tiny house design is found at Tinyhousedesign.com designed to help people build what is known as the Homesteader’s Cabin.

It is built on a 12X24 feet long trailer with a 12/12 roof and a sleeping loft.

The lower level of this house has enough room to host a small living area, a tiny bathroom, kitchen and a closet.

The loft can also serve as the second-floor living space or even remain open to create a higher ceiling.

The designers will issue you with a downloadable PDF instead of the step-by-step instructions.

The PDF covers everything you need to build this house plan saving money and time.

They have also included the SKP file that can be used in SketchUP for changing the design if you need it.

The Living area

The living area is on the first floor accessed through the sliding door.

It has enough space for a sofa bed that would double as the guest sleeping area and a TV or computer station.

The Bathroom and sewage

The bathroom is on the first floor next to the living area and can take everything from an open shower, a tiny toilet and a small sink.

The house is serviced by a small waste tank as the sewage can be emptied in any approved sewer line.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is next to the bathroom and the living area with an opening that serves as the dining area.

Space is enough for a freezer/fridge combo, a two-burner cooker, blenders, mixers and dishwashers.

The Loft

The loft is accessed through the stairs that also have space for storage.

The loft can serve as the sleeping area with enough space for a queen-size mattress.

You can change the design of the loft as needed.

Tiny House Design’s 8X12 tiny house plans

This tiny house plan is provided for free by Tiny House Designs but it’s smaller.

It measures 8X12 feet.

The designers will give you a PDF file that you can download and print.

The file holds everything from the Framing details to the floor plans and roof tricks.

The file is 20 pages bug and has all the details you need in all stages.

The house has a 12/12 pitched roof.

The living area

The living area is the largest space in the house and is accessed directly through the main entrance.

It can host three people seated and a TV station.


The sleeping loft is at one corner on the right.

Though it’s not a big enough space, you have space for a 5X6 Mattress and storage.

The bathroom

This is a single-floor house plan that features a small Bathroom at the corner just next to the living area.

Being the smallest on this list, the toilet is very tiny and it comes with a standing shower and a small sink.


This house plan lacks a fully functional Kitchen and for that reason, it has a small Kitchenette next to the living area.

Tiny Market House from tiny house designs

If you have a small business that requires you to move from one place to the other, you’ll probably benefit from this free tiny house.

The house is not exactly suitable for full-time living but it can serve as a great office for a mobile market.

The house can easily be set at the farmer’s market or other vending areas where you wish to conduct your business.

It is simply a compact 5’X8′ house.

It features a glass window in the front, next to the entrance.

Tiny Cottage Idea

This house plan is for everybody that wants to live in a little cottage in the woods.

It’s also perfect for you if you need a small working area for your friends to hang out.

It is a 320 square feet house plan that has enough space for a Kitchenette, the Bedroom, Bathroom and Living space.

Some people might opt to make this house plan mobile.

If this is what you want, then you can remove the front porch and use a different foundation.

The Tiny Cottage Idea can be implemented in your backyard or serve as your summer property.

The living area

There’s a tiny living area that can easily be accessed through the main door.

It can accommodate three sofa beds or seats and at the same time leave space for a TV station or a working area.

Sleeping area

The sleeping area is open to the living area which leaves the area with a lot of space.

People can choose to close the bedroom and make it more private.

The Kitchen

It lacks a fully functional kitchen.

It only has an open Kitchenette which can take all the appliances.


The bathroom is at one corner of the house and is large enough for a shower and a toilet.

You can as well include shelves for your skincare products and other necessities.

The craftsman

Here is another free one-bedroom tiny house plan for a very simple house.

The plan comes from Choo Choo Tiny houses.

It measures 8X12” and includes a pitched roof.

The designers emphasized the free plan and wanted to make it as clear as possible.

The whole plan is a 20 pages plan that has all the details you need in all construction stages.

The walls of this house are framed with 2X4s and a floor and room are also framed with 2X6s.

Free Two story tiny House Plans

Many minimalists usually want a living areas that will not take a lot of lands, time to construct, money and the ones that will save money, time and materials from all perspectives.

However, there are those that want relatively bigger tiny house plans for their growing families.

If you have a family of more than two people, you definitely need a two-story tiny house or a two-bedroom tiny house.

Here are some free two-bedroom tiny house plans that you can download in PDF formats and use today.

Tiny House Plan from Tiny House Design

This is an 8X16 tiny house design that can operate solely on solar power and tank water.

It is a two-floor house plan that comes with a bathroom, a Kitchen, an Office area, shelves and storage and a bedroom loft.

The building budget varies from $4,000 to $8000 depending on the labor, materials and interior design.

The Tiny house design website will issue you with a downloadable PDF with lots of diagrams, a material list, labor instructions and other written instructions.

Toilet and Shower

The house has a separate shower and composting toilet at one end of the house.

The Toilet is large enough and has Bath storage next to the toilet.

Utility Space and Kitchen

Utility storage and an all-in-one kitchen are on the left side of the house.

The kitchen is not large enough but has sufficient space for all appliances including dishwashers, fridge/freezer, cooker etc.

Living area and the office area

The living area is combined with the office area.

The desk and the working area are at one corner just next to the entrance providing a spacious and conducive working environment.

Sleeping loft

The sleeping loft is just above the bathroom.

It has a Closet and a sleeping space enough for a Master bedroom or a queen size mattress.

The Sago Plan

This is a whopping 670 sq.

feet free house plan with two floors.

It is huge for a tiny house and perfect for people that want to live in a small area.

The house has everything everyone needs to lead a wonderful life.

It even comes with its own little porch and other features such as a fireplace and a full-sized kitchen and a basement.

It works perfectly for everyone that wants to live big in a tiny house and minimize the cost of living.

The plan is a complete PDF format that you can download and print-ready for permitting and use.

The Living area

The living area is on the front part of the house accessed through the stairs.

It is perfect for a small family gathering hosting five people seated, a work area and a TV station.

The Bathroom

The Bathroom is at the very end corner of the house with enough space for a standing shower and a toilet and a small sink.


There’s an open kitchen next to the living area.

It is a fully functional kitchen that can host everything from kitchen appliances to storage and chairs.

Sleeping loft

The sleeping lofts are on the second floor and it’s enough for a queen-size mattress.

It has shelves and closets for storage.

The Backyard Bungalow

This house plan is for everybody that wants a backyard bungalow for your guests.

It is similar to the previous house plan but only that is design has been tweaked and modified to make it more suitable for guests.

It’s a two-story house with a sleeping area on the second floor.

The first floor only features the living area, bathroom, and a small area that serves as the fireplace.

It features a crawlspace instead of the basement.

It is actually perfect for your guests.

The sleeping area

The sleeping area is on the second floor which leaves enough space for the guest space and the living area.

The loft can take a double bed.

The Living area

The living area is the largest space on the first floor and features a big space for a sofa bed in case you have more than one guest, a TV station, small table for the working area.

The Bathroom

The bathroom and the sewer line are connected directly to an underground sewer tank.

The bathroom has enough space for a tiny toilet, a shower and a closet for storage purposes.


Being a guest’s Bungalow, it doesn’t come with a fully functional kitchen.

This means that you might have to install an open kitchen.

Tiny House on Stilts Blueprint

The designer used materials from an old barn to create a fantastic tiny home that is essentially a treehouse.

It measures 312 square feet and has a second floor.

It also has many windows for natural lighting which makes it feel like open living.

The designer also chooses to paint the windows white and have white furniture because it has reclaimed wood that is dark in color.

The Living area

The living area was created using a rescued barn that has been destroyed in a tornado to form the bones of this treehouse.

It comes with the salvaged windows that include the stained glass from an old church.

There’s a sleeping area that can be accessed through the ladder from the living area.

The sleeping area

The sleeping loft is on the second floor and is accessed through the ladder in the living area.

It’s large enough for a queen size mattress.

The Kitchen

The designer embraced white decorative elements including the milk glass accents, furniture, curtains and light fixtures to make the kitchen.

The kitchen is large enough for all types of appliances.

The Dining area

There’s an ideal all-weather dining area under the main structure.

It has a table and four chairs made from reclaimed boats.


The bathroom blends seemingly with the surrounding.

The bathroom is on one of the corners with enough space for a toilet, a shower and storage for toiletries and the skincare products.

It has a live edge wood countertop.

Another feature is a one-of-a-kind carved stone sink.

The Forest-Rose

If you have wanted a tiny house with two floors and a full-size kitchen, covered porches, alternative foundation possibilities and a superinsulation capacity, then this is your free plan from the small house catalog.

The design has a single bedroom and a single bathroom.

The conditioned space is 440 square feet and porches.

The main floor measures 240 square feet while the upper floor measures 200 square feet.

The Living area

The living area is the largest area on the first floor.

You can access it through the front porch.

It has enough space for an office area and a sitting area.


There’s a single bathroom serving the whole space.

The bathroom is however fully functional with a standing shower, a handwashing basin, a small toilet and a baby tub.


The Kitchen is found on the first floor and has enough space for everything necessary including the fridge/freezer, dishwasher and many other appliances.

Bedroom and sleeping loft

The sleeping loft is found on the second floor.

It can easily be accessed through the stairs in the living area.

The stairs doubles as an additional storage area and pets hideouts.

The loft can accommodate a double bed or a queen-size bed.

Free tiny house plans with loft

Tiny houses with a loft have been around for a very long time.

Opting for tiny houses with a loft lets you maximize the vertical space for other necessities.

Check these free tiny house plans with loft and choose the one that matches your needs and preferences.

A-522 by Recreational Resort Cottages and Cabins

This house plan proves that you don’t need a lot of space to live big.

It’s one of the many houses with a loft that we have to discuss here.

The house only takes 399 square feet but it surprisingly comes with everything that a family of three people needs.

It provides an open and airy environment for people that want to stay in a place free of normal disturbances and interactions.

As soon as you enter the house through the main door, you will realize that it’s open and lets enough fresh air inside.

It has a high ceiling and dormers.

To understand it better, you need to take a tour of the plan from the website.

The designer gives you an opportunity to download free plans with every information you need in this regard.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen in this regard is a full-size kitchen and it has tons of cabinets for storage.

If you wanted a free house plan with enough storage in the kitchen, then this is the first one.

You have a chance to choose from, the materials and finishes.

But I personally love the look of the dark wood cabinets that are used in the Kitchen.

There’s a Big double-basin sink that is set next to the kitchen window that lets you look outside as you wash the dishes.

The Hall

You will walk into the hall which leads to the bedroom and the separate bathroom.

The hall serves as an additional sitting area or an area to have a meeting with the family and friends.

The Living room

On the other side of the living room, there’s an open living room.

The living room feels huge mainly because of the tall ceilings and the windows.

The kitchen and the living area are perfectly placed so that each of them can perform more than two duties.

Bathroom and the sewage

There’s a huge shower in the Bathroom.

The shower has a sliding glass door and a full-size toilet and enough storage for your toiletries and skincare products.

There are actually two storage cabinets and a full-size sink in the Bathroom.

This is what you might not see with free tiny house plans.

The Master Bedroom and lofts

The Master Bedroom is on the first floor and comes with a large window and a ceiling fan.

The room is large enough for a King-size bed and storage.

I personally don’t know how the designers squeezed so much space in a tiny house but they automatically did it and that’s what we all love.

There’s a loft next to the master bedroom that doubles as a storage and a sleeping area.

Quartz Tiny House

This is a free house plan with a loft from Ana White.

It is built on a 24′ long and an 8’6” wide trailer.

The design is also over width and for that reason, you might need the approval to transport it.

The house was designed with the main aim of making working on a remote cabin easy and comfortable.

The design was built in a town and transported after completion.

The living area

You can access the living area through the main door up the stairs.

Space is enough for four seats and a TV station.

The seats in the sitting area also doubles as additional storage.

There are drawers above the seats where you can store more valuables.

Sleeping area

The sleeping loft is next to the living area.

The bed is made in a way that it leaves enough storage under the mattress.

You can raise the mattress to store your valuables here.

The sleeping loft can also be accessed through the three metals installed above the seats to act as staircases.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is accessed directly from the Sitting room and it has shelves for storage, under the sink drawers and has an inbuilt freezer/fridge combo.

The Bathroom

The bathroom has a shower and toilet combo and enough space for a storage drawer and a small sink.

Space is equally enough to accommodate a baby tub.

The Lookout Cabin

This is one of the best creations of Texas Architect, Dan O’Connell.

It is a 460 square feet free tiny house plan that comes with two floors.

One of its best features is the fact that it has an all-purpose room and a balcony on the second floor.

You will find stairs in the living area that leads to the bedroom upstairs.

It is one of the favorite designs mainly because of the balcony on the first floor.

It fits two bathrooms and a single bedroom.

There’s an all-purpose room that doubles as the living room, the dining room and working area.

Its other unique feature is the fact that it comes with a stairwell which is rare in tiny house plans.

The lookout Cabin is a good and amazing cabin vacation for a couple.

It’s also perfect for retiring baby boomers that want the best life away from the cities.Todaysplans.net issues a 28-page plan with all the details you need to build this DIY tiny house plan for free.

It includes the foundations and the floor plans.

The PDF plan also comes with the building and wall-section details, roofing and framing details, construction details and electric and plumbing details.

The Living room

The Living room is on the first floor and it serves as an all-purpose room where you can work, dine with your family or hold a small meeting with your friends.

The loft

This house plan has a single bedroom on the second floor.

The bedroom is accessed through the stairs from the living area in the ground floor.

It’s enough for storing all your necessities and valuables, clothes and sleeping on a queen-size bed.


There are two full bathrooms serving the house.

The bathroom on the first floor is for the guests and has a full shower and a toilet.

The bathroom on the second floor can be accessed through the bedroom and serves the residents.


There’s a Kitchenette on the ground floor.

The Kitchen is decorated with white and black colors and also has wide windows to make it feel spacious.

Tall Man’s Tiny House

This house plan is a little complicated but the plan comes with the right information you need to do it yourself.

As seen in the picture, there are some modifications which you might need to consult to make.

By clicking the source link, you will read more about this Tiny House plan that is offered for free.

The designers thought of getting a tiny house plan that would be a perfect fit for tall people.

It measures 21 feet long and takes a space of 130 square feet inside.

The designers have customized the ceiling to a height of about 6’8” which is perfect for tall people.

It’s also easy to be moved around especially if you like traveling.

One of the many things I like about this Free tiny house plan is the fact that you can download the instructions from designers in PDF form for approval by your local authorities and DIY the whole project.

I also love the red siding against the sandstone accents and the metal roofing.

Inside the house, the floors are modified with gorgeous stained pine and the ceilings are made using plywood.

The furniture was approved by IKEA and the designers adopted the most sustainable approaches to it.

The Living area

The living area comes with extra space for a futon coach and a foldable table.

It also leaves spaces that lead to the Kitchen.

Additionally, the living area has a funky cabinet that is used for storage.

I personally love the ceiling in the sitting area not just because they are high but because they are made of some beautiful wood.

The Kitchen

The kitchen comes with a dine-in countertop and everything else you need to make a meal.

There’s a huge pantry.

The pantry has a sliding door.

To make it beautiful and long-lasting, the pantry is coated with wood.

This way, you might not have to worry about maintenance.

The Kitchen space is also enough for a Mini-Freezer or a Fridge and the sink is situated close to the window meaning you can look outside as you clean your utensils.

The Kitchen also accommodates an oven and a stove.

The designers added a rod below the cabinets where you can store the utensils.

Bathroom and sewage line

The Bathroom has enough space for storage of clothes, skincare products, toiletries and any other necessity.

There’s an inbuilt composting toilet that empties to a waste tank below.

Another unique feature in this regard is the shower stall because it has corrugated metal sliding space.

The shelf around the perimeter of the stall is another added feature.

I personally love the industrial feel of the wood shelf.

There’s a drying rack that you can pop out for towels.

Lofts and sleeping area

There are double lofts above the living area.

The lofts have large windows and there’s enough space for cozy mattress in each of the spaces.

You can pick one of the lofts as a storage space.

Free Tiny House plans on wheels

Tiny houses on wheels are preferred due to the fact that they are lightweight and they can move around.

This is what often makes the inhabitants feel more unsettled.

This part features some of the free tiny house plans on wheels that you can choose from.

Tiny Gypsy Wagon

With a very limited budget, you might already be wondering whether you can invest in any tiny house on wheels.

If this is the case, then here we have a Free Tiny house plan on wheels.

The design was presented by Hypha and it proves that you can save a lot of money along the line.

The designer reports that she managed to build this house at a cost lower than $2,000.

The house also took about 50-100 hours to complete.

The house definitely paid for itself within six months.

The author also claims that the entire process was easy especially because she had enough information of the same.

This tiny house plan is available for free meaning that you can download the PDF instructions from, the site and easily implement them.

It saves a lot of money, space and energy with its designs.

When the designer started building this house, she didn’t have everything she needed and for that reason, she compiled a list of materials and the building instructions with time.

She was willing to learn as she went through the whole process.

The Cabinets

The cabinets were made using repurposed shipping crates.

She applied the paint to the exterior and she went on with the beautiful deep green color.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is unbelievable because of its shelf space.

It is a fully functional Kitchen with faucets that hooks up to an outdoor rank through the water hose.

The kitchen also features a cat Iron stove.

The sleeping area

There’s no large sleeping area.

The bed was made from scratch by the author.

The designer incorporated storage space underneath the bed.

There’s also a bookshelf next to the bed.

The Bathroom and sewage

There’s a small bathroom with a functional toilet and a standing shower.

The water from the bathroom leads to an under sewer tank through the tiny waste pipe.

The Bohemian Style Home on wheels

This free tiny house plan on wheels is for everybody that loves to be on the move constantly.

If you are one of these kinds and don’t want to be restricted, this house plan is for you.

It is built on a trailer that will allow you to move around with ease as you need.

The main benefit is that the house is spacious and cozy for a tiny house.

It has an organic flair because of the cedar shingle siding and the curved roof.

The plan was completed and introduced in the market in 2014 for the first client in Canada.

The designers are introducing a collection of salvaged windows and doors that their previous client wanted the house plan to contain.

The details of this house plan includes the composting toilet and a waste hatch, a bathtub, sleeping loft and a separate storage loft.

It also features a fireplace, laundry closet and a Kitchenette.

The issues plans will include trailer specifications, three-dimensional cross-sections and DIY electric and plumbing sheets.

The design is now available as a free downloadable.

The sleeping area

The house has a sleeping loft large enough for a double bed or a queen-size bed.

It has an extra loft for storage.

The Kitchen

The house plan doesn’t have any functional kitchen and for that reason, there’s a Kitchenette next to the small living area.

The Bathroom

The bathroom has a functional composting toilet and a waste hatch and a shower.

Space is enough for laundry closets and storage shelves for toiletries and skincare products.

The living area

Being a very tiny house plan, the living area is tiny and has a small area for sitting and TV.

Every table and chair in the living area is made up of multifunctional features.

Tiny But mighty

This house plan is known as Nugget and is one of the tiniest house plans on this list.

It is a liveable 12 foot home that can accommodate up to three members.

The house plan comes complete with full off-grid capabilities and can easily be moved from one place to the other.

It is a good gateway or a travel companion.

The house has a full bathroom and a huge sink.

The bedroom is lovely and one of the best queen size bedrooms in a tiny house.


The bedroom is large enough and the bed doubles as an under-storage for clothes and other necessities.

The house only has a single lovely bedroom.


The house has a full bathroom.

The bathroom has a large sink and a toilet.

It also has a standing shower and the black and brown water is emptied through the RV wastewater pipe to an underground waste tank.


The kitchen comes with a huge kitchen sink and enough storage for all the appliances.

Quaint Little Cottage

This cottage is a very tranquil-looking house that I’ve come across these days.

When you are living in this adorable little space, you can move around on wheels as you want.

The size is small and it’s an easy and portable lightweight free plan of a tiny house on wheels.

It’s enough for a couple that wants to live in a minimalist setting.

Regardless of the small size, it has enough space for all the basic necessities.


The kitchen in this regard is stacked with everything you would need including coffee makers, silverware, cooking utensils, pots and pans and stair drawers that help with storage.

The Living area

The living area also doubles as the sleeping space.

The bed is multipurpose furniture that services as the seating area and the sleeping area.

Bathroom and sewer system

The Bathroom is located at the end corner of this house and has enough space for such necessities such as storage for skin care products and other products.

A Greenhouse and a porch swing

This is the most amazing free tiny house plan that I’ve come across.

The house plan has its own greenhouse and the entire house can be moved on short distances by easily attaching it to a trailer.

However, due to its relatively large size, it can only be moved on short distances.

The design is a masterpiece and can easily accommodate a retiring couple or a start-up couple looking for a comfortable lifestyle.

The house has a total size of 323 square feet.

The Bedroom

The bedroom is at the front part of the house surrounded by windows and clear panes.

It has drawers for storing your clothes and other necessities.

Living room

The living room is next to the bedroom and has all the space you need for working and everything else.

It serves as a multipurpose room.


There’s a small kitchenette with a two-burner cooker and a built-in fridge.

You can choose other necessities and appliances for the kitchen.


There’s a single bathroom serving this tiny house.

However, the bathroom has enough space for a toilet and a sink and a shower.

The Tamarack Tiny House

Here is another free tiny house plan on the wheel.

This house plan is perfect for anyone that wants to be constantly moving.

It’s perfect for photographers, explorers, and tourists.

So, if you love traveling or if you don’t want to settle in one place or you are unsure of your future housing decisions, then this house plan is perfect for you.

You don’t have to worry about checking in to hotels.

You can cut the cost down by easily having a space for living.

The house plan is a modern, shed roof-style tiny house on wheels that has a sleeping loft and storage lofts.

The size is somewhere between a park model RV and a tiny house.

It has an open floor plan which is very advantageous for creative owner modifications.

The house plan also comes with an eating area, a living area and a fully functional kitchen with all the tiny kitchen appliances.

There’s also an LPG fireplace and French doors that lead to a small deck.

Moving on, users have a fully appointed bathroom with a shower and a bath and a porcelain toilet and a small hand basin or a sink.

The sleeping loft is on the upper floor.

There are stairs leading to the two lofts.

Although this model can be moved, it’s perfect as a park model RV.

The lofts

The house plan has storage and a sleeping loft on the second floor.

The lofts are accessed through the stairs in the living area.

The living area

The living area is tiny but the space is enough for all the living room necessities such as the seats and the TV station.

Bathroom and sewage

There’s a fully functional bathroom with a porcelain toilet, a shower, bathtub and a small hand basin.

There are several alternatives for RV sewer pipes and waste water tanks that you can go with.

However, remember to wear gloves when emptying the sewer wastewater tanks.


This small house plan has a fully functional kitchen with space for all the kitchen appliances.

However, you will be required to use all tiny kitchen appliances such as a two-burner cooker, a small fridge or a freezer and dishwashers.

How to choose tiny House plans

Many manufacturers of tiny houses are in a constant move to make building tiny houses easier and to make living in tiny houses sustainable and comfortable.

However, it’s your duty to make sure you are choosing exactly what you need for a floor plan.

Here are some tips to help you choose floor plans.

Compare the cost

Unless you are looking for a free tiny house plan, you have to compare the prices.

But the cost is just a single factor in choosing a good tiny house plan.

Schematics for electricity and piping

Not all the plans and diagrams are equal.

This means that you need to make sure that your floor plan includes schematics for installing pipes and water.

House weight and towing capacity

If you are going with free tiny house plans on wheels, you have to closely consider the towing capacity and the weight.

There are regulations about the same in many jurisdictions.

Trailer size and footage

Some houses can gain space by extending them beyond the trailer size.

You have to consider the size of the trailer you need to build this house plan.

The size and liveability of the lofts

This will help you know how large your bed will be and how comfortable it will be to live in the tiny house.


It’s also important to consider the rooflines because they add character.

You can go for shed roofs because they have more space and are very easy to build.


How can I get a Tiny House for Free?

There are several websites as shown above that are offering free tiny homes through their rental programs.

However, this will only be provided to the qualifying individuals.

Check the company’s websites and accept their terms of service.

How can I get A Free house plan?

There are many places and companies offering free one-bedroom or two-bedroom tiny house plans.

Check the different links discussed in this post for guidance.

What is the cheapest tiny house to build?

All the tiny house plans in this Brief are cheap to build.

You shouldn’t worry about the cost as long as you have a free Tiny house plan that you can download, print and submit for approval before building.

Final words

People from different parts of the world are downsizing into tiny houses.

This is to escape the rat race and start living a life they can avoid.

It’s also important in saving money on Mortgage.

The list above presents free Tiny house plans that you can go for right now.

Take time to go for the one that you like depending on your needs and personal preferences.