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Tiny House Plan Design – How To Design Your Custom Plans 2023

Everything you need to know about how you can design your tiny house plans in 2023 is perfect for people, who wish to downsize their lifestyle.

If you are a homeowner, you have definitely gone through the hustle of picking a good floor plan that fits your preferences and needs.

We have also gone through the hustle of having to buy a different floor plan after making a mistake purchasing the first one.

You choose a house plan that you initially think is perfect for your needs and eventually realize that it wasn’t exactly what you needed.

There are several other mistakes we make when purchasing house plans.

The process becomes more overwhelming when picking tiny house plans, especially those with varying architectural designs such as stilts, balconies, glass doors, etc.

Take a look at the details below for everything you need to know about Tiny House plans.

How to create your own tiny house plan

If you are here, you have definitely decided to join the tiny house community.

In this regard, you don’t have to waste a lot of money paying for tiny house plans and searching for the free versions online.

This definitely means that you can design your own tiny house plan and start the construction process.

But how can you approach the entire process and what are you supposed to do in this regard.

At this point in time, I’ll guide you through the entire process.

Get Inspired

You have probably spent many hours on Instagram and Pinterest looking for inspiration.

However, you need to get inspired by someone that has already completed the process of building a tiny house.

You can as well get inspired by DIYers’ blogs and websites.

Though, take note of the styles you admire, the interior layouts that you want to go for, the building materials used and the cost-effective and eco-friendly tips they used.

Take your time

You also need to take your time to decide and save money for different additional architectural features and interior décor approaches that you are likely to adopt.

This is the time you will take to take note of all the market trends and everything else you need to know.

Take note of the natural lighting tips and guides, the bedroom styles, the storage capabilities, the coach styles such as small sections with storage and futons, the electricity choices, the sewer systems etc.

Feature trends

There are a couple of feature trends that you can go for right now.

However, the market is flocking with new and advances features that you should take note of.

Take note of the deck and the outdoor seating area, the bathroom amenities such as the shower and toilet combo, the compost toilets and tubs.

You should also take time to research trends in small kitchen appliances such as the dishwasher, stovetop, full-size stoves etc.

What is the size of your tiny house?

After taking note of all the features and listing all the things you want in your tiny houses, the next thing to do is to determine the ideal size of the tiny house that you personally want for your house.

To make this decision, consider things such as the number of people living under your roof, the weight of the plan especially if you want to build a tiny house on wheels.

The other factor to consider is the budget and the dimensions depending on the feature you want.

The size of your tiny house will also be determined by the zoning regulations and the construction laws in your area.

Your lifestyle

You have to design a tiny house that is perfect for your lifestyle.

If you have decided to be part of the tiny house movement, you have automatically decided to cut the stuff and live the minimalist lifestyle.

However, we all have different lifestyles, in this regard; take your time to design a house plan that will automatically fit your specific lifestyle.

If you like traveling, then you will have to consider tiny houses on wheels.


If you want to leave a smaller carbon footprint on the planet, you have to design a tiny house plan that suits this automatically.

Choose a smaller size, use eco-friendly materials and also preserve water and electricity.

The Budget

Your Budget will equally be very important when you are designing your own tiny house plan.

You should determine the amount of money that you need for Boxcar tiny homes, A-Frame Cabins, Repurposed storage containers, Bohemian Style cottages etc.

Tools to design the tiny house plan

Now that you have all the information you need to design the house plans, the next thing is to use the best designing tools.

There are a couple of computer programs and apps that you can use to program.

Here are some of the ones you can try today.

  • SketchUp pro – This designing tool has gotten some great reviews because of its usability and reliability. The program can easily learn the ins and outs of a design project. However, you might have to pay more money for the program.
  • Homebyme – This program is available for free and has been praised for its ease of use and the ability to design in 3D and 360 capabilities.
  • Floor Planner – You can go for Floor planner because it has been praised by the media for being the best in interior designs. It can help you design some great floor plans especially if you want to design your own tiny house plan.

Although we can save a lot of money by designing our own tiny house floor plans, it can be harder for some people especially if they don’t have enough designing skills.

If you are getting frustrated with this, then you can consider buying pre-made house plans from professionals as explained below.

Where can you get floor plans for a tiny house?

There are tons of companies, websites and individuals that publish their tiny house plans for free or for a small token.

Even if you have to pay for tiny house plans, you don’t have to drain your financial reserves for the same.

In fact, we have compiled some of the cheapest and freely available tiny house plans in our previous posts.

If you are wondering where you can get tiny house floor plans, you have different options.

Check the websites of builders and architects for the plans.

Most of them are available for Free in most of the websites.

You also can check the blogs of DIYers, particularly those that have already built their tiny houses.

You also can commission someone you know has all the skills to plan a tiny house floor plan for you.

Alternatively, you can create your own tiny house floor plan.

Tiny House plans – The best websites to navigate include Tiny House design for floor plans for a tiny house under 200 square feet.

Pinuphouses.com – With this website, you can find tiny house plans with lofts, one-bedroom tiny house plans and two-bedroom tiny house plans.

The website publishes two-story tiny house plans and several others.

Pinuphouses plans

Texastinyhomes.com – This website has all types of tiny houses from as low as 200 square feet to 1,000 square feet.

You can pick the dimensions and features that match your needs and preferences.

Humble-homes.com – Humble homes are home to some of the best tiny house plans that you can pick today depending on your needs and preferences.

They sell some tiny house plans that don’t feel so tiny helping you upgrade your lifestyle and life freely.

The small house catalog.com – This website offers some tiny house plans for free.

You can check the website for some of the best features.

However, the website also has some cheap plans that you can choose from.

Vinastinyhouse.com – The tiny house designs in this website are professionally designed and compiled for everyone that wants to live a minimalist life.

You can equally get updates and material lists and plans immediately after signing up.

PADtinyhouses.com – This website is one of the best in the market for free and paid Tiny house designs providing the customers with everything they need from the tiny house floor plans, tiny house material lists, electricity and piping instructions etc.

Mymove.com – If you want some of the best free tiny house plans for one-bedroom tiny houses, two-bedroom tiny houses and tiny houses with loft, then MyMove.com is the best place to check.

Tiny house plans on stilt

You have definitely come across stilt houses around your area.

These types of houses date back to prehistoric times but they are now gaining more popularity in the tiny house world.

They are now more innovative and safe because there are advanced construction materials, technology and skills.

Stilt tiny houses are more suited to coastal regions and places with subtropical climates.

The main reason why more people are going for tiny houses on stilts is that they are protected against floods and they also maximize the views and allow the users to build them on steep and uneven grounds.

Advantages of tiny houses on stilts

Elevated tiny homes or stilt homes offer a lot when it comes to their uniqueness and beautiful designs.

At this point, we have to cover all the convincing reasons why more people are going for micro homes with stilts.

A better view

These houses are usually selected for their ability to provide a better view, especially in scenic places.

They usually offer a better scenic view above the tree lines.

This is the reason why they are desirable on the oceanfront, hillside properties and oceanfront.

More storage

One of the biggest challenges is the fact that tiny homes don’t offer enough storage.

Elevated houses offer additional storage for firewood and other necessities in the space underneath the house.

They also offer additional storage under the balcony.

Increased Ventilation

It’s possible that in most coastal areas, it’s humid and warm and you probably need more ventilation.

In this situation, increased elevation provides an additional benefit of improved ventilation underneath and around the small house.

This way, you can naturally regulate temperatures inside the house.

Increased ventilation reduces the chances of mold and mildew growth.

Increased safety

If you live in flood-prone areas such as near the lakes and riverfronts, a home on stilts will protect you and your family against floods and other vermin.

Additionally, there are no first-floor windows which make it difficult for strangers to look in.

It minimizes the chances of people breaking into your house.

Increased stability

Stilts can actually increase the stability of a tiny house.

They are dug deep in the ground and they are also well strengthened to increase the stability of the house.

In areas where the ground is steep or on sandy beaches, stilts provide a strong foundation that is needed for proper support.

Essential considerations for tiny house plans

People from all stripes call the small abodes home.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a 20-something young guy paying your student loan or downsizing retirees or a sole nester, you will love the tiny house idea.

As explained above, there are several things you should know when designing your own house plan or when purchasing a tiny house floor plan.

Here is the list of essential considerations and things that you should go for before purchasing the floor plans.

Wheels-no wheels

Depending on your needs and preferences, lifestyle and budget you can build tiny houses on wheels or no wheels.

If you are a traveler and you want to save on this, you might have to consider Tiny Floor plans on wheels.

For people that don’t care too much about mobility, then tiny houses with no wheels are the best bet.

The size

Before buying any of the tiny house plans presented on the internet, you should take time to consider the family size and the lifestyle.

If there are more than two people in the household, you will have to consider two-bedroom tiny house plans.

You can as well go for the two-story house plans that have enough space for the living room, the Kitchen, more than one bathroom and an entertainment area.

If there are less than four people, then you can go with a single bedroom tiny house plan with a loft.


You have to research and make up your mind on whether you can get insured with the foundation and the schemes you are going for.

If you want an RV or a tiny house on wheels, getting insured can be tricky.

Take time to research everything you need to understand your insurance company and eventually consult with them.

The Loft

It’s important to consider whether you are getting a tiny house plan with a loft. The size of the loft is also important.

Some tiny house has big lofts up to eleven feet long.

Number of bedrooms

The number of bedrooms will be directly determined by the number of people in your house.

You can always pick two-story tiny houses or two bedroom tiny houses, tiny houses with loft or tiny house bungalow that can take more than one bedroom.

Outdoor or indoor bathroom

When it comes to the bathroom and the sewer system, there are several things to put into consideration.

First of all, you need to choose an outdoor or indoor bathroom depending on your preferences.

For all tiny houses on wheels, you have to go with the indoor bathroom.

Tiny houses on a permanent foundation can go for outdoor foundations.

Composting or a real toilet

Composite and real toilets have their unique benefits and you have to choose wisely.

The results here will be determined by whether you want an indoor or outdoor toilet.

Take your time to understand the benefits and the limitations of each type before making the decision.


Lastly, storage in every room in the house is very important.

You should start by checking the number of storages that are provided in the house plans.

Different house plans will come with different storage.

We all know that storage and size is the main issue with the tiny house living.

Local regulations and zoning regulations

The zoning and building regulations vary from one country and state to the other.

Before you purchase any house plan, take time to research and note all the regulations in your area.

How to get your plans finalized

Now that you have managed to design your own tiny house plans or you have managed to purchase a tiny house plan according to your needs and preferences, here’s a step-by-step guide to getting the plans finalized.

Find a place to build your tiny house

If you are going for tiny houses on permanent land, you will need a physical place to build your tiny house.

For people going for tiny houses on wheels, they have to rent parking spaces or backyard spaces.

Building the floor

It’s very important to use lumber to build the tiny house floor.

If you are using your trailer, you can use it as your foundation.

You have to secure the house on the foundation and reinforce it at the joints and the weak points.

You should sheath the lumber with the OSB or the plywood.

Framing the walls

It’s now the best time to give the house a structure and shape.

You can choose to use metal bracing because it can easily be hidden from the view by the interior walling.

Frame and Install the roof materials

The walls are now set up and so you are supposed to frame and install the roof materials.

Roofing can be a little tricky but a simple design can work for you.

You are supposed to put on the roofing material for keeping the rain out immediately after the roofing frame and sheath is done.

Wrapping up the house

You can now wrap up the house with a house wrap which is a breathable material used to protect the house and allows the moisture to be released keeping the interiors dry and protected from the weather.

Install the windows and doors

The next step is to install the windows and the doors.

You can choose different types of windows, and doors.

The biggest tricks in this regard are the measurements


The final step is to clad the house, trim, paint and caulking the exterior.

Seal all the cracks and gaps with the caulking and apply all the pre-finished materials to sheath the house.

After this, you need to do the plumbing and wiring depending on the specifications in the plan.


What to know before building a tiny house

You need to have information about the budget, insurance, size, zoning regulations, layout, cost of building, number of bedrooms etc.

Is it cheaper to build or buy a tiny house?

If you have DIY skills, you can save a lot of money by building your own tiny house.

Otherwise, you will have to seek professional assistance.

What are the three positive features of a tiny house?

No mortgages, lower expenses, lower energy use.

Others include a simpler life, sustainable, easier maintenance etc.

Can a Tiny house be put on stilts?

Yes, tiny houses can be elevated through the pillars from the ground.

Stilt small houses are house plans that are standing on pillars with the ground floor elevated.

This is what makes them suitable for sloping and uneven surfaces.

They are also important for people that want a nice front porch.

Is it cheaper to build a house on stilts?

It can cost more money to build a tiny house on stilts.

However, it has some added advantages which is the reason why they are preferred.

Stilt houses are eligible for lower insurance premiums.

However, you might also have to pay for flood insurance.

What is a beach house on stilts called?

Stilt houses are also known as pile dwellings or lake dwellings.

These are houses that are raised on stilts over the surface of the soil.

They are built primarily as a protection against flooding and vermin.

You can use the shady space under the house for work or storage.

Are houses on stilts safe?

Stilts leave the house less susceptible to floods and they are safer because the stilts are driven far into the ground.

This means that these houses are very safe and they are the best for people in the lakeside or those in areas that are prone to flooding.