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A-Frame Tiny House Plans – Great Floor Plan Ideas of 2023

Looking for amazing A-Frame Tiny House Plans that were loved by many in 2023?

then we have created a list of all the best options that we and our readers love.

Perhaps you have been thinking of downsizing to a tiny home.

Well, you are not alone because there are so many people who have been joining the tiny house movement.

Tiny home living is currently on the rise.

This has something to do with the benefits of living in a smaller home compared to a larger one.

For starters, tiny homes are certainly good for the environment.

Most of the tiny houses are no more than 400 square feet in size.

This helps to reduce the carbon footprint by a considerable margin.

Also, such homes are less costly and will not put a strain on your finances.

Others just want to live simpler and minimalistic lives without having to focus on materialistic things and luxuries.

Whatever the reason, you will need to decide the kind of tiny house you want and how to go about building it.

Among the many types of tiny houses, there are the A-Frame houses.

A-Frame houses are common in the rural, wooded areas that experience snowy winters.

It’s usually a structure with quite a tall, triangular roof that looks like the capital letter A.

this design is actually what gives the house its name.

An A-frame house is typically a two or three-story building characterized by a wide living area, large windows, and a tiny floor at the top that’s often the sleeping loft.

There are endless A-Frame tiny house plans out there.

You are probably wondering which would be the best for you and suits your ambitions of the perfect tiny home.

Worry not since we have a list of the top A-Frame tiny house plans to get you started on the journey of tiny home living.

If you are interested in how to build an a frame house cheap then check out these amazing ideas on where you can get started today.

These plans will give you a perspective on how to make an A-frame time house for little money.

Sma ll A-Frame house plans Valentina

An A-frame house is a dream come true for a number of people especially those who find their comfort in nature.

This tiny house plan by Valentina brings out the classic style of an A-frame house.

When you look at it, all that possibly comes to mind is comfort and relaxation.

With this, you get a complete set of notable house plans.

There is also the complete material and tool list to put you in the know of what’s required.

If your intention is to save significantly, this is the perfect tiny house plan for you.

The DIY building cost is about $44,300 and you have a tiny cozy home.

Who is this tiny house plan for?

There are several reasons for wanting to live in a tiny house.

This small A-frame house plan is great for couples who are starting out and want to save up some money.

If you are newlyweds and don’t plan on having kids any time soon, this one-bedroom A-frame house would do just fine.

There will be plenty of space for the two of you.

Besides a small house like this none allows you an opportunity to save enough money and get a bigger house in the future if you’ll need it.

It can also serve as a suitable home for people who are retired or older and their children are all grown and living on their own.

The house is neither too big nor too small.

It covers only 530 square feet, making it the perfect space to live peacefully and simply.

The living room

Typically, the living room is on the 1st floor of the house and it covers 206 square feet.

It’s actually the largest space in the entire house.

This means you have a chance to entertain some guests.

Since there is just about enough space in the living room area, you can customize it to suit your needs.

For instance, you can include a dining area just next to the kitchen.

The other side of the room can be a nice entertainment area where you watch TV and engage in conversations with guests.

The kitchen

We like the open floor plan because it’s popular with most of modern homes.

This means the kitchen opens up into the living room.

This offers a degree of convenience because you are able to communicate with the people in the living room while cooking.

It also makes entertaining guests an easy and fun task.

As expected, the kitchen is a bit small but functional.

It will work fine for a family of two or three.

Thankfully, there is plenty of storage in the kitchen as well as other parts of the house.

You don’t have to worry about knocking over pots and ingredients when cooking.

Everything should be properly kept and organized in the respective storage compartments.


This tiny house plan comes with a sizeable bathroom.

There is only one bathroom and it’s located on the 1st floor.

This means you will have to come downstairs every time you need to use it.

Luckily, it has a great shower and plenty of storage for your toiletries and skincare products.

The bedroom

The bedroom is usually a crucial part of a home because it’s where you spend a lot of your time.

This small house plan consists of a single bedroom on the 2nd floor.

The bedroom may not be that big but it has lots of storage for all your clothes, shoes and other personal items.

Therefore, you can still keep everything in the bedroom organized and avoid having crumped-up space.


The house has a front porch that’s covered.

It’s located on the 2nd floor.

This is where you are likely to spend those lovely tranquil afternoons.

The fact that the porch is right next to the bedroom makes it even more special.

A-Frame Tiny House Plans Alexis

Alexis is another classic A-frame house.

It’s one of those tiny houses that you fall in love with at first sight.

This A-frame tiny house plan is created to cover only 306 square feet.

If you have been looking for a DIY tiny house plan, you have found one.

You don’t have to hire a contractor if you can build the house yourself.

It includes an eBook on how to build a tiny house, a timber construction step-by-step guide, a complete set of DIY cabin floor plans, and a complete material and tool list.

As such, you will be set and ready to build your dream tiny house.

A-Frame Tiny House Plans Alexis

Overall, this house portrays a cozy cabin feel.

The upside in the design is the absence of interior walls which makes the house open and airy.

This A-frame house is already small but almost no interior walls mean it feels bigger than it actually is.

Unlike some other A-frame houses, there isn’t any wasted space along with the bottom parts of the walls or roof sides.

This is converted into storage where you can put all your items in boxes or cupboards.

Instead of the small house being cluttered, it will be cozy and super comfortable.

Who is this tiny house plan for?

This Alexis A-frame house plan is perfect for someone who’s looking for a cost-effective option.

For starters, the plan provides detailed instructions and plenty of information regarding building an Alexis A-frame tiny house.

You don’t need vast experience in construction to put together this tiny house.

You’ll have all the details and a step-by-step guide to help you build a tiny paradise.

The tiny house would do just fine for a couple focused on conserving the environment and having a minimalistic lifestyle.

The living room

The house takes on a 2 by 4 timber frame.

The floor is supported by concrete footings and also consists of some timber joists.

The front façade is in the shape of an equilateral triangle and has a gorgeous glass section.

The two wings glass doors connect the outside and house interior.

The living room is pretty spacious compared to the rest of the house.

The glass doors let in plenty of natural light that illuminates the living room pretty well.

It actually brings the outside into the house.

You can still entertain a small number of guests in the space that’s filled with plenty of fresh air from the outside, lots of light, and great views.

The kitchen

Unfortunately, this is not the kind of house with a big kitchen.

That being said, you can prepare meals in the tiny kitchen right next to the living room.

There is also enough storage to keep everything you need.


There is only one bathroom for the entire house.

But this shouldn’t be a problem if there are one or two people living in the house.

It includes storage for toiletries.


To maximize interior space, the house has a sleeping loft.

There are little stairs at the back that you use to climb up into the loft.

It’s only big enough to fit a bed.

This will mostly be the place you sleep.

At the daytime, you can utilize the space on the ground floor for activities like enjoying the sunlight and some beautiful views.

The loft ensures effective use of interior space.

The porch

The house has a front and back porch, both covered.

The front covered porch adds to the relaxed atmosphere around this house.

It can be a nice place to simply sit, relax and enjoy a breath of fresh air and the exquisite views.

You’ll find a tiny covered porch at the back which can serve as a storage space for your wood.

A-Frame Cabin Plans with Loft Ruby

If you’ve always wanted an A-frame tiny house with a sizeable loft, am afraid it’s right here.

Among the many reasons why people choose an A-frame house is for its design, eco-friendly solution, and quick construction.

This A-frame plan offers all those benefits.

The design allows for easy but durable construction.

While A-frame houses are popular in the countryside, it still maintains some modern aspects.

A-Frame Cabin Plans with Loft Ruby

This particular house plan consists of a two-story, a master bedroom, master bathroom, living room, kitchen with a kitchenette, porch, and garden storage.

Who is this house plan for?

The Ruby A-frame cabin plan is meant to bring to life a unique tiny house.

It is the ideal small house plan for a couple in need of a sturdy, durable, and eco-friendly tiny house.

That said, it’s not just for couples, newlyweds, and single people.

Anyone who is intrigued with alternative living and eco-friendly living can go for it.

It can also be your weekend getaway house where you spend time away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life.

Also, if you want a cheap option that will allow the most savings, this would be the perfect tiny home.

Master bedroom

The loft serves as the master bedroom.

It’s spacious enough to fit a king-size bed.

There are little stairs for you to use when going up to the bedroom.


There is a single bathroom in the house located downstairs.

It’s more or less the typical bathroom you’ll find in an A-frame house.

Living Room

The living room is basically the most important part of the house.

The living room in this house is quite big.

As a matter of fact, you can include a small area for dining.

The rest should be dedicated to lounging and entertaining a few guests.

The open floor plan allows access to the kitchen.


This house has a front porch that you can use as an outdoor living space.

It’s the perfect place to relax and spend some quality time taking in the beauty of nature.

A-Frame Cabin Plans Dolores

The first thing you will notice about this A-frame cabin is the fact that it’s small.

It covers only 183 square feet.

With that being said, we acknowledge it is a tiny house but still cozy and mighty.

The Dolores A-frame cabin plan is an all-wooden alternative to the famous bricks.

It’s easy to see that the design was meant for the wooden-house enthusiasts.

One of the problems likely to arise from having a tiny house is the lack of space for storage.

As such, space might feel too small and cluttered.

To avoid such inconveniences, there is plenty of storage area to keep all of your belongings.

This ensures all the rooms are spacious and people won’t be tripping over things.

It’s fair to say the amount of storage space is quite impressive.

A-Frame Cabin Plans Dolores

Something else you might have noticed about the Dolores A-frame tiny house is the dramatic pop of color.

The burnt orange color scheme used throughout the house contrasts the natural wood and creates a sense of depth in such a tiny space.

If you are an avid DIYer, building this tiny home will be a piece of cake.

The plan includes a step-by-step timber construction guide, a complete set of A-frame shed plans in pdf format, a complete material and tools list, and an eBook detailing how to build a tiny house.

You will basically have all the information you need to embark on building your dream.

Who is this A-frame cabin plan for?

This is a minimalist A-frame tiny house plan.

It’s packed with clean lines and plenty of built-in storage.

This ensures each room has enough space.

For most people, this space would be too small to cover full-time living needs.

But it’s ideal for vacationing and people who are always moving from one place to the next.

Since it’s a small house, any time you move to a new place it’s easy to carry and take it with you.

Living room

The living room covers 103 square feet.

As such, it’s not that big and wouldn’t be ideal for hosting many guests.

You can invite about two friends to the house for a cup of coffee.

There is a small kitchenette next to the living room.

This is where you’ll cook all your meals.

Thankfully, the kitchenette is surrounded by built-in storage compartments to keep your items.


The loft in this tiny house is a dedicated sleeping area.

Most A-frame houses have a loft which is normally considered an effective utilization of interior space.

You can either fit a small bed in there or simply a mattress.

The important thing is to have a comfortable place to sleep.


It might be a small house but you still get a bathroom with a shower and sink.

Utility room

Storage space is important in a house with limited living space.

Not only does this house come with built-in storage compartments but also has a utility room.

This is a small room that can fit your camping gear or bicycle.


The house has a front-covered porch.

If you’re tired of the indoors, this would be the place to relax as you sip a cup of coffee.

The porch actually extends the interior of the house to the outside.

Redwoods A-Frame Cabin

The Redwoods A-frame cabin is one of a kind.

The design exudes simplicity and functionality.

It’s an A-frame cabin that will easily dazzle you and become a way to intimately commune with nature.

The house has a sizeable kitchen, living room, bathroom, and sleeping loft.

It also has a front and rear porch.

Who is this A-frame cabin for?

This A-frame cabin is the perfect option for an outdoor enthusiast.

It provides enough living space while at the same time integrating nicely with the natural world.

Even when you’re not out there exploring, you’ll still feel the connection with nature thanks to the many large windows letting in lots of natural light and the wooden structure of the cabin.

This particular A-frame cabin has space to host at least two people.

For couples, this would be a great vacation home.

Living room

We like the living room.

There is an opportunity for you to customize it and add your own personal touch to it.

The stairs going up to the loft run through it.

You can take advantage of this feature and create some storage underneath the stairs.

Also, since the living room opens up to the kitchen, there is a chance to have a dining area.

That way, there are separate spaces for lounging and dining.


Most A-frame houses have a loft which is normally used for sleeping.

Unlike other lofts we have seen before, this one actually has more space.

A queen-size bed can fit in there.

It’s difficult to come by an A-frame tiny house with this much space to put your personal belongings.


Another thing we liked about this cabin is the kitchen.

It’s the kind of kitchen you need to comfortably cook some delicious meals for your guests.

It can also fit most of the kitchen appliances you’ll need in the house.

There are cabinets and other storage compartments to ensure the kitchen is kept clutter-free and organized.


There is only one bathroom found next to the living room.

It’s easily accessible to everyone especially when entertaining guests.

It has room for a bathtub and single or double vanity.

It’s quite a big bathroom for an A-frame cabin and am sure it’s something you’ll appreciate.

A-Frame Cottage Plans Megan

Are you looking for a family-size tiny house?

Well, you are in luck because the Megan A-frame cottage plans might be the right option for you.

The A-frame cottage comes with features ideal for full-time living.

The efficient use of space makes this A-frame tiny house plan the best for families.

It covers 488 square feet and its DIY building cost is about $43,600.

A-Frame Cottage Plans Megan


If you’re thinking of building the house yourself, this plan provides a step-by-step guide to get you started on the right footing.

You will receive a complete set of A-frame cottage plans in pdf format.

This means it’s easy to download everything and keep it for reference.

The plan includes the layout, all the important details, sections, material variants, elevations, windows, and doors.

In addition, it comes with a complete and detailed description of everything required to build your small house.

In other words, it will be much easier and simpler to build it yourself with all the information and key details.

Who is the Megan A-frame tiny house plan for?

This would make for a great family home.

It’s especially ideal for a young family with one kid since there are two bedrooms.

There is more than enough space in the house to suit anyone who doesn’t want an overly large home.

That said, if you already have another home, this one can serve as a nice vacation home.

Living room

The spacious living room provides lounging and dining space.

It’s also good enough for entertaining a number of guests.

Most A-frame houses have sloped walls on the interior.

Thankfully, Megan’s layout is made of non-sloped interior walls.

As such, it’s ideal and easy to hang artwork or mount a TV.


The kitchen was surely designed to fit the needs of a small family.

It may not accommodate all the features you’ll find in a typical kitchen but it’s suitable for a small A-frame house.

As a matter of fact, there is space for two people to cook at the same time without bumping into each other.

If you have a spouse you can help each other prepare meals in this kitchen.


The design shows a separate bathroom and toilet.

From the plan, the bathroom is obviously bigger.

It can actually fit a bathtub and shower.

The fact that the toilet is separate from the bathroom provides more privacy to the inhabitants of the home.

In case you have some visitors or guests, they don’t have to necessarily access the bathroom.

They can use the toilet and wash their hands at the sink next to it.


This house has two bedrooms and both of them are on the second floor.

It’s another feature that enhances privacy.

The downstairs is solely for lounging and parties while the upstairs is dedicated to sleeping.

There is a master bedroom which is obviously bigger and a guest room.

Winter garden room

We definitely like the flexibility of this bonus room.

It’s labeled as the winter garden room but you can turn it into your home office.

If you don’t need a home office, it can also be a mudroom.

A mudroom is especially important because it allows a transition between the outdoors and indoors.

This is where the kids and other family members drop off their items and belongings before getting into the house.

As such, there is no mess in the house.

A-frame Weekender tiny house plan

This Den A-frame tiny house plan is meant to bring the outdoors in.

it is a modern A-frame house designed beautifully while still maintaining function.

The breathtaking walls of glass form a 14-foot ceiling.

Well, if you are a fan of high ceilings, the Den A-frame tiny house surely won’t disappoint.

At a size of 415 square feet, the house takes on a highly efficient floor plan to ensure every inch of space is properly utilized.

It is a tiny house but extremely functional and even has a touch of luxury.

The plan consists of a central living space, master bedroom, modern kitchen, and bathroom.

A-Frame Weekender tiny house

Who is the Weekender tiny house plan for?

Are you wondering if this A-frame tiny house plan is for you?

The truth is the Weekender is a nice tiny house plan for lovers of nature.

It is more of a contemporary house plan.

That means it’s mostly suitable for modern-day nature enthusiasts.

It is the kind of house that integrates the outdoors with the indoors.

The house has an entire wall of glass that lets in lots of natural light.

You don’t really have to go outside the house to enjoy the light of day and sunshine.

Furthermore, the glass wall and floor-to-ceiling windows allow such great and gorgeous views.

Two people can sleep at the house making it an enticing place for couples vacations or retreats.

But if you’re interested in tiny living, this can also be your permanent residence.

Living room

As mentioned, there is a central living area.

It can fit a couch for lounging and relaxing as well as a small dining area to host about two people.

Everything you see in this tiny house screams modern including the fine lines and attention to detail.

It’s an A-frame tiny house like no other.


The open floor plan means the kitchen and living room share a common space.

It’s common with tiny houses because it ensures every square foot is put to use.

The kitchen is small but highly functional and ideal for a small house.

It comes with 24-inch cabinets to cover your storage needs.

If you need a place to keep your food supplies and utensil, the large cabinets come in handy.

Master bedroom

Unlike the typical A-frame houses, the bedroom is actually on the ground floor.

It’s of good size and sleeps a maximum of two people.


The bathroom is perfectly designed and it has a stunning shower.

Indisputably, this is one of the most unique A-frame tiny houses.

It effortlessly combines modern-day living with nature, creating a house for someone in sync with nature.


Can I buy land and put a tiny home on it?

The zoning and building regulations across the states make it complicated to build a tiny house on a foundation.

Instead, you are permitted to build an accessory dwelling unit.

This is a secondary residential dwelling unit found on a single-family lot.

That said, more cities and towns are starting to accommodate tiny homes.

Are A-frame houses cheaper to build?

Yes, A-frame houses are cheaper to build than regular houses.


At the moment, many people are drawn to the A-frame tiny houses.

When you look at it from afar, the design seems ridiculous but there is something about the symmetrical shape that attracts people like a magnetic charm.

Maybe it’s the simplicity of the A-frame structure or its durability in the face of extreme weather that makes the A-frame houses lovable.

Whatever the reason, these A-frame tiny house plans will help get you on the right path of simple living.