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700 sq ft Tiny House – Great Tiny House Floor Plan Ideas of 2024

Wondering what are the best 700 sq ft Tiny House plans of 2024 then we have compiled the best known plans that have the highest ratings.

Tiny house is any living space below 400 square feet.

However many people thinking about minimalist living find 400 sq ft as a micro-home that wouldn’t meet their living requirements and needs.

For that reason, most of them are on the lookout for relatively large houses and one of the recommendations is 700 square feet tiny houses.

For someone living solo, this space is more than enough for their needs.

But trying to fit a family of four people can turn into clutter.

One of the popular celebrities that have tried this kind of house is the designer Crystal Nielsen and her family.

They have a 700 sq ft tiny house in New York that they made comfortable for the family.

But how do you fit a family of four in a micro-home and what are some of the best 700 sq ft tiny house designs and plans that you can go with right now?

The collection below for small house plans below 799 square feet may be small in size but live large in features.

At 700 square feet, the models have floor plans that can easily be arranged to provide comfort for a family of four people and at the same time respect a limited budget.

The 700-800 square feet house plans are near the far end of the tiny houses spectrum of models.

They can host up to two bedrooms and gives millennial home owner’s satisfaction and fulfilment especially those that want to participate in minimalist aesthetic living.

The 700 square feet houses are large enough to sustain brand new families and retiring couples that want to get a break from the busy city lives.

Some popular designs that will be covered here include the cottages, Indian style house plans and ranch houses.

Houses between 700 and 800 square feet make great vacation homes and cabins.

If you already have a large house or Bungalow, you can build a 700 square feet house to serve as a guest house or a sleeping area for your parents and in-laws.

Characteristics of a good 700 square feet house plan

  • In most instances, the 700-800 sq ft house plans will contain one or two bedrooms
  • In other instances, the house plans can be one-story homes or two-story house plans
  • The 700-800 sq ft houses can accommodate a family with up to four members.
  • The house plan contains an eating area, bathroom, bedrooms and sleeping lofts, outdoor living spaces and porch and a Living area and in other instances a hall.
  • Some common features of these house plans are front and back porches. These are very useful because they can double as the family entertainment area during the summer season.
  • The houses might not come with attached garages but you can consider this depending on your land space.

Tiny House for low maintenance living

The 700 square feet houses won’t include the large sleeping areas, kitchen, bathrooms and walk-in closets or even separate tubs.

This means that you will automatically have fewer appliances to maintain and a small area to service and clean.

Most homeowners that are going with the 700 sq ft houses want the convenience of living in a relatively large house with few maintenance cost.

The space to heat and cool is equally small meaning that you will not have to pay the large energy costs and expenses.

Such houses also require less land than traditional homes.

You are very likely to spend less money when repairing the house and replacing some of the necessities.

Cost savings and expense reductions

Besides the energy efficiency and the expense reductions discussed above, the 700 sq ft houses minimize lifestyle expenses.

For a small family or couples, the main aim is functionality meaning you can spend time indoors, enjoy more space and hours with your family and travel as you wish.

The homeowners tend to value the freedom of more space especially when it comes to the houses.

No one wants to deal with landlords every time.

Texas Tiny Homes Plan 630

Are you out in the market searching for a tiny house plan that would double as a weekend get-a-way or a full-time residency?

Look no more because Texas Tiny Homes has a plan to match your needs.

This house plan is perfect for a single person, a couple or anyone else looking for a simple but good life.

It is a two-story mountain style home plan which comes packed with everything you need for living comfortably, luxurious and economic life.

The house has a full staircase that leads to the master suite on the second floor.

The second floor features a good size wardrobe closet, a full bathroom and a built-in dresser.

The House is 630 a/c square feet and 710 square feet under the roof.

This hosts a medium-sized living room that can be accessed through the sliding main door, full-size staircases that double as the storage area, the master bedroom suite, a covered front porch, 1-1/2 bathrooms, a utility room and a food pantry and a covered front porch.

Who is this house plan for?

This house plan is for singles seeking comfortable life but simple spending.

It’s also for a startup couple that wants to start life from a simple perspective.

If you are a retiring couple that equally wants to have quality time out of the city, then this is for you.

Living area

The living area is accessed through the main door and it features enough space for quality living.

You have a small fireplace, seating area that can accommodate up to 5 people seated and a TV stand space just for you.

The Bedroom

You have a master suite on the second floor that has a built-in dresser and a good size wardrobe closet.

The bedroom is large enough for a queen size mattress and a small table with storage for your necessities.

The two bedrooms differ in sizes with the master bedroom being the biggest.


There’s a single full bathroom and another half bathroom on the ground floor.

The Master Bathroom is found upstairs next to the master bedroom.

The full bathroom has a shower, a small toilet and a small sink.


The kitchen is found on the ground floor.

It opens to the utility room and at the same time features all the necessary Cookware and kitchen appliances.

Small House Plans Brigitte

This house plan is 729 square feet Built-Up area and 963 sq ft Total floor area.

One of the best things about this house plan is that it has two bedrooms and enough space for a guest area.

The first floor has a total area of 393 sq ft and the sleeping loft is 388 sq ft and the porch is 182 sq ft.

The master bedroom can accommodate up to two adults while Bedroom B can accommodate two kids with a double bed.

It is one of the best DIY tiny house plans that fit perfectly for a family of four people.

Small House Plans Brigitte

If you are a couple retiring and wants to go to the farm and get a break from the busy city life, then this is the best alternative.

The first floor has Kitchen, hall, Garden storage, Living area and Bathroom.

The Garden storage area is 64.5 square feet while the kitchen is 43 square feet which are enough for all the cookware and appliances.

The hall is 73 square feet while the porch is 182 square feet.

Lastly, the bathroom is 54 square feet meaning it can accommodate a small toilet, bathtub, sink and a storage area for your toiletries.

The second floor contains two bedrooms and the second toilet.

The bedrooms are adjustment to each other, bedroom A measures 202 square feet while Bedroom B is 135 square feet.

The master toilet can easily be accessed through Bedroom A and is relatively larger than the bathroom on the ground floor.

Who is this house plan for?

Do you have a growing family of four people?

Do you want to have enough space for two children, a nanny and a master bedroom that can accommodate a queen size mattress?

If yes, then this is your house plan.

Living room

The living area is the largest of all rooms measuring 158 square feet and is found on the ground floor.

It has enough space to accommodate up to 7 people seated and TV space.

Some users would prefer to have a small office in the living area.

The Bathroom

The house is served by two bathrooms.

One bathroom is on the ground floor and has enough space for all the shower necessities, a baby tub, a small sink and storage for necessities.


There are two bedrooms in this regard and all of them are found on the second floor.

The two bedrooms vary slightly in size.

The master bedroom is next to the master bathroom.

It has enough size for a queen size mattress.


The kitchen is found on the ground floor next to the living area and Garden storage area.

It measures 4 Meters squared meaning that it can accommodate a medium-sized sink and tap for flowing water, a freezer and Fridge combo, a dryer or a washer and all the other necessities.

2 Be droom, 796 sq ft Tiny House plan with Loft

This is one of the most charming tiny house plans that you can find in the market today.

The house plan includes all the necessary features that a normal family would prefer.

The space can accommodate all the items, appliances and space for hours of entertainment and relaxation.

2 Be droom plan with Loft

Besides the fact that this house plan has a compact overall size, it makes to be one of the most economical designs especially when it comes to the cost of building the house.

It has a simple design which is even easier for the novice builder to construct.

The designers ensured that it’s finished in cedar and shakes which makes it one of the best fit into the wooded setting.

The loft bedroom also has additional sleeping quarters which is 180 sq ft.

The space is equally enough for providing storage areas.

Who is this Plan for?

This house plan is the right size for a small family, a single folk or a retiring couple that don’t want the excess space that comes with large homes.

Living area

The living area can be easily accessed through the main door.

It has enough space for every necessity including TV space, seating space and a little space for storage.

The sleeping area

The sleeping area in this case has a large enough sleeping space that can host a double bed.

It’s a single bedroom house but it automatically has enough space for the second small sleeping area.

The Kitchen

This house plan is large enough and for that reason, it automatically has a large and functional kitchen that has a four-burner cooker and fridge/freezer and every other kitchen appliance.

Bathroom and Sewage

The house has a single bathroom large enough for a small toilet, a shower and a small sink.

The designers also included small storage for your toiletries and skincare products.

The house is attached directly to a sewer system for both black and brown water.

Small House plans with Porches Gloria

Small House plans with porches are a 750 square feet DIY 2 bedroom tiny home .

It is a two-story tiny house that is fenced on 118 square feet porches.

Even though many rooms are on the ground floor, this house has stairs that lead to the upstairs sleeping loft.

The plan is regarded as a complete floor plan that might only cost $40,900 without the appliances.

Tiny House plans with Porches Gloria

The house plan is perfect for small and narrow lots.

Its main selling feature is the frontal rustic looking façade which is reminiscent of European Medieval towers.

The stairs from the inside also double as an additional storage area.

The designer claims that there are additional things that can improve the proposed concept of this house.

You all need to like the general idea.

The first-floor plan includes a Utility Room, a Living area of 145 square feet, a porch, a Bathroom of 47 square feet, a Hall and a second porch of 118 square feet.

The second-floor plan also has two bedrooms and nothing else in that space.

The bedrooms vary in size with Bedroom A measuring 110 square feet and Bedroom B measuring 73 square feet.

Who is this house plan for?

This house plan is perfect for all sorts of people that want to try minimalist living.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a startup couple seeking an easy way to cut their cost of living or a retiring couple that wants to get to the farm, this will work for you.

It’s also perfect for single people, travellers and people seeking a workstation with little noise and disturbances.

Living Area

The Living area is the largest space on the ground floor measuring 145 square feet.

It has space for a small office, TV space and 5-seater seats.

The living area opens to the front porch that can double as the entertainment area.


There are two bedrooms on the second floor.

The bedrooms vary in size but they all have enough space for queen size mattresses and double beds.

Bathrooms and sewage

There’s a single bathroom serving the entire space.

The Bathroom is larger than what we have seen with a couple of other house plans.

It has space for small storage, an open shower and a small toilet.

The toilet flushes to the main sewer Tank at the backside of the house.


There’s no functional kitchen seen in the plan.

However, most people would actually place the kitchen next to the utility room.

It can be an open kitchen with space large enough to accommodate all Kitchen appliances and cookware.

Texas Tiny Homes Plan 750

This house plan measures 750 square feet and has two bedrooms, one bathroom and a family room with a fireplace.

It also comes with an optional sleeping loft and screened and covered porches.

The house is ideal for lake lots, mountain and get-a-way settings.

It can as well fit the everyday living setting.

However, it’s not a DIY house plan and for that reason, you have to get in touch with the designers to build this custom house in your land.

The designers can give you a price depending on where you are located.

Furthermore, the house has 540 square feet of outdoor and a covered area.

It also has 750 air conditioning square feet and not including the optional sleeping loft.

It is actually 1290 square feet under the roof removing the optional sleeping loft.

The optional loft will likely increase the total area under the room to 1413 square feet.

The designers claim that it costs them as much money to build the outdoor living as it costs the interior bedroom footage.

Bathroom and sewage

There’s a single bathroom powering the entire house.

However, the bathroom is one of the largest on this list.

It includes an open shower and a toilet.

The space is also enough for storing all your necessities.

You equally need to note that the toilet is flushed to a precast concrete septic tank.

The septic tank is also serving other parts of the house including the kitchen and other wastewater.

It’s the best because it can hold many types of waste.


This house plan has two bedrooms which all serve as comfortable and well-lit sleeping areas.

The master bedroom is larger than Bedroom B and has enough space for a queen size mattress, a table and a storage area.

Living room

The living room is the largest of all spaces in this house plan.

It has enough space for a TV stand, a foldable table and also doubles as the dining area.

The Kitchen

The kitchen in this regard is directly opposite the living room and opens to the living area.

It has room for all cooking appliances and cookware.

Tiny Home Builders Tiny Retirement

This is a single level house plan from Tiny house builders that is perfect for baby boomers that want to retire away from the big busy cities.

It was designed in a way that the retiring and older folks don’t have to climb the stairs for the bedroom or any other utility.

One of its unique features is the fact that the entryway is situated on the long side of the house.

This allows the bathroom to be located at one end of the house and still leave room for a full-size bed and a coach on the other end.

Tiny Retirement One bedroom plan

Furthermore, the bathroom includes 36 inches standing shower and a small toilet.

The toilet also comes with a small storage loft overhead.

When purchasing the house plan, you can pick from 20 and 24-foot lengths.

This is what makes it large enough for comfortable living.

Who is this house plan for?

Tiny Home Builders made this house specifically for retiring parents and aging folks that don’t have to climb the stairs to access the bedroom or any utility.

It can work for your aging parents, your in-laws or a relative with an existing health issue or disability.

Living room

In simple terms, this house plan has everything easily accessed on one floor.

The living area is the largest of all the other rooms.

It can be easily accessed through the main entrance.

However, the space is not large enough for all the necessities needed in a living area.


The bathroom is situated at one corner of the house and has enough space for a standing shower and a storage loft.

The toilet is comfortable and large enough for people with health issues and ageing couples.

The Kitchen

This house plan has one of the simplest Kitchens out there.

The kitchen has two door drawers and a low enough sink.

The cookers and any other kitchen appliances are strategically placed for ease of access.


The house only has a single bedroom which can easily be accessed without the stairs.

The bedroom is large enough for a queen-size bed and can comfortably host two adults.

Texas Tiny Homes Plan 783

This House measures 783 square feet A/C and 1249 square feet under the roof.

This means that it’s one of the big tiny houses that you can find in the market.

The tiny house plan has enough space for a utility room and food pantry, 1 Bed Master Room, 1 study area, office or a workstation, a Family room and the Kitchen.

You also have an alternative sleeping loft and a large rear covered porch.

Immediately you enter the house through the main door, you will automatically get access to the living room or simply the great room.

The living room features a cathedral vaulted ceiling.

The ceiling has beaded pine and rustic beams that extend to the guest loft.

The guest loft can double as a media room or an art studio.

The master bedroom is found on the first floor close to the large bathroom.

The guest loft is above the second floor over the kitchen area.

Additionally, the great room has a stone surround fireplace that adds a lot of warmth and comfort to the home.

The house also comes with 783 air-conditioned square feet.

There’s a single car garage which is the reason why the house plan is 1249 square feet under the roof.

The master bedroom opens out to a 10’X20′ rear covered patio which can easily be screened-in.

You also have a really nice workstation, office or a study area.

It features small windows above.

The utility room doubles as the food pantry that comes with built-in shelving and it also opens to a single car garage.

Who is this house plan for?

This micro home plan is for singles, young and active couples, retiring baby boomers and anyone else that wants to live minimally.

Living area

The living area or the great room opens to the front porch.

It is accessed directly through the main door and features a stone surfaced fireplace.

When you enter the house through the main door, you will automatically get access to the living area.

Bathroom and sewage

Two Bathrooms empty to the main concrete sewer tank at the back of the house.

The larger bathroom is found on the first floor while the other one is found on the second floor.


The kitchen is accessed directly through the living area and opens to the Utility room which also doubles as the food pantry.

It accommodates all the kitchen appliances, cookware and storage area.

Sleeping loft

The sleeping loft is found on the second floor and it can double as a studio or a media room.

It is also regarded as the guest sleeping area.


There’s a single bedroom on the first floor next to the big bathroom.

The master bedroom is large enough for a queen-size mattress or a double bed.

The Plan Collections 700 sq ft cottage plan with Main floor master

This house plan from the plan collections is 700 square feet and has two bedrooms and one full bathroom.

It is also a single floor house that works the best for retiring persons and any other person that would want to have a nice house with enough space for their family.

cottage plan with Main floor master

It is an enticing Cottage style tiny house plan that has 700 square feet of living space.

The living area is large enough to feature four armchairs a large shelving assembly for storage needs and a coffee table.

You can also consider wall-Mounted TVs or a TV stand to kick back and relax.

The surrounding windows also help to bring natural light into the house and make it seem spacious.

Who is this House Plan for?

This house plan has two bedrooms and a single full bathroom.

The bedrooms are more than enough for a family of two people.

It automatically works for a retiring couple or any other couple that wants to start their lives from a minimalist outlook.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is tiny but has a breakfast bar for four people and storage below.

On the other hand, the kitchen can accommodate all the kitchen essentials including the sink, four burners cook-top and a freezer/fridge combo.


The house has a single full bathroom serving the entire space.

The bathroom is large enough to accommodate a shower and a toilet set-up.

The walls between the bathroom and the other space have recessed cabinetry that is very functional for storing toiletries and other small items.

Sleeping and Bedroom

Two bedrooms can all accommodate a queen size mattress and have more space to spare.

The bedrooms are naturally lit by the large windows around.


Are 700 square feet small for a house?

This size rivals some of the traditional houses.

It is relatively larger than ordinary tiny houses meaning that it’s perfect for a small family, travellers, a retiring couple or any other person ready for a relatively larger living.

How much would it cost to build a 700 square foot house?

We expect the cost of building the 700 square feet house to vary from one place to the other and depending on the appliances installed and the materials used for internal décor.

But the average cost for a 700 square foot house modular is $45,000-$65,000.

The average cost for a custom build 700 square feet house is $60,000-$350,000.

Are 700 square feet small for two people?

No, this space is enough for two adults and less than three children.

In many instances, the house can have more than one bedroom and an alternative sleeping loft.


With the above list of 700 square feet tiny house plans, you can expect to make the right decision regarding the cost, your needs, number of bedrooms and any other feature.

The list is not exhausted and we expect to find many other house plans from the websites referenced above