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3 Bedroom Tiny House Plans – Fantastic Floor Plan Ideas of 2023

Looking for 3 Bedroom Tiny House Plans for ideas and inspiration, then we discuss homey, modern and luxury floorplans of 2023.

Scroll down and so them for your self.

The truth is Americans and just everyone else like big houses.

Take a good look around you and within seconds you’ll spot a handful of big houses.

The average size of the typical new houses in America covers over 2,400 square feet.

The figure only keeps growing larger and larger.

That being said, more people have come to realize that they don’t really need all that space.

You have probably heard a thing or two about the tiny house movement.

It’s a new lifestyle that has been gaining momentum at a faster pace than expected.

This basically means deciding to live in houses with less than 500 square feet of space.

Tiny house living is currently a big deal and there are even several TV shows dedicated to this particular lifestyle.

Some of the shows include Tiny House Builders and Tiny House Nation.

There are different types of a tiny houses and it doesn’t always have to be what you’re imagining.

When you think of a tiny house, the first thing that probably pops up in your mind is a small structure with barely any space to move around.

What if I told you there are 3 bedrooms tiny house plans to suit your needs?

That’s right, tiny house living is so much more than meets the eye.

If you are looking for tiny house plans, we have compiled a list of the best 3 bedroom house plans to get you started on the journey of creating a cozy home.

However, if you want to go smaller then check out these tiny house 1 bedroom plans.

Why live in a tiny house?

There are plenty of reasons why people choose to live in a tiny house.

Some just want to own a home without necessarily having to pay a hefty mortgage.

Then there are those who want a movable house they can take wherever they go.

Others simply want to lower the environmental impact.

Whatever the reason, tiny houses are a growing trend.

Let’s not forget a tiny house is less costly than regular houses considering it requires less building materials, takes up less space, uses little electricity and produces less emission.

This means lower upkeep costs, electricity bills and monthly payments.

The top 3 bedroom tiny house plans

A tiny house doesn’t have to be an extremely small living space with no bedroom or at most one bedroom.

With a good house plan, you can easily pull off a 3 bedroom tiny house.

Here are some of the best 3 bedroom house plans to get you started;

Family Tiny house plans Barbara

Pin Up houses has come up with a 430 sq ft timber frame two-story bungalow tiny home. The house has a 37 sq ft

mezzanine with one bedroom serving as the master bedroom and a 186 sq ft loft with the other bedrooms.

It’s up to you to create a more homey feeling by just outing a wood-burning stove in.

The bedrooms are well lit with two windows.

The master bedroom has a table and a free space to serve as an office.

Family Tiny house plans Barbara

Who’s this micro home plan for?

The Family Tiny House Plans Barbara is ideal for a four-member family.

It doesn’t matter whether you are starting life, retiring or just an environmentalist that wants to save the environment a lot of struggle, this is for you.


There’s a mezzanine that is hidden away from the main room.

A double bed can be very comfortable here.

From here, the stairs will lead to a loft that has a bed on each side.

The beds have two windows and they can as well fit a chair and a table.


It comes with two functional bathrooms.

One of these bathrooms serves the entire house while the other serves the main bedroom.

They both have enough space for a small toilet and a shower and even a sink and storage area.


The kitchen is large and very functional.

There’s a Kitchen counter installed.

The kitchen space is well lit and spacious owning space for oven, fridge or freezer and any other needed appliance.

Living room

The main space found directly from the main door serves as a living area and a dining room or even a playing room.

It has enough space for family gathering.

It’s the core of this house.

Small A-frame house plans Valentina

If you are looking for something that’s more or less a cabin, then an A-Frame house will perfectly suit your style.

It’s not only an iconic structure but also extremely functional and versatile.

Before we can go any further on the house plan details, an A-Frame is a triangular-shaped structure characterized by a series of rafters and roof trusses joining at the peak to form a gable roof and descending outward to the ground.

Some of the features of an A-Frame house include a steep roof, vaulted ceiling, mainly an open floor plan on the main level, large windows and second-floor plan space.

The best thing about an A-Frame house is that it’s a timeless architectural style which people many people find appealing.

Small A-frame house plans

Usually, an A-frame house has a modest floor plan and that means limited living space.

But it’s still possible for homeowners to come up with a design that will suit them best and cover their needs.

With the use of 3 bedroom tiny house plans, you can get an A-frame house with at least three bedrooms.

These types of houses are known for their large windows that allow in plenty of natural light.

The large windows are also perfect for the A-Frame house because they bring the outdoors in and take away the claustrophobic feel.

It’s true these triangular structures are easier to build than the regular cottages and cabins.

That said, it will still require a lot of time and effort to get the work done.

It’s important to review the plans carefully to ensure everything meets the compliance standards set by the local codes.

To start the building process, you will first of all have to level the ground and then pour a concrete foundation.

You can also use ground screws or any other similar type of substructure.

Before you can start the construction, ensure you obtain the necessary permits from your local authorities.

A good A-Frame tiny house plan should contain a detailed design.

While it may seem impossible to make the most out of a triangular structure, there are tons of plans that offer designs for even 3 bedroom tiny houses.

Here are the popular A-Frame homes on the market.

Who is this house plan perfect for?

It’s perfect for tiny house fans that want a large enough tiny house plan that will perfectly work for their growing families.

It can work well for a four-member family.

Living area

The living area is the main space that you can access immediately after entering the house from the main door.

It also serves as a family space, and a dining area.

The Bathroom

There are two functional full bathrooms with space for all the main utilities.

You’ll have access to a shower and a small toilet in both toilets.

One toilet is downstairs while the other is found in the master bedroom.


The master bedroom is located on the ground floor.

The stairs lead to two lofts that equally serve as bedrooms.


The kitchen is directly in the dining area.

It is spacious and well lit providing enough space for oven, Fridge, freezer, storage cabinets and everything else you need.

A-Frame house with a loft

Most of the A-Frames have a loft space due to their triangular shape.

If you can make it tall enough to include a loft area, it means there will also be plenty of space on the main floor for a living room and even a bedroom.

There are family home plans that include 3 bedrooms to make the house suitable for a family and entertaining guests.

A-Frame with a wraparound deck

You can extend your living space with a wraparound deck or porch.

This will be the perfect outdoor living space for gatherings and enjoying your natural surroundings.

As I said, a good tiny house plan will get you the home of your dreams.

In case the plan doesn’t include a deck, you can always add it.

A-Frame with a walkout garage

An A-Frame house might be small but you can always include a walkout garage.

A walkout garage can help provide a bigger living space.

Small 3 bedroom house plans Amy

For it to be a tiny house, it must cover not more than 500 square feet.

You might wonder if it’s possible to fit a three-bedroom house in such a small area of land.

However, you can never go wrong with a house plan from Amy.

This particular house plan is designed to take up only a 410 square foot base.

It may seem like a small space but the fact that it consists of three bedrooms makes it suitable for a small family.

Small 3 Bedroom House Plans Amy

The main level of the house is made up of a living area, bathroom and kitchen.


The bedrooms are all upstairs.

The bedrooms may not be that big but they’re good enough for everyone to live comfortably.

The Living area

The living area is the main space accessed through the main entrance.

It’s the main home area with enough space to host four family members and at the same time provide enough room for a dining area.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is found on the main level providing enough space for all your activities including home baking using an oven, Microwaves, a family size fridge/freezer and enough storage area for other Kitchen appliances.


With two functional bathrooms, you can expect that the house is well managed.

All the bathrooms are downstairs and all have enough space for storing your skincare products and toiletries.

Additionally, you have enough space for a 2-foot shower and a toilet.

You can also opt for a DIY tiny house plan.

The DIY construction cost is much lower with your own labor and land.

This makes it quite an affordable option.

With this, you will get a complete three-bedroom house plan, construction progress including comments and a complete material list.

The Blue Jay Tiny House Plans

This is another three-bedroom tiny house plans with a second floor.

All the bedrooms are found on the second floor.

The first floor only hosts a Kitchen, a living area, Bathrooms and a study area.

It is one of the best house plans for a self-employed couple that is working in the creative industry.

It also features a spare room that users can change into a hobby space or a home office or an extra bedroom.

If you want to build this tiny house, you will definitely have to purchase an 8’X24 utility trailer.

Tiny Living one-bedroom house plans

Who is this tiny house plan for?

This tiny house plan is for a growing couple, freelancers, artists and a retiring couple that wants to minimize the cost of building a house and living.


This tiny house only comes with a single bathroom.

However, the bathroom has enough space for a sink, a separate shower and a toilet.

Space is enough for all your needs.

The living area

Entering the house from the main door, you’ll get access to the living area with enough space for a sofa set, table, a wood stove and TV station.

The Kitchen

The kitchen will be accessed directly from the living room and has enough space for cabinets, sink, fridge, washer and dryer.

It also has space for a gas stove.

Bedroom and Loft

The loft is found on the second floor which you can easily access through the stairs.

It contains a master bedroom and a loft that can host two small beds.

Space is well lit and ventilated.

Small Ranch House Plans Hannah

Pin-Up Houses ranks this as one of the best three-bedroom houses for people that are tired of living in the city or the ones that are retiring to the farm.

It is specifically designed in the traditional style of gable roof houses.

But still, it takes to be a good bet for families with more than four members.

The interior of this house has two floors.

It’s the best DIY tiny house plan that you can do with your own two hands.

Small Ranch House Plans Hannah 3 bedroom

Who is this plan best for?

This tiny house plan is perfect for retiring people, people tired of living in the city, farmers, small families and a starter couple.


Two bedrooms are found in the upstairs area.

The bedrooms are large enough to host a bed and a small storage space.

The master bedroom is found on the first floor.

The Living area

You can access the living area through the glass door and door-sized windows that provide more light to the area.


One bathroom is found on the first floor with the door facing the living room perfect for serving the guests.

It has enough space for a two-foot shower and a tiny toilet.


This three bedroom tiny house lacks a good enough space for the kitchen.

This is definitely what makes it perfect to be a weekend house or a guest house.

Plan 607F from Texas Tiny Homes

This plan features one of the largest farmhouses that come with one large bedroom and two smaller bedrooms.

According to the designer, it’s a modified version of Plan 607 and has some additional features that are missing from the previous plans.

It features wrap-around windows in the second-floor bedroom loft.

This is what provides great views and at the same time features a full vaulted ceiling.

Additionally, it comes with a boxed-out window seat that has a bookshelf on the side of the seat.


It has one large bathroom with a walk-in closet and enough space for a tub and washing machine.

It’s one of its kind houses that would feature such large bathrooms.


The main bedroom is on the second floor.

There are full staircases to the Bedroom loft.

There is another space on the ground floor that can be utilized for the other two bedrooms.


The plan comes with a functional kitchen with a built-in dining area.

The Living area

The living area is the largest space in the ground that sees through the workstation or a dining area.

Plan 1173 Farm House III

Here is another expanded version of Plan 607F and Plan 882F by Texas Tiny Homes.

It is a perfect traditional farmhouse designed to accommodate all the amenities and features of an old farmhouse.

It’s designed to be a luxurious alternative to other farmhouses.

According to the manufacturer, this farmhouse features two main Bedrooms and a space that users can decide to make the third bedroom or choose for storage.

It opens up to a patio and side yard that has three sets of French door units.

Who is this 3 bedrooms tiny house plan for?

It’s for everyone seeking a cheaper but functional alternative to living in the city.

It can be for retiring folks, a starter, environmentalist or anyone else that expects the family will grow with time.


There are two bathrooms.

The first bathroom can serve guests perfectly fine.

The washer and a Dryer is placed in the second bathroom.

The Living Room

There’s a large covered side patio that introduces you to the living room on the first floor.

The living room is enough for four people and a study area.


The master bedroom suite has an optional stone fireplace and the guest bedroom has a walk-in closet.

The other one serves as a small sleeping area.


The kitchen in this case is placed on the ground floor and makes to be a perfect fireplace or baking area.

It has enough space for all the kitchen appliances and can accommodate two people cooking at the same time.

Bunk Box Tiny House Plans

This Bunk plan is one of the modest tiny house plans that you can try today.

The designers choose to cover the framing with wood paneling and drywall.

This has great benefit to the users.

The space in this instance is precious so there’s no need to let the conventional construction methods hinder you from trying this.

It can easily be built on a 16-foot trailer meaning that it will come with 125 square feet of space on the floor.

It also has additional 72 square feet in the sleeping loft.

Bunk Box Tiny House Plans 3 bedroom

Who is this tiny house plan for?

This 3 bedroom tiny house plan on wheels is the best trial for travellers and people that are seeking alternative temporary accommodation.

It’s suitable for a four-member family.

Living area

The Living area occupies almost half of the space.

It leaves enough space for a four seated sofa set and a TV space.

The Bathroom

There’s only one bathroom next to the kitchen that serves everyone in the house.

It’s large enough to accommodate a shower and a tiny toilet.


On the right side of the kitchen, there are three bedrooms next to each other.

This makes it perfect for a couple living with their children.


The kitchen and the bathroom occupy one side of the other half.

The kitchen can accommodate everything from Fridge/freezer, dishwasher, oven and any other product.

Texas Tiny Homes | Plan 1187

This house plan was designed by Bryan while vacationing in Lake City.

This is definitely what makes this house ideal for mountain get-a-way homes or lake homes.

It can as well match the people seeking a full time living out in the country.

Its main feature is the large outdoor covered patios.

Additionally, it has screened a porch which is perfect for family time.

The great room has a 17′ high cathedral vaulted ceiling.

Who is this house plan for?

This house plan is for a retiring couple that wants to live in the country.

It’s also perfect for environmentalists and people seeking to live on the lakeside or mountainside.

Living area

The living area has a 17′ high cathedral vaulted ceiling.

It also features a native stone fireplace at one end of the room.

There’s also an alternative sleeping loft at the other corner of the room.

The Bathrooms

There are two full bathrooms serving the entire house.

The bathrooms are large enough to serve as a shower and a toilet area.


There are two bedrooms and an additional loft that is situated at the end corner of the great area.

The bedrooms are perfect for a four-family.


The house comes with good size, gourmet Kitchen that has floor to ceiling storage.

It also has an exterior door that opens to the large screen porch.

The Kitchen space is large enough for baking and other group activities.

Two Cabin Plans Kathy

This tiny house plan is the future of wooden tiny houses.

It is categorized as a two-bedroom story house but has the space for up to three beds.

It also features a kitchenette and a living room.

This is a catchy combination of class and style.

Looking at it from the sides, it looks like a classic gable-roof two-story house.

From the other side, it is a combination of two house styles that serves a classic purpose.

3 Bedroom Cabin Plans Kathy

Who’s this House plan perfect for?

It’s for a small family or a retiring couple, or simply anyone searching for a recreational weekend house.

Living room

The living area is directly accessed through the main door and has just enough space for a dining area or a working area, five person’s seat and a TV area.

The bedrooms

This house is categorized as a two-bedroom house but it has a guest loft that serves as the third sleeping area.

The master bedroom is well lit and ventilated and has enough space for two.


There are two bathrooms serving the entire house.

The bathroom space is enough for a 2-foot shower, a sink and a toilet.


The kitchen is direct to the living area with an exterior door leading to the outside.

It’s enough for basic appliances including oven, blenders, gas cooker and fridge/freezer.

The Turtle Tiny House Plans

This is a tiny house designed for storage and accessibility.

It sits on a 230 sq ft space which maximizes the space and everything else around you.

The design is a result of collaborative efforts between Karen Batchelor and Humble Homes.

These two collaborated to design a two-bedroom tiny house that leaves more space to add the third bedroom.

This is the reason why I’ve included this plan on the list for three-bedroom tiny homes.

The Turtle Tiny House 3 Room Plans

Living room

The living room is utilized by two closets that are used to store large household items and another small storage for small personal belongings such as books.

It is well lit and ventilated.


It contains a folding murphy bed that has sliding windows.

There are two large floor-to-ceiling closets for storage.

The loft can be used alternatively as a sleeping area which is the reason why it extends to a three-bedroom house.


There’s a functional kitchen on the ground floor with all the features for appliances and a ceramic sink.

It can also accommodate a fridge-freezer, a 2-burner induction hob and a Smart Oven.

It can as well take a washer/dryer combo.

The storage is enough for two people.

The Bathroom

You will easily access the bathroom through a bi-fold door at one end of the kitchen.

The bathroom has a 3 feet space that can accommodate a toilet and a shower.

There’s also enough space to install a small sink.

This house can be built on a 7′ X24” utility trailer.

Again, I’ll have to state that this is a two-bedroom tiny house plan but there’s en0ough space in the loft that can be used as an alternative sleeping area which is the reason why I’ve included it here.

Texas Tiny Homes Plan 1180

This three-bedroom plan from Texas tiny homes is perfect for baby boomers especially those that don’t need big footage any longer.

You will directly enter the Great Room through the main door.

The Great room serves as the living room and has a 24′ ft vaulted, cathedral ceiling.

The Living room also has a native stone fireplace and spiral staircases that lead to the guest loft.

There’s also the Study which doubles as a workstation.

There are two bathrooms, one serving the master bedroom and the other one serving the guests.

Who’s this tiny 3-bedroom house plan for?

It’s perfect for baby boomers that want the luxury they are habituated to.

The Livingroom

The living room can easily be accessed through the main entrance and has a spiral staircase and a native stone fireplace.

The living area is ideal for grandkids and children to play.


There are two bathrooms both with a tiny toilet, a sink, shower and enough storage for toiletries.


There are three bedrooms.

The master bedroom is the largest of all with an in-built bathroom and a queen-size bed.

The loft serves as the second and third bedroom that can as well serve as a guest area or a studio.

The master bedroom features an exterior door unit.


This plan has a full and functional kitchen large enough to accommodate all the amenities.

It equally comes with a built-in dining and exterior door that leads to the rear covered patio.

Small Atrium House Plans

This three bedrooms tiny house plan from Pin-Up Houses is truly an advanced design of small houses.

The plan should be built on a squared outline and it’s divided into 4 little squares.

Each of the squares has its own different use.

One of them is a porch and is found right at the entrance.

Small Atrium House Plans Joan

Who’s this House plan for?

This house plan is perfect for a retiring couple trying to get a break from the busy city life or a starter couple seeking a home with minimal expenses.

The Livingroom

The ground floor has an entrance hall that leads to the living room.

The living room is large enough to accommodate a four sitter sofa-set and a fireplace.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is an open plan that is directly connected to the living room.

The Kitchen area is an open space which is where the house got its name from.

The Bathroom

Past the kitchen, there’s another separate door that leads to a full washroom with a shower and a tiny toilet.


The second floor is easily accessed through the stairs and hosts its two bedrooms and a loft that serves as the third guest bedroom or a work station.

Elevated Beach Cottage Plans Eva

This house plan from Pin-Up Houses is categorized as a two-bedroom house but it has an extra hall on the second floor that most people utilizes as a third bedroom.

The first floor only accommodates two bathrooms, a porch, and a living area.

The two bathrooms are in the same place.

One of the two bathrooms is smaller measuring 38 sq ft while the other one measures 116 sq ft.

The second floor has three rooms which are the two bedrooms and the hall.

To some users, the hall can easily be converted to a third bedroom.

Elevated Beach Cottage Eva 3 Bedroom Plans

Who is this tiny house plan for?

This floor plan works wonderfully for everyone that wants a simple but functional place to call home.

It can work for singles, couples, retiring parents, starters, travellers and environmentalists.

The Living area

The living area is the immediate space after entering the house through the main door.

The living area can accommodate five people, a TV station and a Fireplace.


The house has two bathrooms which are all situated on the first floor next to the living area.

The bathrooms vary in size.

One is larger and can accommodate a relatively larger shower and a toilet.


All the bedrooms are situated on the second floor.

The master bedroom is 103 sq ft. while the other one is just 67 sq ft. The hall doubles as a third bedroom or a work area.


This house lacks a functional and spacious kitchen.

Texas Tiny Homes | Plan 1659

This house plan was signed by Bryan Smith.

The designers have the retiring baby boomers in mind when designing this house plan.

Bryan Smith wanted to design and build a project that would offer both space and functionality to everyone including the baby boomers and startup couples.

It’s also perfect for people that are looking to downsize.

It has 1659 air-conditioned square feet It also has 2750 sq ft under the roof that includes the garages and the living space.

Who is this 3 bedroom tiny house plan for?

It’s for people looking to downsize the retiring baby boomers and startup couple.

The living room

You will automatically get access to the Great room upon entering the home.

The great room has a 19′ ft vaulted cathedral ceiling.

You will get a native fireplace in the living room.

The bedrooms

This home has one master bedroom and two guest rooms which add up to three bedrooms.

The master bedroom has an in-built bathroom and large enough space to accommodate a queen size mattress.


It comes with 2 full bathrooms each accommodating a sink, a large enough shower and a tiny toilet.


It has a spacious kitchen that extends to a dining hall.

The kitchen is enough for all the necessary kitchen appliances.

Texas Tiny Homes| Plan 1888

This house plan was designed by Texas Tiny Homes as an expansion of Plan 1187.

It is small but very luxurious featuring two bedrooms and a 6-bed bunk or a utility room.

It also has three full bathrooms and a garage to park your cars.

The staircases are traditionally located down from the mudroom.

The living space has a stone fireplace and a fully functional dining area.

Who’s this tiny house plan for?

This tiny house plan features two main bedrooms and another 6-bed bunk meaning that it’s perfect for people with growing families.

It is perfect for families with up to four members.

Living area

You will access the great room directly through the main entrance.

The living area features a fully functional stone fireplace and large enough space for a 5-seater area.

The Bathrooms

It has 3 bathrooms each with a shower and a tiny toilet.

They also have enough spaces for a sink and storage for toiletries and skincare products.


There are two main bedrooms and another 6-bed bunk that can equally serve as a playroom.

The three sleeping areas are large enough for storage and elbow space.


It has a gourmet kitchen with space large enough for Ovens, gas cooker, fridge, and dishwasher and other accessories.

Plan 1297 Tiny house plan by Texas Tiny Homes

Texas Tiny Homes is among the pioneers of the tiny and small house movement.

Therefore, you can rest assured their tiny home plans are one-of-a-kind.

This particular plan is custom-designed to meet the needs of a fairly small family.

If you are one of those people greatly concerned about the carbon footprint, this is the best plan to serve you a small luxury home.

The house is not too tiny but it’s not so big either.

That means it won’t take up more space than what’s necessary.

This tiny house is designed to cover slightly less than 1,300 square feet.

It has quite a sleek and modern floor plan.

There are three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms.

Who is this Tiny house plan for?

This house plan is perfect for a growing family or a retiring couple with a caregiver.

If you suspect that your family will swiftly grow soon, then this is the best alternative.

Bedroom and Loft space

The master bedroom is located downstairs and it provides plenty of room considering this is a small house.

There is another room that you can use as your study, home office, workstation or bedroom.

On the second floor, you’ll find the loft which can also be a guest room or studio.

As you might have noticed, there is enough space for a small family and even when you receive some guests they’ll have somewhere to sleep.

The Livingroom

Another impeccable feature of this plan is the family room which is difficult to come by in a tiny house.

This would be the perfect living space to entertain guests.

It also serves as the living room.

The plan includes a utility room or food pantry.

Depending on your particular needs, you can convert it into a storage space.

The Porch

Other features on the plan include a front covered porch and rear covered porch.

The house is built on a slab or pier and beam.


This house plan comes with a 2 and ½ bathroom enough space for all the inhabitants.

The master bedroom has one of the bathrooms with space for a shower and a tiny toilet and enough wall storage for your skin products and toiletries.

Office space

There’s a tiny workstation that some people can consider as an alternative bedroom or a study area.

Depending on your needs, this has enough space for one person.

Plan 1517 tiny house plan by Texas Tiny Homes

People prefer tiny homes for a variety of reasons.

It could be to make ends meet, reduce the carbon footprint or simply because you like tiny homes.

This tiny house plan is different because it offers functionality, comfort and some special features.

The house has just about 1517 air-conditioned square feet.

It includes two-car garages making this one of the best 3 bedroom tiny house plans for people with families.

You don’t have to pack your cars out in the streets when there are two garages.

This plan was custom designed for the special clients especially since some have particular requirements.

Well, if you are looking around for a 3 bedroom tiny house plan that includes a garage, this would be the perfect one.

Who is this 3 Bedroom tiny house plan for?

It’s perfect for families with more than two children and a nanny.

It can as well serve as a perfect home for environmentalists and people that want to take care of the environment.


The plan features three bedrooms and two full bathrooms.

The bedrooms are large enough to provide the needed space for more than two people.

The master bedroom can accommodate a queen size mattress.

The Living area

It has a good size living room that can host more than eight people at a family gathering.

It also can accommodate a dining area with enough space for you and your family.


It comes with a gourmet kitchen and dining room.

We like that you get a kitchen as well as a dining area.

High ceilings are a special feature in most new and modern homes.

This great plan offers ten feet high ceilings throughout the house.

Utility room

Aside from this, there is a utility room that you can convert into a food pantry or storage area.

The exterior façade of the house is brick.


There are two full bathrooms that serve the entire house.

One of the bathrooms is in the master bedroom with enough space for a tiny toilet, a sink and a large shower.

Plan 1870 Tiny House plan by Texas Tiny Homes

The plan 1870 tiny house plan is for a mid-sized home.

This plan offers everything you want from a home including functionality and comfort.

The good thing about it is that it won’t take that much space compared to the typical homes.

This is a two-story plan featuring 3 bedrooms and two full bathrooms.

Who is this 3 bedroom tiny house plan for?

This plan is the best for people with a large family or a couple with a rapidly growing family.

It’s for people seeking to save on space and money.

Bedrooms and Loft space

All of the three bedrooms are perfectly sized and good enough for the whole family.

You can use one of the rooms as a guest bedroom if you have a small family.


The floor plan is commendable.

You’ll get a large, open kitchen which is something people look for in a house.

The large kitchen would be great for cooking meals with your family or relatives whenever they visit.

No one likes a kitchen that is cramped up and where you keep bumping into each other.

There is also the kitchen and dining room that flows out seamlessly onto the oversized rear covered porch.

The living area and dining area

The formal dining room is what any family needs.

It would be the best way to get the whole family together and serve meals or even entertain your guests.


Other features of this plan include a large covered front porch and an oversized rear covered porch that comes with a fireplace.

The addition of a fireplace is actually a good thing.

Many people would want a fireplace in their homes especially because it’s a great place to gather on those cold evenings or when hanging out with friends.

The large covered front porch would be a nice outdoor living space.

Lastly, the exterior façade of the house is brick, stone or both.


There are two full bathrooms all with enough space for a big shower area and a toilet.

There are sinks and enough space for personal care products and other utilities.

One of the bathrooms serves the visitors and other members of the family while the remaining bathrooms serve the master bedroom.

Plan 1659 tiny house plan by Texas Tiny Homes

The truth is you can build a tiny home and still incorporate several of the quality amenities and features found in the larger homes.

Well, that’s what this plan is about.

The house covers close to 1700 air-conditioned square feet.

Bedroom/Guest rooms

It features two guest rooms, a master bedroom and two full bathrooms.

You don’t always get a master bedroom with a small house but this plan includes it and we like that.

The two guest rooms are also a good size and would be great for a family.

Dining area and Living area

The plan also features a family room and dining hall.

The family room is more like the living room.

The dining hall is big enough for a large family.

It’s also perfect for entertaining several guests.

Utility room

There is a utility and safe room which you can use depending on your specific needs.

If you need storage space, the utility room would be ideal.


The plan includes a covered front porch as well as a rear covered and screened porch.

These make for great outdoor living spaces.

The house is built on a slab or pier and beam.


It has two full bathrooms with each of them containing enough space for a 2-foot shower and a toilet.

It comes with bathroom storages and a sink just like the normal bathrooms.

What to know when purchasing 3 bedroom tiny house plans

Compare costs

The first thing to do is to take time researching and compare prices and tiny house plan costs before purchasing any of the plans.

For the plans we’ve added above, we noted a range of the cost.

3 Bedroom tiny house insurance

The fact is insuring a tiny house has some similarities with insuring regular homes.

But still, you need to familiarize yourself with the local provisions before you embark on the project.

3 bedroom tiny house sewer system

Now that you are building a tiny house, where does the waste go?

This consideration is very important before you consider buying any tiny house plan.

How does the seller help you design a sewer system and are there any guides?

Tiny house electricity wiring

As much as you are considering tiny house plans, you should pay attention to the process of wiring a tiny house.

How will you go about it?

Does the tiny house plan selling company provide any guides on the process?

Tiny house bathrooms

Now that you are considering a 3 bedroom tiny house plan, be very sure that a single bathroom cannot serve the entire place.

So are there are additional bathrooms included in the plan you are about to purchase?

Is there a built-in bathroom in the master bedroom?

Answer all these questions before purchasing the plan.


Can tiny houses have three bedrooms?

Yes, a tiny house can serve as a family house.

However, most of them have large enough space for two main bedrooms and another small loft that serves as a third bedroom.

How much does it cost to build a 3 bedroom tiny house?

The cost might vary between $40,000 to $100,000 to build.

However, this will significantly be influenced by the location and whether you have land or not.

How can I but tiny house plans?

There are definitely many websites selling tiny house plans.

You just have to take time researching and consult with experts to get the best deal.