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Top 2 Story Tiny House Plans – Practical Floor Plan Ideas 2024

Here is an 2024 updated list of the best 2 Story Tiny House Plans that you must know.

Scroll down to find the house of your dreams.

Are you striving for simplicity in life?

Simple living simply means stripping away the non-essentials and focusing all the energy, money and time on the things that matter.

The fact remains that extravagance is a picture of a disgruntled life and when you simplify everything in your life including the houses and everything else that you call home, you will be left with a life filled with meaning.

Are you now thinking about setting out to build your own house but just want a simple place to call home?

This is the perfect time to think about building your own tiny house.

But one question I usually get asked is where do I start?

What are some of the top tiny house plans?

You don’t have to blindly jump into the alligator-infested pit without knowing how to approach the peril.

The fact remains that there are a couple of things that can go wrong not to mention the costs and time wasted.

In this brief, we’re going to introduce top one story tiny house plans and additional information on how to approach the project without wasting a lot of money and time.

The tiny house plans shared here can greatly help fulfil your dream of owning a tiny house.

Building a Tiny house yourself will equally save you money but you need enough information to approach it the right way.

The list of tiny house plans below includes everything you need to build tiny houses.

Recommended 2 Story Tiny House Plan Ideas

Tower Cabin Plans Arianna

This plan is a two-bedroom 2-story house that you can purchase today and easily construct your two-bedroom tiny house.

It is designed with a ceiling to bring all the comfort needed for families and living enthusiasts that wants to save money significantly.

It’s the best plan in this list for medium-sized families.

It offers great space for storage and relaxing.

The bottom ceiling design has a kitchenette, storage and bathroom.

Furthermore, the house is surrounded by a large porch with enough space for a table and a grill.

This is perfect for people considering barbecue parties.

The users will easily walk through the upstairs directly from the coach.

The upstairs can either hold a large master bedroom or an office and a small bedroom.

Remember this is a tower house and for that reason, it has another floor down the sleeve under the hat.

This space can be used for storage or as a small bedroom.

Additionally, every design and plan from Arianna is designed to offer eco-friendly solutions.

The roof has enough space for several water heating solar panels.

Lastly, the water-saving options on the Guide ‘’How to Build a Tiny house” is advantageous.

Tower Cabin Plans Arianna

Small Bungalow House Plans Mila

We now have a simple small Bungalow House plans that is perfect for suburbia.

It comes with a loft and if this loft is not what you need, you have a high cathedral ceiling as an option.

Its main advantage is the fact that it has an abundance of light and all conveniences of modern life.

You have space for full-size range ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers.

In case of a hot climate, usevirs can add a modern silent mini-split air conditioner with remote control.

This can work as a heater for colder months.

However, it’s important to note that it’s not a portable alternative.

Some people might also consider a basement and put this over the house.

But in this case, you should work closely with an architect or an engineer licensed in your state.

This is mainly because you need an approval certificate from a building department.

You also should spend time checking the legal aspects of tiny house dwellings in your jurisdiction.


Small Bungalow House Plans Mila

Tiny House Plans from Tiny House

If you have wanted to build an 8X16 home that comes with solar power and a water heater, then this Free tiny House Plan from Tiny House Designs is all you need.

It is a 2-floor plan with a bathroom, office area, kitchen, bedroom loft, kitchen, and shelves.

The house will definitely go for about $4,000 to $8,000.

The cost will highly depend on the materials used and the type of labor you’ll consider.

The author features some of the most actionable instructions, diagrams, written tutorials, and a material list that will help you easily through the process.

The plan has been previously used by many people.

The author claims that she had to make some refinements to the plan based on the suggestions they got from previous users.

They have added more bracing to the walls and an alternate floor plan.

The author has also added a materials list and a sketch of how the PV panel array will work.

I suspect this is all you needed to build an awesome tiny house.

Tiny House Plans from Tiny House

Elevated Beach Cottage Plans Eva

When it comes to small homes, especially in the beach areas, it’s very easy to get some free and paid plans.

In this instance today, we’ll talk about one of the best small house plans.

The elevated Beach cottage plans Eva comes with every information you need to complete the project without any issues.

Firstly, you’ll get an elevated Beach Cottage Plans step-by-step guide and a complete set of plans in PDFs.

The author will as well bring to you the layouts, the details, material variants, windows and doors, and a guide on how to improve the interior décor for this specific tiny house.

For first-time house owners, the author will come with a material list and tool list.

With a very detailed description of everything, you need to build the cabin.

This is definitely one of the best plans to start with especially if this is your first project.

This is mainly because of easy-to-read and understandable information and actionable tips shared by the tipster.


Elevated Beach Cottage Plans Eva 2 story plans

Sol Pod Mobile studio plan by Vinas Tiny House

If you are an artist, you definitely know the hustle we go through when securing our artworks in front of small children and pets.

In this regard, an artist would think of installing a tiny house at the back of the property to serve as a safe studio.

This house is a good match for people that are crazy about arts especially musicians, drawing experts, and any other type of art.

However, it’s not only for you as a crazy head for art but also a good house for all the people that need enough space and a safe space for private belongings.

It was designed to be multifunctional, portable, spacious, and flexible.

The interior of this house is bathed with real natural light.

Sol Pod Mobile studio plan by Vinas Tiny House

The Sweet Pea Tiny House Plans

Do you need a house for one but very flexible to grow with time.

This tiny house plan presents a tiny house that was designed around Gina’s desires to lead a simple life.

It also presents a good space to live a comfortable life especially if you wanted enough space for your current family size and flexible enough design to expand with time.

It includes the French doors that open to the sides leaving a lot of space for other activities.

It has skylights and windows that let in a lot of light.

At the end of the project, users will equally have a sleeping loft that can accommodate two adults and a window seat.

The window seats have storage underneath.

This is a great idea for people that want to spare more space for their families.

The designers opened up the bathroom and included a shower and a tub combination.

This idea was to leave enough space to accommodate a small bathing space for kids.

The design is a 136 sq.

feet living space that doesn’t include the sleeping loft.

I know you are already wondering how a plan designed with Gina and her needs in Mind can help you.

However, this plan is an inviting design for everyone else that wants a spacious tiny house and the one that feels his family is set to grow.

The Sweet Pea Tiny House Plans

Plan 994 from Texas Tiny Homes

This design is for a two-story house with an open door plan.

With this design, you can get access to one large bedroom with a walk-in closet, a great room, a dinner bar, and a kitchen.

It is 1180 sq ft under the roof.

It also has a sheltered porch that takes about half of the area.

The designers recommend galvanized metal roof or a composition.

Users can build it on the slab or pier and a beam.

Moving on, the main floor is concerned with a kitchen and a living area.

It also has an outdoor space geared for soaking up the surround especially for people that need enough space for comfort.

You will find the sleeping loft directly above the dining area.

This is enough space to keep a master bedroom and a double bed.

The Hikari Box Tiny House plans

This tiny two-story tiny house was designed for people with a smaller family It is a diminutive plan that works great as a guest house, a starter house, or an in-law unit.

Its main space includes the walk-in closet and a Kitchenette.

It was organized in a way that it will host a single bedroom and leave enough space for drawers.

The drawing set will also come with the rear and sides of the house.

The drawings will give notes on what materials you are supposed to use and pay close attention to stone accents and brick accents.

Immediately after purchasing it, you also have the foundation page dimensions, the footings, the pads, the beams, the bearing walls, and concrete walls.

It’s made in a way that everyone can easily build it.

The designers present the roof plans, the floor plans, and the building sections that show changes in floor and ceiling and the roof height.

It is a 24 Feet long house with 184 sq ft. on the ground. It also comes with a 79 sq.

foot loft that can take the queen bed.

There’s also 23 sq.

foot for the storage or a twin bed.

You have the stairs that lead to the queen loft which can as well accommodate underneath storage.

This house plan comes detailed to meet all the latest adoption versions of the International Residential Code.

The authors also include all the legal information that you would otherwise need throughout the construction stage.

The stairs and every other part of this house is measured and presented in an actionable manner to make the construction work easier for you

Tiny Living house plans from Tiny Homebuilders

This house doesn’t include two separate floors but the fact remains there’s space for the upper story.

So, do you need a house for one but very flexible to grow with time.

This tiny house plan presents a tiny house that was designed to help people lead a simple life.

It also presents a good space to live a comfortable life especially if you wanted enough space for your current family size and flexible enough design to expand with time.

Its selling point is the fact that it consists of a large family room with a vaulted ceiling.

You will get the entryway at the back of the container.

It has skylights and windows that let in a lot of light.

Users will equally have a sleeping loft that can accommodate two adults and a window seat.

You will actually get a bathroom and a kitchen under the sleeping loft.

This house is available in 12’, 16’ and 20’’.

All of these are very comfortable and very easy to tow.

The sizes mean that this house can easily be towed by medium SUV’s.

The designers opened up the bathroom and included a shower and a tub combination.

This idea was to leave enough space to accommodate a small bathing space for kids and for some bathroom storage.

2 Story Tiny Living house By Tiny Homebuilders

Small Ranch House Plans Hannah

The designers of this tiny house plan provide a complete DIY House plan with the details, the elevations, the sections, the windows, doors, and any other information that you will need.

You will also get a complete material list and tool list.

This is what will help you significantly take this project on your own.

This house plan is the best for people that want to provide enough storage on the second floor for kids and guests.

It’s also one of the easiest to take micro home plans that you can find out there.

The designers present a complete DIY step-by-step guide that you can use to build this house.

They claim that they have thought of everything for you and this way, it has all the information you need to make it a reality.

It’s now easy to create your dream mediation area at a very affordable cost.

If you are tired of living in the city and want to move to the farm, then this one will be the best choice.

It is designed through a combination of some modern and traditional skills.

The interior of the house will have two floors that can accommodate bathrooms and up to six rooms.

Space downstairs is specifically designed to host the bathroom, one bedroom, kitchen, and living room.


Small Ranch House Plans Hannah 2 story

Plan 607 from Texas Tiny Homes

This design is a two-story design with an open floor plan.

It also comes with a full staircase to the loft and a large bathroom with a walk-in closet.

If you suspect your family will grow exponentially in a near future, then this is the best tiny house plan to pick.

It brings the best family home ideas to the table.

It’s a nice and flexible concept of urban modular homes.

The house is 687 sq ft under the roof and it can be built at a cost of less than $20,000 without land.

Despite the tiny size of this house, it feels like one of the best spaces for young crowds.

It also feels large because of some special architectural features such as 16” high ceiling, large mirrors, and a living room.

As your family grows, you can add or buy more adjustment units.

However, it only includes one large bedroom.

Two-story Cabin Plans Kathy by Pinuphouses

This is a two-story family house that can accommodate up to three beds.

However, it can only make space for two bedrooms, a living room, Kitchenette, and an office.

It has large mirrors to bring enough light to the room.

It contains a complete set of DIY shed floor plans with layouts, sections, elevations, and material variants.

This design is among the most popular tiny house plans on Pinuphouses.com.

It’s actually for all the people that would like to build unique two-story family tiny houses for a large family.

In simple terms, it’s a catchy combination of modern building designs and a classic style.

Looking at it from the sides makes it look like a classic gable-roof two-bedroom wooden cabin.

Standing from the front, it’s easier to see that it’s a combination of two house styles in one another.

Large families can be able to enjoy BBQ even when it’s raining.

The Two-story Cabin plan is fully DIY mainly because the designers know that no human is limited and all of them can take the project with their own hands especially if they have enough information.


Cabin Plans Kathy by Pinuphouses

Ms. Bohemian Soul Tiny House

Just like the author who dreamt of living a simple life that would allow her to travel, be free and live lightly, you might have wanted to have the best small house that doesn’t take a lot of your money in maintenance.

The author, jewel Pearson began the downsizing process that eventually leads her to settle at a tiny house.

This plan helps you build a similar house using a 28’X8’6′ trailer.

The tiny house has a 260 sq ft of interior space.

It has an open floor plan and large windows which make it seem like a very spacious house.

It also has a majestic round window.

You will eventually have a homestead style veg patch , fire pit and a porch.

These are perfect features for outdoor entertainment.

The MCG Loft V2 Tiny House plans

The designers of this tiny house plan aim at creating additional access to this tiny house by just incorporating a staircase.

This plan is among the easiest to try mini home floor plans.

It was designed to include 16 windows that include a large skylight in the loft.

The interior of this is masked with natural light.

It’s a large enough two-story house that accommodates a kitchen, a bathroom, a large living area, and a loft.

The MCG Loft V2 Tiny House plans

Tiny House Plans Camila

Are you out here looking for a bungalow tiny home that is perfect for country living?

Look no more because you have a charming tiny house plan that matches your needs perfectly.

This tiny Bungalow can be elevated in an area of 23M2.

The total floor area is 31.5M2.

The loft measures 138 sq ft, It comes with a covered front porch that provides great space for outdoor living and at the same time provides enough space for mudroom and laundry.

There’s a bathroom that serves as ensuite and convenient access by the guests.

The living area is open and very spacious.

It also features a kitchen and large windows which make it look like a large space for your family.

The floor plans include the electrical settings and the foundation plans.


Tiny House Plans Camila 2 story

The Rookie Porch Tiny House plans

This house plan features a large living area.

It also features 2 floor-to-ceiling closet units and 2 shelving units.

Space is also enough for two armchairs and a folding table.

Immediately from the living room, you will access the Kitchen that comes with a full-size gas stove and a 4.5 cubic food refrigerator.

The kitchen also comes with a kitchen sink, base, and wall cabinets.

There’s a 32-inches bathroom that contains all the usual fixtures and fittings such as the shower, the recessed cabinetry, and the toilet.

The loft in this case is the spacious sleeping area due to the mono-pitch roof.

It allows the walls to extend higher up.

This is what gives you a little extra space.

The Rookie Porch Tiny House plans

Model One Tiny House plan by Tinyhouseplans.com

This is one of the leading edges in modern and luxurious tiny house plans that you can pick today.

It is best for people that want to maximize the space and connection time.

If you are one of the people that love deluxe rooftop decks, you will find this as a perfect plan.

It gives you an exclusive chance to wake up to the glow of the sun through the large windows.

There are many things that are included in this Plan.

It contains Demolition and welding plans, architectural floor plans, interior elevations, and structural plans and details.

You also get the electrical plan and details and lastly door and window schedules.

Model One Tiny House plan 2 story

Texas Tiny Homes-Plan 552

This is the best two-story tiny homes for weekend get-a-ways or even for full-time residency for a single person or a couple that wants to live a simple but good life.

It is simply a 2-story style luxury home plan that meets every need of a homeowner.

It comes with a bathroom with a clothes closet, a large covered patio, and a spiral staircase.

The master bedroom is upstairs.

Tiny Urban Modern Aesthetic

This is the Tiny House plan with a bold modern aesthetic.

Users can choose to use either red or grey.

Some others choose other bright options.

This tiny house plan makes it easy for you to live a modern dream lifestyle.

You can choose to build this tiny house without a loft space.

This creates a unique cabin area.

You can as well convert the floor plans into an office area, an entertainment area, or a studio.

The best bit of this is that the plans are flexible and they can be easily tailored depending on individual needs.

One thing I didn’t like about this plan is the small kitchen.

However, the kitchen is functional and most users don’t mind.

If you choose to build with the loft space, then it will have ample space for the bed and a nightstand.

It can also fit its own workspace.

Lastly, the designers include an open space for a closet.

Tiny Urban Modern Aesthetic

Where to Buy Tiny House Plans – what to look out for

Before considering Tiny Houses as an option to Bungalows and bigger houses, there are many factors that you have to take into considerations.

This ensures that you make a sound decision that you are less likely to regret later.

For that reason, here are different factors that you should consider right now.

Where to get Tiny House plans is also another consideration.

Getting your own Tiny House Plans

If you are planning to start a Tiny House project, you will have to take time and look for the best Tiny House plans.

However, where to get the plans and how to approach the purchase process remains the most doubting things for a first-time person.

This guide seeks to help you make a decision in this regard.

If you currently have a unique tiny house design in your head and you can’t get that from the existing plans, you can easily contract with a Tiny House designing website to make a custom plan for you.

Other people can easily get a Design and create a plan on their own.

However, I only recommend building your own custom plans if you have the right experience and knowledge on how to do that.

You will also be required to do enough research in this case.

You absolutely don’t need to design and build plans that you are unable to implement.

For people with the right experience and knowledge, I recommend taking time to decide the basic elements using just a pencil and a paper.

Immediately after the features of your tiny house start to solidify, you can take other programs that can help you further.

Buying Tiny House plans

If you don’t have enough knowledge and experience in designing Tiny house plans, the best thing to do is to head to different sites that sell and custom make designs for their clients.

Some of the sites out there present free house plans to their customers.

However, if you want the best and the most sophisticated designs, you should always contract with a good company.

The biggest advantage of buying Tiny House plans is the fact that you have the opportunity to see the finished product.

This way, you can always make a decision depending on your specific needs and preferences.

Where to buy Tiny House Plans

With all that information, you now want to know where to get the best Tiny House plans.

If you run a search on any search engine including Google and Bing, you will have an endless list of Tiny House ideas and plans and many sites claiming to sell and custom make Tiny House plans.

But most of these sites don’t offer quality services which will eventually compromise your utility and satisfaction with the end product.

So where can I buy Tiny House Plans?

Here are some suggestions and recommendations.

The list is long but I personally recommend The Tiny House, the MiniMotives, The Tiny Tack House, The Tiny Project and many others.

What to look for when buying Tiny House plans

Buying Tiny House plans seems like an exciting procedure but there are many things that can go wrong.

To skip the nightmares, take into consideration all the factors I’ve listed down here.

The list is unlimited and for that reason, you should always do a deep search for more information.


What is the experience of the minds behind the tiny house plans?

You should always take time to check the experience of the company.

Make sure the minds behind the designs and plans are experienced.

This must be a tiny house manufacturer and someone that has taken similar projects for more than two years.

The fact is that anyone can whip up some designs and set a payment button where you can buy the designs.

But buying the wrong designs and plans will eventually give you the worst frustrations after the project is complete.

The features

Do the features of the tiny house plan meet your needs and preferences?

If yes, then this is the right design to buy.

If otherwise, you should keep searching until you get the right plan for your project.

The fact is that we all fall in love with completed tiny house projects but then, we have to get inside the house and mark the space, and other features such as the kitchen, the cabinets, the bathrooms, stairs and bedroom.

I recommend searching the pros and cons of different features that the manufacturer presents.


An experienced Designer and manufacturer of Tiny houses has probably provided services to hundreds of clients.

The company site should have a review section where customers can leave their user comments and reviews.

Before you buy specific plans, take time to search what other people are saying about the company and their specific services.

Other factors to consider

  • Framing plans
  • Specs and Precise Diagrams
  • The materials and Tools list
  • Indication of the cost
  • The skills required
  • The time required to complete the project
  • Photos of the finished product


Is it cheaper to Buy or Build a Tiny House?

It’s relatively cheaper to build a tiny house than buying an already made tiny house.

Many builders claim that they can save more than 20% of the cost if they build the house on their own.

What states allow tiny houses?

There are varying restrictions about the construction and building of tiny houses.

However, almost all states allow tiny houses.

Some of the states include Colorado, California, Texas and many others.

Do your researches before you start the project.

Are tiny houses legal in Australia?

Yes, tiny houses are legal in Australia in some situations.

However, there are some strict laws concerning where and when a tiny house can be built as a permanent house.

So, take time to do your research.


Were you wondering if building a tiny house can be a great idea?

The information I’ve shared above helps you lead a simple and very fulfilled live with the freedom to enjoy life in all dimensions.

Building your own Tiny house saves you money, time and space.

I’ve listed 20+ tiny house plans that you can pick right now.

If you don’t have the knowledge and experience to create your own plans, I’ve provided information that can help you purchase a Tiny Home plan.