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Top 1 Bedroom Tiny House Plans – Great Floor Plan Ideas for 2023

Are you browsing for the best 1 Bedroom Tiny House Plans for inspiration and ideas of 2023?

then we have compiled a list of the most elegant, modern and luxury options you will love.

A tiny home might be the best alternative for retirees looking to undergo extreme downsizing or a couple starting life from scratch.

A tiny house is also a good option for people that wants to save on land and other costs of building a home.

Depending on your specific needs and preferences, you can build tiny homes of different sizes.

However, an average tiny house should measure 186 sq ft.

This is actually a fraction of the size of a traditional house.

The limited space, in this case, offers a couple of benefits that includes cost-effective maintenance, lower utility bills, and several other benefits.

Statistics from a 2015 survey by The Tiny Life shows that more than 30% of tiny home residents are between the age of 51 and 70 years.

These are the people with most of their free time and for that reason, are on the constant lookout for easy to implement tiny house plans from the internet.

To make the process easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of the most affordable, actionable, and spacious one-bedroom mini house floor plans.

The Turtle Tiny house plans Humble Homes

This is one of the relatively big tiny house plans designed by humble homes and Karen Batchelor for storage and accessibility.

It has only one bedroom but large enough space for accommodating other important aspects of a good home.

It sits on a 230 sq ft which means that it’s not very tiny.

Humble Homes and Karen Batchelor designed a tiny house that would be perfectly fitting for older people.

The Turtle Tiny house plans one bedroom

One of the biggest selling points for this tiny house plan is the natural lighting and natural ventilation.

The living room is naturally lit and ventilated by the four larger windows.

Moving on to the bedroom, there’s a folding Murphy bed that comes with two sliding windows to provide additional natural light.

There are also two large floor-to-ceiling closets where you can store your clothes and other personal belongings.

The ceiling in the bedroom has been left open which exposes the loft joists and gives additional room for warmth and character.

Lastly, you can implement this tiny house plan on a 7’X24′ utility Trailer

Who is this tiny house plan for?

It’s perfectly fine for people that need just a little bit more space.

It’s fit for a couple with a growing family.

Living Room

There are two floor-to-ceiling closets at the entrance to the living room which can be used as storage for larger household items.

Space is also perfectly fit for smaller personal belongings including books and decorations.

The living room is naturally lit and well ventilated.


The house also has a tiny but functional kitchen with lots of appliances and storage.

You can access the bathroom from the bi-fold door that sits at the end of the kitchen.

The bathroom has a 3 feet space which makes it large enough for a toilet and a shower.


If you have more visitors or a growing family, then you can easily use the loft as an extra sleeping space or for storage.

You can access the loft using a retractable ladder that is already integrated into the lofty joints.


You can access the bathroom through the bi-fold door that is set at one end of the kitchen.

It has enough space for a shower and a toilet and a small sink.

The Arthu Tiny House Plans by Humble Homes

The word ‘’arthu” in this case means to alter or to change something which must be presenting a very unique character in this tiny house plan.

The designers of this house plan want to make tiny houses a feasible living option.

The unique thing with this house is that the Bedroom is concealed under the raised kitchen.

This is what has allowed the designers to maximize the available space.

The Athru Tiny House Plans

The designers equally designed these houses with lighting in mind.

This is the reason why the designed tiny house plan features two large glazed windows that provide enough natural lighting.

The ceiling is vaulted making the house feel larger than it is in reality.

Who is this house plan for?

This is perfect for a single person or a couple starting life.

Living room

The living room has a set of outward-swing French doors that can either lead to a deck or a garden space.

There’s built-in storage and a bed frame.


The bed is concealed under the kitchen which has allowed the designers to maximize the available space.

The Kitchen

The kitchen in this case is the largest of all the tiny house plans that have been designed by Humble homes.

The Kitchen comes with a full-size, 10 Cu Ft Fridge Freezer and a 20-inch wide gas stove.

Users have the option of adding a combo of a washer or a drier.


You can easily access the bathroom through the sliding door which also doubles as a shallow closet.

The bathroom has enough space for a toilet and a shower.

You also get a 30-inch sq.

shower with small sinks.

Tiny Living one-bedroom house by Tiny Home Builders

This Mini Home floor plan consists of a large family room with vaulted ceilings.

There are also large dormers on both sides of the room.

In this case, the door is at the back of the trailer.

This is automatically what provides specious room for sleeping.

Tiny Living one-bedroom house plans

Who is this tiny house plan for?

It has enough space for a small family

Living room

The living room is relatively larger for a small family


It features a 7-foot sleeping loft at the front.

The 28 feet size has a second loft that can be used as storage or space for a smaller bed.


There’s a kitchen and a bathroom under the sleeping loft.

The 32 feet size has a large enough bathroom for a toilet, a sink and a shower.

You can get this house in 12′, 16′, and 20′ lengths.

These three sizes are very easy to tow.

Bunk Box Tiny House Plan

Here you have another awesome tiny house design from Pad Tiny Houses that comes with enough space for all the main rations such as a bedroom, living room, office, kitchen, and bathroom.

The company gives users a PDF file with all the instructions, information, and visual diagrams that you need to start and finish the project.

This tiny house is just enough for individuals, families, and couples.

This is mainly because you can reverse the design into a 20, 24, and 28-foot house.

It doesn’t matter whether you need to pick up this house as a bunkhouse, a guest house, or a full-time tiny house, it works perfectly fine for comfort, space, and savings.

If you are one of the people that have been in constant search of tiny houses on the internet, you probably have come across this design somewhere on the screens.

You can use your choice for foundations which includes the trailer.

But the width might slightly exceed the dimensions above.

Some minor changes are also likely to occur.

The design is the same as what you see online but it’s relatively simpler to build.

Bunk Box Tiny House one bedroom Plan

Who is this tiny house plan for?

Small families, Individual living and a couple starting life

Living room

The house is designed with the illusion of space meaning that the living room has just enough space for a small family.


The Bathroom is enough for a toilet, a shower and a small sink.


Its main benefit is the kitchen space that is enough for installing all necessary Kitchen appliances.


The materials used to build the room give it a signature style.

The bedroom can fit four individuals and or a large enough space for a master bedroom.

The Nook Tiny house plans

Everyone is rushing to the modern designs.

However, there are few of us that want to build something traditional and classic.

If you are in this category, you have a tiny house plan that will automatically meet your needs and preferences.

This tiny house Plan is one of the cleanest and modern minimalist designs that you can easily build regardless of the space you have at home.

The Nook Tiny 1 bedroom house plans

The main selling point is that this tiny house design speaks to the Younger generation of artistry-inclined freelancers.

It’s actually the best spaces for stay-at-home moms and out workers.

It has enough space for a home office, a Kitchen, a Washroom, and most importantly a spacious kitchen.

Lastly, adding a loft is very possible if you wanted extra space.

The users automatically get the material variants for building this house, a step-by-step guide to building a square main room that has plenty of natural light coming through a big corner window.

If you already have existing real estate, you can make this an art studio or a crafts studio.

Who’s this tiny house plan for?

Out workers (Freelancers) and stay at home moms

Living room

The living area has enough space for chairs and a folding table.

You will also have another folding table under the stainless steel fireplace that acts as a dining area.


You can access the bathroom through the folding door opposite the kitchen.

The Bathroom is enough to accommodate a shower and a small Toilet.

Sleeping area

You get access to the sleeping loft that has the ability to accommodate a master bed.

It has three picture windows for natural lighting.

You can as well access the loft via the staircase.

The loft contains space for storage or a small bed.


You have a kitchen that has large enough space for a 2-Burner cooktop and a small sink.

People can as well add an under the counter refrigerator and wall cabinets.

Plan 336 by Texas Tiny homes

Have you been looking for a tiny house with enough space, natural lighting, and well-ventilated spaces for you and your family?

If yes, then we have a tiny house plan that will definitely make your project a reality.

In this plan from Texas Tiny homes, it shares just 436 sq ft including loft which makes it a unique plan for relatively large homes.

It’s unique basically because it has 1 bathroom with a walk-in closet and a luxury kitchen.

The designers made it easy for you to start especially if this is your first project and you want to work solely.

You enter the house through the foyer including the utility closet, the laundry room, and a closet.

At the back of the house, there’ll be a bathroom and a bedroom.

Who is this house plan for?

It’s perfect for Retiring couples and people looking for enough space for guests and in-laws.

Living area

You have enough space for two chairs and a folding table that can serve as an office or a dining table.

Sleeping or storage loft

You have one bedroom with enough space for two people.

Alternatively, the loft can be used as storage or space for a small bed.


It has a luxury kitchen large enough to accommodate a gas cooker, sinks, wall cabinets and several other necessities.

It also has a washer and dryer stack closet.


The bathroom is enough for a small sink, a toilet and a large enough shower.

The Bathroom also has a walk-in closet.

The Farmhouse II Plan 882f from Texas tiny Homes

If you are a sole inhabitant, this is the best plan for a one-bedroom house that has a large bedroom with lots of windows.

It’s one of the best DIY tiny house plans that you can find out there.

To win the project, the designers have included a detailed manual to help you with material selection, help you with finding the tools and setting the base of the house.

They have also included visual diagrams to make the work easier for you.

Who is this house plan for?

It’s perfect for a couple with no children or a single person

Living area

The living area is enough for two people.

It can accommodate two chairs and a table that can serve as a dining area or an office.


There’s a half bathroom right by the entrance.

The house plan comes at 882 a/c sq ft large bathroom with walk-in closet and enough space for a washer and a dryer.

Sleeping and loft

Downstairs, you have a full staircase to the bedroom loft, a downstairs powder bathroom, and a built-in dining bar.

The bed is enough for two-four people.

Directly at the door, there are stairs that you can use to access the second floor.

The second floor is taken up by the master suite.

This master bedroom features a bathroom with a shower and a walk-in closet.


According to the designers, the front door opens to the open kitchen and a room.

The kitchen can accommodate a refrigerator, a washer/dryer, wall cabinets and a small sink.

It is perfect for a single person or a couple that hasn’t decided to start a family yet

The element Modern house plan from Tiny Home Builders

This house incorporates a shed-style roof which is the main feature that gives it a modern appearance.

The styled roof also makes it easier and one of the roomiest DIY tiny house plans.

The designer claims that they have built a couple of shed style designs over the years and this has changed with time to improve on the space and make them more modern-looking.

The element Modern one bedroom house plan

The house plan is available in different sizes.

The 20 feet is the smallest size and is very easy to move.

Space is enough for a one-bedroom and other important elements that a young couple needs.

The 24 Feet design is relatively larger and incorporates stairs and a washer dryer.

These two appliances are currently the main popular options.

The size is relatively larger and enough for a young couple.

The house has a 28 feet Gooseneck.

The design in this case is everything because it comes with a private master ensuite, guest loft, and a full-size bathroom.

There’s enough living area for a growing couple.

Who is this house plan perfect for?

It’s perfect for a growing couple and retirees.

Living area

The living area is enough for a table and a dining area.

The Kitchen

The kitchen has space for under the counter refrigerator, a small sink and a 2-Burner cooktop.


You can access it through the door opposite the kitchen.

The bathroom can accommodate a small toilet and a 2-foot sq.


Sleeping area

The sleeping area can accommodate a queen-size mattress just enough for a couple or roommates.

Plan 336 from Texas Tiny Homes

This tiny one-bedroom plan was designed as the first shop-built home by the Texas Tiny Homes.

The designers planned to design this house and ship it to the customers at the point.

If you just need the construction plans, then you can easily get that from Texas Tiny Homes.

Luckily, the design in this case goes for as little as $79.99.

Immediately after purchasing this design, you’ll get a link to download a PDF of the house plan.

The PDF contains 9 detailed sheets that come with the dimensions of the plan and all the additional information you needed in this case.

This Plan works for everyone regardless of what you need for space.

However, it might not be the best design if you have a rapidly growing family.

Space might not be enough for you, a nanny, and more than one child.

It’s equally one of the oldest tiny house designs in the market that has received a lot of reviews and user recommendations over time.

Who is this house design for?

This house plan is perfect for travel lifers such as cruise shippers, restless rollers, backpackers and nomads.

It can as well match a small family’s living needs.


You have a single bathroom with a walk-in closet

Living area

The living area is large enough for everyone wanting to spare some space for an office and a dining area.

Sleeping and loft

The sleeping area is well lit from the natural light using the two large windows installed there.

It can accommodate more than two people.


It comes with a luxury kitchen with a custom interior finish.

The kitchen space is enough for a freezer or a fridge, a sink and a gas cooker.

Tiny Retirement One bedroom floor plan from Tiny Home Builders

This tiny home has a traditional look and is perfect for a retiring couple that doesn’t have to climb a ladder to access the bedroom.

It is designed in a very unique manner to include an entryway alongside the house.

This allows a bathroom to be located on one end of the house.

Tiny Retirement One bedroom plan

Who is this house plan for?

It’s perfect for a retiring couple, a startup couple, single persons and environmentalists.

Living area

Immediately after opening the doors, you will automatically get access to the living area with space for two chairs and a table.


There’s also enough space left for a full-size bed and a pull-out couch on the other end.

The Bathroom

The bathroom has a 36-inch standing shower and a small toilet.

The bathroom equally has a small store located overhead.

You can get this tiny house design in 20 and 24-foot length which makes it large enough for more than two dwellers.

Tiny House Plans Camila from Pin-Up Houses

It’s for the people that want to live in comfy 1 bedroom tiny houses.

The plan has been used by a couple of builders over time.

The results in both stages have been marked as awesome.

However, you cannot expect this to be the best plan for growing households.

Pinuphouses.com provides a complete step-by-step guide with a complete set of tiny house plans in PDF.

The PDF contains all the details, sections, measurements, tools, and material variants.

You will equally get information about the windows and doors and all the other measurements you need in this case.


Tiny House Plans Camila 1 bedroom

For DIY customers, you will equally have a material and tool list.

It’s a detailed description of everything DIY builders need to build this tiny house without any hustle.

One of the best selling points for this plan is that you can build a tiny house for as little as ,5000 especially if you utilize the help of cheap pre-cut kits.

This means that you will get the exterior structure complete but you might involve the help of Interior designers to maximize the space and decorate the house.

Lastly, you must take into consideration zoning and building regulations across the country.

Some of them outlaw the buying of land and elevation of tiny houses.

Alternatively, you can collaborate with experts in the industry to gather all the information you need about tiny houses.

Who is this house plan for?

If you are a couple starting a family, it would be the best bet.

However, if you already have more than one kid and especially a teen, you will definitely not find it as the best solution for your living needs.

The Living area

You will access a large and well-lit living area that can offer space for an office and a dining area.

Surprisingly, this house plan has enough space for a 21 sq ft hall just directly from the living area.


It has one bedroom that can accommodate a queen-size bed enough for four people.

The bedroom is next to the Hall and the bathroom on the first floor.

The second floor has another bedroom and a sleeping loft.


The bathroom can host a 2-foot shower and a small toilet.

You also have additional space for storage and a small sink.


The kitchen is found directly to the living area with enough space for a fridge, freezer, cooker and storage cabinets

Small House Plans with Gable roof Ginger

It’s a complete Timber structure that comes with a gable roof.

Additionally, it comes with 23′ -6”X 10′-10”.

The designers will actually provide a step-by-step construction guide with all the information you need to get started.

You will equally get a set of small house plans PDF with information such as the material and tool list, the material variants, measurements, Layouts, details, and sections.

Luckily for this case, the CAD set is also included.


small house plans by pinup houses

The Tiny house plan with loft is a functional traditional plan that is adored for its simplicity and beautiful last result.

It comes with a front porch and a loft.

At the back of this design, you will get the main entrance.

This plan with a Ginger roof is one of the easiest and simple projects to take.

It is elevated on a wooden pier and the main entrance is at the back.

There’s an amazing covered and fenced front porch.

The designers made sure you have all you needed in a house in one space.

You have enough space for the kitchen and a bathroom with its own windows.

You also have a living room and a dining room.

This house plan is perfect for?

It’s perfect for great nuclear family proximity for older parents or teenagers.


On the other hand, you will get a small kitchen counter on the other side.

Unlike similar plans, the Ginger’s main front façade is covered in full width of windows.

Alternatively, you can choose to use a door with a glass part that leads to the front porch.

Living area

There are three windows on the sidewalls that make the living area a great space for all your activities.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to socialize or hold a private moment with your family.

The Bathroom

The bathrooms are located on the left of the entrance.

It accommodates a small toilet, a shower and a small sink.

The Porch

Users can access the porch directly from the central space.

The central space is fenced and fully covered.

This ensures that you can enjoy the private time, breathe fresh air and get a great view even when the weather is not perfect.

Sleeping and the loft

There are some simple stairs on the side that provides access to the loft.

The loft is warm and cozy and leaves enough space for you and your guests to stand and access one big bedroom or two small bedrooms.

Moving on, there are gable end windows and skylights, and loft storage which makes the whole plan actionable.

The storage space for this house is at the back and people can access it from the outside.

The Light Haus Tiny House Plan from Tiny House

This is a 300 sq ft house floor plan and façade.

It is the best promise for people that are looking for a fairytale-style life.

The best selling point, in this case, is the walk-in closet.

Another added bonus is that this house plan is highly customized.

What this means is that if you don’t want to build this tiny house plan on your own, you can pick it as a guest house or for in-laws.

Guests don’t have to suffer living in one of your bedrooms.

light Haus Tiny house plans 1 bed room

Other people would consider using this one-story tiny house plan as a standalone home office or even an art studio.

It doesn’t matter whether you already have existing real estate.

This is a good addition to the already existing studio.

If you don’t have a lot of information about this, then you can always get in touch with your real estate masters.

They can actually help you make decisions about the same.

Who is this tiny house design for?

With a large living room, two separate office spaces a luxurious and spacious bedroom, it’s perfect for a growing couple, a retiring couple, freelancers, stay at home moms, business space and/or a studio area.

Living area

The living area is enough for office space and a dining area.

It can hold more than three chairs and a foldable table for your guests.

Office space

This design has two separate office spaces that can work perfectly fine for home offices for two people.

Bedroom and Loft

There’s a roomy bedroom that can be accessed through the innovative stair design directly from the living area.

It can accommodate a large queen mattress and enough storage.


It comes with a luxurious bathroom with enough space for a toilet and a shower.

It has enough storage for all the bathroom necessities and a sink.


It has a large and functional kitchen that can accommodate a sink, oven, blenders and grinders, freezers, washer and drier and any other accessory.

Simple Living Tiny House Plans from tiny Homebuilders

Are you a fanatic for porch living?

If yes, then this is the best alternative to the already existing tiny house plans.

The Simple Living Tiny House plans offer a perfect combination of comfy and functionality.

This means that regardless of your needs and preferences, you can never go wrong with this mini home floor plan.

Simple Living Tiny house 1 bedroom plans

If you are wondering about the cost of building this tiny house, then you can order prefab tiny houses.

If otherwise, then you can make this plan one of the best small homes for keeping your guests fully entertained.

Lastly, you have to get in touch with your local authorities or a real estate agent before you start the project.

The agent will be able to reveal all the legal procedures and eventually help you get a customized space for your specific needs.

Who’s this house plan for?

It’s for the people that wanted a perfect combination of aesthetical beauty and an actionable plan for your house.


It has a fully functional kitchen with enough space for all your kitchen necessities.


It has a separate bathroom with space for a toilet, a shower and all the other necessities.

Living area

The living area is large enough for four chairs and a table perfect for a family with more than two people.

It also has a large outdoor dining patio.

Bedroom and loft

It just has one bedroom and outdoor space just enough to host more than 6 people in an evening party.

Tiny Bungalow

This is the best micro-home plan for people that wants something simple for suburbia.

It is a small bungalow tiny homes design with a loft, For people that don’t want the loft, then you can go with the cathedral ceiling.

The main selling point for this house is that it has an abundance of light and all the convenient space that you might need.

However, you should note that this house is not designed to be portable.

This means that if you wish to buy a portable house, you will automatically have to consider other alternatives.

You can as well dig a basement and put the house over it.

To do this, however, you might have to consider getting in touch with local architects and engineers to get the permit from the government and authorities.

You should as well check all the legal aspects of tiny house dwellings in your area.


Small Bungalow House Plans Mila

Who is this house plan for?

This house is perfect for naturalists and no debtors that want to get off from the busy towns.

It can work for a young couple or a retiring couple.

Living area

You access the living area directly through the main door.

It has space that can host up to six people in a get-together party.

It has enough space for a dining area.


You have access to one large bedroom that can accommodate a queen size mattress and enough storage.

The loft can serve as an alternative sleeping or storage area.


It has one shared bathroom that occupies the left side of the living room just next to the bedroom.

This is enough for a small toilet and a 2-foot shower.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is spacious and functional.

It has the space for Microwave, a full-size range oven, and dishwashers.

If you are struggling with rays in summer, you can easily go with the silent mini-splint air conditioner with remote control.

The conditioner can as well go as a heater for warm climates.

Sol Pod by tiny projects

The Rancho Mirage is for people that are dreaming about a perfect desert get-away especially those that live in Arizona and California.

It is designed to reflect the architectural aesthetics of the 1930s.

This is what makes this one-bedroom tiny house plan rich and famous.

Sol Pod by tiny projects 1 Bedroom Plan

Moving on, this house plan is almost a work of art.

What this means is that you can automatically include it in your backyard as a way of beautifying the space and at the same time get enough space for your guests and friends.

Who is this house plan for?

It’s for extremists that want to save enough space for their growing families.

It equally serves as a good match for growing families, retiring couples, environmentalists, no-debtors and starters.


Each of the houses comprises a separate bedroom that has enough space for queen size bed.


The spaces also have enough space for a full kitchen.

The kitchen has enough space for a fridge or a freezer, an oven, toaster, functional kitchen cabinetry, kitchen drawers and everything else you need.


The bathroom has a small toilet, a functional sink and a large enough shower that can host a bathtub.

Living area

The living area will be accessed directly through the main door and can accommodate up to 5 people.

The dining area opens to the outdoor dining patio.

The Salsa Box Tiny House Plans by Pad Tiny Houses

This is a portable and durable single-level tiny house design including a one-bedroom sleeping area with enough storage space for storing clothes and other personal belongings.

It packs a lot of amenities in its space.

It’s actually 93 sq ft but it’s designed to look bigger, well lit, and well ventilated.

However, the designers claim that the suggested floor plans differ slightly from the pictures they have shared on the site.

The Salsa Box Tiny House 1 Bedroom Plan

It is equally designed to use a shed roof instead of the curved roof as is the case with Don Vardo Tiny House.

The construction space is also simplified to make sure you can do this on your own.

The simplified construction space equally saves on the spaces and the energy.

You will have access to all the instructions needed in this instance.

Who’s this tiny house plan for?

This house is good for the jump starters, community lovers, small families, a single person, and couples starting up and retiring couples.

Living area

The living area is large for people that want a functional dining area and a small office.

It can accommodate four chairs and a table.


Users have a large enough and functional kitchen space.

The kitchen space is enough to install all the popular options of appliances.


Its main and the biggest unique aspect is that it includes a single bed that pulls out into a double bed.

There’s also a dropdown table where you can take on all your writing projects.


You will equally get access to a small closet and a bathroom that has a toilet and a shower.

Micro Cabin Plans Debra by Pin up Houses

This is one of the best tiny house plans especially for people that want something unique for accommodation.

It comes from pinuphouses.com and features a Modern and rustic home with a full kitchen and one private bedroom.

It also comes with a loft and surprisingly large storage for heavy-duty home users.

The author brings all the information you need to build a tiny house.

They include tiny house floor plans and diagrams that give you a clear picture of how the tiny house will look like.

The author also includes all the building instructions, color photos, and a video tour of what to expect.

According to Pinuphouses, Debra is a two-story wooden tiny house plan that you can build on your own.

This plan makes to be one of the greatest weekend houses.

It’s also for homeowners that want to save a lot in energy and water.

For extremists, you can include a rooftop bar or a rooftop terrace where you can enjoy your tea.


Micro Cabin Plans Debra

Who is this house plan for?

It’s perfect for people looking for a perfect weekend house, adventurers, environmentalists, a small but growing couple, a retiring couple, out workers and single people seeking to save money.

Living area

The first floor is designed to only include a living room and main room.

The other floor has an office and a bedroom.

Bedroom and loft

The second floor contains a bedroom, a small office and a loft that can serve as an alternative sleeping area or a storage area.

The bedroom is large enough for a queen-size mattress.


This house was designed to be the best weekend house, For that reason, it has a large and functional kitchen that can accommodate everything you need in a kitchen.

The way this building is constructed allows enough and enjoyable space for breakfasts and BBQs.


The bathroom is small but functional and can accommodate a small toilet, a shower and a small sink.

It has wall storages for all the toiletries.

Victorian Small House Plans Diana by Pinuphouses

It’s very easy to access this tiny house design from Pinuphouses.com.

This small house plan just like others listed above combines a minimalist design.

However, it has enough space to provide comfort and at the same time save space in your property.

The authors claim that the home is just 12X24 Feet with a 12/12 roof and most importantly a loft.

According to the information shared on the website, the plan is designed to contain enough room for a bathroom, a kitchen, a bedroom, a closet, and a living room.


Victorian Small House Plans Diana 1 bedroom plans

Who is this Plan for?

The design is made of ecological materials that are designed to be friendly to nature.

It’s perfect for adventurers, environmentalists and people ditching the busy lives in the city.

It can accommodate up to four people meaning it’s good for a growing family.

Living area

The living area is the largest of all the rooms in the house.

Space can accommodate up to six people seated or four people, a dining area and a small working area.

Bedroom and the loft

The loft also serves as a large second-floor living with space that is enough to hold a table and chairs.

There’s enough space for a bedroom that can slip in up to four persons.

The bedroom can sleep more than three people.


The kitchen is directly from the living room and can host an oven, a microwave, a dishwasher/dryer, a fridge/freezer and any other important accessory.


Just before entering the bathroom, you have space for a small but functional bathroom that can accommodate a tiny toilet and a shower and a small sink.

Additionally, the Victorian Small House plans Diana is a project that you can take on your own.

You don’t need to have any prior knowledge or assistance to install this wonderful building.

However, there’s information you need to know about the DIY small house plans such as the step-by-step guide, the materials, tools, and local provisions.

Important considerations when Buying 1 Bedroom Tiny house plans

Best tiny house amenities

If you are not very careful when buying tiny house plans, you will definitely be cramped inside the bathroom without any other room or space to store your skincare products.

For that reason, you need to buy a tiny house plan with a bathroom space large enough for a bathtub, spacious shower and a toilet.

For two-bedroomed houses, consider two separate bathrooms.

Electrical and wiring

Wiring tiny homes for electricity can be overwhelming.

Some tiny house plan designers include a guide on all the tools you need to wire the house and the process of going about it.

When buying DIY tiny house plans, take time to shop for the plans with a complete tiny house electrical guide on how to wire and power your tiny home.


The fact remains that every space and room in a tiny house needs to be meticulously planned.

This is true for every room including the bathroom and the Kitchen.

While the kitchen is necessary, you must ask the amount of space you need for the kitchen.

Check this with your company before purchasing the tiny house plans.


You have probably wondered how tiny houses deal with sewage.

The most common type of tiny homes sewage is the RV low-flush toilet or a compost toilet.

The toilet should come with a holding tank because it uses minimal water.

However, other companies come with other types of sewage plans.

Always consult with your company before finalizing the purchase.

Portable, moving, tiny houses with wheels

Are you considering a semi-permanent approach to tiny houses or do you just need a tiny house on wheels?

Make up your mind before purchasing any DIY tiny house plans.

When building tiny houses, ask yourself, do I need to put it on wheels or not?

How to insure your tiny home

So do you have enough information about what kind of insurance do you need for a tiny house?

How much will you pay to insure a tiny house?

Where to find tiny house insurance policies?

Most companies selling tiny house plans can guide you through all this information.

Take your time.

Building, using and renting out your tiny house

There are many options and information you need to know about building up your tiny houses, renting and other important information.

If you are considering renting your tiny houses, then you should research the health of the local real estate market.

The cost

The cost of constructing a tiny house might vary depending on different factors.

Where did you purchase the micro home plans and what is the size of the house that you intend to build?

These are important considerations.

Shop around for cheaper DIY tiny house plans especially from the websites we’ve recommended above.


What are the best low-cost simple one-bedroom house plans?

The list of micro-home plans discussed above includes some of the most affordable and actionable tiny house plans from some of the most reputable sites.

Can I get free 1 bedroom house plans?

Yes, there are a couple of tiny house plans out there that are offered for free.

However, most people choose the premium tiny house plans for improved effectiveness and professional guidance.

Can I get 1 bedroom tiny house plans in PDF?

Most designers in this case provide these plans in PDF format for easy access.

Depending on the website you purchase the plans from, you can get tiny house plans in PDF formats and videos.