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Tiny House Plans With Loft – Amazing Ideas of 2023

If you are on the hunt for amazing Tiny House Plans With Loft of 2023 then you don’t want to overlook these modern and homey floorplan ideas

The truth is tiny houses have been around for quite some time now but it’s only until recently that they gained popularity.

This is fuelled by the need to conserve the environment and many people realizing the benefits of tiny living.

Another contributing factor is the tiny house movement that encourages living a much simpler life in a small space.

Nowadays, more people understand a large home doesn’t always mean happiness and it’s sometimes unnecessary.

A smaller home, on the other hand, gets rid of the large cost of living that often comes with large homes.

Traditionally, most of the tiny houses have a loft that serves as a bedroom.

It was actually rare to find a tiny house that included at least a bedroom downstairs.

With almost no exceptions, the tiny house designs involved one or two loft bedrooms and no sleeping space downstairs.

But with time, the trend has changed and we are beginning to see at least one loft and a downstairs bedroom.

That being said, the loft remains to be an important part of a tiny home.

A good number of the tiny homes have a loft and there is a pretty good reason behind it.

What makes tiny house lofts ideal?

The loft has always been the sleeping area in a tiny house because it allows you to maximize the use of space creatively.

This frees up room on the ground floor.

When there is a sleeping loft downstairs, you have a chance to enjoy a larger sitting area and kitchen.

In addition, lofts are really cozy and provide gorgeous views of both the house and outdoors.

You can think of sleeping in a loft is like sleeping in a little nest.

Most of the tiny houses feature one loft and other bedrooms or two lofts.

In case there are two lofts, one is usually a master loft that serves as a bedroom and the smaller loft can be used as an extra sleeping space or storage.

So, how do you reach a loft that’s high up on the roof?

You can either climb up to the loft using steps or ladders.

Some tiny houses only have ladders while others feature stairs.

Ladders usually offer space-saving benefits and tend to be a minimalist unobtrusive solution.

In fact, you may be able to get the ladder out of the way and conceal it all together until it’s needed.

Steps, on the other hand, are easier to use and pleasant for the majority.

Let’s not forget the fact that they’re safer.

Now that you have a general idea of lofts, it’s time to look at the best tiny house plans with loft.

Best Tiny House Loft Plans on the Internet

Tiny House Plans Camila

Tiny house plans with loft are arguably popular and tend to come at a good price.

This is because they enable plenty of space on the ground floor to use for daytime activities.

The loft is a comfortable and private sleeping space.

The Camila tiny house plans with loft simply make your dreams come true.

It is a two-bedroom house with a sleeping loft, central living area, one bathroom, a hall and porch.

The DIY building cost of the house is $25,800.

As such, it’s possible to cut down costs and do some of the building yourself.

The Camila tiny house plan with loft is designed to cover just about 347 square feet.

It’s a small house but the design and layout are meant to utilize every bit of space.

Tiny House Plans Camila 1 bedroom

Who is the Camila tiny house plan for?

This plan is for a family home in every sense of the word.

It has two bedrooms and a sleeping loft making it suitable for people with kids.

You can put a bunk bed in one of the bedrooms to accommodate at least two kids and preserve the loft for the guests.

Still, it’s not only a suitable house for a family but can also be a vacation or weekend getaway nook.

If you need somewhere to escape and spend quality time away from your daily routine, this could be the ideal place.

It makes for the perfect small house to hang out alone and sometimes with friends as you catch up.


There are two bedrooms in the house.

The smaller bedroom is downstairs while the master bedroom is on the 1st floor.

Most people would appreciate having the bedrooms on separate floors since it offers more privacy.

The bedroom on the ground floor can serve as a guest room.

Living room

The living room is of good size but not as big as you would want it to be especially when there are kids in the house.

That being said, it’s very functional and would do just fine for lounging.


Effective use of space is seen in the kitchen.

Part of the kitchen countertop is extended for use as a dining area.

This makes up for the lack of enough space in the living room to include a dining area.

As you can see, the problem is solved cleverly and creatively.


You can use the loft as a sleeping area or playroom for the kids.

It is small and basic but offers more than enough room to comfortably sleep and has plenty of headroom.

If you want to reach the loft, there is a ladder beside the kitchen which you can use to go up.

The use of a ladder not only saves on space but it’s also minimalist and unobtrusive.

This tiny house plan also includes a hall that provides more storage and a place to do your laundry.

The washing and drying machines are built-in and this works even better to save on space.

We like the design of the bathroom and the fact that it comes with a shower.

This is definitely a unique house and the right place to make lifelong memories.

Small Cabin Plans with Porch Harper

The Harper small cabin plan is designed to cover a built-up area of 323 square feet.

It’s an incredibly gorgeous cabin with a porch and loft.

If your lifelong desire has been to live in a tiny, cozy cabin, this tiny house plan is certainly for you.

The house has a comfortable and spacious bedroom, cozy living room, kitchen and bathroom.

There is even space for a loft which can serve as an extra sleeping space or a place to escape for a little while and relax.

Small Cabin Plans with Porch Harper loft

Who is the Harper small cabin plan for?

The truth is many people have a busy lifestyle, spending all day at work and very little time resting.

But once in a while, it’s prudent to take a break from everything and simply enjoy life.

As such, there have been a rising number of people interested in building vacation homes.

The Harper small cabin plan is for the people who want a vacation home that won’t cost them an arm and a leg.

It would be the best place in the world to enjoy time together as a couple or small family.

The house offers enough space to stay indoors on rainy days while barbequing on the porch.

Sounds like lots of fun!

That being said, this tiny cabin with loft can cater to your full-time living needs.

It’s especially ideal for couples who want to protect their piggy bank through simple and eco-friendly living.

Without a doubt, this is one of those places you’ll be happy and proud to call home.

Living room

Harper’s living room is not only cozy but also offers beautiful views through the porch.

Surprisingly, it’s also spacious.

You can have a little area for the dining and another one where you put a couch.

After that, you’ll be sipping on a cup of coffee while enjoying the breathtaking views.


There is one bedroom in the house.

We should mention that it’s the most comfortable part of this tiny house.

It’s cozy and has plenty of space.

You also get some storage to keep your clothes, shoes and other personal belongings.


The kitchen is conveniently designed to be part of the living room area.

It’s actually a nice and well-thought-out kitchen considering this is a small house.

It comes with large cabinets and drawers for your utensils and supplies.


Like most tiny houses, the Harper small cabin has a spacious loft with plenty of headroom.

A unique looking ladder leads up to the loft.

The ladder is designed in such a way that the parts you will step on a larger and wider.

This basically provides proper balance while going up and down.

We can say that it’s arguably safer.

The loft can be a sleeping space if needed or simply your little haven where you lay down on a couch to read your favorite book.


On top of everything, the house also has a covered porch.

The roof basically covers the porch to ensure you’re able to enjoy fresh air even on those rainy days.

Aside from that, the porch is perfect for holding a barbeque with a few of your friends and family.

Scandinavian Cabin Plans Maja

The Maja Scandinavian cabin plan is surely love at first sight.

It’s easy to see the creativity and thought that went into the design of this small house.

The tiny house is a cozy nook perfect for the kind of weather in the North.

Maja is a small cabin meant to go hand in hand with a minimalist living lifestyle.

The floor plan features a single bedroom, bathroom, living area with kitchenette, storage room and an acute porch.

True to its name, the design involves Scandinavian traditional cabins with a gorgeous gable roof.

Scandinavian Cabin Plans Maja

Who is this house plan for?

Depending on your specific needs, this house plan can serve vacation purposes or full-time living.

It’s a beautiful cabin with a bedroom and loft.

This means if you have a small family, there is space for everyone.

It’s also for the people interested in simple living and eco-friendly living solutions.

Living room area

The living room conveniently comes with a kitchenette.

The open floor plan is currently loved by many.

Anyone would like to be cooking and having a conversation with a spouse or friend who’s lounging in the living room area.

There is also a small dining area to eat meals together as a family.

The glass door leading to the living room lets in plenty of natural light, as well as incredible views.

Talk about getting an outdoor experience while still inside the house.


With this tiny house, you get a comfortable single bedroom.

It fits a queen-size bed.

Storage room

Tiny houses require lots of storage space to ensure everything remains organized.

In return, there is more room for living.

It’s impressive this tiny house plan includes a storage room to keep camping gear, bicycles and other things that would otherwise cause a mess in the house.


If it’s not a sleeping space, the loft can be your quiet place to read a book or listen to some soft music.

You can reach it via stairs next to the living room.

Furthermore, the space underneath the stairs is put to good use and serves as more storage in the house.


The small front porch is a great addition to the house.

It’s the perfect outdoor living space to enjoy some fresh air and watch the night sky.

Cabin plans on Stilts Hailey

The Hailey cabin plan portrays a uniquely shaped house.

It is certainly a mesmerizing cabin with a loft.

The house covers a built-up area of 316 square feet.

It consists of the main room with kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or loft and a porch.

The DIY building cost for this tiny house is about $27,500.

The interior solutions are effective and create a space that’s enough for you to relax, work, have a meal and hang out with your friends.

In simpler terms, the Hailey cabin plans with Stilts enable you to live comfortably in a tiny house.

The layout leaves more space on the main floor for daytime activities while the loft is dedicated to undisturbed sleep at night.

Cabin plans on Stilts Hailey loft

Who is this house plan for?

The Hailey cabin plan is for anyone who wants to live in a simple tiny house.

It brings to life a minimalist lifestyle.


The loft serves as the main bedroom in the house.

It is the only sleeping area and what we like the most about it is the size.

It’s not easy to come by a big loft-like this one.

It can fit a queen-size bed and still leave room for some of your personal belongings.

Main room

The living room is labelled on the house plan as the main room.

It’s not only cozy but also spacious with room for lounging and a dining area.

The large windows show off some of the most beautiful views.

With convenience in mind, the design includes the kitchen as part of the living room.


There is only one bath but it’s more than enough for a small house.


The porch is one of the beauties of this tiny house plan with loft.

The green railings are out of this world and go a long way to prove how gorgeous nature can be.

While the porch is not covered, it’s still ideal for spending time outdoors when the weather is good.

You can even dedicate a small portion of it to barbequing.

Micro Cabin plans Debra

The Debra Micro cabin plans are the real definition of a cabin.

When you think of a cabin, what probably comes to mind is wood, logs and other rustic features.

That’s exactly what you get with this Microhouse plan.

The entire house covers an area of 351 square feet.

Micro Cabin Plans Debra

Many people aspire to build their own dream houses.

Well, you can do just that with the Debra micro cabin plans.

It’s a two-story wooden tiny house plan that’s simple enough for you to build by yourself.

The DIY building cost stands at $19,700.

There is no doubt this tiny house plan brings to life a masterpiece.

But the pinnacle of the design is the beautiful rooftop terrace.

It’s a unique feature that highlights the design of this tiny house plan.

The first floor is made up of the living room, a kitchen and a bathroom.

The second floor, on the other hand, is the main sleeping area or bedroom.

It’s actually a loft that can be used as a sleeping space or office depending on your particular needs.

Best of all, it’s designed with water and energy-saving capabilities.

Who is this micro cabin plan for?

The Debra cabin is a suitable weekend house.

It contains everything you need for a successful weekend getaway including a kitchen to prepare meals, a sleeping loft and a bathroom.

It’s also a great option for the modern-day nature lover.

This tiny house might be a cabin but it still has some modern style elements.

We can call it a contemporary cabin.


This isn’t the biggest loft around but it’s practical and functional.

It could be a place to lay down at night and sleep or an office.

Main room

The main room consists of the living room, dining area and kitchen corner.

The truth is you don’t easily come across the main room with this much space.

There is a lounging area to sit with guests and entertain and a dining area next to the kitchen.

The kitchen is positioned at a corner.

The floor plan in this room allows for the maximum utilization of space and everything seems to be in the right place.

Rooftop terrace

The rooftop terrace is an outstanding feature of the tiny house.

From up there, you can enjoy incredible views with friends or family.

It can be your happy place where you just enjoy life and the beauty of nature.

Better still, you can even create a sky bar of your own.

On a weekend getaway, this would make the perfect place for a barbeque.

As you can see, the beautiful terrace is not only a thoughtful but practical outdoor space to do fun activities.

Cabin Plans with Loft bedroom Mia

The Mia cabin plan comes with a loft and gable roof.

The tiny house has a built-up area of 216 square feet and it’s gorgeous both inside and out.

It makes more sense to include a loft bedroom in a tiny house to free up space on the main floor.

In turn, you have a super comfy place to sleep that’s often compared to a nest.

The downstairs is divided into the main room with a kitchen, bathroom and porch.

The roof basically sheds the porch.

The house is a typical cabin that combines the elements of traditional architecture with a modern style.

Cabin Plans with Loft bedroom Mia

Who is this house plan for?

The Mia cabin plan with loft bedroom is a DIY tiny house plan that’s low-cost and designed for couples, small families or individuals interested in simple and alternative living solutions.

It can also be a vacation home or a place to spend a long weekend away from your busy life.

Loft bedroom

This loft bedroom is one of the most spacious we have seen.

It has extra space added by a dormer.

This can serve as additional storage or make it more spacious.

In case you use the cabin occasionally, you can put lots of cushions in the loft and turn it into the coziest reading place.

It can be anything else you want like an informal hang-out nook for you and your friends.

The way to access the loft is through a ladder.

Main room

The main room is basically the living room combined with the kitchen.

The kitchen isn’t that big but will work for a tiny house.

There is room for a small dining area.


The loft is sizeable and has a roof shed.

It may be a winter garden or even an extra room if you add an extra wall.

Also, one or two chairs turn it into the perfect place to watch the stars at night and get some fresh air.


There is only a single bath on the main floor of the house.

It may not be a full bath but it’s still good for this kind of a house.

This tiny house plan indeed presents an eco-friendly solution.

But it’s also possible to add some water and energy-saving elements.

For instance, adding a water tank is a good idea because it can collect rainwater.

You will need that water for use in the cabin.

Another thing is the sun collectors.

There will be no need to heat water during showers if you have a sun collector.

Small House Plans with Gable roof Ginger

This house plan is for a wooden tiny house with two loft bedrooms.

It is 458 square feet in size and made of an appealing timber frame structure.

The plan involves a functional house with the traditional design of a cozy and beautiful wooden home.

The notable feature of the Ginger tiny house is the gable roof and front porch.

The two loft bedrooms portray a clever and effective utilization of space.

The main entrance that leads you inside is located at the back.

The floor plan on the ground floor consists of the main central room, a small kitchen and a bathroom.

The front façade has windows and a door with glass part.

The door leads to the front porch.

All these make the main room suitable for your daytime activities and even relaxing moments.

The Ginger tiny house plan is really a good solution for anyone who might be thinking of building their own tiny home.

In addition to the building cost being $23,300, the plan comes with a step by step guide of the timber construction and all that you need to complete the building process.

It is really a comprehensive and detailed guide.

Furthermore, if you want to do any adjustments or changes, the plan is quite flexible.

A few changes won’t negatively impact the final outcome.

Who is this small house plan for?

Ginger’s small house plans make the ideal weekend and vacation homes.

The design of the tiny house is rustic and brings you close to nature in a tranquil manner.

If you want to escape the chaos of this world, this is surely the best vacation home.

You can even bring along some friends or family and hang out.

Loft bedroom

The two loft bedrooms are accessible via a staircase on the side.

The gable roof comes in handy because there is more than enough space for you to actually stand up.

Each of the loft bedrooms has a gable end window and even two skylights to bring in plenty of light, ventilation and great views of the sky.

Living room

The living room receives lots of natural light from the three windows on the sidewall, door with glass parts and the front façade that’s covered with full-width windows.

It is a nice place to socialize or just relax and enjoy peaceful moments.


The front porch is a notable addition to the house.

It is accessible directly from the living room.

The fact that the porch is fenced and completely covered makes it the perfect outdoor space to enjoy the beautiful views and fresh air.


Your storage needs are catered to by the main storage room at the back.

This is the place to store your outdoor equipment, garden tools, sports gear, wood and anything else you don’t want inside the house.

Also, the plan utilizes the free corners and other free spaces for storage.

As such, you won’t lack a way to organize things.

The PB-63 tiny house plans

The PB-63 is a house plan designed to cover a total area of 153 square feet.

It is a small house but highly functional and practical.

Basically, there are two options on your display.

You can build this tiny house on a trailer or permanent footing and block wall foundation.

The self-build cost is only $18,500.

With the detailed plan, building the tiny house would be much easier.


The PB-63 tiny house plans

Who is this house plan for?

If you are not the kind of person to stay in one place for too long, this house plan is surely for you.

The home was designed for avid travellers.

The small size makes it super easy to tow the house from one destination to the next.

As such, you’ll have a place to live no matter where you go.

Living room

The entrance leads directly into the living room.

The four large sash windows and glazed door flood the entire room in natural light.

The space can accommodate at least two armchairs and a folding table.


The kitchen is small and modest but remains to be a very functional space.

It has all the essentials including a cooktop, sink, cabinets and even a refrigerator.

There is built-in storage for other items like spices and herbs.


The bathroom has all the necessities like a toilet, shower, built-in cabinets and mirror.

It contains a window that provides natural lighting.

While it lacks a sink, this can easily be installed if required.

Sleeping loft

The cozy loft has enough space for a queen-size mattress.

It’s accessible by a ladder and has a large window to provide natural light and proper ventilation.

Stairs vs Ladder

if you are deciding between which is better a tiny house loft stairs or a ladder to conserving space for more storage for a less cluttered design.

It depends heavily on the user and whether this is going to be a frequently visited loft space that would warrant either a staircase design or a ladder.

Many of the plans featured on this page can be customised to your needs, however, it’s not recommended to have a ladder if you or a family member has a physical impairment that could cause a hindrance in smiling to the loft space.

Stairs are the common and convenient option because you can build a storage staircase that can help you maximise the space for storage while making it comfortable for many to use.

Do we advise against the idea of having a tiny house loft ladder design, simply No.

Ladders are a great option for people who want an open space tiny house design.

The obvious problems with a ladder are if you’ve injured yourself, then you’re stuck with a ladder to climb up and down from to get into your loft bedroom.

Tiny house loft headroom

If you have explored some of the many variations of the tiny house designs on the internet then you would know that tiny house loft headroom can be the maker or the break of any tiny house design.

Depending on your needs and personal tolerances, one being the common issue with sleeping in a loft is not having enough headroom to sit normally on your bed, it also makes it hard for the practicality of making your bed in the morning among other things.

Quite naturally having little headroom in the loft is enough to trigger claustrophobia which is not pleasant.

Before jumping in with a design I highly advise knowing you’re tolerance.

Many tiny house owners who neglected their claustrophobia have said they regret not trying before buying.

Tiny House Loft Storage

As mentioned above, depending on the design of the tiny house you may opt for a tiny house with 2 lofts, 1 for a bedroom and the second for storage and vice versa.

Be sure you know exactly what you are going to store, and this will help to decide on whether a double loft design for storage is in the right budget range for you.


There is a wide variety of tiny houses with lofts that you can explore.

These are just the tip of the iceberg.

Whether you want a small, cozy loft, an open design or a more private one or the one that resembles the traditional bedroom, there is an option out there waiting for you to grab it.

Tiny houses with loft are way too many; you just have to look carefully to find the right one.

Hopefully, the information we’ve given will help you take the next step in the right direction.