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North Carolina Tiny House – The Best Overview Guide In 2023

North Carolina tiny house overview will be the emphasis of this write-up.

The tiny home movement has continued to gain momentum in the U.S, even as more states and counties are opening their doors to tiny living.

With states like North Carolina regarded as one of the friendly tiny home states, it is only a matter of time before the tiny home trends sweep through the US.

For those new to the tiny home industry, it would interest you to know that tiny homes are typical structures that measure between 100 to 700 feet.

And guess what, living in this type of structure will result in a smaller footprint.

For many tiny home dwellers, living in a small home means living a large and more fulfilled life.

That said, here is everything you need to know about the tiny home movement in North Carolina.

Tiny homes vs. traditional homes in North Carolina: Price comparison

Like we mentioned right from the get-go, the tiny home movement is becoming increasingly popular in North Carolina, especially as more and more Americans opt for alternative lifestyles and affordable housing.

But how much do tiny homes in North Carolina cost?

Are they cheaper than traditional homes?

Read on as we will get to all the details in a bit.

When it comes to the price of tiny homes in North Carolina, it is quite close to what you get in other states.

If you’re buying a used tiny home complete with all of the basics needed to live a comfy life, then get set to pay between $50,000 to $100,000.

And if you’re interested in a brand new tiny home custom designed and complete with all of the essential things you’d want in a home, you’ll not be disappointed to reach out to tiny home builders in North Carolina.

These guys have all the experience and technical know-how needed to bring your dreams to reality.

Compared to tiny homes, traditional homes in North Carolina are a tad expensive.

Also, the fees that come with buying a traditional home in North Carolina are enough to discourage people from going ahead with a deal.

In terms of pricing, traditional homes in North Carolina cost between $250,000 and above.

Given that only very few people can afford such an amount, even with mortgages, it’s easy to see why many people in North Carolina are switching their attention to tiny homes.

With tiny homes, you get to live in a fancy apartment fitted with all of the basics that make for a comfortable living without having to pay an exorbitant fee.

And just in case you don’t have all that money to pay for a new tiny home, you can either buy a tiny second-hand home or a prefab tiny home.

The only issue with these options is that you may spend extra money giving the house a facelift.

Tiny home communities in North Carolina

As the tiny home movement continues to sweep through the US, states like North Carolina aren’t only seeing new tiny homes pop up, but also a new wave of tiny house communities North Carolina littered across the state.

Today, tiny home communities are becoming insanely popular across North Carolina.

If you want to get a first-hand experience of what living in a tiny house North Carolina Mountains feels like, now is a fabulous time to visit the tiny home communities in North Carolina.

The brilliant thing about these tiny home communities in North Carolina is that they have all the amenities that make for comfortable living.

These amenities include fitness centers, green spaces, bars, swimming pools, and even community gardens for people who like to get their hands dirty.

In North Carolina today, tiny home enthusiasts can either buy a pre-built small home or contract a local tiny home builder to build a tiny home structure that complies with North Carolina’s Residential Code and national building codes.

For those who are new to the tiny home movement and have no idea how these structures look like, it would interest you to know that these structures feature a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom, and more, just like you’ll find in traditional homes.

The only difference is that tiny homes are pretty much limited in space.

Some tiny home structures have front porches and other custom features.

Now that we have given you a brief background of tiny home communities in North Carolina, it’s time to take you through a list of some of the famous tiny home communities in North Carolina.

The Meadows, Flat Rocks

The Meadows, Flat Rocks is one of the most famous tiny home communities in North Carolina.

And like many tiny home communities we have come across, The Meadows boasts of many exciting features that will thrill tiny home lovers.

For those visiting The Meadows for the first time, you’ll discover that this tiny home community features excellent home sites for tiny houses on wheels.

The brilliant thing about the homesites in The Meadows is that these homesites are arranged along a paved road that is very close to the Lower Pond.

Another thing we would like to highlight about this tiny home community is that they have homesites with a gravel space that is roomy enough to hold your tiny home while also providing ample space to park your vehicle.

In addition to all the incredible amenities that make for comfortable living, this tiny home community boasts well-manicured grass areas surrounding each home site.

Plus, each home sit has its personal landscaping space, where you can easily plant your flowers.

The Meadows is located at 24 Empire Lane, Flat Rock, NC 28731.

Feel free to visit this community to get a glimpse of what living in a tiny home community feels like.

Simple Life Tiny Home Communities

Simple Life is also among some of the most exciting tiny home communities in North Carolina.

This company builds and operates small cottage home communities in the South Eastern parts of the United States.

The exciting thing about their tiny home communities is that they feature private amenities for people who enjoy the thrills that come with tiny living.

Besides providing all of the thoughtful amenities that make for comfortable living, the company also has a collection of 1 to 2 bedroom small cottages available for sale.

And yes, these cottages can be customized to meet your needs.

The icing on the cake about the Simple Life Tiny Home Communities is that the company also offers flexible land leases where individuals can pay and stay for a year or decades.

Acony Bell Tiny Home Community

Acony Bell tiny home community is a superb tiny home and park model village that allows tiny home enthusiasts to bring their tiny homes from their local builders.

And guess what, they also offer tiny home vacation rentals, something you’ll not find in many tiny home communities.

If you have always wanted to enjoy all of the bliss that comes with simple living, you’re sure to fancy living on 56 acres of land uniquely designed with a minimalist view of life.

At Acony Bell tiny home community, you are allowed to bring your own tiny home on wheels to support your local builders.

The variety of homes littered across this tiny home community is what makes it unique.

Acony Bell tiny home community offers long-term sites for park model tiny homes and tiny homes on wheels.

And yes, they also offer short-term vacation rentals, which is an excellent option for tiny home enthusiasts who want to explore tiny living in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

By simply sitting on the deck of a tiny home, you’ll enjoy the exquisite mountain views and streams enveloping this tiny home community.

This tiny home community sits on the Ale Trail.

This beautiful tiny home community is 10 minutes away from the Oskar Blues Brewery.

Also, it is 25 minutes from Asheville, making it an excellent place for anyone looking to enjoy the bliss that comes with living in a tiny home community.

In terms of amenities, Acony Bell Tiny home community boasts of many thoughtful amenities, including a mountain bike trail, a Community Center, community gardens, stocked fire rings, walking paths, and edible landscapes.

They also offer full service, 100 Amp, and robust connection, enough to quickly charge your EV.

At Acony Bell’s tiny home community, you’ll enjoy mountain biking, hiking, and trophy trout fishing.

The Village tiny home community

The Village tiny home community is one of the fascinating places to enjoy the thrill that comes with tiny living.

If you have always wanted to explore inspired living while enjoying the breathtaking scenic mountain views that envelops Western North Carolina, now is a fantastic time to give The Village Tiny home community a try.

Living in a cottage home community like the one offered by The Village tiny home community is the best way to explore all seasons, from the serenity and comfort of your outdoor deck or the mesmerizing lakeside with your buddies.

This charming tiny home community is tucked away in nature and is only 10 minutes away from Asheville, North Carolina.

At The Village tiny home community, tiny home enthusiasts can relax and bask in the many exciting amenities available in the community.

These amenities include a fitness facility, community pool, community clubhouse, yoga studio, community garden, bocce ball, community library, dog park, and more.

In terms of amenities, no other tiny home community in North Carolina offers the tons of exciting amenities you’ll find in The Village tiny home community.

If you’re looking for tiny homes that are built to your taste, you’ll absolutely fall head over heels when you cite some of the charming homes in this beautiful tiny home community.

And guess what, their 1-bedroom cottages are insanely affordable, with prices starting at $130.

The Hamlet Tiny Home community

Have you always wanted to live in a tiny home community, especially with people who also enjoy the bliss of minimalist living?

Then look no further than The Hamlet tiny home community.

The Hamlet tiny home community is where rustic charm meets with scenic cottage home living.

Surrounded by clean mountain air and an easy lifestyle, you’re sure going to love every minute spent in The Hamlet.

The Hamlet tiny home cottage community in Western North Carolina is the place to be for everyone who wants to get a first-hand experience of what living in a tiny home community feels like.

Built on the edge of a nature factory and enveloped by mesmerizing mountain views, every day is sure to inspire you in this tiny home community.

Besides featuring rustic-themed tiny home cottages that are cozy and easy to maintain, The Hamlet offers many exclusive community amenities, including a community garden, fitness facility, community pool, open-air pavilion, community fire pit, yoga studio, dog park, nature sanctuary, and many more.

The most exciting part is that this tiny home community is only five minutes away from the historic downtown Hendersonville, NC.

Also, The Hamlet is barely 20 minutes away from the bustling culture of Asheville.

For tiny home enthusiasts looking for tiny home communities that inspire them, you’re sure going to love the 134 cottage homes featured in this gated small home community.

In terms of pricing, The Hamlet offers 1-bedroom tiny home cottages starting from $140,000.

And if you prefer their 2-bedroom cottages instead, then get set to pay between $180,000 and more.

Plans for DIY tiny homes

Are you looking to kick off your DIY tiny home project, and you’re looking for great plans you can use?

Well, today is your lucky day as we will be showing you some great plans, complete with all of the exciting features you want in your tiny home.

One thing about going the DIY route is that it will save you a lot of money and ensure that you get the home of your dream.

We love the plans we will be showing you shortly because they include almost everything you’ll need to build your tiny home.

From blueprints to photos to materials to diagrams to cut lists and step-by-step building instructions, these plans have everything you need to get your small home project started.

Whether you’re interested in a simple tiny home structure or a tiny home with 1 to 2 stories, rest assured that the plans we will be showing you shortly will tick all your boxes.

And just so you know, the styles of these tiny home plans vary, so it’s wise to check them all out and decide which works for you.

Quartz tiny house plan

The Quartz tiny house plan is one of the most straightforward house plans we have come across.

And guess what?

This tiny house plan is free, thanks to the owner, Ana white, who has decided to share it with the tiny home community.

What we particularly love about the quartz tiny house plan is its modern and rustic design.

Not just that, this tiny home plan features all of the basics you want to see in your tiny home, including a private bedroom, a loft, a full kitchen, and ample storage space.

And yes, the plan also features enough floor space to house adults and children comfortably.

This particular tiny home plan is great for trailers as it makes it easy for owners to move their tiny homes around without any hassle.

Even though this tiny home isn’t meant to be a primary home, it features all of the basic needs you’ll need to enjoy a comfortable life in your limited space.

And like we mentioned earlier, this tiny home plan comes with everything you’ll need to kick off your tiny home project.

It includes floor plans, color photos, building instructions as well as a video tour that gives you a glimpse of all the features available in this tiny home.

The 12×12 homesteader cabin plan

Suppose you’re looking for a simple and easy to execute the tiny home plan, complete with all of the great features you want in a tiny home.

In that case, you’ll instantly fall in love with the homesteader plan after reading our detailed description of this tiny home plan.

In terms of size, the homesteader cabin plan is 12×12 feet long, together with a 12/12 roof and loft.

The lower part of the home is said to be large enough to fit a living room, a kitchen, a closet space, and a bathroom.

In addition, the loft can function as a sizeable second-floor living space or be left open for those who would like to have a higher ceiling for the lower floor.

Unfortunately, this tiny home plan doesn’t come with all of the step-by-step instructions needed to build this house.

Instead, you get a PDF file that gives you all of the different views of the house, complete with specific dimensions for each.

Also, this tiny home plan comes with an SKP file which you can easily use on SketchUp to tweak the design to your taste.

What we particularly love about this tiny home is its simplicity.

Despite missing step-by-step instructions, executing this tiny home isn’t as tricky as you see.

The 8×12 tiny home plan

Looking for a simple tiny home plan, complete with all of the great features you’ll love to include in a model home?

Then look no further than the 8×12 tiny home plan.

Designed for people who want a simple yet sophisticated tiny home, the 8×12 home plan has everything you want to see in a home.

Despite being a small 8×12 foot home, this tiny home plan also has a 12/12 pitched roof, a design you won’t find with a lot of free tiny home plans out there.

And sure enough, this tiny home plan also comes with a full 20 page detailed PDF file.

This file holds all of the information on framing and dimensions needed to build this house.

And to let the cat out of the bag, it would interest you to know that this plan clearly outlines that you’ll need 2x4s and 2x6s to execute the walls, roof, and floor.

Our only complaint about this tiny home plan is that it is limited in size and not great for people who would like a much larger home.

That said, you can get creative and tweak the dimensions to your specifications.

Tiny house solar plan

Without mincing words, this is one of the most creative tiny home plans we have come across.

Using this superb tiny house plan, anyone can build a comfortable 8×16 home that is designed to work solely on solar power.

And yes, the plan features almost everything you’d like to have in a tiny home.

In terms of features, this tiny house plan includes two floors, an office area, a bathroom, storage space, bedroom loft, and shelves.

And yes, you should be able to build this tiny house for $5000 to $9000, depending on the type of materials you decide to use.

And to make things easy for you, this tiny home plan comes with detailed instructions along with all of the diagrams and materials needed to execute this project to perfection.

For tiny home enthusiasts who would like to get their hands dirty or enjoy the thrills that come with building your own home, this tiny house plan will not disappoint.

And in case you aren’t too excited about some of the designs in this plan, you can simply make adjustments as needed.

And since you’re the one handling the project, you can make necessary changes as you progress.

The backyard bungalow plan

There aren’t a lot of great plans that we would recommend, but when it comes to the backyard bungalow plan, this is a yes-yes for anyone looking to build a tiny home, complete with all of the great features needed to live a comfortable life.

What thrills us about this tiny home design is that it can be used as a secondary apartment or a guest home in your backyard.

And in case you don’t want to use it as a secondary or guest home, you can make it your primary residence.

The only difference between this tiny house plan and the others we have highlighted above is that this one has a crawl space instead of a basement.

For tiny home enthusiasts who would like to have a tiny home guest house, you won’t be disappointed to give this plan a try.

Note: All of the tiny home plans listed above are free plans.

Plus, they are all available on Tiny House Design.

So if you’d like to get started with any of these plans, simply visit Tiny House Design to get this plan for free, complete with all of the instructions you’d need to get the project started.

Prefab builders in North Carolina

Are you interested in building your dream tiny home and want a reliable tiny house builder in North Carolina to handle the project?

Well, you’re in luck today, as we have compiled a list of some of the best tiny house builders in NC you can do business with.

Wishbone tiny homes

Do you live in North Carolina and want a reliable tiny home builder to execute your tiny home project?

Then look no further than the Wishbone Tiny Homes company.

This superb company is reputed for building beautiful and efficient homes.

Thanks to their impressive experience with Solar PV, Energy Auditing, green building requirements, and LEED, this company is your go-to option if you’re interested in an affordable tiny home.

Most of their tiny homes are constructed in Asheville, North Carolina, and range from 200 to 2000 SF.

The unique thing about this tiny home builder is that they offer tiny home enthusiasts customization options, tiny house plans as well as project supervision and assistance.

To tell you how big of a brand they are, the company has been featured on Houzz.

Mustard seed tiny homes

Even though this tiny home builder plies its trade in Atlanta, they have a long history of working with customers from North Carolina.

What we love about their tiny home model is that they are modern and customizable.

Another thing we love about this tiny home builder is that they partner with nonprofit bodies to build homes for people who can’t afford one.

The team behind this company met during global mission work and have dedicated their lives to meeting the needs of others by bringing their tiny home dreams to reality.

While the company specializes in building tiny homes on wheels, they also build tiny homes on permanent foundations.

Besides offering four base model homes and customization options, they also provide design consultations, shells, and greenhouse models.

Rent tiny house in North Carolina

For tiny house enthusiasts who would like to rent a tiny house in North Carolina, we are happy to inform you that renting a tiny home in North Carolina is a simple and hassle-free process.

To find a home with all of the great features that make for comfortable living, you’ll not be disappointed to visit VRBO tiny house, North Carolina, as their website features tons of tiny homes all available for rent.

And just so you know, renting a tiny home isn’t as expensive as you’d imagine.

A visit to VRBO tiny house North Carolina website shows that you can rent a home for as little as $125 a month.

Another great place to find a suitable home you can rent in North Carolina is the Airbnb tiny house in North Carolina.

A simple search via Google will present you with charming small homes available for lease via Airbnb North Carolina.

And just in case renting isn’t your thing, you can simply surf through the internet for tiny houses for sale in North Carolina.

You’d be pleasantly surprised at the number of homes listed for sale in this region.

North Carolina tiny house laws

When it comes to North Carolina tiny house laws, you have to do your due diligence to make sure your tiny home project doesn’t go against the state’s zoning codes and building regulations.

While other states and municipalities require tiny homes to measure between 700 and 1000 square feet, in states like North Carolina, a single-family tiny home should be at least 400 square feet.

Given these stipulations, it is sacrosanct that your tiny home strictly adheres to the minimum square footage outlined by the authorities.

Not doing so could result in a lot of headaches you aren’t prepared to deal with.

Like we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of grey areas you should take into consideration.

For instance, zoning codes in North Carolina differ from community to community.

In communities like Wilmington, North Carolina, you are allowed to live in a tiny home with at least 150 square feet.

On the flip side, in Winston- Salem, tiny homes are expected to be built on a foundation.

Plus, only a relative or a caretaker to the owner of the property can live in it.

Frequently asked questions

How much do small homes cost in North Carolina?

In terms of pricing, tiny homes in North Carolina cost between $65,000 to an excess of $150,000.

But if you don’t mind owning a tiny second-hand home, you may end up getting your dream home for a bargain.

The only thing is that you still have to spend some money to give it a facelift.

Are tiny homes really legal in North Carolina?

Provided your tiny home meets all of the zoning codes and building regulations outlined by the relevant authorities, you shouldn’t have any problem living in a tiny home in North Carolina.

Simply ensure you do your due diligence, and you should be fine.

Are small homes really cheaper than traditional homes?

In terms of pricing, tiny homes are a tad cheaper than traditional homes.

While you can get an average tiny home for $35,000 or more, a traditional home will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and more.