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New York Tiny House – The Best Overview Guide In 2024

If you’re considering buying a New York tiny house, then read our detailed guide.

The tiny home movement is continuing to enjoy massive attention as more and more New Yorkers switch their attention to minimalist living.

While the United States is currently experiencing a shift in the real estate industry, we are seeing more than ever before, many Americans turning their attention to affordable housing provided by the tiny house industry.

This is especially true considering the overwhelming prices of traditional homes and the ever-increasing rents New Yorkers have had to endure in the last couple of years.

The tiny home industry has provided many New Yorkers with affordable housing options, coupled with the thrills that living in a tiny house affords.

Without mincing words, living in a tiny home comes with a lot of bliss.

Whether you’re living in a small tiny home or a bespoke luxury tiny home, rest assured that you’re in for a remarkable experience you’ll not just get living in a traditional home.

In today’s post, we will take some time to explore the New York tiny home industry.

From tiny house builders New York to tiny house community New York, today’s post will cover everything you need to know about the growing tiny house industry in this fascinating city.

Let’s dive into the basics, shall we?

Price comparison to a normal home in New York

Before we take you through everything you need to know about the growing tiny house sector in New York, we must take you through the price comparison of tiny homes as it relates to traditional homes in New York City.

If there is one thing we love about tiny homes, it is their affordable pricing.

For many New Yorkers priced out from the traditional real estate industry in New York, tiny homes provide you an opportunity to live in your dream home without breaking the bank.

Yes, living in a tiny home means living in a limited space, but guess what?

Tiny homes feature all the basics you’ll need to live a comfortable life.

Like we mentioned right from the get-go, the real reason tiny houses have exploded in New York is because of the allure of affordability they provide.

Depending on what you’re looking for and your budget, you should be able to get a tiny house for as low as $25,000 for an unfinished structure to as high as $80,000 for a bespoke luxury home.

And if this doesn’t work for you, you can reach out to some of the best New York tiny house builders for a custom home with all of the great features you want to see in a home.

The only thing with this option is that you’ll end up paying more for your tiny home structure.

Some of the best custom tiny homes we have come across cost between $100,000 to $150,000.

For people who have that kind of money to spend, you’ll definitely enjoy living life in a custom-built tiny home.

That said, the price of traditional homes in New York City is at an all-time high.

This explains why many people are opting for tiny homes.

In terms of pricing, the median price of traditional homes in New York is around $300,000.

With this money, you’ll be able to build your dream tiny home and even have some extra change in your pocket.

And guess what?

This is just for simple traditional homes.

So if you want something pretty more sophisticated, you’ll have to pay even more.

For New Yorkers who don’t want to pay through their nose but still want to live in a comfortable home with all of the basics, you’ll not be disappointed to give tiny homes a try.

The only issue with tiny homes is the limited space you have to play with.

But we are sure you’ll get used to it in a year or less.

Tiny House communities in New York

While the tiny home industry in New York is gaining traction by the day, another new trend sweeping through this industry is the rise of tiny house communities and villages.

For tiny house enthusiasts who don’t want to live an isolated life in their dream space, now is a great time to consider living in a tiny house community in New York.

The cool part is that living in a tiny house community comes with lots of fantastic perks you’ll not enjoy when you live alone.

Read on as we explore the state of tiny house communities in New York.

And yes, we will also take you through some of the best tiny house communities in New York.

Utopia RV And Tiny Home Park Long Lake NY

As we mentioned earlier, tiny home communities and villages are springing up in New York, giving tiny home enthusiasts who don’t want to live alone an option to live with people who share specific ideals with them.

One such community wooing tiny home enthusiasts is the Utopia RV and Tiny Home Park located in Long Lake, NY.

The exciting thing about this new tiny house community is that it is open for full-time living, a luxury you don’t get to enjoy in many states across the US.

Like many tiny house communities in the US, Utopia RV and Tiny Home Park boast extraordinary amenities that make for a comfortable living.

While you get to live life in the company of other tiny home enthusiasts, Utopia RV and Tiny Home Park ensure you have access to all of the basics that make your stay comfortable.

While the community currently features six lots, tiny homeowners are expected to pay $550 a month as lot rent.

In terms of lot size, it would interest you to know that the lots measure 14 x 40.

And yes, each lot has a septic tank and water.

Let us also add that the community boasts exciting amenities like picnic tables, secluded and private residences, fire pits, garbage cans, and sheds.

Also, it will interest you to know that the community is animal friendly.

That said, you have to prove that you’re a responsible owner.

For wildlife lovers, you’ll be pleased to know that the community is surrounded by enchanting wildlife options.

Think Big, A Tiny House Resort

Do you want to enjoy the thrills that come with living in a tiny house, but this time you want to live in a community with shared values and experience?

Then you’ll love the Tiny House Resort located just two hours from New York City and sitting on the Catskill Mountains.

Like your typical tiny houses, all the structures located on this resort features everything you want to see in a tiny house including a bathroom with a flush toilet, a kitchen area, a private patio, heat/air conditioning, WiFi, gas barbecue grill, TV, and fire pit.

And yes, you also get regular supplies of pillows, linens, and towels.

We love the tiny homes on this resort because they are big enough to house 2-6 people.

While the structures on this resort are socially distant by design, the community is also dog friendly, making it an excellent place for dog owners.

Other exciting amenities that make this tiny house community stand out from others include a hiking trail and waterfall, inground heated pool, tubing, Kayaks, a floating raft, along ducks and bunnies.

And for people who like to get their hands dirty, you’re sure to fancy every minute spent in the community garden, where you have access to fresh veggies and eggs all year round.

And yes, the community also has a food truck where visitors are allowed to indulge in breakfast and lunch every Thursday to Monday.

And on Friday nights, the community provides visitors with an exclusive full diner menu.

Whether you want to dine by their truck or have your meal delivered to your tiny home, rest assured that this community will provide you with a rollercoaster experience you won’t have when you stay alone.

Boiceville Cottages

Like we mentioned right from the get-go, New York City is home to some fascinating tiny house communities.

Thanks to tiny house communities like the Boiceville Cottages, tiny home enthusiasts are ushered into a world where they experience the thrills that come with tiny living while getting to meet other tiny home enthusiasts with shared values.

Located in the outskirts of Finger Lakes, Ithaca, this tiny home community is poised to offer an experience you can only imagine.

Just so you know, this tiny house community was carefully designed to offer tiny home lovers all of the rustic glam of upstate New York.

And yes, the community provides access to tons of amenities that makes for comfortable living.

While it isn’t the biggest tiny house community we have come across, Boiceville Cottages is home to over 140 tiny homes closely nestled within the community’s boundaries.

Even though the community has become home to tiny house lovers looking to explore the thrills that come with minimalist living, we must add that the houses in this community are only available for lease.

This means that you can’t outrightly buy them, but rather only rent.

And good enough, the community is open for full-time living, making it one of the most unique and astonishing tiny house communities in the region.

Second Wind, Ithaca, New York

Even though most tiny house communities in the U.S.

are still in the pipeworks, many tiny house villages like the Second Wind, located in the heart of Ithaca have metamorphosed into some of the most readily available tiny house communities.

Tiny house communities like the Second Wind tiny house village are designed to give tiny house enthusiasts a glimpse of what living in a tiny house community feels like.

Though not as big as other tiny house communities we have explored so far, this tiny house community has all the basic amenities needed for a comfortable living experience.

From a specially designed kitchen area to bathroom and flush toilets to large living space, you’re sure to have a swell time in this tiny house village.

Let us also quickly add that Second Wind tiny house communities were initially designed for people experiencing homelessness.

When the community launched in 2014, it was home to only six tiny homes.

But over the years, the community has grown to accommodate 15 homes.

Not just that, there are also continued plans to expand the community with the aid of volunteers and access to more funding.

For people in New York looking to experience what living in a tiny house community feels like, you’ll not go wrong to visit this tiny house village tucked away in Ithaca.

Yes, the community may not feature tons of homes like the other communities we have explored so far, but guess what, living in this community is a sure-fire way to experience minimalist living.

Note: While the tiny house movement is sweeping across many states in the U.S.

as more and more Americans opt for affordable housing, the tiny home community is a relatively new trend sweeping through the country.

While states like New York already boast of some well-established tiny home communities, the majority of the tiny home communities in this city are still very much in work and it would take some years before tiny home communities and villages become commonplace in New York.

That said, tiny home communities prove just how much the tiny house trend is sweeping through cities and gaining widespread acceptance.

It is only a matter of time before states realize that tiny homes are here to stay.

Should that ever happen, we expect tiny house rules, regulations, and building codes to be tweaked to accommodate the tiny house industry.

Plans for DIY Tiny houses

Are you one of those tiny house enthusiasts who would like to go the DIY tiny house route?

Then today is your lucky day as we have put together a list of great plans you’ll love.

One thing about tiny house living is that it provides you with a unique opportunity to downsize and live closer to nature.

The exciting thing about a DIY tiny house project is that it is a lot cheaper than buying a prefab tiny house or a custom-built tiny home for sale.

While a typical DIY tiny house project will cost you between $15,000 to $60,000, if you opt for professionally built THOW, you’ll end up spending between $45,000 to $125,000, which is entirely on the high side.

But before you start your DIY tiny house building project, we highly recommend buying a tiny house plan.

And if you don’t have money for professionally designed tiny house plans, there are tons of free tiny house plans online you can easily download over the internet.

While some of the plans we will be showing you shortly have all the instructions you’ll need to kick off your projects, you may need to hire professionals to execute more complicated parts like plumbing and electricity.

Read on for our list of some of the great tiny house plans you can explore for your DIY tiny house project.

1. Tiny living DIY tiny house

If you’re interested in a DIY tiny house plan that features all of the basic features needed to live a comfortable and happy life, you’ll not be disappointed to give this brilliant house plan a try.

And just so you know, it is one of the most famous tiny house plans offered by Tiny House Builders.

In terms of features, this DIY tiny house plan on wheels features larger dormers, vaulted ceilings, and a 7-foot sleeping loft.

While you can outrightly buy the plan directly from the builder, you can also buy the entire house if you don’t want to go through the hassles of building it yourself.

In terms of measurement, this tiny house plan comes in three distinct measurements, including 12, 16, and 20.

The cool thing is that these pans work great for tiny houses on wheels.

One brilliant thing about plans from Tiny Home Builders is that their plans are uniquely designed for people who want to go the DIY route.

And good enough, this DIY plan comes with detailed step-by-step instructions, along with 3D rendering.

Besides the comprehensive tiny house plan, you also get a list of all the materials you’ll need for your tiny house project.

Plus, you also get an electrical diagram and a SketchUp model.

2. Lucy DIY tiny house plans

This brilliant tiny house plan has everything you’ll need to kick off your DIY house project.

Thanks to Tom and Shaye, who have made this plan available to tiny house enthusiasts looking to go the DIY route, you are sure to get the house of your dreams.

Just to give you a background, this DIY tiny house plan was supposed to be a temporary residence while the couple built their strawbale home.

But six years down the line, the couple still live in their tiny home.

While so many people have shown interest in the couple’s home, unfortunately, you’ll need to buy this plan from them as they have listed the plan for sale online.

And yes, the plan comes complete with 2D and 3D pictures necessary for framing the house.

Also included in the plan are the bottom floor, subfloor, top floor loft, and roof.

In terms of measurement, this tiny house on wheels plan measures 186 square feet.

Once you have laid out the frame nicely, you can tweak the remaining aspect of the project, especially if you’re out for a custom look.

3. SimBLISSity 24′ Aspen DIY Tiny House

For tiny house lovers looking for a DIY tiny house plan with a cozy interior, spacious kitchen area, and more, you’ll be hard-picked to find any tiny house plan better than this currently.

Let us also add that this plan features a 9 feet counter space perfect for people who enjoy whipping home-cooked meals.

In terms of living space, it will interest you to know that this tiny house plan will give you at least 290 square feet of living space, which is enough to cover two lofts- one for storage and the other for your bed.

You also get space for a reading table or guest bed.

The cathedral ceiling featured in the living room adds some exceptional touch to this DIY tiny house on wheels plan.

Plus, the design makes the house look more spacious than it actually is.

And unlike other plans we have featured so far, this particular one comes with exciting perks, including comprehensive phone consultation with the designers.

These guys are available around the clock to offer detailed information on framing plans, 3D exterior framing views, along with electrical layout.

And just so you know, this plan doesn’t come free of charge, so you’ll need to spend some money to buy it.

But we doubt if that will be a problem, especially considering that the plan has all the necessary information for your project’s successful execution.

A-Frame DIY Tiny House Blueprints

Are you out for an adorable tiny house plan that is designed to stand tall even in the face of inclement weather?

Then this is just the plan you have been looking for.

Thanks to its gently sloping roof, your home is poised to stand pretty strong regardless of the weather condition.

If you stay in a location where the weather isn’t all that friendly, then you’ll need this DIY plan for your project.

While Pinup Houses have various tiny house plans you can choose from, this A-Frame cabin is one of the finest tiny house plans we have come across in recent times.

And if you aren’t very thrilled with this plan, you can explore their backyard garden shed house plan or elevated cabin plan.

It’s important to add that Pinup houses is run by a small team of highly experienced architects who specialize in designing and building small wooden tiny homes, particularly affordable structures.

And good enough, a vast majority of their tiny house plans are detailed, so you have nothing to worry about.

Pre Fab builders known in New York

Are you looking to get your tiny house upstate NY project started and want to enlist the services of professional tiny house builders in New York?

Well, you’re in luck today as we have put together a list of some of the best New York tiny house builders.

These guys have years of hands-on experience designing and building some of the most sophisticated tiny homes the industry has ever seen.

Whether you want a tiny house upstate NY or a getaway tiny house in New York, these tiny home builders will take your ideas and turn them into reality.

Let’s go through the list, shall we?

Willowbee Tiny Homes

Since this tiny house building company kicked off business in 2017, they have continued designing and building some of the most sophisticated tiny homes in and around New York.

While the company is a small family-owned business, the exquisite craftsmanship and unique personalization that come with each of their custom-built tiny houses have made them the go-to company for tiny house enthusiasts looking for a reliable company to handle their project.

And just so you know, the company was founded by a husband and wife team who have enjoyed the bliss that comes with tiny living.

Because of their unique experience, they know all of the challenges of living in small spaces.

To this end, they can build homes that meet special requirements.

Plus, they offer some of the most competitive pricing we have seen in this space.

With a combined 15 years of experience in building dream homes, you’ll not go wrong to outsource your tiny house project to this company.

Bear Creek Tiny Houses

If you’re looking for the best tiny house builders in New York currently, you’ll be hard-picked to find any company better than Bear Creek Tiny Houses at the moment.

Located in the Adirondacks, Bear Creek Tiny Houses has built a solid reputation.

Since kicking off business several years ago, the company has continued to produce some of the most extraordinary tiny homes in New York.

And good enough, the company offers tons of exciting services, including taking on your building project, developing your land, building a standard road just in case you need one, along with the installation of septic tanks.

Their exquisite carpentry skills, including creating log work and rustic furniture, will add fine detailing to your space.

And in case you just want to learn how you can build your tiny house, you’ll love the educational programs they offer.

Their educational program is geared toward helping people improve their tiny house-building skills.

East End Tiny Homes

East End Tiny Homes is owned and operated by a married couple, Jackie and Mart.

The duo has been passionate about building and designing tiny homes.

Thanks to their company, East End Tiny Homes, they get to live out their dream of producing high-quality and affordable tiny homes.

And just so you know, their homes aren’t just cozy but also environmentally friendly.

We love the company’s dedication and commitment to ensuring that each home is as unique as its customer.

Thanks to their combined 30 years of experience in designing, construction, and woodwork, East End Tiny Homes is just the right company to handle your building project.

Let us also quickly add that the company makes their homes eco-friendly by repurposing reclaimed aviation metals and deploying only sustainable materials for their building projects.

And like other tiny house builders we have covered so far, East End Tiny Homes offers competitive pricing for their services.

Laws and legal requirements for owning and living in a tiny house in New York

While living in a tiny house is legal in most states in the U.S., how you use your home and where you are allowed to park your home varies significantly from one region to the next.

This is why we want to use this opportunity to bring you up to speed on what you need to know about New York tiny house laws.

  • While most states leave municipalities and counties to decide what a livable tiny home is, in New York, a tiny house is considered an RV or Shed. Also, the law considers tiny home structures parked at the back of your home as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)
  • If you plan to move your tiny home on wheels around now and then, you’ll need to apply for a towing license. While this is a roadside issue, you must get this right if you don’t want to have problems with local authorities.
  • In New York, tiny homes on wheels are considered to be RVs. To this end, you must ensure that your tiny house on wheels complies with relevant RV laws and licensure.
  • The minimum acceptable square footage for tiny houses in New York is 300 square feet. And should your home not meet this requirement, you’ll not be allowed to live permanently in it.

Note: When it comes to tiny house laws in New York, there are a lot of grey areas.

To this end, you want to check with local authorities to know the specifics.

This way, you won’t have issues to deal with in the future.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy tiny homes in New York?

Have you been surfing the internet for a tiny house for sale in Hudson Valley but haven’t found a deal just yet?

Well, now is a great time to visit the Tiny House Listing website for mouthwatering tiny house deals.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the number of tiny homes listed for sale close to you.

Are tiny homes costly?

Compared to traditional homes, tiny houses are pretty affordable.

Whether you’re going for a custom home, a prefab structure, or a used small house, rest assured that it is still relatively cheaper to buy a tiny home than to buy a traditional structure.

Is it cheaper to build your dream tiny home?

From experience, it is a lot cheaper to build your tiny house than have a company build it for you.

When you take the DIY route, you’ll end up spending between $15,000 to $45,000 for your tiny house project.

On the flip side, outsourcing to a professional will cost you between $50,000 to $150,000, depending on the type of structure you want.