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Tiny House Under $5000 – Top 10 Awesome Kits To Buy in 2024

If you’re buying a tiny house under $5000, then read on.

A Recent Survey of 1,300 tiny home-related Google search keywords reveals that tiny houses are very popular in the Northeast and Northwest USA.

The survey included 55% of females and 45% of men.

The middle age of all the people who participated was 38 years, and the majority of interviewed people earned less than $80,000 annually.

It shows that more than 80% of all the interviewed people showed some interest in tiny houses and claimed they could purchase tiny homes in the future.

This popularity of tiny houses can easily be attributed to people seeking affordable living alternatives and environmentally conscious ones.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, tiny houses have been a significant target for tourists who want to escape the Corona-prone tourism activities.

A report by Wall Journal shows that many Americans and tiny house makers have started targeting customers who wish to tiny houses to rent on Airbnb.

Reports show that more than 72% of the respondents claimed they consider tiny houses under 20K as potential investments.

63% of them claimed that they would use it as a long-term rental unit.

There are basically many reasons for this.

What is called a tiny house?

The Tiny Home movement is a growing trend in the United States and Canada, where people move to small homes or embrace small-footprint living.

There’s no single definition of “tiny houses,” but the typical house ranges between 100 and 400 square feet (9 and 37 m2).

Many tiny homes fall into the category of micro-housing, and they aren’t for everyone.

But living in a tiny house may be perfect for you, and we’ll show you the benefits of living small.

Tiny homes can be built on trailers or custom-built on foundations.

The basic structure of a tiny home is similar to that of an RV: A box made up of framed walls, windows, exterior and/or interior doors, and a flat roof.

But there are many tiny homes on foundations with basements or crawl spaces that function as any regular house would.

They may be built in the backyard of someone’s primary residence or constructed in special intentional communities.

A typical tiny house is around 400 square feet (or less), though some may even be as little as 8 by 12 feet.

Tiny homes often don’t have full bathrooms and kitchens, at least not in the traditional sense we’re used to seeing.

But they do include several key basic essentials: a kitchen, a bathroom (with at least an under-the-counter shower or tub), comfortable sleeping areas, a living room, and storage space.

Tiny homes are built on wheeled frames that can be towed by a full-size car.

So they’re not exactly trailers since they aren’t as easily spotted on the road as those homes tend to be.

A tiny house is really what it sounds like: A house usually on the small side that’s designed to provide just the necessities of modern living while maintaining a minimal carbon footprint.

Tiny houses are typically defined as being between 100 and 400 square feet in size, but some are even less than 100 sq ft while others are up to 500 or 600 sq ft.

That’s because there are no official guidelines when it comes to tiny house measurements.

Tiny houses can be built on wooden frames with siding, roofing felt, and one or two shingles layers.

They can be outfitted with conventional water supply, waste removal systems, and appliances for light cooking.

Many have windows, skylights, and lofts for added light and space.

Tiny houses are typically built on trailers to be mobile.

Many owners use them as seasonal residences or full-time homes that they take from place to place.

The tiny house movement follows a growing awareness of the need to live simply while simultaneously shrinking our environmental footprint.

According to the definition of Tiny House Blog, a tiny house is:

Typically less than 500 square feet (46 m2) and often contains innovative solutions to fit functional, compact spaces.

It’s not about eliminating all luxury or creature comforts; it’s about finding smart alternatives for smaller places and making efficient use of what you have so you can enjoy more of the life you want.

Advantages of Tiny Houses

What are the real upsides of living in a tiny house?

Here is a list:


A small house helps you save money and live debt-free.

Depending on its size and materials used, you can build or purchase a tiny home for $20,000 to $50,000.

Compared with traditional homes, small houses cost less to maintain and keep warm in the winter.

A tiny house costs just $3 to $6 per square foot compared with about $100 per square foot for an average American home! Since it’s smaller than 600 sqft, you’re allowed to park your tiny house in an RV park without needing permits.

Also, if your lot is 7 feet wide or less (including the porch), you can place your house there.

Mobile and easy to transport

Small houses are mobile and easy to transport.

They’re easier to manage for people with disabilities, elderly individuals, parents with small kids, or others who want to avoid climbing stairs because it only requires a few steps to get into the house.

You can also take it along if you move around often.

A tiny house is an efficient use of space since everything must be multi-functional in order to fit in the limited square footage.

Small houses make it possible to downsize your life and live within your means without feeling deprived or hurting other people’s feelings about what you own.

Although this may be challenging at first, adding storage solutions will help keep things organized throughout the day, which makes it much more enjoyable for everyone living there.


Tiny houses are very sustainable because they reduce the amount of carbon footprint in the environment.

This all starts from the idea of simple living.

What I mean is that you will not have a lot of waste.

They are also easy to cool and warm which reduces the strain in the environment.

Simple Living

A tiny house is based on the philosophy of simple living.

Therefore, if you are one to always look toward the future or plan for contingencies, this may not be the best lifestyle choice for you.

The good news is that living in a tiny house can still be comfortable while saving us money at the same time.

This makes living within our means easier and avoids unnecessary debt or binding contracts that take away freedom.

We all have dreams of owning places where everyone feels welcome to gather, but building these homes can get expensive depending on what you choose.

Instead of spending your money on rent every month, you could buy a home instead without digging into your savings account during these tough economic times.

These houses come with everything you need, including appliances, furniture, and even appliances.

It just needs to be decorated before anyone can move in.

So is a tiny house under $5,000 the right one for me?

They are called tiny houses for a reason.

They are small, very small.

But since the book “Tiny Houses” by Lester Walker became an Amazon bestseller, more and more people want to build their own tiny house or just buy one that is already built.

These houses don’t come cheap though – they can go up to $80,000 little dollars depending on what you want in your home.

That’s just too much money for some people so the question must be asked: Can you buy Tiny Houses under $5000?

A tiny house can be built for under $5,000 bucks but you need to get cheap pre-built kits.

If you really want to save money when buying these smaller houses, this might be your best option.

Houses under $5000 are possible but they don’t come with frills.

To build a gorgeous tiny house for less than $5000, you need to get cheap pre-built kits that you can use as your basic structure or foundations for building your own House on Wheels (HOW).

These Houses on Wheels are ideal because they already have windows and doors installed, which you will not find in houses made of wood or concrete blocks.

Houses on Wheels also have fewer foundations costs because if it is built on wheels, the cost of the foundation becomes negligible.

Don’t expect too much from Houses under $5000, though.

Their interiors are functional, full of storage space yet small enough to spend too much money decorating them.

Houses under $5000 are for those who want a small and comfortable shelter to live in.

Houses on Wheels also have better insulation than regular Houses, making them more energy-efficient and cheaper to heat and cool.

If you plan to buy a home that costs less than $5,000, make sure it is made of high-quality materials such as cedarwood because these materials don’t rot easily and require very few maintenance fees.

If you only need a tiny house for ONE person or TWO people, one house under 5000 should be enough as long as it is 120 sq ft (11 m2) or smaller.

This should barely cost more than $3,000 if we use houses with the proper measurements.

Here’s what we recommend:

Houses on Wheels

Tiny houses on foundation or RVs

A tiny house is a structure that has under 400 sq ft of living space.

It can be built on land owned by the occupant and located in a place where it will not be subjected to any restrictions against such small dwellings.

For those who do not have that much money but still want to live in one, options are: buying or building them on a foundation or renting an RV for this purpose until they gain enough capital to build their own tiny house.

Our objective here is to compare these two options so people can decide what would be more suitable after considering all the factors involved in both cases.

Sources are not available for these prices, but it is still worth mentioning that building a tiny house with less than 400 sq ft.

can cost around $30,000 to $60,000 while renting an RV of the same size would be about half of that price range ($15,000–$25,000).

The monthly rent for RVs varies according to their size and amenities, so we have considered some average values to compare them with living expenses in a tiny house: $300-$500 per month if rented alone and $200-$300 per month if shared by two people (RVshare.com).

Considering these numbers and adding the cost to purchase the land (around $300 per month), we can conclude that people would be saving money by living in a tiny house instead of an RV.

In conclusion, if you are able to save some money from your paycheck each month and don’t mind doing some work yourself, then building a tiny house may be cheaper than renting an RV.

If you prefer more comfort and security without having to do a lot of work, it is better to rent an RV.

Houses built on flatbeds

If you are looking for a mobile home or just want to build your own home on wheels, then tiny houses can be an option.

Tiny houses are usually very small and inexpensive homes that provide the minimum elements of comfort.

This kind of home is better suited for people who have little money but still would like to have their own place to live in.

However, it’s also possible to buy an already built tiny house on a flatbed trailer to be moved around easily.

Such homes are more expensive compared with other types of tiny houses, but they are much easier to transport from one location to another.

The only disadvantage is that these buildings are not connected with water supply systems and sewerage systems, so they need portable bathrooms and sewage tanks to be emptied regularly.

House Built on a Trailer

The cost of building a tiny house on a trailer can vary greatly, depending on many factors.

Like most other things in life, the bigger you go, the more expensive it gets.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get started with your tiny project.

A simple build with some creative thinking and upcycling might cut down the costs dramatically.

We’re going to take a look at an example of how to build a simple tiny home on a trailer for little money for less than $1000 USD.

The design is based on Chris & Kate Nelson’s (The Tiny House Design Book) 8×12′ foot cabin.

It features one bedroom, storage space underneath the sleeping platform, and additional storage units on its side.

The tiny house on trailer costs $998 and features one bedroom, storage underneath the sleeping platform, and additional units at the sides.

The design is based on Chris & Kate Nelson’s (The Tiny House Design Book) 8×12 foot cabin.

In this example, we use a simple square plan with 9 2×4 studs main walls plus 3 extra studs at two end walls as framing for an elevated sleeping platform, as well as for additional shelving.

For roofing, exterior siding and interior finish, we use inexpensive construction grade plywood sheets, oriented strand board panels or recycled wooden pallets.

In this example, the designer incurred less than $5,000 to complete the project.

Is it cheaper to build or buy a tiny house kit?

One of the most common questions we get from people is if it’s cheaper to build a tiny house yourself or buy a prefabricated one.

It definitely depends on your situation and how you’re going about getting a specific model.

If you have no carpentry or construction knowledge, it’s probably a smart move to buy a kit, especially if you’re really looking to save money.

However, other factors come into play here.

For one thing, the cost of the land will have a significant effect on how much you’ll be spending in total.

At the end of the day, it surely comes down to your own judgment and whether or not you feel like you can handle creating a house that is just right for you.

We definitely recommend buying cheap tiny house kits! Here are some of the recommendations for a cheap tiny house for sale under $5000 and deals that you can score right now on tiny house kits for sale.

10 Incredible Tiny House Kits Under $5,000

The beauty of going with the tiny house under $5000 is you will get all you need to easily construct the tiny house in your backyard from foundation, roofing and walls.

The manufacturers will include all the tools and materials, fasteners and all the other equipment required.

Let’s now take a look at the top 10 most incredible tiny homes for sale.

Florida Room

Price: $4,918

Size: 80 square feet

This is one of the underrated designs that you will get on the market today.

The fact is no one likes mosquitos and being bitten while enjoying your supper with family or guests.

In this case, this tiny living room is the best kit that you can buy for under $5,000 right now.

It’s basically no big deal whether you want to use the tiny living area as a site for your hot tub, a dining area, a roadside farm standing room, or just a quiet retreat from the main house.

It has got every feature you need.

Sip your hot cup of tea here while watching your kids play, or your cattle move around feeding.

It has some massive windows, which makes it a great option.

Another incredible feature is the foam board insulation and the shiplap pine sheathing.

You can as well include a tiny wood stove for warmth during the colder seasons.

Surprisingly, this tiny house kit is offered as a Frame only kit, but it has all the complete pre-cut kits and 3-and 4-season kits.

The manufacturer also includes a step-by-step guide that will ensure you won’t struggle with the work.


  • Base Area: 80 square feet
  • Hemlock skids for the floor system
  • Pine tongue and Groove Decking
  • Under Decking Sheathing
  • Step by step instructions
  • Warranty included
  • Weight: 7,100lbs
  • 6Hrs Building time

This tiny house under $5,000 is perfect for you if you want a separate cottage where you can take some hot coffee with your guests or a place to just take a break from the main house.

It’s for couples that want a constant break from the busy house.

It can work as a farmhouse for farmers who want to sip hot tea and enjoy some warmth from a wood stove during the winter.

Allwood Escape Cabin Kit

Price: $4,000

Size: 113 square feet

This brand is famous for its high-quality tiny housing kits.

The LilleVilla Escape model is no exception when it comes to affordability and quality.

This model is actually one of their most affordable offerings.

It includes thick, durable, and dense grain Nordic Spruce wood for the doors, windows, and hardware.

Furthermore, it has some of the best features, such as the exposed wood.

Another one is the peaked roof design that makes it perfect for comfortable living.

The manufacturer gives step-by-step instructions.

The instructions ensure that you don’t have any problems building this structure and setting everything from walls to roofing.

Everything is included with the kit and the only thing you will need is basic tools such as a screwdriver, ladder, hammer and rubber mallet.

Another great advantage of owning this kit is the fact that you can modify and add more features.

It’s also possible to buy a separate 17 square feet interior room kit for your washrooms.


  • You can modify and add features
  • It comes with complete shells-Four walls and the roof
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Two people can take 8 hours to assemble
  • It comes with one functional bathroom

This exceptional design will be a perfect match for homeowners who want an actionable guest house in their backyard or a young couple who want to settle with minimal expenses.

It’s also good for retirees and singles that just want to cut their monthly costs by up to 50%.

It’s for families that want a comfortable cabin to accommodate their lifestyle adjustments.

Whole wood Cabins Concord 76

Price: $4,000

Size: 76 square feet

The manufacturer describes this house as the one that ‘’fit together like Lincoln Logs’’.

This means that they believe their house is easy to assemble.

It is made using some of the highest in quality Nordic wood.

This quality wood allows it to be eco-friendly and more sustainable.

The wood is also natural color making the house very attractive for all homeowners.

The purchase will come with an easy-to-follow instruction manual and all the materials you need to make the project a success.

It also comes with double doors, nuts, screws, locks, and gridded windows.

The manufacturers actually feature an open floor plan meaning that you can organize the interiors in the cabin to fit all your belongings comfortably without any issues.


  • Floor area: 76 square feet
  • Wall thickness 1-1/2’’
  • Height of the wall 6’11’
  • Inside dimensions 9’7’X7’11’
  • Made with a high-quality Nordic wood
  • Easy to build tiny house kit
  • Year warranty

This tiny house is for eco-conscious millennial that wants to lead a more sustainable life.

It’s perfect for singles and students that don’t want to return back to their parent’s home.

Jamaica Cottage Shop Florida Room

Size: 80 square feet

This tiny house is really one of the most actionable amazon tiny house kits under $5000 that you can shop today.

The manufacturer is a renowned brand that makes low-cost tiny house kits.

The Jamaica Cottage kit model offers everything you look for in a tiny house.

The rooms and the underrated design are actually what you haven’t seen in the market before.

The design and the material can withstand extreme winds and loads of snow during the winter seasons.

It also comes with insulated windows and screens to just make your house mosquito-free and very comfortable for your evenings.

However, the model works perfectly fine on a crushed gravel foundation.

It has a unique style of choices because of the gable-style roof and all the nine large windows that let in natural light.

The extra high ceilings are also great for added storage space and make it easy to enjoy a great view of the surroundings.

The manufacturer leaves the choice of adding interior features to you.

This is obviously because they want you to add only the features you know are right for you.

You can fit more stuff inside the house such as all the necessary appliances such as the heater appliance, toasty for the winter and small storage close to your bed.


  • Additional storage space
  • Base area: 80 square feet
  • Roomy design
  • Insulated windows
  • Extra high ceilings
  • Space for your heater and other appliances
  • Crushed Gravel foundation
  • Estimated weight: 7,100 lbs
  • Pine tongue and Groove Decking
  • Under Deck sheathing
  • Floor vapour barrier

This tiny house is for tiny house dwellers that want something that can withstand all the seasons.

If you are a single individual or young person that wants to have enough space for your sustainable and minimalist lifestyle, then this model is a perfect match.

Writers Heaven

Size: 132 square feet

Order this inspirational writer’s cottage from Jamaica cottage shop right now and enjoy a complete kit with a built-in daybed and a desk.

This tiny house model will prove all your artistic talent.

It has a translucent roof panel and many windows that allow in a lot of natural light, ideal for writing, relaxing, reading, and painting.

This tiny house offers a conducive atmosphere to just be alone with your thoughts.

I actually think this is one of the best ways of taking a summer siesta.

It has a built-in desk that gives you enough working area regardless of your artistic pleasure.

The design and the looks of this cottage emanate inspiration.

This model can as well double as a storage space for your toys, yard equipment, and anything else.

You will get a DIY kit from the manufacturer, complete with the pre-cut kit and 3-and-4-season, and a step-by-step guide.


  • Translucent roofing
  • Abundance of windows
  • It comes as a Frame only kit
  • Complete Pre-cut kit
  • 3-and4-season kits
  • Step by step plans nationwide
  • Outdoor Post and beam cottage
  • Built-in desk

This tiny cottage is a perfect addition to your backyard.

It can work as a backyard getaway or storage shed for every group of people.

There are no limits to what you can do with this cottage regardless of whether you are a single individual or a couple that wants an actionable getaway tiny house in the backyard.

Backyard Retreat

Price: $5,364.00

Size: 192 square feet

This version has a stark roof pitch ‘’flying V’’ porch and many windows.

It’s one of the most eye-catching designs that you will ever come across.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to use this as a roadside farm stand or an artist’s studio or just need a quiet place to retreat; this tiny house under $5k is the right one for you.

Its main feature is the flying ”V” porch and a dramatic roof structure that provides enough space for your house.

It’s the best place for enjoying your excellent book on a summer afternoon or just a place for watching your wildlife scamper around.

It can also be customized with various upgrades such as siding and different roofing options.

It can also be customized with glass roundels, flower boxes and weathervanes.

Daredevils can as well try a cedar shake roof with a copper roll ridge cap.

Regardless, you will have enough space for your head.


  • Flying ‘’V’’ porch and a dramatic roof structure
  • Base Area: 192 square feet
  • Total area: 156 square feet
  • Porch
  • Porch area: 36 square feet
  • Estimated weight: 5,000

This tiny house with a porch is for every daredevil out there who wants a little getaway house to watch wildlife or a silent place to read a book.

Glen Echo Cabin Tiny House Kit which sits under $5000

Price: $4,826

Size: 80 square feet

This cheap tiny house is for sale under $5,000 comes to the top of the list for its cute and cozy vibe thanks to its traditional cedar siding, useable loft, and roofline.

The best feature that makes this tiny house stand amongst the competitors is the spacious 3’’ overhand.

This is exactly what creates an extra interior storage space.

It also invites a covered porch.

The manufacturer makes sure you have all the details you need to make this project a reality.

They even provided you with a sample floor plan in a move to make the Glen Echo tiny log cabin work for you.

They also provide a DIY planning tool, the graph paper download and the free floor planner online drawing tool to help you create a custom interior design for this tiny house kit.

The kit can be ordered on Summerwood’s website as a pre-cut kit, meaning no cutting will be required for siding or framing.

But if you can afford another extra $3,000, you can go for the pre-assembled kit option.

Though, you still need some assembling here.


  • An extra foot of wall height
  • Plenty of windows
  • Extension of the gable roof
  • Available in 2 or 3- foot overhands
  • Sheltered and inviting front porch area
  • Walls are assembled with 2X4 spruce wall studs.

This tiny house kit under $5,000 is a spacious enough living area for your family.

It’s perfect for people that are seeking an off from the busy town life.

It’s also for farmers that want a functional, relaxing area as they watch their cattle feed.

Arched Cabin Tiny House Kit under $5,000

Price: $2,650

Size: 120 square feet

This housing kit is for people that are a fan of curved roofs.

If you are surely one of them, then here is something soothing about organic-shaped homes.

Arched cabins offer a different approach to A-Frame design.

This kit is available in a wide array of sizes, but the most economical one retains the comfort of tiny homes.

The 120 square feet kit is one ideal living area for a one-bedroomed house.

The kit comes with a 12-Foot height which can accommodate a roomy lofted bedroom above the air.

Users can as well upgrade the package to include more than 23 colors, including the energy star-rated colors.

Another great thing is the fact that Arched Cabins have been permitted in all the states.


  • Arched cabin Kit with color and insulation upgrades
  • French doors
  • Roof Extension
  • Cedar Shingles
  • Perfect living space for a nature admirer
  • Spacious hip roof rafter design

This arched cabin is good for a family of up to three inhabitants.

It has enough space for a one-bedroom and additional space for a lofted bed area.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a young couple looking to start life, this one can work for you.

Sonoma Cabin Tiny House Kit

Price: $4,826

Size: 112 square feet

I know you have been here looking for a tiny house with subtle flair.

If my guess is accurate, then you have the Sonoma Cabin.

It’s adored for its angular, low-profile roofline.

This is what adds much visual appeal without complicating the whole design.

This kit is made by one of the most renowned tiny house manufacturers, Summerwood.

The manufacturer gives all the assembly instructions, videos, and multiple customer support options to help you make this project a reality.

Their customer support is ever-ready and willing to help you with the instructions, guidance, online support, and support through the phone.


  • Plenty of headroom
  • French doors
  • Roof Extension
  • Cedar Shingles
  • Perfect living space for a nature admirer
  • Spacious hip roof rafter design
  • Storm shutters
  • Extra overhang
  • Roof extension

This house is tiny, but it’s perfect for all individuals.

Also, whether you are looking for a temporary living solution or just a seasonal getaway for you.

It’s good for nature admirers.

Gable Tiny House Kit

Price: $3,266

Size: 64 square feet

This gable tiny house under 5,000 is a perfect way to save money on tiny houses.

The manufacturer, Jamaica Cottage Shop, makes this kit one of the easiest to transport and install.

It is available as a shed and a four-season pre-cut kit that provides all the components to make it suitable for full-time living.

You will get this kit with the basic structural kit and the insulation and solid pine roof sheathing.

Other features include the plus vapor barrier, ceiling sheathing, double pane, energy-efficient windows and an insulated steel door.

It’s durable and exudes the classic barn of the best rugged New England style post and beam techniques.

The tiny house will bring the feel of an old-school one-bedroom cabin.

It’s easy to customize and add features.


  • Shiplap pine interior wall
  • Ceiling sheathing
  • An insulated steel door
  • Double pane
  • Energy-efficient windows
  • Solid Pine roof sheathing
  • Vapour Barrier
  • Insulation
  • Basic structure kit

Are you a nature admirer or an individual that automatically wants to get a break from the busy city life?

Are you a single individual who wants to start life with minimal expenses or a young couple trying to cut on living expenses?

If you fall in any of the categories, you will automatically benefit from this tiny house Kit.

45 Fun signs that you may want to move to a tiny house

  1. You already live in your car. If you already live in your car, this is the first indication that you should consider a tiny house.
  2. You find yourself slightly annoyed but not surprised at the fact that you had to wait 40 minutes for the “three items or less” line at Target because someone had a full cart of groceries. People actually think you like living like this.
  3. Your only bookshelf holds all your important documents. Suppose your bookshelf holds all the important documents (birth certificate, social security card, medical history), random knick-knacks (< 1-year-old), and three books (1 cookbook, 1 motivational, 1 self-help). In that case, you should consider a tiny house.
  4. You can see some semblance of order under your bed if you pull back the sheets just right. If this is you, consider a tiny house.
  5. Your kitchen table is the only flat surface in your entire house, and everything on it has a story.
  6. If you can see your entire apartment because there isn’t any other available furniture to put anywhere, then you should consider a tiny house.
  7. If you’re afraid to invite people over for dinner because there’s no place for them to sit other than on your bed or the floor, then you should consider a tiny house.
  8. You have more than 5 gadgets and appliances and they all take up counter space so none of it works very well.
  9. If your stove takes three minutes just to preheat, if something needs to be unplugged when not in use so that another item can be used plugged in, if you need a ladder to reach the upper cabinets, or if your house doesn’t have a recycling bin so you just pile up all the recyclables in a corner, then you should consider a tiny house.
  10. If you find yourself wishing that there was a fireplace in your apartment so that when it’s cold outside and raining hard, well at least you could cuddle up with some marshmallows and build a fire inside.
  11. If going on vacation feels like planning for war because you have to make sure every electronic item is meticulously packed away in its proper case which is stored in another bag because of limited space, then you should consider a tiny house.
  12. You live near family but tell them not to visit because there isn’t room for them to stay with you.
  13. If your dresser looks like something out of a fast-food version of Tetris, with shirts stacked on top of the drawers inside the dresser that are filled to the brim, then you should consider a tiny house.
  14. You find yourself wishing there was less clutter around you.
  15. If trying to watch TV while eating dinner requires clearing off an end table before setting up shop, then you should consider a tiny house.
  16. Your car is basically considered part of your home because it often doubles as storage space for your actual living area.
  17. You have more than 10,000 songs on iTunes but listen to only five different albums over and over again.
  18. If you have so many in your pantry that everything is stacked on top of each other and the canned goods are actually falling out on to your floor, then you should consider a tiny house…
  19. There’s only one appliance in the kitchen that works.
  20. You have enough craft supplies that you’ve had to buy an extra closet just for them.
  21. If there isn’t any space left on the couch when it’s time to sit down.
  22. If your dining table can barely fit two people without feeling crowded, then you should consider a tiny house.
  23. If your bedtime routine includes selecting items of clothing from piles of clean/dirty laundry strewn about the bedroom floor.
  24. You say “yes” to invitations simply because you need more people at dinner.
  25. The guest room doubles as storage for your out-of-season clothes and every time you open the door, it’s like opening the floodgates…
  26. If there “isn’t room” in the closet to hang up your coat.
  27. If you have a hard time finding a place to store all of your pots and pans because cabinet space is at a premium.
  28. The event planner for this small dinner party needs help with how many people will be attending.
  29. You’re thinking about making a list of renovation projects just for fun.
  30. You’re literally down to one dining chair whose seat isn’t held together by duct tape.
  31. The only time that couch gets sat on is when someone comes over and crashes on it because that’s their designated sleeping area or they’re too drunk to make it home..
  32. If you know how much your monthly rent or mortgage is and would like to cry.
  33. If you show up at a family gathering and can’t find a place to sit because the only empty chair in the house is broken.
  34. When your friends come over, it’s standing room only unless someone wants to sit on the floor.
  35. You had an extra guest for dinner and had to pull out some lawn chairs that got stored under the bed until camping season or another big event.
  36. You have more than one bike hanging from your ceiling.
  37. Your cabinets are so tall that you need a ladder from Ace Hardware just to get them open. Your kitchen table has been replaced with a butcher block, and you can’t find room for it because there’s a bike leaning against the wall.
  38. Your kitchen cabinets are half-empty, because you’ve got an oven hiding behind that cabinet door. Your dining room table seats two people, but three more can squeeze in if they don’t mind sitting close together.
  39. The only chairs you have in your living room are camping chairs and lawn chairs. Everyone gathers around the coffee table to watch movies on TV whenever you have company over.
  40. You actually bought a chair specifically to put by your front window so you could read or sip tea while watching the world go by.
  41. You seriously considered canceling your cable service not just because of how expensive it is, but also because all those little TVs take up so much space.
  42. Your HDTV is made from a cardboard box and is connected to your high-speed internet with an Ethernet cable.
  43. Every time you decide to go on vacation, you immediately compare the cost of flying vs. Driving and instantly rule out flying because it’s way too expensive. You even think about skydiving or taking a train across the country as cheap forms of transportation.
  44. Your house has no closets for clothes. Just racks upon racks of vintage clothing that hangs from every spare inch of wall space.
  45. Some of your favorite pieces of furniture (and some that you never use) are stashed in your backyard shed or garage

Tiny House tips: Things to consider

Need to know how much it costs to build a house?

You may think that building a house is expensive, but you might be surprised! There are many ways to cut costs that will keep the expenses down.

Here are some steps you can use when planning your budget for your new home build.

Start with an idea

You don’t need to know everything about house building in order to get started with your budget.

Draw up plans

Your drawings don’t need to be extremely perfect, but they should include the main elements of your home, like the floor plan and elevations (exterior views).

These kinds of illustrations will help you better visualize what you want before building begins.

Determine your features

Your house should be comfortable but can also include things you’ve always wanted in a home.

Maybe you didn’t have the means to build them in your old house or never thought of including them until now.

Don’t forget to factor appliances into your design too.

So, before you start building anything bigger than a birdhouse, you need to sit down and get your plans together.

You might want to do that before I go into too much detail just because it would be unfortunate if somebody had spent all the time building something only to realize they made some of their plans up as they went along.

The first thing you’re probably wondering is, “how do I build something to live in under 5,000 bucks?”.

Well, the answer is simple; be stingy.

Not really, it’s all about spending your money wisely.

You can’t buy everything you want or that sort of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

[In my opinion, shopping for used items is a great way to save up some money.]

We have some recommended products for building your own tiny house under 5,000.

You can also check out websites for more ideas on how to save money while you’re at it.

Keep in mind not all of these products will be used.


The design is very important! If you want to build a tiny house, you should probably go ahead and plan your design approach.

If you have no clue about the design of the tiny house, I recommend using free tools that will allow you to sketch out your own ideas and get an idea about what other people are doing with their plans.

There are several places you can buy tiny house plans right now.

Most of these companies sell tiny house designs for One bedroom tiny houses, two-story tiny houses and single-room tiny houses.

Tools and Materials

Okay, we’re going to need some tools and materials! If you plan on buying a tiny house kit, it should come with all the tools you need to build your house.

That said, if you are building your own home from scratch or looking to build a smaller version of a kit.

You will need these tools essential tools for building;

Hammer – Saw (A good saw, like an electric circular, saw) – Measuring Tape – Pencil, and Paper – Screwdriver (If you’re building your own house from scratch) Cutting and Drilling Equipment.

You will also need other tools depending on the tiny house pre-built kit that you are going for.

Final verdict

Shopping around for tiny house kits is more than just what you see on the outside.

It goes beyond the design and the materials.

Though, these two factors are equally important.

But still, you have to consider other factors such as the assembly time, the idea, the features, the shipping cost, price, square footage, local Building codes, and many other factors.

The list above briefly introduces the cheapest tiny house kits under $5000 that you can buy in 2021.

Keep searching for the best matches depending on your preferences and needs.


Is it possible to build a tiny house under $5,000?

Yes, you can build a tiny house shell, especially if you invest in cheap pre-cut kits.

This way, the exterior of your house will be completed, and you will be expected to deal with the interior.

You can pay more for complete kits.

Do tiny house kits come with appliances?

No, in most situations, the manufacturer will only give you a tiny house shell with four walls and a roof.

You will have to customize the interior and if possible, deal with the rest of the features, such as the appliances and key interior features.

What is the cheapest tiny house?

The cheapest tiny house is the one that you can design, customize and build on your own.

But as long as you want to buy a tiny house; you will have to pay more.

Though, the entire above tiny house kits retail at less than $5,000.

How much does a Prefab Tiny house cost?

You can pay as little as $5,000 for a tiny house exterior kit.

If otherwise, you can get prefab tiny houses for sale at a cost above $25,000.

In some situations, you can pay up to $200,000 depending on the appliances, features, size, level of customization and type of finishes.