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Tiny House House Depot Deep-Dive – Are They Worth It in 2023?

If you want to know more about tiny house Home Depot review for 2023 and if they are still worth it.

The market size for tiny homes has the potential to grow by USD 3.33 million during the four years margin from 2021 to 2025.

Statistics show that the market’s growth rate will accelerate at a CAGR of 4.21%.

In North America for example, these statistics provide a detailed analysis of the market in two main categories, which are stationary tiny homes and mobile tiny houses.

The key players in the tiny house market are Handcrafted Movement, Humble Hand Crafts, Tumbleweed Tiny House Co., and now Home Depot.

If you have been keenly following the tiny house trends for this year, you might already have noticed that Home depot has actually launched a new category for tiny houses.

They are now making it easy to build or put the tiny house together on your own.

Many people praise the move by Home Depot to make building your house easier.

Home Depot sells all the kits you need to complete the project.

Does Home Depot sell tiny houses?

Yes, Home Depot sells tiny houses.

However, they only sell the shells of what could be used to complete a tiny home.

This company is the latest in the line of retailers to start this creative venture.

You can actually buy the plans for these tiny houses on Etsy and Amazon among many other sites.

This is clear that you can easily drive down to your local Home Depot and repurpose one of the shells in the company for a tiny house.

The information found on SimpleMost shows that Home Depot closely partners with another company known as Tuff Shed which specifically makes sheds of every size and shape.

The sheds have multiple floors, locked doors, porches, Stairs, decks and anything else you can think of when building a tiny house.

The kits also come in different colors and varying shades of brown, white, gray, red and blue.

home depot tiny houses

The sheds also have different roofing styles.

You can actually pick one that is made of materials such as metal and wood.

The Tuff sheds come with a warranty that guarantees protection from extreme weather conditions.

This sounds good for people that are looking for a tiny house to stay in.

However, you should know that Home Depot is not exactly marketing these products as anything more customized.

They are clearly saying that the materials and the kits they sell can be easily turned into tiny houses.

The Smith Family’s Tuff Shed Home

We have all been there, struggling to pick a tiny house floor plan that matches our needs perfectly.

But that is just the tip of the big iceberg.

Making a tiny house your home is exactly what every tiny house owner wants.

I came across My Tuff Shed Home on social media.

This is a family of tiny house movement members who make tiny houses and share their lives.

The family has been doing this since 2018.

To get a clear picture of the Home Depot Tiny house kits, we had to follow some of the tips and reviews they have provided on their pages.

The couple made a move to purchase and build their first Tuff Shed Tiny Home on their own.

However, they had to consider help when it came to their next project.

They claimed that they are not builders and they lacked the skills to complete the project swiftly.

They claimed that they had to seek help because the first project was overwhelming.

As the couple trolled the Home Depot pages, they came across the TR-1600 and they automatically liked the look.

They immediately ordered one of them and hired contractors and builders to complete the project.

The couple hired separate crews for the foundation, the interior work and the shed construction.

To let you get a clear picture of what to expect with Tiny Houses from Home Depot, we will review the TR-1600 from the couple.

How the TR-1600 is like inside

We had to check closely with the Smith Family.

The couple is generous enough to share information about everything they needed and how it feels to live in this house plan.

The couple picked an open concept on the first floor.

The first floor has an airy window in the kitchen area with amazing views of the outside.

The dining area is amazing and cozy and placed just next to the kitchen.

The dining area can take four guests.

The couple made the sitting area for games and conversations.

This is why it has enough space for four people and a TV station.

The main bedroom looks perfect for people who usually like privacy.

It can accommodate a king-size bed and will be complete with lamps and side tables.

The bedroom also has windows and a ceiling fan.

Additional features include the dresser and a nice seating area where someone can relax.

The couple even has their own bathroom next to the master bedroom.

The bathroom is complete with a soaking tub and looks like a personal day spa.

With these features, I’m sure you are already wondering about the amount of money that was used to construct the house.

According to the details shared by the Smith Family, the Tuff Shed cost over $20,000.

There were some upgrades that equally attracted further expenses.

The couple did a lot to finish the work on their own.

But factoring in the fact that the average price of a house in the US is $248,857 according to Zillow, this amount was amazingly low.

You can now buy a Tiny House on Home Depot for less than $13,000

In Home Depot, you can find Tuff Shed Tiny Houses for $12,629.

For people that don’t have that amount of money, you can choose to pay monthly.

The monthly payment is about $252 after the down payment.

This is the initial price and I’m sure you can end up paying more for the same especially if you want everything to be installed inside.

But if you live in New Jersey, you know how expensive a house can be.

You might also buy more materials for tiny houses and have to pay more for regulations in some states.

How does Tuff Sheds Work?

Home Depot sells some of the tiny houses as kits that you can take home for assembling.

They can easily be transformed into an actual house within a very short period of time.

Some of the kits sold at Home Depot are as large and are quite large covering over 285 square feet.

This is what makes them large enough for comfortable living.

None of the tiny houses sold by Home Depot has water, electricity or foundation.

They also don’t have any kind of attachment.

This indicates that you will have to buy these tiny house kits and get a professional to help you with assembling them.

DIY buyers will need a lot of research and creativity to turn these kits into livable spaces.

The process can get costly and complicated but if you have someone to help you, everything will go as planned.

Pros and cons of home kits from Home Depot

Deciding to buy a home kit for your tiny house is a serious financial decision that you need to take time to consider.

There’s no right answer to what you need and the amount of money you need for your lifestyle.

But kit homes usually have their pros and cons.

Buying Tuff Shed Home kits from Home Depot are advantageous as shown below.


The cost of paying for these home kits is very low.

They are usually cheaper than getting a contractor for the traditional homes.

There are a number of reasons for this.

The Home Depot only charges $13,000 for the home kits.

The amount of money you need to build it will also vary greatly.

Quick Delivery

Home Depot is known for swift deliveries.

Ordering Tuff Shed Home kits from Home Depot means that you can get your order delivered within a very short period of time.

The entire delivery can be organized and delivered within few weeks.

Rapid constructions

They are pre-made meaning that they need little time for assembling and use.

Every piece is pre-cut and labeled for directions and instructions on how to assemble.

This means that it’s very quick to assemble and finalize.


When ordering the houses, you can ask for customized features.

This is mainly because most of them are not made prior to ordering.

This is actually one of the biggest benefits of ordering Tuff Shed Home kits from Home Depot.

New Home

These houses are just as durable as traditional houses and can easily last for more than 50 years.

You get to be the first inhabitant of that house.

Delivery Limits

Home Depot has a delivery limit of 750 miles.

This means that you cannot get the house past this radius.

You also need to be in certain areas to get the products delivered.


These houses may not be very cheap for people that live in certain places.

If you live in rural areas, you might have to pay more for the delivery and assembling.

Lack of standards

This industry is very new and there are particular limits.

This means that there are no industry standards to be followed by these companies.

Tiny Houses From Home Depot Worth Checking Out

Two Story Tiny House Sale at Home Depot

If you are one of the people out there that cannot afford a conventional home, this two-story tiny house sold on Home Depot can help you significantly.

Home depot 2 story tiny house

It’s one of the best bets if you have are handy enough to finish it off.

It’s also perfect if you have the location to set the house.

It is actually a big “tiny house” for sale at Home Depot.

It only costs $13579.

However, the porch is not included and you will be needed to redesign depending on your needs.

The Living area

The living area is on the first floor and can seat four people for a game or a conversation.

It’s next to the kitchen and is automatically accessed through the main door.

You also have enough space for a small work area.

The Bedroom

The bedroom is located on the second floor.

This is where you will find a bedroom that can take a King size bed or a queen-size mattress for two people.

It’s complete with side lamps, a table and a seat for a small workstation.

The second floor also has a loft that can double as the additional sleeping area or just a storage space.

The Bathroom

Every user has a chance to choose whether to add a kitchen or a second bathroom.

If you add the two of them, space might be too small.

However, this house is serviced by two bathrooms.

The two bathrooms have enough space for a sink, a bathtub and a small toilet.


The kitchen is also found on the ground floor.

It’s neat and a little cozy for you and your kids.

Tuff Shed: The Sundance series

This is another house plan that you can choose from Home Depot.

You have two options, which are the 16’X20′ and a 16’X24′.

The house is two stories tall and you have more than 800 square feet of living area for the two floors combined.

This means that you can choose the 800 square foot home for less than $13,000.

Tuffshed tiny house
Photo Credit: tuffshed.com

Immediately after purchasing from Home Depot, you’re allowed to customize it and add little touches to suit your needs.

As explained above, a couple Smith and Beth did the same.

The building needed a bit of interior work to become cozy and spacious.

You can work with the local contractors to complete insulation, electric wiring and piping.

In the case of the Smith family, they completed the tile work and the décor.

Tuff shed: Pro Ranch Weekender

This is a ranch weekender perfect for people that want to always get a break from their busy lives.

It has some pro series features such as the covered front porch and a residential door.

The house has a small loft area over the porch.

There’s also plus house wrap on the walls.

The house was specifically designed for weekend enthusiasts and can accommodate more than two people.

Front Porch

The best feature is that the house design has a covered front porch, which many other tiny houses lack.


There’s a small sleeping loft above the porch that can take two people maximum.

If you are a weekend enthusiast, then this is perfect for you and your girlfriend.

Residential door

Another main feature is the fantastic residential door which makes it a beautiful masterpiece.

Tuff shed: Loafing shed

This house was traditionally used by horse owners.

However, it’s one of the best samples right now.

It is crafted with a ranch-style roof.

The roof can be configured in a couple of formats and roofing styles.

The typical layout includes one enclosed section and one or more bays that have a dirt floor and is open on one side.

The loft

There’s a small sleeping area on the left side of the house.

The space can only take a sleeping sofa for two people.

4 Things to consider before buying aTiny house from Home Depot

Over a short period of time, nontraditional houses have become the talk of the town.

This is mainly because they cost less and they are livable and actionable.

The innovation in this regard is also not limited and people can customize the tiny houses as needed.

Now that you can buy a Tuff Shed house kit from Home Depot, there are several things I should shed light on.

I need to make sure you have all the information you need to buy the best tiny house and customize it according to your needs and preferences.

What is a Kit Home?

These are commonly known as Mail-order homes that are usually delivered as manufactured and stick-built houses on your property.

They can be assembled by people with DIY skills or a contractor.

The kits are more affordable than building a tiny house from the ground up.

Today, you can order a kit home from Home Depot to build anything from a studio, a weekend cabin or a Bungalow to even a two-bedroom contemporary home.

Home Depot has lately revived interest in kit homes and they are extremely popular.

Statistics show that more than 100,000 Kit homes have been built from 1908 to 1940.

They are not gaining momentum and interest among the millennial.

Home Depot Prices

The prices for Home kits can vary depending on where you are buying, the existing offers and the type of the kit.

They vary in floor plans and pricing.

However, they are still affordable and can easily be manufactured and customized to meet your needs.

Many home building kit suppliers will offer modular options.

There are some companies that also offer to finance modular homes.

It’s also important to note that the building and assembling of these tiny houses can exponentially shorten the building period and the labor costs.

The construction materials are purchased in bulk and delivered to the factory meaning that the cost is often lower.

In many instances, Home Depot will only charge something less than $13,000 for the home kit.

The houses can also cost $10 per square feet.

But remember that the home kits don’t come with the drywall and the interior elements.

The cost on average might be $60 per square foot according to HomeAdvisor.

What are the Kit Home’s Building costs?

You might be carried away by the small costs of these houses on Home Depot.

But have you analyzed the amount of money you need to build these houses?

According to Rocket Homes, the prices can vary depending on your needs and the materials used in roofing and interior décor.

Some people estimate the kit only amounts to 25% of the total costs of the home.

The building cost is usually $15,000 on average.

But remember you need to consider wiring and piping, drywall, flooring and appliances.

All this can double the cost.

How can you finance Home Kits from Home Depot?

Home Depot has clearly stated that you can pay for the one-time price or opt for monthly payments.

However, getting a mortgage for these houses is a whole different hustle.

Most manufacturers will not give you financial options.

This means that you need to pay for the house in full.

Rocket Mortgages doesn’t offer construction financing but they can finance the Home Depot cost for Home Kits.

It’s also important to note that the company offers to finance modular homes.


What are the benefits of tiny houses?

Tiny houses have a couple of benefits.

Firstly, they are less costly, livable, sustainable, easy to maintain and most importantly less costly to assemble.

Can you really buy a tiny house from Home Depot?

Yes, Home Depot has closely partnered with Tuff Shed to offer the best tiny house kits that you can purchase and assemble with ease.

Can you build a tiny house for $5000?

There are chances that you can get a house for this amount of money.

However, the prices might vary depending on the square feet and other customizable features.

You should take time to check around for the cheapest house plans and tiny house kits.

Are Tiny Homes Safe?

Definitely, there are different provisions and building codes in different states that make it easy for you to construct a safe tiny house.

The house plans are usually monitored closely for the features and to make sure they are safe for everyone and the environment.

Can tiny houses save you money and energy?

Yes, tiny houses are sustainable and they can therefore save you a lot of energy and money.

They also take few materials and they are easier to maintain.

That said, you can save a lot of money along the way.