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A45 Tiny House Review – The Incredible Tiny Concept 2024

If you’re searching for the A45 tiny house review, then quickly read on.

Without mincing words, New Yorkers, especially those upstate New York, are always searching for the perfect location to escape all the hustle and bustle of the city.

Thanks to the Catskills, which sit a few hours north of the city, New Yorkers have everything they can ever imagine, including a spot for camping, climbing, hiking, and even fly fishing.

But that’s not the only cool thing about this location.

Just so you know, the modest mountain range is also home to Bjarke Ingels Group, A45 tiny home.

For those still trying to figure out what A45 means, it would interest you to know that it is a prototype tiny house-style cabin announced in 2018.

This incredible tiny house concept was the brainchild of the legendary Danish architecture firm, Bjarke Ingels Group, or BIG for short.

After so many years in the pipeworks and us patiently waiting for the project to be unveiled, we are super excited to let you know that the A45 tiny house model has gone into mass production, with some of the first batch expected to be launched in early 2022.

What is the A45 tiny house cabin?

The A45 tiny house cabin with concrete piers and built from recyclable materials is one of the charming tiny houses we have come across.

And like we mentioned right from the get-go, this customizable tiny home was designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG).

What makes this customizable micro home unique is that it can be built within a very short time and in any location, including remote areas.

How cool can that be?

Another thing that is pretty unique about the A45 project is that it is pretty similar to a traditional A-frame cabin.

Plus, it features angled walls and a pitched roof.

The company behind this unique tiny house has designed it in such a way that it maximizes usable floor area by simply having a square base while twisting the roof to at least 45 degrees.

This way, you have ample interior space together with a whooping 13-foot ceiling height and ceiling window.

A45 tiny house cabin: What you should know

Even though the first Klein A45 cabin was built upstate New York, this incredible tiny house with superb design was developed for Klien.

Although the Klein house A45 tiny home was designed by famed designer and interior architect Soren Rose Studio, Klein’s main objective was to build a variety of tiny house concepts in partnership with some of the world’s finest architects.

While these homes with natural cork walls and triangular floors are to be developed by top manufacturers, what makes them so unique is that they could be delivered anywhere in the world within a six months window.

Just so you know, this traditional A-frame cabin with a usable floor area and a petite kitchen is customizable inside out.

While the A45 cabin is only a prototype of what’s to come, it will be made available for people to purchase in June 2022.

What the A45 Klein home cabin looks like

The A45 tiny house cabin will leave you mesmerized, and that’s all thanks to its breathtaking design.

Trust us when we say this traditional A-frame cabin iteration is one of a kind both internally and externally.

For instance, the building’s external crystal-like form gives the project a robust appearance.

And that’s not the only cool part.

The building’s internal 180 square ft height space has been uniquely designed for comfort.

Plus, it fosters a close relationship with nature.

Nestled within the interior space of this building is a gorgeous elegant morsoe wood-burning place, which helps to heat the home during cold.

And just so you know, the house also features off-grid equipment nicely hidden somewhere at the back.

While the kitchen features furniture that was designed by the great Kobenhavns Kobelsnedkeri, most of the furniture fitted in this home was hand-crafted by Carl Hensen.

The bed in this tiny house is nicely fitted with Kvadrat fabric and specially designed by the famous Soren Rose Studio.

The bathroom nestled in this tiny house is in a league of its own, and that’s because almost everything in there is made from quality cedar wood and comprises top-notch fixtures by VOLA.

Another thing you’ll instantly love about this first A45 prototype tiny cabin is that it has an incredible design that maximizes usable floor area.

Thanks to taking a square base along with a roof twisted 45 degrees; you have a tiny house with everything you need that makes for a comfortable living.

Before we forget to add, this small house with glass pieces, optimal support, and exposed timber frame showcases the bliss of simple construction.

Not just that, the house is creatively assembled in a module on the site.

Plus, it is made from 100% recyclable materials, including solid pine, nordic furniture, natural insulation, cedar sauna, timber frame, a subfloor, wall modules, nicely shaped triangular floor to ceiling window with beautiful seven glass pieces.

What makes this home exceptional is its slightly elevated concrete piers which give the structure optimal support while allowing tiny homeowners to install the home even in the most remote regions.

Is living in an A45 tiny home a good idea?

Living in this beautifully designed tiny cabin wouldn’t be such a bad idea, especially for future homeowners who want a customizable space grade with natural daylight.

To be honest, the qualities of this classic structure are unmatched.

Its crystal-like shape, together with comfy nordic furniture and hyggelig comfort, makes the home highly sought after by many tiny house enthusiasts.

Even though this classic a-frame cabins is only 180 square feet in measurement, it has a spacious interior, extending wall heights, easy rain runoff, and more breathtaking features.

If you plan to build this structure in a rural location, especially in an area where there is no access to electricity, you can still power it with solar power for small houses.

Though this will cost you a lot more upfront, if you compare it to the cost of utilities in the long run, especially for electricity, you’ll notice that it is a pretty cheaper option.

And in case you don’t want to pay extra fees for installation, you can simply buy some decent solar panels along with other vital fittings and install them yourself.

If you’re a little confused on how to go about that, there are tons of YouTube videos out there that should get you started on installing solar panels for tiny homes.

Is the A45 small structure expensive?

This tiny house with a traditional square base doesn’t come cheap.

Trust us when we say it’s unlike any tiny house you have seen before.

While there are tons of beautiful tiny house designs out there, this traditional USA A-frame cabin is different in a lot of ways.

In terms of pricing, it will interest you to know that this tiny dwelling cost a whopping $122,000 for a final pre-order.

And even at this exorbitant price, it doesn’t come with the full kit delivered to your property within the specified 60 days purchase window.

The cool thing is that there are both on and off-grid options.

Beyond putting together the money for the structure, you don’t need to do much.

All you need to do is secure a plot of land and get all the necessary local permits required to live in this type of structure.

And the cool part is that you don’t need to have any heavy machinery before you can assemble this cabin-style A-frame structure.

All you need to do is follow Klein’s instructions on how to set up the foundation up to literarily assembling the house.

Can you finance your A45 tiny house project?

Considering how expensive these diverse tiny house concepts are, a lot of tiny house owners are looking to finance their proposed A45 tiny house project.

Unfortunately, we haven’t come across any financing deals.

So if you’re hell-bent on living on one of the diverse tiny house concepts from Klein, you’ll have to start saving towards the project.

Now that you know that the home will cost you a fortune, you can start saving for the project now or make alternative plans towards coming up with the money for the project.

Also, you want to ensure you have settled everything with local authorities in terms of permits and also procure land for your home.

This is where many tiny house enthusiasts run into issues, so you want to have that figured out before you proceed with your project.

A45 and the future of the project

Like we mentioned earlier, A45 is the first prototype that was announced by Klein.

After two years of being in the pipeworks, the project is now ready to be mass-produced, giving tiny house enthusiasts an opportunity to own this incredible structure.

While the project was initially billed to involve some top architects besides Bjarke Ingels firm for subsequent projects, it appears that the company is only focused on completing the A45 cabin-style tiny house at the moment.

What is the size of the A45 tiny cabin?

Despite its limited size, this tiny house cabin’s innovative design provides ample usable floor space by simply rotating the classy A-frame cabin 45 degrees.

This design lets the lower part of the structure stretch to only two corners.

This helps to maximize wall height to a towering 13 ft height inside.

Thanks to its triangular floor-to-ceiling window with seven glass pieces, this beautiful cabin allows natural daylight to flow in, illuminating the interiors.

The exciting thing about the design is that its faceted exterior style changes depending on the angle you’re looking at it from.

For instance, the cabin may look like a cube from certain angles.

Other times, it may appear like a spire from other directions.

The interior of the building reflects impressive nordic aesthetics.

And this is all thanks to its Douglas Fir floor, pine timber frame, along with space-grade natural cork walls.

How long does the A45 cabin structure take to complete?

Suppose you have always wanted a tiny house cabin for a getaway retreat that is skillfully designed and built to the finest standards of craftsmanship.

In that case, you’ll not be disappointed to explore this beautiful cabin-style structure from Klein.

The main idea of this project is to come up with a variety of tiny homes exclusively designed by some of the world’s leading architects, with BIG leading the first project.

As per the timeline, this exciting project takes between four to six months lead time to build.

This simply means that if you place an order for this structure right away, you could be living in your dream small getaway retreat home before you know it.

Frequently asked questions: Learn more about the A45 tiny house cabin

Are there other designs to come?

While the A45 tiny house is the first prototype to be unveiled to the public, the company behind this innovative project plans to launch other fantastic tiny house models in the coming years.

And with A45 billed for mass production this year, we expect the company to focus on other impressive models.

But for now, we are yet to get enough of this astonishing tiny house project.

Will other models for Klein be cheaper?

At the moment, the company is focusing on designing high-end tiny homes.

Plus, they are collaborating with some of the leading architects out there.

Not just that, they only deploy quality materials for their project.

Considering all these facts, it’s easy to see why their structure costs so much.

While the A45 tiny house cabin is already expensive, we expect other subsequent models to cost as much.

Can you place an order for the A45 cabin right away?

Since the company behind this project has begun mass producing it, you can place an order for one.

However, you have to wait at least four to six months for the project to be completed.