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400 Sq Ft Tiny House Plans – Top 10 Beautiful Small Homes of 2024

Read on if you want to learn more about 400 sq ft tiny house plans of 2024.

Tiny living is the norm today but very many people have different definitions of what a tiny home must look like.

The best definition of a tiny house is any house below 400 sq ft.

So, if you are trying to downsize, you better think of a home that’s 400 sq ft or 37 sq meters or even smaller.

Contrary to what many people think, it is very easy to live comfortably in a tiny house especially if you are a startup couple, a small family, a retiring couple, or just a sole person that wants to minimize the cost of living and maintaining a large house.

It’s important to note there are more people on the planet more than at any other time.

This way, we all have to live more sustainably and relieve the planet from any type of stress.

With the relatively high population and the fact that more people are being drawn to the convenience and culture of living in large cities, it’s not a surprise that we have to value small house plans and adopt ways to distress everything around us.

People are currently going to the open plan interiors that cover less than 25 sq meters.

Others especially those that don’t want to go so tiny are in a move to adopt 40 square meter apartments in the heart of their cities.

Our adoration for tiny living is now more powerful than ever before.

For that reason, this post will cover every detail you need to know about tiny living and some of the best 400 sq ft tiny house plans that you can pick today.

Rustic Home with large stone fireplace

This house plan is one of the best home designs below 400 sq ft from Family Home Plans.

The house measures 360 sq ft and it features some of the best properties and amenities that a small family or a single person needs in their lives.

The house also features a large covered front porch for the additional living space.

The house will also offer a studio room that has a small kitchen area on the left side of the plan.

There’s also a large fireplace on the right side of the living room.

If you cared so much about the bed space and the sleeping area, then you don’t have to worry because there’s enough space for the bed at the back of this floor plan.

The bathroom is on the right side next to the sleeping area and is large enough to have a shower, a toilet, and a small sink and space for a baby tub.

Living area

The Living area in this house plan is the largest of all rooms and has a fireplace on the right side of the room.

Its space is enough for three chairs and a foldable table and a TV space.

The bedroom

The bedroom is at the back of the house next to the bathroom.

The bedroom has a large enough space for a queen-size mattress and a small table with storage underneath.

The house plan only has a single bedroom.


There’s a small kitchen area on the left of the house.

The kitchen area is not one of the largest but it’s enough for normal kitchen functionality.

Space will accommodate a two-burner cooker, a fridge, and every other kitchen appliance that you can think of.


The bathroom is found just next to the kitchen and has enough space for all the bathroom necessities.

You get access to an open shower, a small toilet, and eventually a small sink.

Who is this house plan for?

This is one of the many house plans that would work perfectly fine for large families.

This house plan is perfect for a startup couple, a family with less than two adults, and travelers or people seeking a good space for temporary living.

Tiny Cottage with walk-in closet

This house plan is designed and marketed by Architectural Designs and comes at 395 square feet which is equivalent to 37 square meters.

The house is designed in a way that the front door opens into the living area.

The living area features sloping ceilings and it also has a kitchen on the right side of the room.

The bedroom in this design is at the back of the home and it boasts one of the best features, a walk-in closet.

Moving on, the bathroom is on the same side as the bedroom and you can easily access it through the main living area or the bedroom.

The other main unique feature of this house plan is the fact that it has a Double French door in the bedroom that can lead to the backyard.

The Living area

The living area measures 15-4 X 12 and is accessed through the main door.

Besides the main door, there are other two doors in the living area leading to the bedroom and the bathroom.

The living area also has an 8′ ceiling and has enough space for three people seated, TV space, and also doubles as a dining area.

The bedroom

This design has a single bedroom which is automatically the main sleeping area.

The bedroom is at the back of the house and boasts a walk-in closet.

The living area can offer enough space for a sofa bed which can double as a sitting area and a guest sleeping area.

The Bathroom

The Bathroom is next to the bedroom.

But this space is not enough for all the necessities that are needed in this regard.

Space might not be enough for a fully functional shower, bathroom and sink.

But still, it can work for many people.


This house plan has an open kitchen that can accommodate every appliance needed in a normal kitchen setting.

You can install a functional Freezer/Fridge combo, a two-burner cooker, and space for cereals storage, two chairs, and other appliances such as Blenders and Dryers.

Small Budget House Plans Brooklyn

One of the main products from Pinuphouses.com is one-bedroom tiny houses that suit the needs of a small family, a startup couple, or a retiring baby boomer.

This house plan is one of the best budget house plans that appeal to all fans of minimalist designs.

If you are one of the people out there looking for a comfortable, sustainable and economical way to live, then try the Small Budget House plan, Brooklyn.

This house plan has everything you need to get proper rest after work and to house your child during the normal long holidays.

It has a large central space on the ground and also comes with a kitchenette that runs from one side of the Living area on the walls.

The windows bring a lot of light in and provide an amazing view of the vicinity.


Living area

This living area is the largest space on the first floor taking about 173 square feet and is accessed through the main door.

You will have to come through the 130 sq ft porch before getting to the living area.

The living area is the opening to the Kitchenette and the Bathroom.


There’s a bathroom just next to the living area.

It is a full bathroom taking about 39 sq ft

This space is enough for a tiny toilet, an open shower, and a small sink and storage for all the toiletries and skincare products.


The ground floor has three main rooms which are the bathroom, the living room, and the hall.

The hall is 39 sq ft and doubles as the dining area.


The sleeping area is found on the second floor and has one of the largest bedrooms.

The house features a 207 sq ft bedroom on the second floor that can take a double bed or a master bed for the couple.


The house design lacks a noticeable and functional Kitchen.

For that reason, there’s a small Kitchenette on one corner of the living area that serves as the living area.

Who is this house plan for?

This house plan is one of the best designs for singles that wants a Budget-worth floor plan for a house.

It’s also for a startup couple that wants to minimize their living cost.

Small Modern Cabin Plans Rylee

Have you been looking for a small house with everything you need to live a comfortable life with your kid and your spouse?

If yes, then this is exactly what you have been looking for.

The house plan is featured On PinUphouses.com as a single-story house with one-bedroom.

The house has a built-up area of 430 square feet and a total floor area of 254 square feet.

The porch is just 119 square feet.

However, this is not one of the cheapest houses to build.

As a matter of fact, you are likely to pay up to $20, 500 for the whole project.


Who is this house plan for?

Given the fact that this house is a single-story house, you can expect that it doesn’t have enough space for you and your two kids.

This house is perfect for travelers and single people that seek a better, comfortable, and cheap way of living.

Living room

The main room measures 168 square feet and is directly accessed through the 119 square feet porch.

The main room also serves as the guest sleeping area because it can accommodate a sofa bed.


The kitchen is accessed directly through the living area.

It measures 43 square feet which is more than enough for a functional kitchen.

Space can accommodate all the kitchen appliances and items.

It has enough space for a Freezer/fridge combo, a two-burner cooker, and storage space.


The sleeping loft is very small but it’s enough for a queen size bedroom.

You will be expected to use the stairs to access the sleeping loft.

An Austin Home

This house plan from lonny.com is one precise way to describe a perfect house for a family of up to four people.

The house was designed by Kim Lewis who is a fan of colors.

Her style is a good way to build a house with outdoor chairs, plant pots, and wide steps.

The design has been bought by many people and most of them agree that it is the best for a family of four people.

The architect required a sophisticated outdoor entertainment area.

Kitchen and Living area

Every house owner knows that black and white is the wisest color option for small spaces.

The color creates the illusions of a wide space.

The designer used this trick to paint the living area and the kitchen.

The kitchen, however, has a lot of appliances including dishwashers, a fridge and a microwave.

There are white counters and shelves that stand out from the black tiled walls.

The Living area is the largest space in this house and is painted white and black to make sure there’s the trickery of space.

Space can accommodate more than 5 seated people and a TV stands.

Some people opt for a small work area in this area.

Bathroom and Breezeway

The house has perforated copper panels that are used to create barn-style doors that save space and perform parallelism with the whole home.

There’s a cubby area for storage next to the bathroom.

The breezeway is configured with the doggie beds under the bench where you can as well keep the cat litters and other products.


The bedroom is the second largest space in this design.

It accommodates a queen-size mattress and a small storage area for your necessities.

Who’s this house plan for?

This house plan is a perfect match for everybody that wants a small and economical lifestyle.

It’s easy to rule out that single people, retiring couples and a startup couple can benefit from this house plan

Texastinyhomes.com Plan 336

This house plan was designed as the first shop-built home from Texastinyhomes.com.

It can easily be shipped to the customers at any point.

The house measures 436 square feet including the loft.

It has everything you need including a sleeping and storage loft, It also has a luxury kitchen and an interior finish.

There’s a single bathroom and a walk-in closet, a washer, and a dryer stack closet and an exterior façade, and a Living room.

The Living area

Immediately after accessing the house through the door, you will get to a wide and large enough living area.

The living area can accommodate five people seated and a TV station.

Some people opt to leave some space for the small working office.

The sleeping loft and bedroom

The sleeping loft is found on one side of the house.

You might have to use stairs to access the sleeping loft.

The sleeping space is tiny but can accommodate two people at the same time.

The Kitchen

This house has a fully functional Kitchen that you can access through the tiny door in the corner of the living room.

The Kitchen has a washer and a dryer stack closet.

It also can accommodate almost all Kitchen appliances.


There’s a single bathroom with a walk-in closet.

The bathroom has all the space you need for an open shower, a small toilet, and a small sink.

Texastinyhomes.com Plan 448

This house plan is an ideal weekend getaway home for everybody that wants to stay up in the mountains or at the lake.

However, it’s also perfect for a young single person that wants to start from the minimalist standpoint.

It’s also perfect for a young couple that wants to live the tiny home life but needs additional space as opposed to getting the tiny homes on the market.

The house has about 448 square feet and another about 516 under the roof.

It comes with a mini kitchen, a sleeping loft, and a covered front porch.

You also have 1 bathroom with a walk-in closet and a living area.

It is built on a concrete slab or a pier and a beam and it also comes with a custom Exterior Façade.

This house plan was designed to make tiny living an actionable alternative to the expensive living area.

Like many other designs from this designer, it was designed for everybody out there that wants to get enough space for the bed and those that want to maximize the available floor space.

Living area

The living area is accessed automatically through the main door and it contains a set of outward-swing French doors that leads to the deck.

The plan comes with all the details about setting a custom seating arrangement including the built-in storage.

The Bedroom

This house has a single bedroom but the seating room can double as a guest sleeping area.

The bedroom is designed to include in-wall storage which helps to save space.

The Bathroom

There’s a single bathroom with a walk-in closet.

You can easily access the bathroom using the sliding door that also doubles as a shallow closet.

The bathroom has enough space for a toilet and a shower and a small sink.

You can choose to install the sink or not.


The design comes with a mini kitchen that can accommodate tiny kitchen appliances such as a mini-fridge, a single burner cooker etc.

Who is this house plan for?

This house plan is for every single person starting life.

It can work for travelers and people that like hiking, spending time in the mountains or in the lakeside.

It works for a couple in a small family setting.

The Box Tiny House Plans

This is a modern tiny house design that is perfect for a light-filled home and a spacious space for your small family.

It can work perfectly fine for all types of smaller families, couples, and single people that want to minimize the cost of living in a bigger house.

Besides the fact that this house has a 184 Square feet size on the ground floor, the combined size is more than the exact size in this instance.

It comes with a 79 square foot loft that can accommodate a queen bed.

Moving on, it also comes with a 23 square foot loft that can take a twin bed or a storage space.

The house has stairs that lead to the queen loft.

The stairs doubles as additional storage.

The house is considered the easiest to build Tiny House.

However, it’s not a simple design for non-professional individuals.

If you don’t have the right knowledge, you might end up requiring professional assistance.

The house has fourteen windows and two skylights which is the reason why the house is known as the Hikari house.

The word “Hikari” means Light in Japanese.

The design involves a couple of unique details for one of the most actionable micro-home plans.

Living room

The living room is directly accessed through the main entrance.

It is lit using the clear and wide windows that pass in the light.

Moving on, space is enough for a sitting area, the TV station and a small table for the working area.


The house plan has two lofts.

The queen loft is accessed through the stairs and it can accommodate a queen-size mattress.

The other loft can take a double bed or serve as additional storage.


The kitchen area can easily be accessed through the main room.

It has a flipping door which is common for designers that don’t want to waste a lot of space on a tiny house.

The kitchen can take all the common kitchen appliances.

However, you might have to go with the tiny kitchen appliances such as a two-burner cooker, a mini-fridge, and a freezer.


The house only has a single full bathroom on the first floor.

This house plan has enough space for an open shower, a toilet, and a small sink or storage.

Who is this house plan for?

This house plan is a clean and modern mini home floor plan for singles, individuals, and couples that are ready to build a house on the wheels.

Tiny Urban Cabin

This tiny urban cabin is about 37 sq meters and is cleverly designed for enough space in the living area, Bathroom, Kitchen, and nursery room.

The house comes with an upstairs sleeping loft.

The primary materials, in this case, are pinewood and there are some additional light materials.

One of the most amazing features about this house is that it’s a park model meaning that it’s portable and can easily be moved from one place to the other.

The designers decorated the house to make it an attractive piece of art.

It has blue pine trim, a large white door, and windows.

The Kitchen

The house has one of the most cleverly arranged Kitchens out there.

But I personally don’t like the fact that the Fridge takes a lot of space.

But still, the designers managed to utilize the remaining space to host a two-burner cooker and all the other necessities.

The Kitchen has a Huge window that brings natural light inside and sets a comfortable feeling for family cooking.

Sleeping loft

Theirs is a sleeping loft upstairs that takes enough space for a queen-size bed and small storage.

The sleeping loft is accessed through the amazingly beautiful stairs.

The sleeping loft upstairs is for the parents and it can comfortably host two people.

The Living area

The Living space is painted black mixed with white to create a contrast that brings the feeling of more space.

The designer has applied the black and white trick.

The living area also has one of the biggest windows in the market which serves as the source of natural light.

The living area can host a TV space, five people seated and additional storage.

The Bathroom

This house plan features a white tiled bathroom.

The bathroom also has a plain white shower curtain that separates the standing shower area from the small toilet.

Space is also enough for a small sink and storage for your toiletries and skincare products.

Nursery room

This house plan is perfect for a family of 3 or 4 members.

For that reason, it has a space for a small nursery area.

Tiny House Whidbey Cottage

The house is built using a modern and rustic cottage and also a park model design.

It comes with a spaciously covered front porch which is very ideal for a relaxing time with the family or serves as the kids playing ground.

Inside the house, it features a wide double-sided fireplace, a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a small bedroom, and an L-Shaped Staircase that leads to the 2 loft bedrooms.

The Living area

The designers in this case choose to use hardwood for the floor instead of tile.

They are trying their best to avoid heavy flooring materials.

Its living room has a huge window that conditions the house and brings in a lot of natural light.

There’s a two-sided fireplace.

There’s another smaller window that was added for enriching maximum natural light into this economic design.

Modern Kitchen

This house comes with a modern kitchen furnished with walnut cabinetry and enough space for Fridge and Freezer combo for your tiny home.

The furnishes match with the wooden floor color, a stove, a dishwasher, and a hanging microwave.

Space is enough for additional appliances.

Bedrooms and sleeping

There’s the space next to the bathroom that is partly facing the kitchen.

This is the space that is used as the bedroom and comes with a smartly designed bed.

The bed has a top that can be lifted up for storage.

The loft in this case is split into two bedrooms.

This means that this house plan can hold more than six people.


There’s a full bathroom next to the bedroom and has everything you need for a functional modern bathroom.

It has a white curtain separating the standing bathroom from the small Toilet.

Who’s this house plan for?

If you have a family of one kid or a retiring couple that doesn’t have any kids, then this house plan will work for you perfectly.


How much is a 400 sq ft tiny house?

The price for a 400 sq ft tiny house might vary depending on the location and several other things such as the materials used in interior design and the type of tiny house plan that you go with.

In most instances, 400 sq ft house plans are 1 bedroom houses that can cost about $64,000 to build.

This is the price on average meaning that it can vary from one place to the other.

Can you build a tiny house for $5000?

Yes, the shell can be built for $5000 especially if you take into account cheap pre-cut kits.

The exterior structure can be completed at this price but the interior décor, insulation, and applications are going to cost more than this amount.

The price can as well exclude the trailers and the foundation.

Is 400 sq ft small?

No, this is the average size of a small house.

In many areas, 400 square feet is the minimum size for an apartment.

In New York, for example, the minimum size of a tiny house should be 400 sq feet.

But the law doesn’t apply to all houses built before the effect of the law in 1987.

Is it cheaper to build or buy a tiny house?

It is usually cheaper to pick DIY tiny house plans.

The cost of building your own tiny house can be less by 20% especially when compared directly to buying tiny houses.


Depending on your specific needs and preferences, you can pick any of the above 400 sq ft tiny houses.

Some of them have first floor and second floor; others have one or two bedrooms and several other perks such as the nursery room, a hall, and an office area.