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2 Bedroom Tiny House Plans – Top 11 Choices of 2024

If you’re interested in the best 2 bedroom tiny house plans of 2024, then read on.

Living large is gradually becoming a thing of the past.

We have witnessed an increasing number of people settling in tiny houses.

Tiny living is no longer just a trend but it’s actually a lifestyle choice that people across the country are willingly and happily taking up.

2 bedroom tiny houses floor plans are basically the ideal option for young families and baby boomers.

Sometimes, couples living on their own prefer two-bedroom tiny homes because it allows them to invite guests.

Besides saving tons of money, downsizing is one of the best ways to de-clutter and organize your stuff.

You won’t need so many things and will only be able to keep what’s essential.

Furthermore, tiny living reduces the carbon footprint and as such, helps in conserving the environment.

If you’ve decided that a 2 bedroom tiny house is the best choice, we have put together a list of the notable 2 bedroom tiny house plans and 2 bedroom tiny house plans free giveaways to inform your decisions.

With these house plans, you’ll have a full understanding of what you need.

Small cabin plans with Porch Harper

This 323 square feet small cabin plan is simply gorgeous.

It’s more of a fairytale style without all the glitz and glamour.

Who would want a big house when you can get a cabin like this one to compliment your minimalistic lifestyle?

As an added bonus, the Harper 2 bedroom tiny house plan comes with a sizeable covered porch.

The main level floor is made up of a bedroom, bathroom, small kitchen and a living area.

It also has a sleeping loft that serves as the second bedroom.


Small Cabin Plans with Porch Harper loft


We like the floor plan on the main level of the house.

There is space for a comfortable bedroom which is ideally the master bedroom.

It offers gorgeous views through the porch.

The living room is cozy and opens up to a small kitchen with a cooktop and storage cabinets.

Several large windows ensure plenty of natural light and ventilation flows into the house.

If you need an extra sleeping space, there is a loft bedroom upstairs.

It’s accessible via a ladder next to the kitchen.

It might even be your favorite reading space or some kind of man cave.

The windows in the dormer let in the sunshine to keep the space illuminated and warm.

Who is this house plan for?

The Harper small cabin plan is perfect for couples and small families.

Couples looking for sustainable and eco-friendly living will love this tiny house.

You don’t have to live in the house full-time.

It can be a great vacation home for individuals, a couple, or a small family.

It might even be an ideal studio for an artist who seeks to get away from everything and focus on their craft.

Considerations when buying this type of house plan

Obtaining the right zoning permits should come first on the list.

As you might already know, many areas are yet to accept the idea of tiny living.

This led to tiny houses being considered illegal in some states.

Before you get this tiny house plan, ensure you won’t be facing zoning restrictions.

Another thing to consider is the type of tiny house.

This particular type of tiny house is built on a permanent foundation.

Besides permits, the house will require inspection.

The inspection should be carried out twice; while the tiny house is under construction and when it’s complete.

It may be an unforeseen cost but will save you a lot of heartaches.

This house plan is built on a permanent foundation.

If you follow the right permit and inspection processes, it will be easier to get insurance for the tiny house.

For the people who need to ensure their tiny houses, the Harper small cabin plan would be a suitable choice.

Two-bedroom cabin plans Genesis

The Genesis two-bedroom cabin floor plans comprise two bedrooms and one bath in a 431 square feet home.

It’s the kind of house you will fall in love with at first sight.

This cabin often reminds people of a forest environment or living in the mountains.

One of the many things you will like about the house is the clear partition between the lively zone on the ground floor and the calm and peaceful zone upstairs.

The idea of putting the two bedrooms upstairs is surely to enhance privacy.

The living area is then dedicated to entertaining.



The house plan is made up of the main room, a kitchen and one bathroom on the main level.

The two bedrooms are upstairs.

The living room is one of the largest we have seen so far with both a lounging and dining area.

The dining has enough space to host a dinner party for four people.

The major selling point for this plan is the floor-to-ceiling windows that bring natural light to the living room.

Remember you’ll be entertaining guests in the living room and lots of natural light coming in to illuminate the space is a plus.

The kitchen is on the other end of the room at a corner.

It is compact but extremely functional with a sink and countertop for meal preparation.

The two bedrooms are upstairs.

Typically, there is a master bedroom and guest bedroom.

This kind of arrangement is especially ideal for couples with a small kid and wants the kid’s bedroom to be on the same level.

Who is this house plan for?

Genesis can be a nice holiday cottage.

There is enough space for people to stay indoors especially when the weather is not conducive.

It’s ideal for small families and individuals that want a place to get away on the weekends and holidays.

It might also serve as a hunting cabin.

Whatever you decide, it’s up to you.

Important considerations when buying this type of house plans

You should have a realistic budget.

Since there will be costs involved in building the house, it’s vital to do the math and create a general idea of what to expect.

The DIY building cost is $34,400.

That said, building any type of home is a lot of work even if it’s small.

The construction will involve many things including woodworking, carpentry, plumbing, framing, electrical, roofing, painting and so on.

Therefore, if you’re planning to build your own tiny house, you’ll need to determine what you can do properly.

Similarly, take a good look at the floor plan.

Are there any features you can’t possibly live without and want them to be included in the tiny home?

If yes, then it’s a factor to consider before you get this house plan.

Some of these features might be a living room with a dining area, a cooktop, wall and base cabinets in the kitchen, or any appliance.

Ensure the design can accommodate it without requiring too many changes.

Location is also very important.

This cabin is suitable for a forest environment.

If you have land in such an area, you’ll still need to get by the zoning restrictions.

As such, make sure the house is built in an area where tiny living is legal and you can easily obtain the zoning permits.

Otherwise, you might be forced to move out of your tiny home especially if it’s thought to violate the zoning laws.

2 story shipping container home plans

Are you into recycling useful materials?

If the answer is yes, then you just found your dream tiny home plan.

The gorgeous house plan covers 270 square feet and features effective space utilization.

The two-story tiny house plan is the perfect floor plan for a variety of people.

It’s a unique design that takes on the modern aspects of tiny living.

Since it’s a two-story building, you can rest assured the rooms are spacious and they will offer the comfort you need out a tiny house.

You also get a balcony as an added outdoor living space.


2 Story Shipping Container Home Plans


We like a house plan that presents creative ways to use space.

The two bedrooms on the upper level are spacious and cozy.

It comes with a balcony where you can hang out on those quiet evenings and enjoy a cool breeze.

Underneath is a covered porch to serve as an extra outdoor living space.

The main level has a great living room.

There is a space for dining that can accommodate three people and a lounging area.

A ladder that connects the downstairs to upstairs separates the living room from the small kitchen at the corner.

The space beneath the ladder is put to good use and turned into storage.

Who is this house plan for?

Most people would agree this tiny house plan is best suited for those who need a comfortable tiny vacation home.

If you want a quiet place to rest or vacation as a couple, this tiny house would do the trick.

You can also use it as a guest house.

This way, there is a cozy place for visitors and relatives to stay.

Important considerations when buying this type of house plans

When choosing this plan, make sure it’s suited to your age and physical condition.

For instance, people with small kids may not, particularly like a two-story tiny home.

Both bedrooms are upstairs and accessible through a ladder.

Small kids are at risk of falling off.

Older people may also have trouble going upstairs due to their physical limitations.

Do you intend to live in the house full-time or part-time?

Most zoning restrictions and laws only allow part-time living for tiny houses.

However, you can build it as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) for your in-laws or guests.

All in all, ensure your tiny house is up to code before anything else.

The specific size of the home is equally important.

This will help you discern whether this tiny house plan will actually be the best move in the long run.

The size of the house should be workable for you and your family.

If you have small children, will it fit their needs?

Do you have plans of working from home?

These are some of the few questions to keep in mind.

Mini House plans Nancy

The Nancy mini home floor plan is a notable option for people who need a tiny house with two bedrooms.

Covering just 410 square feet, this is a lovable, traditional tiny house.

It’s not overly spacious but has everything you would expect to get from a typical house.

The design definitely stands out with the downstairs being separated from the upstairs that’s dedicated to the two bedrooms.

A big enough porch brings to life the outdoor living experience.



So, what does this 2 bedroom tiny house plan entail?

Well, the house plan shows a living room, kitchen corner, bathroom and two bedrooms upstairs.

The living room has space for you to fit a couch as well as a dining table for two.

This means you can invite a friend over for a cup of coffee with biscuits.

The kitchen is pretty functional with a sink, cooktop, floating shelves and base cabinets.

You won’t have trouble preparing meals in there.

Since this tiny house doesn’t have that much storage inside, the garden storage comes in handy.

It’s a tiny room attached to the side of the house.

This would be the best place to keep your gardening tools, bicycle, camping gear and any other items that might clutter.

Who is this house plan for?

The Nancy house plan is a likable solution for mostly small families.

It has two cozy bedrooms, and the best part is you can put a bunk bed in one of them to serve as a kid’s room.

Aside from that, it can make for the perfect guest house, a she-shed, or getaway retreat.

Important considerations when buying this type of house plans

You have to consider what you want to use the house for.

If it’s full-time living, the space in the house is enough for individuals, couples and small families with at most two kids.

Larger families are likely to have a hard time fitting into such a small space.

It can be used as an art studio because there are two bedrooms.

But that will mean going up and down the stairs, which might turn out tiresome.

All these things should be at the back of your mind.

Another thing is whether you can get insurance.

For a house built on a permanent foundation, ensuring it will be easier and cheaper than let’s say, a mobile unit.

When viewing this plan, ensure it can accommodate the features that are vital for your wellbeing and happiness.

For instance, there are people who need a small, convenient workspace.

Both rooms in this tiny house are upstairs.

If you find it too much of a hassle, then you might have to look for a plan with a room downstairs.

Be sure to verify if certain appliances like a refrigerator can fit the floor plan.

The Hikari Box Tiny House Plans

If mobility is what you’re after, the Hikari box tiny house plans should get your attention.

It is the epitome of a modern 2 bedroom house plans on wheels.

The design focuses on making the home spacious enough for the inhabitants through creative and effective use of space.

With lots of natural light flowing in, the house actually feels bigger and brighter.

As a matter of fact, this is where the house plan gets its name.

The word Hikari means light-filled in Japanese.

The Hikari tiny house is not only gorgeous but also has a relatively simple construction.

The DIY tiny house plan offers convenience to the DIYers thanks to its simplified construction details.

It will certainly cost way less to build on your own and make it exactly for you.

The Hikari Box Tiny House plans


The Hikari is more of a typical tiny house with all of the essential features.

For someone who loves to cook, the kitchen definitely stands out.

There is more than enough storage to keep your utensils and other items.

It also has a place to sit and eat your meals while enjoying beautiful views from the window.

The tiny home comes with two sleeping lofts.

There is one that can fit a queen-size bed, while the other a twin bed.

A staircase leads to the bigger loft with options for storage underneath.

This provides ample storage for everything that won’t fit upstairs.

The smaller loft is accessible through a ladder.

Who is this house plan for?

If you suddenly got the urge to step out of your comfort zone and see new places, this house plan is designed for you.

It’s a solution for adventurous individuals and couples ready for a life on wheels.

Important considerations when buying this house plan

The size of the tiny house matters.

This particular one is 184 square feet and might not be the best fit for people looking to grow their families.

A tiny house is a good investment but it’s not for everyone.

For a house on wheels, you’ll probably be spending plenty of time outdoors.

But when the winter comes or it’s a rainy season, sitting inside might not be so comfortable for some people.

It’s crucial to be certain you can adapt to this lifestyle and live comfortably.

Another thing to keep in mind is the local zoning ordinances.

A tiny house on wheels is usually categorized as a recreational vehicle.

Most local governments will only allow an RV to be parked in specific locations like the given RV parks.

This means you might not be allowed to park the tiny house on private land or even backyard.

Cider Box Tiny House Plans

At first glance, the Cider Box tiny house doesn’t look like the typical trailer.

It’s more of a real house on wheels.

The design of the exterior is gorgeous with the double-shed roofline.

This not only adds space and dimension to the tiny home but also allows plenty of light to stream in through the windows.

The skylights and full glass doors clear the way for more light and ventilation.

You get two sleeping lofts with the house.

The main loft is accessible through stairs and there are storage compartments underneath.

The best part is the space for laundry, which is hard to come by in a tiny house on wheels.

Who is this type of tiny house plan for?

The Cider Box tiny house plan is for anyone ready for a life on the road.

It can be your companion in a quest to see some new places and meet new people.

It’s also a notable design for couples and people with small families due to the fact that it has two sleeping lofts, a bathroom, kitchen and laundry space.

Important considerations when buying this type of house plan

Being a mobile tiny house, you’ll need a heavy-duty trailer.

This is because a tiny house is basically heavier than an RV of the same size.

The trailer recommendation for this kind of house plan should have a total carrying capacity of 14,000 lb.

This means you’ll incur an extra cost since heavy-duty trailers are not really cheap.

It is a cost you should definitely consider to avoid setbacks.

In addition to the trailer, you will require a truck to tow your tiny house.

For such a tiny house, a full-sized pickup complete with a towing package is mandatory.

These don’t come cheap either.

All this extra cost should help you decide whether going for a tiny home on wheels is an option or not.

Consider the total height of your house on the trailer.

Most overpasses tend to be 14′ or more but some are not.

As such, if you’ll be moving from one place to another across the country, it’s critical to know your travel routes perfectly well.

Another important thing to have in mind is insurance.

Insuring a mobile home is tricky and the only way to obtain it is by being creative.

The truth is many people don’t have proper or any insurance for their mobile tiny houses.

When disaster strikes on the road or while parked, they end up losing everything.

Make use of the few sources to ensure your tiny house on wheels.

Before deciding to buy this plan, ensure you’re aware of the local zoning laws and restrictions.

Some states prohibit people from parking their mobile houses in backyards.

If this is the case, the only other way is to put it in an RV park.

Small Two Story House plans Judy

Welcome to your own tiny piece of paradise.

Well, at least that’s what this small country cottage plan has to offer.

The exterior design is not only intriguing but also aesthetically appealing.

If you need a DIY tiny house plan, this is the one and provides a step-by-step guide on how to go about it as well as a complete list of materials and tools.


At 346 square feet, the house plan comes with many features including a kitchen, bathroom, luxurious living room and two spacious bedrooms.

The second story is dedicated to bedrooms.

The main bedroom is big enough to fit a queen bed.

The main level of the house has an open floor plan probably for convenience purposes and to save on space.

It’s made up of the living room where you can put a couch and create a relaxing zone and a small space for dining.

The kitchen is at a corner with a mini-fridge, sink and four-burner cooker.

You can even include a small fireplace if you want.

Upstairs you’ll find the two bedrooms accessible via an innovative ladder.

The gable roof helps immensely in providing enough space, especially for people who won’t appreciate crawling into the loft bedrooms.

The windows strategically positioned in various parts of the house bath the indoors with natural light.

Who is this house plan for?

The Judy two-bedroom house plan is a suitable family home.

The floor plan is carefully crafted to ensure maximum comfort and functionality.

A small family can easily find this tiny home the best refuge from the hassle and bustle of the outside world.

Additionally, it’s ideal for couples and individuals interested in a minimalistic lifestyle.

Important considerations when buying this type of house plan

If you plan to build the Judy two-story tiny houses, start by getting all the required zoning permits.

The process will be easier and more forgiving if you are aware of the codes and get the house inspected where needed.

Furthermore, determine whether it’s possible to live the house full-time.

Some municipalities prohibit living in a tiny house full time.

If that’s the case, you should have the house registered as an Accessory Dwelling Unit.

2 bedroom small house plans Magdalene

Here is another beautiful and well- thought out bungalow tiny home.

The Magdalene two-bedroom tiny house plan is a place you can call home.

The interior and exterior are both gorgeous with clean finishes and effective use of space.

Incorporating green technologies like the solar panels on the rooftop makes this house an eco-friendly solution, perfect for a tiny living lifestyle.


2 bedroom small house plans Magdalene


The charming cross gable roof is certainly the highlight of the Magdalene house plan.

The main entrance gives way to a tiny hall leading into the main space.

The main space is complete with all the important amenities like a bathroom, functional kitchenette, dining space and a place to relax or sit and socialize with friends or family.

A wood-burning stove will keep the tiny house warm on cold days.

Since the bathroom is on the main level, guests can easily access it.

It is a luxurious bathroom with a large shower, sink and even a washing machine.

There is no lack of natural light in this tiny house thanks to the many windows and double glass doors.

These also bring in lots of fresh air and beautiful views of the surrounding.

Uniquely designed steps bring you to the two loft bedrooms upstairs.

These present a quiet and private space to relax, read a book, meditate or sleep.

There is even extra space for a shelf or table.

If you like to watch the stars and the night sky, the little windows on each of the lofts are perfect for this.

Who is this house plan for?

Being a two-bedroom tiny house, this plan is ideal for different kinds of people including a couple, a single person and people who may want to grow their families in the near future.

It may also make a nice and comfy ADU for guests, in-laws and relatives.

The truth is many states in the US have strict laws regarding renting out real estate properties on Airbnb and other similar sites.

But that doesn’t mean it’s entirely impossible.

As a matter of fact, depending on the location, you might be able to lease your tiny home that’s on your property.

If you want to generate passive income through Airbnb rentals, this plan is for you.

It’s a mini house that will easily accommodate various AirBnB crowds.

Rustic cabin plans Layla

The Layla rustic cabin plans offer tiny living without compromise.

People are increasingly becoming interested in traditional cabins.

This is because living in a cabin makes you feel more connected to nature with its timber frames and logs.

The cabin features a sizeable kitchen, a nice living room, bathroom and a pretty porch.

Impressively, the Layla plan has two bedrooms.

The first bedroom in this micro-home plan is on the single level.

The other is a loft bedroom conveniently overlooking the space underneath.

Close to the ground floor bedroom is the bathroom.

While it’s not the biggest bath on the block, it has space for a shower, sink and laundry space.

The living room is definitely the star of the Layla tiny house plan.

It would be perfect for holding parties and socializing with several friends or family.


If you need a place to relax, there is space for lounging.

The plan also shows a small dining table with three chairs.

Consequently, it’s possible to host a small dinner party.

It also includes a wood-burning stove to keep the home warm during winter and cold rainy seasons.

The L-shaped kitchen layout is perfect for this type of house plan since it provides enough worktop space.

The well-designed wall and base cabinets will suit your storage needs.

The glass doors work well to bring the outdoors into the home.

Aside from the incredible views, they let in lots of light to illuminate the entire room.

The carefully positioned windows also help to brighten up space and fill it with as much fresh air as possible.

Whenever you get tired of spending time inside the house, there is a covered porch waiting for you outside.

The wooden floors complete the rustic cabin feel.

What more can you ask for with this little piece of heaven?

Who is this type of house plan for?

This could be an ideal home for a retiree.

For starters, it’s not overly large and difficult to maintain.

A senior would have an easy time living in a house like this one especially because it has a bedroom downstairs.

Every part of the house is easily accessible.

Visitors can sleep in the loft bedroom.

If you need a vacation home that’s not over the top or expensive, this micro-home plan will do the trick.

Imagine sitting on the porch, watching the evening fade while sipping on a cup of tea and biscuits.

It’s simply a magical experience.

Important considerations when buying this house plan

The location you intend to build the house matters.

This is mainly because of the zoning laws and restrictions.

Make sure the house doesn’t violate the zoning ordinances.

This is very important particularly if you plan on living in the tiny house full-time.

Some people build tiny houses as ADU (Accessory Dwelling Units) on their properties and rent them out on Airbnb.

That said, you have to know the potential restrictions on this specific type of rental.

For instance, there could be a limit on the amount of time you can rent out the tiny home.

Coastal Cottage plans Emily

Emily is a small two-bedroom wooden cottage with a gable roof.

Covering 518 square feet, the design is meant to bring forth a pretty house that will blend well with not just the coastal region but most environments.

The best part of the Emily cottage plan is probably the fact that it’s fairly easy to construct.

The DIY building cost is $37,850 and you will finally get your dream tiny home.

The lower floor makes use of creative space-saving solutions to create a living room, dining area, kitchen, bathroom and hall.

The second floor is reserved for the two bedrooms in the house.

The kitchen is small but has enough space to fit the essential appliances like a fridge and four-burner cooktop.

As for the living room, there is a separate dining and lounging space.

If you need a place to work, one of the bedrooms upstairs can serve as a home office.


Coastal Cottage Plans Emily

Who is this type of house plan for?

This cottage plan is ideal for people in need of a holiday home.

It’s a nice and tranquil tiny home to spend the holidays in.

That said, some people may want a space where they can work undisturbed.

This plan includes two bedrooms and you can convert one into a studio.

Important considerations when buying this house plan

Your physical health matters when choosing a plan with bedrooms upstairs.

If you will have trouble climbing the ladder leading to the loft bedrooms, then this plan isn’t for you.

Furthermore, lofts tend to have a lower ceiling space than what’s typical.

This might not be comfortable for some people particularly those with health issues.

Unfortunately, this micro-home plan lacks a sleeping space on the main level.

Take note of the essential features to look for in a house plan.

For instance, some people want a workspace on the main floor.

Since there is no room on the ground floor to use as an office or studio, this plan might be off the list in that regard.

Also, consider if the design can accommodate extra features you need without too many alterations.

A-Frame home plans Emma

Emma is an A-Frame home plan that’s truly out of this world.

The two-bedroom house plan features a porch, spacious bedrooms, a luxurious bathroom and huge living together with a kitchen.

The main room/living room is just perfect.

For one thing, it’s customizable, meaning you can modify the partitions to suits your needs.

The plan images show the main floor having a lounge area, dining space and a small home bar.

The two bedrooms are equally spacious.

The master bedroom is not only big enough to fit a queen-size bed but it’s also packed with storage compartments.

The huge bathroom is designed to match the small home perfectly.

It comes complete with a laundry space, vanity and large shower.

If you like spending time outdoors, the porch would be your best companion.

All you have to do is chill on a rocking chair and enjoy the surroundings.


A-Frame Home Plans Emma

Who is this house plan for?

The size of the house makes it great for small families.

In addition, it can turn out to be a nice office space.

An office upstairs wouldn’t be that bad at all.

You will have everything you need right there at the house including a bedroom to rest and rejuvenate.


Is it possible for a tiny house to have two bedrooms?

A tiny house can have up to three bedrooms.

The design of most tiny houses focuses on creative use of space

Is 1,000 square feet a tiny home?

Mostly, a tiny house falls under the 500 square feet level.

But there are some who define a tiny house plan as any home design that’s under 1,000 square feet.