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Why Was Tiny House Nation Cancelled? – The Tell All Truth

TV series in the USA have a pattern of getting cancelled early, especially if the show isn’t doing that well.

This is most often for budgetary reasons or just because it got bad ratings.

There are many different ways a TV show can be cancelled and there are many different reasons why shows get cancelled.

This site will help you find out why Tiny House Nation was cancelled so that there is a better understanding of what happened to them.

We were all waiting for the sixth season of the Tiny House Nation in March 2020 but then we were caught unaware by the production.

The production went on hold and there were many cancellation rumours.

This show has had its negative comments from shoddy work to the accusations of the stolen tiny house.

So why was the tiny house cancelled?

Let’s all find out.

About Tiny House Nation

Still in its 5th season, Tiny House Nation is a reality show that follows host John Weisbarth and renovation expert Zack Giffin as they travel around the country to find people who are looking to build their own tiny houses.

It’s a fresh take on the home-makeover show—instead of “before and after,” it’s more like “before, during, and after.” The people who appear on the show all share the same vision: to live simply in small, affordable homes.

Some are homeowners looking to downsize, others are young people looking to save up for a house of their own, and still, others are families who have decided they want to travel around the country in their tiny homes on wheels.

In each episode, John and Zack meet with a new homeowner and show them three designs for their tiny house.

They then decide which one they like best and get started on building it.

Even though every home is less than 500 square feet, there’s still plenty of room for innovative design ideas and clever decorating solutions—the show definitely gives you ideas about how you can make the most out of a small space.

Is the Tiny House Nation cancelled?

Despite being a hit show, there are rumours about the Tiny House Nation being cancelled.

However, there are no official announcements from the team or the FYI network on whether this show was cancelled or just put on hold.

According to an article fromscreenrat.com, FYI has not put out any statements on the show since 2020 when the whole world was waiting for the sixth season and it’s been rumoured that the show has been cancelled for a year now.

There is hope for fans of the show, however.

The network has listed Tiny House Nation in its list of shows still airing and they haven’t made a statement to say otherwise.

Tiny House Nation has been going strong since 2014, with a total of five seasons and over 50 episodes released so far.

It follows renovation experts, John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin as they travel across America and help people who are downsizing their lives into tiny houses.

What were the problems with the show?

The Tiny House Nation show debuted on the FYI Network in 2014.

The show followed the home builds of families looking to downsize into spaces no larger than 500 square feet (46 square meters).

Yet, some people have called the show a “fairy tale” that is “not reality.”


Because Tiny House Nation didn’t tell the whole truth about some of the tiny houses featured on the show.

Here are three major lies Tiny House Nation told viewers.

During season two, there were two episodes that caused a lot of controversies.

In one episode, a couple had their tiny house stolen.

It was parked at their land while they were working on it when the crew left for the day.

When they returned to work on it the next morning, it was gone! What happened?

Well, according to the couple in the show, it was stolen by a couple of teenagers who had hidden inside while they were filming.

The police found the trailer soon after with some damage done to it.

There was another episode where there were accusations that Tiny House Nation lied about helping a family build their tiny home as part of a fundraiser for their daughter who has cancer.

There is no proof that this story is false but some people started questioning whether it was true or not after reading an article about Tiny House Nation being sued for fraud and breach of contract for misrepresenting themselves as a charity organization.


Episode 12 is about building a tiny home for Dana and Robert, who are expecting their first child and want to save money on rent so they can afford to stay at home with their new-born after Dana quits her job.

The episode begins with them packing up their belongings and moving out of their apartment as they prepare for the move-in date.

They’re shown loading up boxes and furniture into a U-Haul, but they never arrive at the new house.

Instead, they’re filmed loading up more stuff into another U-Haul and saying goodbye to friends before driving off in an RV with their new-born baby–not exactly what you’d expect from a couple who just moved into a brand new luxury tiny home with all of their possessions already inside!


What is Tiny House Nation Show?

A FYI home renovation reality TV series, Tiny House Nation is hosted by John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin.

The series follows the pair as they help people who want to build tiny homes.

The fifth season takes them across America to meet new families hoping to build tiny homes that are big on design and aesthetics, but small on space.

Will “Tiny House Nation” come back?

Tiny House Nation” did not receive any cancellation notice from FYI, nor did the network publicly announce plans to end production.

However, the show hasn’t released a new episode since 2018.

It’s possible that the show will come back, but it isn’t likely.

Why was “Tiny House Nation” cancelled?

It doesn’t appear that there were any public statements explaining why the network decided to stop airing episodes of “Tiny House Nation.”

The last episode aired in 2020, so perhaps they wanted to try a different type of show in its place.


Within its three seasons, Tiny House Nation covered a myriad of homes to show that you can have a simple, fulfilling home in a tiny space.

If it was up to us, we would like to see the show find a new network and be back in production.

Though, there were no formal announcements about the show being paused or cancelled.