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Where Are They Now, Tiny House Hunters in 2024 – Still Living Tiny?

Tiny House Hunters is one of the best shows that ever aired on HGTV and continues to rerun even in 2024.

The storyline was simple; you were supposed to follow home seekers across the US as they look to downsize their way down with Tiny Houses.

They checked three unique streamlined houses under 600 square feet before deciding on the perfect compact Kingdom that they can call home.

After finding the perfect streamlined House, they will either join the Tiny House movement or stick with wide-open spaces.

You, as the viewer, is left at the edge of your seat, waiting to see what would happen next.

The show allowed viewers to join in a house buying experience, but there’s a lot of information that is currently missing.

Do you believe that all the couples and families featured in this show still live in tiny houses?

Where are they now, and what do they do?

This is exactly what we’ll talk about in this post.

Where are House Hunters and their families?

House hunters show has seen a lot of couples, individuals, and families hunt for their houses and purchase them.

But where are these individuals and their families right now?

This post will enlighten on some of the things that you should know about house hunters and their current situations.

There’s currently a lot of misinformation that should be cleared from the air.

Some people claim that there are some couples that had already bought the land and the House before they appeared on the show.

A reddit user claimed that she met one of the people that appeared in the House Hunters episode and confirmed that she had already purchased the land before they even contacted and met the show.

They claimed that after purchasing the House, the show crew came and shot her looking for the House and eventually took her to two other houses to make it look like she was searching for a new house.

The woman confirmed that she had already gone through the entire buying process before the show approached her.

House Hunters Bobi Jensen

Bobi Jensen

It is not surprising that some of the episodes featured hunters that had already purchased land.

Based on the number of TV episodes this show has currently, you can be forgiven for thinking they film the entire house buying process.

One of the many house hunter participants is Bobi Jansen from Texas.

This participant claimed that she was going through the purchasing process and she was willing to be part of the House Hunters episode genuinely.

However, she was expected to complete the purchasing process before she could be accepted in the show.

The episode on which Bobi was featured aired during the special Texas week.

The couple is currently living in their tiny House in Texas with the family, and they are determined to reduce their living expenses by a high percentage.


Liliana Caughman

Liliana was an associate professor at the Northwest Indian College that contacted the show with intentions of being included in one of the episodes.

She and her partner, Megan McGinnis and the agent, Chad Meier of Living room Realtry, were invited to the show.

After participating on the show, they eventually settled with a Woodstock Bungalow with a backyard grape arbour.

The backyard is actually what sealed the deal.

Before the end of the show, the couple confirmed that they will seek out more space as their family grows.

They also confirmed that they will not fail to document the process on House Hunters sequel.

Caughman and her husband claims that they have been stopped at the airport by women who gushed their episode was the favourite.

The couple and the family now live in Tualatin Home.

However, they had to do some major changes before they moved to this specific House.

As their family continues to grow, we’re waiting to see if their move to seek a relatively bigger home will be documented on House Hunters.

Tyson and Lindsay Nead

Tyson and Lindsay’s episode aired on February 2020.

The couple runs a talent management agency and have been living in a Forest Height condo.

This is where they agreed to be part of the House Hunters episodes in 2019.

However, there was a lot of conflict between Typson and Lindsay because the wanted to go more traditional while the man wanted to go with a mid-century-modern vibe.

They eventually settled in Portland in a Tualatin cul-de-sac and changed a lot of things with this House.

The couple confirmed that she changed the deck and changed the house color and some interior aspects.

However, the couple is not currently living in this House.

As Lindsay puts it, they thought that getting a house in Oregon would keep them waiting for longer but they were obsessed with the House but they missed the sunshine in the outside.

So, in the fall of 2020, they headed south and are now living in a rental near Lindsay’s family in San Diego.

Lindsay has already given birth to their second child and is currently thinking of seeking another home with a lot of sunlight.

Elizabeth and Jeff New Camp

Elizabeth and Jeff NewCamp appeared on the House Hunters show twice.

They claimed that the filming process was tiring and stage managed.

The couple has appeared on both the House Hunting show and the House Hunting International show.

She’s a travel blogger and a mother of three that shared all the insights on how it’s like to appear in some of these episodes.

She also claimed that it involved fame and exaggerated arguments.

The couple claimed that the houses were pre-picked and the interview process followed.

She claimed that on the House Hunters International, they had already picked one House but they were made to choose other options to make the show interesting.

Considering the limited time that some of these shows take, it’s very unlikely that they had picked a house and eventually completed the purchasing process.

The Husband is an Air Force Lt.


Jeff Newcamp and his wife and the three children returned for the second episode which aired on House Hunting in 2019.

They were previously featured in the House Hunters International in 2016.

They selected two homes in US and they had to debate between these two before they settle with one of them.

She claims that filming took five full days and the family was paid $500 as it’s always the case with the other families.

The couple selected a house in Heritage Park in Navarre and they liked the neighbourhood.

They are currently living in this neighbourhood up to today.

They claim that this space has enough living space for their large family.

Kelly Williams Brown

This House Hunter participant is a writer and a non-profit communication consultant that sought a house with a bathtub.

She claimed that she took an exceptionally high volume of baths a day.

The episode featured in November 2017.

Her obsession with the bath tubs explains her downcast expression in her episode when she stops at one of the three homes.

At this point, she was seen sinking in despair in the floor of tubeless master bedroom.

She also explained that her other turn offs were the size of the kitchen, the open concept floor plans and a giant TV mount above the fireplace.

Over this time, they didn’t strike a deal with any of the owners.

She’s currently in the 1930s era home that she bought in Salem.

It is actually an English cottage house that comes with a fairy-tale tower roofline and pointy roof.

She claims that it’s been an honour to learn how to maintain a 1930s house.

She says that no one tells you when to replace the shower or the heater and how often you should update the dryer.

But over the time, she has made a lot of changes to this House which is the reason why she’s still comfortable in that House.

Although there’s a lot to complain about, she claims that the House perfectly fits her lifestyle.

Madson and Vernon

This couple appeared in the latest episode of this show.

The show aired on 30th June and features two individuals, Madison and her Husband that are real estate stars looking for a place to live in the Virginia Beach Goth.

They usually contract for their clients in Virginia Beach but when it comes to looking for them, there’s a whole different story.

The couple went through a series of hunting before landing a good deal in Virginia Beach.

Besides being real estate stars, they had a lot to put up with as they purchased their dream house.

According to the episode, the couple still lives in Virginia Beach happily with 1 kid.

Are the buyers on House Hunters actors?

There’s a lot of misleading information when it comes to the participants in the House Hunting show and House Hunting International Show.

Most people feel like the house buyers in this case are actors which is true anyway.

In most situations, we have seen house hunters that are not even living in the houses they picked in the show.

Most participants claim that they had to cooperate with the production team to express their opinions but later didn’t settle with what we saw on the screen.

In other situations, the crew had pre-organised to bring only the buyers that have already completed the buying process.

The next proof that the house hunter’s participants are actors is the fact that they are paid.

Most of them, confirmed that they were paid $500 for their time and acting roles.

Some other actors are not even living in the areas where they were seen closing the house buying process.

This means that most of them were paid to participate directly with a role that was pre-scripted.

Creators are actual couples

After doubting whether the actors are really buying the land, the next thing to ask yourself is whether the creators are the real couples.

This is easy to confirm because these are known couples that have been spotted several times together.

A good example is Tara Sandler and Jennifer Davidson.

They have been an actual couple for more than 25 years.

They got the inspiration to apply to the show after they embarked in a mission to buy a new house for their growing family.

Surprising Facts about House Hunters

We all love watching each episode of House hunters mainly because there’s always something new with every episode.

If you are a House Hunters show fanatic, then there’s a lot you are supposed to know.

Here are the ten surprising facts about this show that you should know.

Buying a House is never easy

Although there are many people that say some of the episodes are scripted and some of the participants had already closed the house buying deal before they featured on House Hunters, the process of buying a house through the show is not always easy.

The program makes it seem like it’s very easy to purchase a house which is not always true.

There are usually many buyers behind the scene that are also seeking to close the deal.

It’s also important to know that no one settles as quickly as the show wants us to believe.

The Families are Real

Despite the fact that The House Hunters International and House Hunters show is a pseudo reality show, the families used on the screen are actual families.

This has been confirmed by a couple of bloggers that followed closely to expose the show.

Poor acting skills

There are claims that some parts of the show are scripted which is true and some of the participants have very poor acting skills.

It’s obvious that most parts of the show are scripted; we have had from Bobi that the crew changed the reason why she and her husband wanted to move.

They brought the narrative of a small living area and wanted people to believe that Bobi and her husband were moving because of the space.

It’s also easy to realize that some actors have poor skills especially when they explain what kind of a house they want to buy.

Even though they are looking for a house, they are instructed to make the House more watchable.

Some episodes are not aired

There are some episodes that are not aired.

Given the fact that some scenes in the episodes are scripted, there are some factors that make the episode not to air.

However, this is not a new concept in most reality shows.

However, most episodes are aired.

Some of the homes on the show are not listed for sale

It’s true that there are a lot of scripted scenes in this show.

I bet you have watched a participant leave a better house to close the deal on another house with claims that the House is pricy or it doesn’t have a bathroom door which can be replaced anyway.

According to slate, some of the houses in this show are not for sale.

Some of them are not even listed for sale.

If for sure they are listed for sale, why is it difficult to show the actual location and the post?

The real estate estimates are a joke

The show can actually convince you that the houses are very cheap depending on the current real estate estimates which is not the truth.

In some situations checking the actual real estate estimates proofs that the numbers were a joke.

The numbers in some situations are a joke to the realtors who disclose about the actual real estate estimates.

Wish List: Funny Joke

It’s very easy to realize that most of the things in the wish list are made up.

It’s clear because some of the wish list is to just make the show interesting to watch.

One of the participants was jumping from one House to the other looking for the one with a bathtub claiming its because of her showering needs.

This is a pure joke because some necessities such as a shower can always be added to any type of a house.

Most couples in the episodes wish for a different thing from what we are made to believe in the show.

Can all the participants afford homes in the stated areas in this day and era?

We like watching this show because we see different people bring close their ideas about their dream house.

But most of them are there to just score the $500 pay after the end of the episode.

Most of them are not even planning about such a huge investment in their lives.

However, we are supposed to believe that they can afford and they have actually bought land in those specific areas.

Some Participants only need a minute of fame

We can always do anything to be on the TV and attract a minute of fame.

Apparently, this is what most participants in this show did.

They wanted to be featured on the show not because they genuinely want to buy houses but because they want a minute of Fame.

The Number of episodes per year is ridiculously unrealistic

Imagine closing more than three house buying processes in a week.

The show appears more than three times a week with new episodes meaning that they have at least three people that successfully closed the deal.

This is very unrealistic and one of the worst things to think about especially if you are a serious house hunter.

Some couples have a house picked in advance

Airing one episode per day would be more realistic if we assume each couple had a pre-picked choice.

We have all heard these claims from some of the participants.

Some of them claimed that they had already closed the deal before the crew came to record the scenes.

The couple is expected to visit two other houses and pretend to be buying these houses on the screen while they already know what they are settling for.

The dream sold in the show is the one we all believe in

Showing viewers how easy it is to buy a house is one of the ways of keeping them watching.

Most of them believe that this idea is a substantial dream that we all have.

However, the entire scenes are scripted.

The show also sells the idea that home ownership is an easily attainable idea.


Is Tiny House hunters fake?

Yes, but still, most of the show is staged.

Most people thinks that the tiny house Hunters is scripted.

But the fact is that Lambert said he and his family were given little direction, which is very normal in all types of production.

Do couples in the House Hunters get paid?

Yes, but the pay is really low.

According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, the couples and the families that are featured in the show were paid as little as $500 for their time.

Some other players in the show are not paid.

The realtor for example is not paid anything for appearing in the Tiny House Hunters.

What Happened to House Hunters on HGTV?

Currently, the House Hunters is losing its trademark narration.

This series has been around for more than 24 years with thousands of episodes.

However, the show is at the process of ditching its narration.

Andromeda Dunker has been serving the narrator role since 2009 and is currently the voice of the series.


Despite the fact that there’s a lot of misleading information and doubts on how the show operates, there’s too much popularity even 20 years after the start of the show.

Some of the participants are still living in the houses that they purchased in the show while others had changed or upgraded to bigger homes as their families expand.

Most of the ones we have explained above are living in the houses they purchased on screen.