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What is Tiny House Divorce – Updated Stats For 2024

Many people who are downsizing are wondering What is Tiny House Divorce, and if it concerns them in 2024 or beyond, is it something to be concerned about?

Tiny house divorce may seem like a new thing but from years of data collection, there have been new findings on how it affects peoples marriages and relationships.

Information released by the Great Nation of Astonishing Tiny, Homeowners of America, shows that the rate of divorce from couples building tiny homes has increased exponentially. They claim that there’s a 25% increase from the previous 25% to the current 50% cases of divorce.

All this has occurred in just three years. At the same time, there has been a positive upgrade from people that are seeking to downsize but it may also be the subject of testing the relationship between couples for a few reasons.

  • Lack of space and privacy
  • The feeling of being unsettled
  • Worries of financial security
  • Constant cleaning and maintenance

Tiny homes have all the designated space for a dining area, living room, bathroom and several other rooms. But I know you are already wondering what would happen when a relationship is being stressed by the lack of space, environment and security.


What is Tiny House Divorce

This brief brings gives you all the information you need to know in this instance on how divorce in a tiny house happens and why couples may want to rethink the tiny living lifestyle.

The laws surrounding tiny home living

Tiny home has been an outlier. This means that the idea is so new to an extent that some states haven’t set any divorce laws regarding the same. This is actually what brings anxiety and headaches for a couple that wants to settle. Tiny houses on wheels are not considered as a normal living structure. Verily, they are considered as Recreational Vehicles meaning that they are legally allowed to be parked in the RV parking for a limited time.

Those that park their tiny houses on wheels or RVs on another person’s property run the risk of being thrown away. To explain this issue deeply, we have to break the notion of divorcer into (i) Before/During and After divorce.

Before and During Divorce

Before and during divorce, you will probably be living with your spouse and for that reason; you must know how to address the issue. There are no direct answers to some of the questions you have in mind which is the reason why you should spare enough time to listen to your heart and mind.

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The Practicality

The first thing in this category is to be practical; what I mean in this instance is to analyze how things are at home. There’s limited spaces and probably only one bedroom, living room and bathroom. So ask yourself if you can stay in the house. Is the house comfortable? Do you have any worries? Is there any tense and are you guys amicable?

Practically, the couple is expected to live together during the process of divorce in this limited area for few weeks. The question, in this case, is can you guys live together?

Ask the question of whether you are comfortable living in the same space and whether you guys can work out the finances. This will mainly come down to the period that you are expected to live together before the process is completed.

In case a couple divorces and leaves the house, the other one will be liable for all the finances. The good thing with tiny houses is that there are little chances of being financed and this way, there’s no mortgage. Before you leave the house, you must have a plan for child support and a new house.

Mediation in Tiny House divorces

I’m going to fix this here because mediation is the best procedure of solving some of the issues you will have as a family. You can actually sit down and plan on how different things will be sorted and how you are going to share the tiny living space. You can actually involve a 3rd party that can effectively help you solve the issues.

Does one party have to leave the tiny house?

As a couple, you have probably living together and now that divorce has knocked the door, the question of who leaves the tiny house is paramount. Probably you both want to stay in the house and so you wonder how will that work. This is exactly where negotiations start.

As a matter of fact, you can involve the right authorities to make an amicable decision in this case. You can consider selling the tiny house and share the money. But the resale price for a tiny house will always be a concern.

After Divorce

After divorce, it’s going to be a little easier mainly because you are not sharing this little space. There are few things to figure about as a duo now. You have probably divided the property and you are going to figure out how to address your issues after the divorce. So, where do you want to live? Will you have to sell the RV or the tiny house and share the money or will you just have to get compensations and build another tiny house. All these questions must easily be addressed during and after the divorce.

The last question is where can you move and what are the specific tiny house laws and building code in the new place? This is something important because you now have to live on your own. Are you going to consider 2 story tiny houses or 2 bedroom tiny houses? Answer all these questions before you proceed.



Is it illegal to live in a tiny house?

In some states, tiny houses are illegal while in others, they are fully acceptable and there are no limitations in living in tiny houses. Some states have their building code that might vary from one place to the other. If your state doesn’t recognize a tiny house as a legal structure, you might have to consider alternatives such as the RVs.

Can you live permanently in a Tiny House?

In some states, the Building codes refer to tiny houses as backyard cottages which mean that they can now be built and parked separated in the space. With that provision, it’s definitely very easy for a single-family to live permanently in a tiny house. Can I buy land and put a tiny home on it?

Can I buy land and put a tiny house on it?

Yes, there’s nothing wrong with tiny houses. As a matter of fact, tiny houses are allowed in many states across the country. There are however some few states that prohibit tiny houses. So, you have to do your research and determine whether your state allows tiny houses.

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