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Tiny House Wood Stove – What Are The 7 Best in 2024?

Did you know that a tiny house wood stove can keep your electricity bills to the minimum during the icier seasons?

If you have thought of saving more money in 2024 and beyond with your tiny house, then you need to invest in a wood stove, and this is the guide that will help you.

Even the smallest freestanding wood stove can heat up to 1,200 square feet.

They have traditionally shaped appliances that come in all shapes.

Regardless, there’s a lot of information you need to make a good decision regarding tiny house wood-burning stoves.

Mini and small wood stoves may take a giant bundle of wood, hardwoods and wood pellets which is the main reason why many people are already wondering whether they are the best alternatives to electric heaters.

If you have your tiny house sitting on a Caribbean island, a lakeside or at the core of mountains where warming yourself is paramount, you might be already researching around for the best tiny house wood stoves.

Not everyone has their tiny houses in such areas.

However, we all need some sort of supplementary and seasonal heat.

In a tiny space, heating a tiny home with a wood stove is a great way of minimizing your expenses and keeping yourself warm and cozy on chilly winter evenings.

Furthermore, there are some small, micro and mini wood stoves that minimize the footprints and at the same time work as needed in hundreds of square feet.

In this brief post, you will learn about the tiny house wood stoves, the different types, the main tiny house wood stove buying tips and the top 7 editorial recommendations for the same.

What is a wood stove?

Wood stove is a heating appliance that is capable of burning wood fuel and biogas fuel to heat the provided space.

In the tiny house world, only the Mini Wood stoves, Micro wood stoves and small Wood stoves make sense.

These types of appliances were developed for RVs and boats.

Likewise, they can be the best for practically heating a tiny space.

So, if you have been searching for the cubin mini wood stove or a drarf wood stove, the ones listed here are the best alternatives.

Mini, micro and small wood stoves are typically smaller than the traditional wood stoves.

However, they don’t match the heat producing capabilities of bigger wood stoves for apartments.

Another major drawback is that they need frequent tending and fuelling when in use.

But the main reason why these micro wood stoves are recommended for houses below 400 square feet is the fact that they are actionable and end up taking a smaller space and smaller pieces of wood.

But they will not hold fire for longer than traditional wood stoves.

The micro, small and tiny wood stoves are very economical to purchase and run which coincides with the main objective of any minimalist.

They are freestanding and can heat a space of up to 1200 square feet.

In most instances, these appliances are traditionally shaped and smaller meaning they contribute significantly to the interior décor of your tiny house.

Benefits of wood heating stoves

There are countless reasons why many minimalists love wood stoves for their chilly mornings.

However, this might vary from one person to the other and from one state to the other.

Some of the benefits only apply in some areas.

Here are some of the reasons why minimalists love wood heating stoves.

Lower electricity bills

Statistics released in 2020 show that during the 2018-2019 winter, the average household in the country spent about $581 on natural gases and about $1,520 using heating oils and another $1,174 on electricity.

The average propane spent in the Midwest averaged $1,338.

Wood stoves are the best options for keeping your electric bills down.

If you want to save significantly on electric bills during the coming winter months, then you have to consider a tiny house wood stove kit.

Get some exercise and deal with stress

The process of finding wood, splitting the wood and setting the tiny house wood stoves is a serious exercise that can help you manage your stress especially if you are a loner.

Even though you can save money with this stove, it also involves a fair amount of labor that is good for your health.

You also have to spend a lot of time clearing the land of dead trees.

It’s sustainable

In most instances, a small tiny house wood stove will force you to recycle old bills and newspapers.

This is usually the case when you are starting the stove.

Most tiny house owners end up using old newspapers along with small sticks to light the stove.

They serve a dual purpose

Some minimalists claim that the wood stoves also help them prepare tea and dinner.

As the fire is going, you can decide to heat water for your coffee, tea or smoke some wings.

As you prepare the dinner and tea you will not get cold.

The electric stove and gas stoves can only be used when preparing hard foods and when warming your tea.

Feel the love

Wood stoves naturally attract humans and animals with their warmth.

It will serve as the best place for you and your spouse, dogs and cats which creates a romantic and a great feeling that can help with stress and make you feel loved.

Tiny House Heating Options

Heating a tiny house especially the tiny house on wheels is a daunting undertaking.

The first challenge is that there are many heating options each with its own benefits and disadvantages.

The second challenge is the fact that there are different fuel prices and regulations from one state to the other.

So what is the best option for heating your tiny house?

What is the average price of heating your tiny house?

All these questions are clearly answered at this point.

When it comes to heating tiny houses, there are different things to take into consideration.

But the option you go with boils down to the preference, the location, the cost and few other things.

The first question to ask is whether you are on a grid or off the grid.

Off-grid winter heating options are very narrow.

If you are on the grid, you have countless options for heating your tiny house.

Immediately after answering the question above, the second thing is to determine the practicalities of your lifestyle.

What do you want in real-time?

What do you love doing and where do you love doing it?

Are you a traveler or a photographer that always moves from one place to the other?

Your time in the morning is also another important consideration.

Many people will love wood stoves but very few will think about waking up to cold mornings before stocking the wood in the tiny house stove.

But if you love the simplicity that comes with these stoves, you will definitely not be shaken with other considerations.

The size of your tiny house and the tiny house heating option are also important.

The sizing process for your heating option and its practicability is important especially because you have limited space.

The season is another major consideration.

In some instances, a heating appliance may not be able to cope with the cold outside.

If you are unable to determine the right size of your heating option, you can use the BTU calculator to come up with the figures.

I can guess with near certainty that another reason for choosing a minimalist life is to cut the living budget by more than half.

This means that you clearly have to determine the amount of money that you are willing and able to pay for the same.

Some setups can cost more than you anticipate in terms of money and time.

Some options are cheaper and require less maintenance, so, make the decision wisely.

Electric Heaters

This is one of the major tiny house heating options.

However, it’s not a great option if you are living off-grid.

It’s also the easiest and cheapest alternative in some states.

One of the major benefits of electric heating is that it’s very efficient especially during the cold seasons and heating larger spaces.

This means that you can get through the winter season comfortably with the tiny house electric heating.

Though, electric heating is not attractive and is very likely to take up a lot of the floor space.

The option also requires you to be on the grid and most electric heaters can consume a lot of heat.

Some are as high as 1,500 watts meaning you can end up paying more electricity bills than other heating options.

The market is flocking with some cheap electric heating options.

Some of them are as cheap as $45 and can be cheaper if you utilize Electric heater coupons and hot deals in the retail market.

The fan in this regard is loud and it might not be the best option if you want a calm and quiet space for meditation.


  • Inexpensive
  • No installation required
  • They heat very fast
  • Easy to find in any store
  • You can find the best size for you


  • They take more floor space
  • They are expensive to run
  • They are not practical off the grid
  • They are not good looking

Wood stove or Pellet Stove

For most off-grid houses, the best option is heating the space with a wood stove or a small pellet stove for a tiny house can be more efficient.

We have met many tiny house owners, especially those farmhouse owners, lakeside or mountain tiny house owners that are using this option.

The main reason why many of them love this option is that they are easy and inexpensive to run and they are also aesthetically acceptable especially for those that care so much about their interior décor.

You can as well heat water for tea or coffee above the stove.

This means that wood stoves and pellet stoves serve a dual purpose.

Some tiny house on foundation owners take this as an alternative especially during the rainy and extreme seasons when the electricity goes off more often.

When there’s no electricity during the winter, you can as well remain warm during the chilly nights and mornings.

On the other hand, wood stoves are messier because the ash is very likely to fall on the floor.

Nevertheless, if you don’t mind, this is a very good alternative to the expensive to run electric heaters.


  • Off-grid friendly
  • Wood is renewable
  • It’s a sustainable source of fuel
  • Wood is cheaper
  • They are loved for the practical work of chopping the wood
  • Wood heat is better and safer than the electric heat
  • The atmosphere around a wood stove is breath-taking


  • Burning wood releases toxic gases
  • It’s riskier than electric alternatives
  • You need storage for wood
  • You need time to start the stove

Kerosene Heaters

Kerosene is worth the setup and the cost but most tiny house owners opt for this alternative for outdoor use.

Kerosene burns really hot and it is also 90% efficient.

Additionally, Kerosene beats Propane in terms of BTU output.

The only disadvantage is the fact that it’s not as clean-burning as propane and it contributes significantly to environmental pollution.

With the advancement in technology, there are some Kerosene Stove filters that reduce emissions.

When compared to electricity and propane, Kerosene is a cheaper option.

But if you are concerned about carbon monoxide especially if there’s limited ventilation, this is a serious issue.

If you should choose a Kerosene heating stove, then we recommend the Toyotomi Laser Kerosene Heaters and Dyna-Glo Heaters. These are environmentally friendly and very effective.


  • You can go with the vented or un-vented options
  • Burns very clean
  • It’s effective
  • It’s cheaper than electricity and Propane
  • Thermostat Controlled


  • It uses Fossil fuels which are not environmentally friendly
  • It’s hard to find fuel sometimes

Tiny House Propane Heaters

Propane heaters have their own advantage over all the other options above.

It’s clean-burning, efficient, cheap and easy to operate.

Most of them help heat the house and hooking up a heating element is very easy.

The best recommendation is the Dickinson heater.

It’s attractive and efficient and is a contender to the wood stove option.

However, this also has some bad sides which include the cost and the fact that it doesn’t produce enough heat.

Another recommendation is the Mr Heater Propane Heater.

This is a great option in the South.

It’s tiny meaning that it doesn’t take a lot of space.

However, it’s not the best in terms of effectiveness and burning.


  • They burn cleanly
  • They are thermostat controlled
  • Vented and un-vented options
  • Less expensive


  • They use fossil fuel
  • Hard to find Propane

Tiny House Heating Pumps

If you have a tiny house on a grid, then tiny house heating pumps are great alternatives.

They are getting more efficient and cost-effective.

The pumps work by capturing any available heat from the environment and concentrate it in your house.

Immediately after getting to about 30 degrees, they have electric heating coils that can boost the heating system.

This type of heating is common with cars.


  • They can heat and cool
  • Very efficient
  • They take no floor space
  • Thermostat controlled


  • High initial costs
  • They require a professional setting

Tiny House Wood Stove Options

With the resurgence of wood stoves in the tiny house world, many companies have started bringing different options for wood stoves.

This means that finding the best alternative for your needs is a serious undertaking.

The best recommendation here is the Jotul because it’s a popular gas and wood stove manufacturer with the experience and expertise to give you exactly what you need.

Another great option is the Hobbit Wood stoves.

They have many heating options and are beautifully made.

This will be expanded in the sections below.

Size of the wood stove

As you prepare to hit the market for the best Tiny House wood stoves, there are countless things you should consider.

The first thing is to get a stove small enough for the square footage.

Depending on the size of your tiny house, you can go with the wood stove that directly matches the space you want to heat.

The heating space

The next consideration is the space you want to heat.

Wood stoves require a lot of space just in their size.

You have to give a good amount of space around the stove to get quality heat from the space.

The lifestyle

Your lifestyle is also an important consideration.

The wood stove for your tiny house should be able to impact your lifestyle.

The fact is that wood stoves need frequent tending and you also need to chop the wood, stack them and haul them to your home.

This is a lot of work meaning that very few people can blend well with such activities.

Consequently, you have to determine whether you can cope with such a lifestyle.

Wood EPA Certification

Most people ignore the fact that the Environmental Protection Agency certifies types of trees that can be used for wood.

They also have some regulations relating to the approaches you should take when harvesting wood.

Most wood stoves out there follow the EPA guidelines for clean-burning and to reduce the chances of releasing harmful gases to the environment.

Heating prices

There are many heating alternatives.

However, electricity is the most expensive way of heating these appliances.

Cordwood is the most economical and also the most available heating alternative.

In many instances, tiny houses are designed with wheels to move from one place to the other or to be set on the lakeside, mountains and other areas where electricity is hardly accessible.

But if you are living in a tiny two-bedroom house with a foundation or a tiny farmhouse in your rural area, then an electric alternative is better especially if you have an electric grid.

Other heating alternatives are wood and propane options.

Propane has some benefits which are why we have discussed it here as an alternative.

It is great for people off the grid and those that are always in motion.

As a matter of fact, many owners of tiny houses on wheels have a propane tank attached to the RV.

The advantage is that you will carry the fuel with you.

Electricity is only a good alternative if you have a tiny house on foundation.

The heating prices can greatly vary from one heating option to the other and from one state to the other.

Before picking any of the alternatives you have to compare the prices, the heating option pros and cons and other aspects of the same.

To have a rough idea, check the comparisons below.

Top 7 Tiny House wood stoves you can buy on Amazon right now

Are you looking for the best wood fireplace for your tiny house?

Searching the market, purchasing and installing one of these units in your tiny house has never been this easier.

To help you through the entire process of purchasing and using cubin mini wood stove amazon and finding the best tiny house wood stoves for sale, we took time to research the market for the best options and recommendations that you can purchase from Amazon right now.

Continue reading for the top seven tiny house wood stoves.

Dickinson NewPort

Dickson NewPort is great for RVs, small rooms and Cabins.

It’s the smallest tiny house wood stove on the list.


  • Tiny Footprint
  • Wall Mount
  • Durable
  • Good output
  • Great for marine use
  • Multiple fuel options


  • Shorter burn times
  • Small fuel chamber

This is the smallest and cheap tiny house wood stove that you can find on Amazon right now.

This tiny house wood stove kit was designed for marine use.

Regardless of the size, it’s reliable and efficient and is a great recommendation by many cabin and RV users.

The kit measures about 7.87” (W) X 14.7”(h)X 10”(d).

It only weighs about 15 lbs.

Despite its small space, it has a heat capacity of about 8,000BTU per hour.

This means that this wood kit can heat a relatively large tiny house.

However, you should note that the figures for the output will greatly depend on the fuel you are using.

Furthermore, Newport wood stove is able to handle a variety of solid fuel types and it can use peat, charcoal, presto log fuel and wood.

It can heat tiny houses of more than 500 square feet which is a punch from such as a small heating unit.

Moving on, this kit was designed for use on a 20-25 feet boat but many people have started using it for small cabins and RVs.

However, the unit is not a definite match to places of extreme cold.

Regardless, it can do a great job of keeping a cabin warm in many cases.

Its biggest drawback is the burn time because of its small size.

The firebox is also very small meaning that it cannot handle large logs.

Dickson Newport Features

  • Takes multiple fuel types
  • Its 7.88”X14.7”X10”
  • Heats spaces of up to 500 square feet
  • Produces about 8,000 BTU/hr
  • It can be wall-mounted

The most significant feature, in this case, is that this wood stove can be wall-mounted.

This is great news for minimalists looking for wall mount tiny house wood stoves.

Moving on, the kit is made from durable stainless steel and has a removable ash drawer.

It makes cleaning and getting rid of the ash easier.

Given that the kit is designed for marine use, it is a real game-changer for lakeside cabins.

But if you are looking for something bigger, read out our next pick below.

Dwarf 5kW wood stove

This is an efficient, compact, small, cheap and fully featured wood stove for Tiny Homes, small non-residential areas, Travel trailers, Hunting cabins, yurts, tiny houses on wheels and RVs.


  • Has a cast iron door and firebox
  • It’s durable
  • Cast iron for heat retention
  • Has a top cooking space
  • Spring handles
  • Has separate primary, secondary and tertiary air controls
  • Large windows for monitoring
  • Has enough space to enjoy the fire.


  • Its relatively expensive

For people that are looking for a relatively larger wood stove for their tiny houses, this is a great option.

The door is made from high-quality iron.

It also comes with a large fire viewing window for a classic look and space to provide maximum heat retention.

If you care too much about the flue outlets, then it comes with a 5” flue outlet.

The outlet can exit from the top of the rear of the stove depending on what you want in real-time.

Exiting out the rear of the stove will make the top space be used for cooking.

Its main selling point is the air controls.

The manufacturer gives all when it comes to air controls.

We all understand how important air control is.

It gives you far-reaching control over the primary, secondary and tertiary air supplies.

It has airtight primary and secondary controllers by separate levels on the bottom of the stove.

It also comes with a tertiary air-wash that is controlled by a slide valve above the door.

The firebox is made of durable materials including fire brick and the cast iron.

We all know that cast iron is one of the most durable materials that you can find out there.

The fire bricks keep reflecting the heat back into the firebox.

Dwarf 5kW wood stove Features

  • Cast Iron doors and firebox
  • Top and rear Flue exit
  • Top cooking surface
  • Riddling grate and ash pan for easy cleaning
  • Tall legs and wood storage
  • Enamelled doors
  • Separate primary, secondary and tertiary air controls
  • Large windows to help you enjoy the heat
  • Water tank, Boiler and factory heat shields

This can easily burn coal, compressed logs and wood.

However, the company clearly states that using this product can expose you to chemicals such as wood dust, wood smoke and soot.

There are several other warnings that you should familiarize yourself with before choosing this product.

Additionally, there are a couple of add-ons that you can go with.

As a matter of fact, you can customize the looks of this wood stove by adding a few features.

One of them is the tall cast iron legs and wood storage stand.

You can as well turn it into a cookstove by adding the oven attachment.

Some users can as well choose enamel doors for special orders.

Grizzly Cabin Mini Wood stove

This wood stove is for families that spend the whole year in cold climates and those that need to keep their rooms warm and liveable.

It works perfectly fine for one-bedroom tiny houses, two-bedroom tiny houses, two-story tiny houses with a see-through hall, Cabins, Farm Houses, RVs and Lake Side tiny houses.


  • It’s a heavy heater alternative
  • Has a great heat output
  • It’s compact in size
  • Has a large front display window
  • Solid steel construction
  • Wall-mount option
  • It looks great


  • It’s not ideal for larger spaces
  • No firebricks

One of its best features is the ease of use.

It’s straightforward to use meaning that everybody from beginners to intermediate minimalists can easily use it.

Most people that have testified about the product claim that they didn’t get any issues with the use and functionality of this product.

Checking tiny house wood stove reviews online; there are a great number of satisfied customers for this product.

Users can easily remove the baffles at the top of the fireplace for maintenance and any other need.

Each baffle is attached to the top of the stove using some tight screws.

The insulation can easily be replaced by removing the baffles.

The next thing to ask about is the performance of this small tiny house wood stoves and its heat releasing capabilities.

The product can crack some heat meaning that it’s perfect for all types of heating.

It has space for a small pan or a kettle meaning that you can prepare your breakfast or dinner with it.

However, many people have complained that this stove might not be able to achieve long burns because of its size.


  • Solid steel construction
  • Small 3′ Flue
  • Good sized firebox
  • Large viewing window
  • Primary and secondary combustion
  • Galler Rails

A major complaint we have noted about this tiny house wood stove is the fact that it doesn’t provide much heat.

Consequently, you only have to use it in a tiny living area.

However, it can work for any type of tiny houses, trailers, RVs and any other space.

It’s important to know that the manufacturer doesn’t allow the use of elbows when installing this stove.

However, most people have tried it but just try to avoid it as much as possible.

Osburn 2000 Wood Stove

This is one of the many stoves that are EPA certified.

It’s an average-sized wood stove for farmhouses, lakeside cabins, Trailer houses, one-bedroom tiny houses and RVs.

This wood stove was specifically created to heat spaces with minimum fuss.

Its main benefits include low clearances and a compact design that makes it a great choice for lakeside use.

It’s important to also note that the stove meets the new revised EPA standards for particle emissions.

The revised guidelines state that from May 2021, all stoves sold in the US should emit less than 2.5 g/h of fine particles.

This stove doesn’t sneak under either, meaning that it produces slightly above these provisions.

Besides being one of the most sustainable stoves, it burns more efficiently producing high heat output.

This wood stove is perfect for smaller spaces.

It’s designed to heat spaces from 500 square feet to 2,100 square feet.

It measures 27”X29”X33′.

It is therefore one of the smallest wood stoves that you can find in the market right now.

It’s built with reduced clearances in minimums.

It’s made of high-density carbon steel which has the structural benefit of heating up very quickly.

It also comes with a top heat deflector that directs the heat to the front of the stove.

This wood stove can fit logs of up to 20 inches in size.

It also comes with a built-in ash pan that sits at the bottom of the stove.

It can as well be easily removed and cleaned.

Additionally, it’s covered with Kiln fired clay firebricks that enable it to be hotter and more efficient.

The Firebox can be accessed through the cast iron door.

There are also large ceramic glass viewing window frames.

This also provides a wonderful view of the embers and the flames.


  • Great output
  • 8 hours burn time
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Meets ULC S627 Safety standards
  • It is EPA Certified


  • Its relatively expensive

Key features

  • Lifetime warranty
  • 8 hours burn time
  • It heats spaces up to 2,100 square feet
  • EPA Certified
  • Created with space-saving features
  • Meets the safety provisions

Model 21 Buck Stove

It’s a no-frills wood stove with a classic look that can beautifully blend with your interior décor.

However, it’s bulky and you should buy it only if you can afford the heavyweight.

It’s for every tiny house that needs more than 10,000 BTU/Hr.

This stove is a classically designed stove that comes with some classic looks.

The classic looks can blend well with your tiny house interior décor.

However, it’s heavier and can weigh up to 342 pounds.

It is actually the heaviest tiny house wood stoves that we have discussed in this post.

If its benefits have won over everything else, make sure that the cabin can take the weight.

Despite the weight, it’s perfect for small areas and is usually a secondary heating device for bigger homes.

If you have to use it for tiny spaces, it can produce enough space for larger homes such as tiny two-bedroom houses, two-story, farmhouses, etc.

With more than 41,000 of heat output, this stove can heat tiny Bungalow and more than two-bedroom tiny houses.


  • It has a traditional classic design
  • It’s very beautiful
  • It blends well with the interior décor
  • It has a beautiful large viewing glass that is as big as the front of the stove
  • Superb for keeping the tiny houses warm at night
  • It’s perfect for all sizes of tiny houses


  • It’s bulky
  • It lacks an ash pan which makes it messy.


  • It has an efficient heat output
  • It’s perfect for bigger houses
  • It’s perfect for Cabins and tiny houses on wheels
  • weights about 224 pounds
  • It has an average score of 4.4 on Amazon

Timberwolf EPA 2100

This is a powerful wood-burning stove for relatively bigger tiny houses, tiny houses on wheels and lakeside cabins.

This wood stove is a great little burner for the people that want to cut on their budget but still get awesome output.

It offers great value for your money and has both traditional and contemporary settings.

If you need a small wood stove for your tiny house, a cabin, RV, or a tiny house on wheels, then this is a great match.

It has a small footprint and pumps about 52,00BTU of heat at a time.

The kit comes with the choice of legs or pedestal.

It also manages to burn cleanly and release about 1.57 g/h of particle emissions.

But you should note that it lacks the EPA certification.

But it meets the requirements.

The tests conducted show that this wood stove meets all the EPA certifications and requirements.

This stove naturally fits more snuggly into small spaces with limited wall clearance.

Take a look at the dimensions and you will realize that this stove has the smallest size compared to the output.

I usually refer to this stove as small but mighty.

It’s a compact wood stove that is suited to life in small areas.

It can hold logs of up to 18” and can burn up to 6 hours.


  • Low emissions
  • High efficiency
  • 52,000BTU/H
  • 6Hour burn time
  • 5-years warranty
  • Great value for your money


  • Not EPA Certified
  • It’s bulky

Key Features

  • 5 Years warranty
  • 6 Hour Burn time
  • 26”X31.5”X21.3” Size
  • It can heat up to 1,500 square feet of space
  • Up to 85.5% efficiency

HI-Flame Shetland

This is a clever little tiny house-burning stove that looks great for all types of users.

It works perfectly fine for Cabins, RVs, tiny houses on wheels, Tiny House trailers and any other application.

This wood stove has an efficiency rate of 85% meaning that it’s one of the most reliable wood heaters for tiny houses.

It produces clean burn by just using the pre-heated tertiary air which gets most of the wood fuel.

Another thing you should note is that the higher the burning efficiency, the more value you have for your money.

The stove will produce up to 21,000BTU per hour which also makes it perfect for heating spaces above 800 square feet.

It can work for smaller spaces too.

The manufacturers included an option to use a top or a rear flue.

This is what gives this wood stove flexibility over where you want it to be installed.

It also doesn’t need a lot of clearance size in your wall.

A steel rear heat shield will give the air a better convention and decrease the clearance distance.

It has some great engendering features that make this wood stove look great.

It’s made of cast iron that is furniture quality.

It also comes with a massive ceramic glass window on the door.

The big window gives you a great view of the flames and the flue.

Coming with a 7 years warranty, you can trust the quality of this stove and its functionality.

It shows that the manufacturer trusts the quality of their products and there’s nothing to worry about.


  • Highest efficiency
  • One of the smallest wood burning stoves
  • More value for your money
  • It produces up to 21,000BTU/Hr.
  • The size is perfect for small houses and cabins
  • It doesn’t need a lot of clearance space from the walls
  • It can heat an area of up to 800 square feet
  • Made of furniture quality solid cast iron
  • A massive ceramic glass window on the door
  • 7 years warranty


  • Its relatively expensive

Key features

  • An output of up to 21,000BTU per hour
  • The efficiency rate of 85%
  • weight: 174 lbs.
  • Heat radius of about 800 square feet
  • Low clearance distance
  • 7 years warranty
  • Great build quality
  • Its size: 17”X24”X18′

Where to get wood for your tiny house wood stoves

For tiny houses located in the forest or the farm, it’s very easy to get Firewood for your wood stove.

But if you are located in the towns, you must be very creative in looking for wood.

But you shouldn’t let this stop you because there are many ways to acquire free woods.

The best alternative is to talk to the tree trimmers or the electricity company.

They can be issuing you with the branches that they cut down along their lines.

You also can let your friends know about your situation and they can give you firewood when cleaning up fallen branches in the yard.

Another great option is to use pallets because they are often free from lumber stores.

You can as well find them in the trash.

You also can purchase cordwood because they are fairly inexpensive.

The advantage is that many people and companies are cutting down the aged and broken trees and branches.

The woodlot

Many wood stove lovers always go for a woodlot which means that managing it is very important.

With proper management, you can trim the wits and trees growing close.

There are chances that you can as well lose a lot of ash trees to some insect species.

Most people face threats from Emerald Ash Borer which is an invasive insect species.

If you are managing your wood lot well, you don’t need to cut any large trees.

You can gather fallen branches.

You also can cut thin trees that grow on the trees.

How to choose the right Tiny House Heater (Tips and tricks)

We often get asked the question of which the best Heater for tiny houses, RVs and Cabins is and how to approach the buying process for tiny house wood stove with oven.

These are good questions especially to beginner minimalists because there are several tips and tricks you can utilize and save significantly on the same.

At this point, we will take you through the step-by-step guide on how to purchase a Tiny House wood stove and the tips to save in the process.

How powerful should the Heater be?

This is the first thing to consider before choosing the heater for your tiny house.

The question of how powerful should the tiny house heater be will be answered after considering the type of the heater, its size and the space to be heated.

You don’t have to guess because there are some approaches and software that can help you along the way.

Avoid Vent-Free Tiny House Heaters

Now that you have already determined how powerful your tiny house heater should be, the next approach is to consult which among the different options is the most effective.

Firstly, avoid Vent-Free Tiny House heaters at all costs.

These options are less powerful and they might not be able to heat your tiny house effectively.

The other issue with vent-free Tiny House heaters is the fact that your tiny house is probably a new construction that is well insulated and has some very tight structures.

This means that not a lot of fresh air can get in the house.

Burning a vent-free propane appliance can create a lot of condensation and at the same time deplete your oxygen levels.

Always check the clearance

You have probably come across a direct vent that looks promising but there are different other things you should consider.

The good thing about some propane stoves is that they are effective and usually look like wood stoves.

Our suggestion is that if you found out that you need a heater with 12,000 BTUs, then you should look for the one with a higher BTU value.

All this information is clearly printed on the manual.

So check the clearance and make the decision.

Is the Heater thermostatically controlled?

It’s very important to make sure that the propane or kerosene heater you are about to go for is thermostatically controlled.

Take time to look at these heaters before making the decision.

What is great about most heaters is that all this information is printed and clearly indicated in the manual.

Read the manual prior to purchasing

To make sure everything works clearly and easily for you, it’s always advisable to read the manual.

The manual will include information such as the properties, safety grade, the BTU output and right clearances.

The manual is also linked on the product page.

You can click the link in the product kit to read along and make a sound decision.

Get inspirations from already installed units

As I usually say, there’s no plagiarism in the world of hardware and appliances.

It’s therefore important to always get inspiration from already installed units.

This can either be from your neighbor, other minimalists, from a TV show or a picture.

You can learn a lot from the installed unit, there are some things that can drive you away from a unit you were to settle with.

The size can equally be clearly seen from the installation which can similarly help you with decision making.

Find a small enough model

It’s not easy to find a smaller version of a wood stove; this is why you have to go with the smaller version depending on the square footage of your house.

The problem is that most manufacturers only make wood stoves specifically for larger apartments and bigger tiny houses.

You can check the internet and always consult to get the right size for your use.

Get a stove for dual duty

If you are going with wood stoves, then you have to look for the model that can be otherwise used for cooking.

This is a common trait of wood stoves because they have large enough space for a tiny kettle or a pot for cooking your tea, coffee or supper.

You can equally keep some water at the top of the stove and use it for doing dishes or preparing tea for your date.

Installation is important

Almost every appliance comes with clearly explained manual installation inside the package.

Before settling with any of them in the market, determine how easy the product is to install and start using.

The installation process should work for your tiny house.

It shouldn’t take a lot of your space or be very complicated.

Expert tip

Why not go with two options if you want an effective backup.

In most instances, it’s not easy to wake up in the rainy mornings and start preparing wood for a wall-mounted tiny house wood stove.

This is the reason why you should think of alternatives or going with two tiny house stoves such as a Propane stove and a wood stove.

This tip can help you stay safe and warm during the extreme seasons.

It eliminates the challenge of getting stuck without heat during a chilly morning.

While you might have a great connection with your tiny house wood stove, you can get another one in your store for such situations.


What is the best small wood stove?

The top pick for the best Cabin wood stove is the Dwarf 5kW wood stove.

This can be used for spaces of up to 400 square feet.

The second pick is the Grizzly Cabin Mini Wood stove for heating up to 400 square feet.

There are different alternatives you can also get depending on your needs, budget and required features.

What is the smallest wood-burning stove available?

The smallest wood-burning stove is the Dickinson NewPort.

The stove can be attached to a wall to save space.

This stove only measures 14.7”X10” and only weighs about 15lbs.

Can a tiny house have a wood stove?

Yes, this is actually one of the best alternatives to electric and kerosene stoves for tiny houses.

You can pick some of the smallest wood stoves for tiny houses from the list above.

How much is a small wood stove?

The cost can vary depending on the size, features and state.

However, the price starts from $1,500.

You can find cheaper alternatives if you take time to research the wood stove market.

What is the cleanest wood-burning stove?

The cleanest wood-burning stove is the Cape Cod that boasts about 80% efficiency and about 0.45 grams per hour.

The results are according to the B415 tests carried for efficiency and environmental friendliness.


The best tiny house wood stove to go with will greatly depend on your specific needs, preferences and the particular situation as to which model is perfect for your RV, tiny house or Cabin.

It might also depend on your lifestyle and the Budget.

Most of the tiny house wood stoves discussed here are small in size but exemplarily functional meaning that they offer great value for your money.

The list is not exhausted meaning you can always check out for more alternatives.

Take time to balance everything you need in real-time and make sure you have a product that will work for you depending on your needs, lifestyle and preferences and Budget.