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Tiny House Kitchen Ideas – Amazing Options for 2024

On the lookout for Tiny House Kitchen Ideas for 2024?

then you have come to the right place to learn everything you need to know.

Those who emanated with the saying ‘’it’s the little things that matter in life” probably didn’t content with some challenges that come with limited kitchen space, crammed cupboards, and limited counter space.

If you are a minimalist complaining about the kitchen being more cramped than the convenient kitchens and the trends in the market, there is actually something you can do to make it seem more spacious, lit, and beautiful.


Cost of a tiny house Kitchen

The cost of a tiny house will greatly vary depending on the materials and tiny house appliances used.

The cost of installing the Tiny House counters and the Kitchen Counters and Built-In storage can also vary.

In most instances, the cost of Kitchen counters will be anywhere from $300-$2,000 and the cost of Installing Kitchen cabinets and Built-in Storage will be anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000.

The cost of the tiny house is also expected to vary from one state to the other.

In California for example, the cost is $40,000 to $100,000.

The cost can be cut if you have to take a DIY Tiny house project or want to buy a pre-built tiny house.

The essentials for a tiny house Kitchen

Regardless of the size of your kitchen chances are you visit the kitchen at least two times a day.

Research investigating the cooking habits of Americans in 2019 shows that more than 37 percent of the people living in the Country confirmed that they cook about five times every week.

A recent survey released by Kitchen Stories shows that more than eight of the people that participated confirmed that they cook less than once a day.

The respondents from India spent the most time in the Kitchen.

They spent an average of 13.2 hours per week in the kitchen preparing the meals.

In the world, more than 27 percent of men and another 37 percent of women claimed that they are very passionate about cooking.

Given these statistics, it clearly shows that you are very likely to spend a lot of time in your kitchen.

But as a tiny house owner, fitting all the kitchen essentials in the space is a daunting task.

You should also know that cooking in a much-cluttered space takes time.

That way, you need to organize your kitchen and make sure you have all the tiny house appliances and essentials you need.

Slide-out Trash and Recycle Bins

When people are preparing their tiny houses, they usually forget to include a functional bin area especially if the space is very limited.

It’s true because minimalists don’t produce a lot of waste.

But if you have full-depth counters, you can take advantage of this space for a slide-out cabinet for the trash bins.

It’s also easy to include slide-out storage for the items such as boxes, perishable items, and cans.

This is a simple solution that can greatly maximize the narrow spaces and help you fit everything in that limited area.

Towel Holder

How many people will remember to initially include a space for a hanging dish rack and a paper towel holder?

This is the best vertical storage that will save you a lot of space in your kitchen.

It helps keep your drying dishes from taking up valuable counter space.

The racks can as well work for storing and displaying the dishes which will automatically free the cupboard space.

It’s always important to consider over-the-sink racks which are currently very popular among minimalists.

Cutting-board with strainer

Over-the-sink cutting boards with strainers are increasingly becoming popular among minimalists for their applicability and space-saving traits.

During some cooking, you might need some extra working room.

This space-saving idea will come in handy especially if you have an under-mount sink.

The sink makes an over-the-sink cutting board perfect for your tiny house.

Storage containers for Cereals

This is a must-own tiny kitchen essential.

They make a big difference when it comes to organizing and maximizing your tiny house Kitchen space.

You don’t have to go for the bunch of mason jars.

They are appealing but circular objects will most likely take a lot of space for you.

Adjustable measuring spoons and adjustable knifes

You must need the measuring and cooking spoons and adjustable knives for your kitchen.

If you are not careful, this is very likely to take a lot of your space.

For that reason, go for the adjustable options.

Tiny House Kitchen Layout

Bigger is not always the best and where you have to factor in the cost of living, tiny kitchen and tiny living is the new norm.

Given the limited space, there are chances that you will get bored with the tiny space left for your kitchen.

If this is the case, there is a small kitchen layout and designs that can make your kitchen seem spacious and functional.

Here are some tiny house layouts and design ideas that you should think of.

Corridor Kitchen Layout

This is the most ideal layout for small Kitchens.

In this instance, most of the kitchen work will be done in a small area.

The stove, dishwashing, and the sink are clustered within a small area.

The storage is mainly on the upper and lower cabinets.

This automatically leaves the counter space free from cooking activities.

This layout can fit in spaces as narrow as 8 feet.

One-wall Kitchen Layout

This Kitchen layout can be perfectly fitted for your specific needs.

The layout is half of the corridor layout.

It usually has less than half of the amount for cabinet and counter storage.

However, you will have to sacrifice some services that are not very essential such as a dishwashing machine.

Tiny House Kitchen Trends of 2021

Before we get to the main business of the day, it’s important to note some amazing Tiny house Kitchen trends of this year.

It doesn’t matter whether you are planning an entire kitchen remodel or you just want to add a few DIY kitchen updates or to make your kitchen seem spacious and actionable.

Tiny House designs are shifting away from the neutral and the standard white spaces that most minimalists embraced.

Here are five main tiny house Kitchen updates and trends to go for.

From finishes to the layouts, these trends are the turning point for tiny houses and the kitchen designs.

Dutch door

Home owners are right now looking for ways to make their tiny kitchen more functional.

Many experts in the tiny house world right now are predicting the return of Dutch door.

One expert from Will Brown Interiors claims that he recently helped a client renovate their kitchen and the key was the use of a Dutch door that gave it a fresh look.

Experiment with the Open Shelving

This is not a whole new concept but there has been a major de-cluttering for people that wants to leave more space for other things in their kitchens.

Additionally, this trend marries beauty and function.

It is actually a great way to force yourself to keep only the necessities in your kitchen and declutter.

Keep the kitchen Natural

Another great trend to expect this year is the return of wood and other natural materials in the kitchen.

Many home owners used to despise brown wood cabinetry but right now this is seeing a straight comeback.

But to some home owners, they are not ready to commit to an entirely brown or wood kitchen.

If you are one of them, then you can easily focus just on creating a two-tone look or just focusing on the lower tiny home kitchen cabinets.

Art in the Kitchen

You should definitely try adding art in your kitchen if you have never thought of it.

You should expect to see framed portraits and pieces of arts in the kitchen.

This is one of the best and fun ways of adding more personality in your tiny kitchen.

Illusion of Space

This is a very common trend that we are all expecting to change with time.

As a matter of fact, there are new and advanced ways of creating the illusion of space.

In tiny houses, the fact is that there are space constraints to kitchens with narrow configurations.

Tiny House Kitchen Space Ideas 2021

Hang from Ceiling

In Tiny Houses, you are probably short of Cupboard space.

If this is the case, one of the best ideas to digest is ceiling storage.

This means that you can add storage with rods secured on the ceiling.

This idea was introduced by designers Hermes HYPERLINK “https://www.housebeautiful.com/room-decorating/kitchens/tips/g3681/small-kitchen-tips/”Mallea HYPERLINK “https://www.housebeautiful.com/room-decorating/kitchens/tips/g3681/small-kitchen-tips/” and Carey Maloney.

The idea actually looks super chick and functional.

It is perfect for hanging mugs and ledges to stack dishes and pans.

Use of light to create space

This idea brings the concept of creating a feel of space with the light.

As a matter of fact, light is one of the main design components that determine the spacious feel of a house besides color and the contents of the room.

In this case, light can be an easy fix especially if you want to cut back on your cookware collection and install additional lighting.

The fact is walls that are dark and bold usually creates a crowded feel.

You can now create the sense of openness with antique whites and creams and light yellows and pale shades of gray.

Add Accent light

Experts claim that the human eye is naturally drawn to the highest contrasting point in the room which is the reason why you should consider adding accent light.

In case the shadows create a strong visual line between the ceiling and the cabinets, the house will feel more cramped.

One of the best ways to soften or erase the shadows is to install up lighting above the cabinets.

This casts a gentle illumination that will be very effective in erasing the visual contrasts that are created by the shadows.

It will automatically create a visual effect that will make the house look more spacious.

Find a place for everything

When you leave out everything organised, this will automatically draw more attention to the insufficient Kitchen space.

This means that you have to update your tiny house and make sure you have a place for everything on the countertop, spaces, and cook areas.

It’s important to think about the taller upper cabinets and concealed storage racks.

You also should maximize the storage behind the tidily closed doors.

Note, the more organised a kitchen is, the larger it feels.

Glass-Front Cabinet doors

It’s important to replace the solid cabinet doors with glass-front doors because it adds a visual depth that tricks the eyes into thinking that the kitchen is spacious.

The fact is that your gaze will be drawn into the cabinet and not stopped at the door creating the illusion of space.

It’s also advisable to go with the white and light wood glass panes as a way of maximizing the effect.

Furthermore, the glass-front door will create the visual effect of space when installed on light coloured cabinets.

They might not be very effective on dark cabinets.

For home owners that don’t want the glass-front door to show off the jumble of mugs and every mismatched plate can opt for opaque glass.

This conceals what inside the cabinet.

The opaque glass-doors will reflect light which brightens the overall effects.

Choose Reflective materials

Shiny surfaces bounces back the light and ultimately make the kitchen seem more spacious.

This is mainly because of the way the shiny surfaces pick up and reflect the hues of the walls and the cabinets.

If you have antique white cabinets, the sheen of the stainless steel appliances will automatically reflect some of it hue and amplify the space.

Another important idea is to install a glass tile backsplash.

It can be paired with the under cabinet lighting and a new reflective countertop such as the polished quartz.

This will create a wonderful open transition between the upper cabinets and the countertops.

Open up the floor space

I personally advocate for a small Kitchen table which can be folded down between the meals.

This will automatically leave more floor space.

It will equally go in hardy to all the other materials such as the cabinets and storage.

You should consider China Cabinet or a Freestanding Kitchen island.

Every minimalist should pick the downsized models of appliances to increase the space for meal preps and traffic.

Some appliances such as stoves, dishwashers and refrigerators can be very easy to downsize.

Bring a lot of Natural Light

Having a large kitchen door will make every outdoor space such as the deck and the backyard look like the kitchen extension.

In this case, you should swap out heavy draperies and blind for sheer curtains.

You can as well leave the rest of the window uncovered.

The additional light from the sun will visually expend the space and also help inspire the airiness.

Tiny House Appliance Ideas of 2021

One great thing about tiny houses is that there’s no right or wrong ways of designing your Kitchen space.

You simply have to consider exactly what works for you.

However, the size and the types of Tiny House Kitchen appliances can make a huge difference in size and functionality.

This is mainly because your tiny house space is limited.

Luckily, there is a great list of kitchen appliances that are perfect for compact Kitchens for tiny houses.

Remember home cooking is an everyday occurrence for home owners meaning you should prioritize the action ability and the size of the Tiny House Kitchen appliances.

Go for Tiny House refrigerator option

Minimalists always go through a daunting phase when selecting a tiny house refrigerator especially because of the size and the functionality matter.

If you are living in a 130 square feet tiny house, I advise you to go for a 4.4 cubic ft.

compact tiny house fridge.

This Fridge is twice as big as the ones we have in the college dorm.

Some home owners might consider an apartment size fridge for a bigger freezer but remember you need to keep the kitchen space as open-feeling as possible.

Consequently, you will probably opt for a tiny house refrigerator size that will fit under the counter.

Some great options in this case are the SPT RF-444SS 4.4 cu.ft.

Compact Refrigerator in stainless steel-energy star.

The main pros is the fact that it can fit under the tiny house counter, it’s also inexpensive and has an energy saving star.

Most important thing is that this fridge can hold fresh foods for about 1.5-2 weeks.

The size limitations will actually help you avoid food wastage.

On the other hand, putting away the leftovers and the groceries can feel like the game of Tetris.

The space is also very limited and the frost build up is common.

Use Tiny House Ovens

If you like to cook, you definitely need a combination of cookers, ovens and cooktops.

Unfortunately, you might not be lucky enough to come across tiny house ovens.

You should take your time to determine whether you need a gas or a propane stove or oven.

These are usually cost-effective than electricity ovens and cookers.

For people that don’t cook more often, you can pick a portable propane range.

You can also put it away in your store when it’s not in use.

Another option is to choose the induction burner.

Go for two burner cooker

I recommend choosing the Verona two burner stove or a similar cooker because it can save you more space and it’s functional.

The only challenge is that this is not built as a tiny house appliance but it can work for a couple of needs.

Another option is the Cuisinart Double Burner induction cooktop.

This is a really nice option for tiny houses.

But it uses 188 watts which can be a rip-off if you are using solar power.

Among its pros is that it’s completely safe, options that drop in flush with the countertops and it’s very inexpensive.

Other options are the Avantco Double Countertop Induction Range because of its ease of use and the 120V option.

You can equally go for the Kenyon Mediterranean Two Burner Trimline cooktop because it’s a 240V cooker, is safe and has a clean top.

Go for tiny house coffee machine and Kettle

If your coffee maker is a stove top percolator, you can easily make tea in your coffee maker.

You can actually boil the water and add your tea with ease.

But if making tea is a big priority, you should look for a tiny house coffee maker machine and a kettle combo.

There are many options that does the trick for steeping different types of tea.

A great option is a combo that has different controls for boiling and keeping warm.

A 3-in-1 coffee machine has a toaster oven and a griddle pan which is exactly what you need in your tiny house.

Tiny house Blender and food processor options

Choosing between a tiny house blender and a food processor will definitely come down to whether you are looking for smoothies and cocktails or cakes and soups.

Blenders are best with liquids while the food processors are good with the hard-core because they can mix, shred, chop and slice.

A great option is the Hamilton Beach Blender because of its compact design and the detachable travel mug.

It’s powerful and very inexpensive.

Moving on, the best recommendation for tiny house food processor is the Homeleader 8-Cup Food Processor because of its cheap price.

Furthermore, it has a 450W motor and can handle everything inside.

Tiny House Dish washer and dryer

In many instances, tiny house owners choose to go without the washer/dryer combo.

They usually think that the washer will take a lot of space.

However, there are some common alternatives that you can go for right now.

Recent studies show that Dishwashers can save you up to 230 hours in a single year.

There are some experts claiming that dishwashers are also eco-friendly and saves a lot of your money.

They are healthier and safer for use and most importantly they are efficient and beneficial for people with limited time.

What this means is that regardless of the space, you should consider dish washers in your kitchen.

There are some little alternatives that are perfect for tiny house kitchen.

They can easily be fitted neatly on the countertop.

I would recommend

Black and Décker Countertop Dishwasher because it has 7 wash programs.

Other benefits includes the 7 superior wash cycles, LED Displays, quick connect and impressive capacity.

Tiny House Kitchen Storage Ideas

In a tiny house Kitchen, smart Storage is very essential to make the most of the space and at the same time keep everything organised.

You need to have a rough idea of the best tiny house Kitchen cabinets and how to go about it.

Here are some tiny house Kitchen storage ideas that you can utilize today.

Consider Shelf Storage

There are many alternatives when it comes to kitchen storage; one of the best alternatives is to make use of shelf storage.

This is mainly because it makes good use of the tight corners.

The other advantage is that shelf storage doubles the amount of stacking space.

Use Mug racks

These are very important because they take up much less room than putting these mugs inside a tiny house cupboard.

The best recommendation here is the Levoshua Mug Holder that comes with cabinet Hook Mug Holders, Coffee cup Holders, Rustic mug tree for small and large mugs and wine beer mugs.

This only goes for $13.99 on Amazon plus$41.05 shipping and import fees.

Consider Organisation racks

Organisation racks are ideal for tiny house kitchens for storing vegetables and fresh fruits.

They usually maximize the space and keeps the entire kitchen well organised.

Hope you have already seen the organisation rack with three stands.

The Sorbus Hanging Fruit Basket Wall Mount is the best recommendation in this instance.

It’s great for fresh produce, fruits, vegetables and potatoes.

The rack currently retails at $36.99 on Amazon exempting shipping and import fees.

Expandable Cabinet Shelf

Another great alternative is to use expandable cabinet shelf.

They make the most of vertical space inside the overhead cabinets.

My recommendation in this case is the iDesign Classico Metal Cabinet shelves Expandable and stackable shelving system for tiny kitchens. The product sells at $24.99 on Amazon.

Pull Out Cabinet Drawers

These cabinet drawers usually save you rummaging around looking for particular essentials.

Pull out cabinets will save you time, space and money.

There are specific pull out cabinet drawers for tiny kitchen that you can get in the market right now.

The Lynk Professional Organiser Pull Out Under Cabinet sliding shelf is one of the best pull out cabinet drawers that you can pick for your tiny house.

Kitchen drawer organiser

The best in this list is the use of Kitchen drawer organiser.

It’s a simple but a genius solution to tiny space in your house and keeping your cutlery tidy and organised.

As you check the market for other alternatives, please check the Joseph Drawerstore set Kitchen Drawer Organiser Tray for knives, cutlery and Gray Its main feature is the unique design that creates more space, and 1 drawer-store organiser and a single Knife organiser.

Tiny house Kitchen sinks ideas

Tiny house appliances and storage are not the only tiny house kitchen essentials to think about.

Tiny House Kitchen sink is also very important because of their sizes and the usability.

The kitchen sink is an integral part of your kitchen because it’s where you wash your hands, get the water supply, prepare the food and do a myriad of other tasks.

When it comes to small Kitchen sinks, there are different options and ideas that you can go for.

Here is the breakdown of some great tiny house kitchen sink ideas and tips on how to choose.

Tiny house Kitchen vs. Regular Kitchen sinks

There’s a great difference between tiny house sinks and regular kitchen sinks.

Remember you have limited space in your tiny house and you should be very careful with the size of the sinks.

The water lines will also differ from tiny houses to regular homes.

If you have running water in your tiny house or not will play a key role.

So how do you pick a Kitchen sink for your tiny house?

The first thing is to choose a sink that’s small enough to fit in the available kitchen space.

The sink should be large enough to complete all your tasks.

In tiny houses, you don’t have to go for tiny house sinks that require complicated installation.

Lastly, you have to pick a sink that meets your preferences.

Check tiny house kitchen dimensions

The kitchen sink’s size in a tiny house should be between 24 and 30 inches wide.

They can be wider depending on the square feet space in your house.

They also can be as small as 12 inches wide and 7 inches long.

When it comes to the depth, many tiny home owners tend to go with the deepest tiny house sinks.

The sink should be deep enough so that you can wash large pots and pans without struggling or having water around the floor.

If you don’t have a dish washer in your tiny house, you might have to think of another tiny sink to wash the kitchen cloths.

This is actually where deeper Kitchen sinks solves the issue.

Choosing exactly what you need in a Kitchen sink can be a difficult decision.

The ideas below will greatly help you in making the decision.

Undermount vs. Inset sinks

Tiny house kitchen sinks comes in two different types which are the inset and Undermount.

So which of these two kitchen sinks are perfect for you?

If the basin and the drain sit below the surface of the countertop, then this is definitely an undermount sink.

On the other hand, Inset sinks are also known as top-mounts or drop-ins.

These are where the top of the basin is level to the countertop.

The inset tiny house Kitchen sinks are easier to install.

The first thing is that the sink dimensions shouldn’t match the dimensions of the basin perfectly.

They can also be used with almost all types of kitchen work.

Another benefit is that they are cheaper to build and easier to clean.

The main benefits of undermount sinks are the fact that the lip of the sink is below the countertop.

Consequently, you can place boards over the top of the sink and prepare the food.

This is a big deal especially if you have limited countertop space.

Undermount sinks are also more aesthetically pleasing and modern.

Lastly, with countermount tiny house kitchen sinks, you can clean the countertops easily.

For people that have stone or wooden countertops, the undermount sinks are better.

Bar and Prep sinks

Many home owners go with the bar and prep sinks for their tiny house kitchens for various reasons.

The first reason is the size mainly because they are smaller and feasible.

They are lightweight meaning that they can be installed on weaker countertops.

Lastly, they offer built-in shelf space where you can organise things.

This space is very important in a tiny house kitchen.

Drop-In sinks

Drop-in sinks are easy to install and they are very functional.

If you are a home owner who always goes for simplicity, then this is the best alternative for you.

Single basin is perfect for small spaces

There are several other options that you can go for in a tiny house besides the inset and the undermount sinks.

It’s now important to decide whether you want a single or a double basin.

The decision here will automatically depend on the available kitchen space.

If you have enough countertop space, it’s always advisable to go with the double sink.

As the name suggests, it means you have two basins to do your kitchen work.

For tiny houses with the lowest kitchen space, it’s important to choose a single basin countermount sink.

This means that you will only have a single bowl for all your work.

We can all confirm that a double basin sink is better for efficiency for many people, but what if you don’t have enough space for that?

You will automatically go with the single bowl sink because of its many pros in a tiny kitchen.

They are easier to install and also generally cheaper and you also don’t need to work hard where the faucet will go.

The double basin sinks also have their unique pros and cons.

They mainly offer more space for your kitchen works and they use less water.

You can multitask and most importantly the makes the kitchen feel as if it has more space.

It’s important to use drainboard/Dish drainers

Some tiny house owners will opt for dish drainers in their tine house kitchen.

This helps them with the drying cutlery and other kitchen ware.

The only drawback is that with a separate drainboard, it’s very hard to keep the water contained and it can run out onto the work surface and down the sides of the cabinets.

This drawback is the reason why most people love the idea of the drainboard being built on the sink.

This helps the water to flow straight back into it.

But this will work the best with inset sinks.

Luckily, you can use dish drainers with a single basin or a double basin sinks.

The biggest advantage of Drainboard is, it saves the counter space that would be taken by an additional drainboard.

The space that it could take can be used as countertop space where you can prepare your foods.

Another great benefit is that you will not need to move around and tidy away an external drainboard.

Lastly, the installation is straightforward.

Take a one corner position for your Kitchen sinks

In many instances, the position of the sink is predetermined.

But given the space is limited, it’s always important to take a corner position for the sinks and the countertops.

But the decision in this instance will come down to what you want in real time.

The first consideration is the practicability of the sink.

You can as well set the sinks near the dishwater and the garbage bins.

You should as well consider the aesthetic aspect of the sink in your tiny kitchen.

You might need the countertop and the sinks next to a window for a great view.

Choose Farm House sinks

Farm House sinks are currently very popular in tiny kitchens for different reasons.

The first reason is because they offer a rustic and a traditional feel that will automatically pair perfectly with the rest of the space.

They are very unique and very different from any other type of sinks.

So, the best tiny house Kitchen idea is to utilize the beauty and the practicability of farm House sinks.

In a far, the front of the sinks is visible and they are placed on top of the cabinet or even at the middle of two countertops.

We also like the look of the farm house counter sinks and the fact that they offer twice the space of a typical sink.

Lastly, farm house sinks provides a functional room for pots, pans, dirty dishes and dirty hands to scrub.

In this category, I would recommend the Bocchi Classico Farm House sink.

The reason is this sink gives protective grid and strainer for your tiny house kitchen.

It’s also one of the most durable sinks out there and protects the house against all stains and damages when cooking.

Farmhouse tiny house sinks are perfect for dish washing because they make it very easy to wash the dishes.

This is due to the fact that there’s no countertop lip in front of the sink.

Consequently, you can get closer to the sink and wash the dishes.

But this doesn’t mean you won’t get the water on your cabinets and the floor.

Farmhouse Kitchen sinks lacks the overflow drain.

Ceramic Sinks are a great option

Ceramic sinks are increasingly popular for tiny houses.

Many tiny home owners right now opt for ceramic sinks especially those made of filler, clay or fluxes.

The main reason why these sinks are increasingly popular is because they are durable and blends well with the concrete countertops.

However, they might not be an option for everyone especially because they can take a lot of space in your kitchen.

Furthermore, they are made of materials that are resistant to staining, fading and burning.

They equally come in different shapes, sizes and colors meaning you have a lot of options.

Lastly, you don’t have to do much maintenance to keep the sinks functional and clean from dirt.

On the other hand, ceramic sinks are likely to chip that stainless steel sinks.

They are also heavy and similar to composite sinks which is their main disadvantage.

Lastly, these ceramic sinks are very expensive.

Take for example Lordear Double Bowl Kitchen sink, which retails at $399.00.

Compared to the farm house sinks discussed above, the price is very high.

But the Lordear Double Bowl Kitchen sink is easy to clean and is perfect for all types of tiny kitchens.

Composite Kitchen sinks

These types of tiny kitchen sinks are a combination of materials.

In some instances, they can be made from acrylic resins and they contain pulverised minerals.

This is why they are also known as granite or quartz sinks.

They are a great alternative because of their cheap prices and the options you have.

They come in different colors and designs.

They are durable and resist heat and any other issue.

Lastly, Composite Kitchen sinks are easy to clean with water and soap.

The only two disadvantages is that they can crack easily because the material is dense and hard and the fact that they are heavier than stainless steel tiny house sinks.

The best alternative in this instance is the Kraus Forteza Sink which is made from Quartz composite.

This composite tiny kitchen sink keeps everything running smoothly.

It features high hygiene materials with silver ions.

The other option is the Kraus KGUW2-33MBR Bellucc Workstation Undermount Granite Composite Single Bowl Kitchen sink with accessories.The only disadvantage in this case is that this option is very expensive.

The current price on Amazon is $309.95.

Stainless steel sinks is a cheap alternative

Lastly, let’s talk about the cheapest and the most actionable tiny house sink idea.

These sinks come in different shapes and sizes which are perfect for different kitchen sizes.

They have more pros than cons.

The first is that they are very inexpensive compared to other alternatives explained above.

They are also strong and easy to install.

Unlike Ceramic and Composite tiny house kitchen sinks, the stainless kitchen sinks will not break dishes when they drop.

They are not as hard and compact as the other alternatives.

Lastly, they are lighter and easier to install.

The disadvantages here are the fact that they only come in grey color which means they might not be so attractive.

The second issue is that they are not heat resistant and are prone to scratching.

Lastly, they are noisy when putting the dishes and cutlery on them.

My recommendation is the Kraus Double Basin Stainless steel sink.

It is corrosion and rush resistant because of the T304 stainless steel which is used in construction for durability and strength.

Is your Tiny House Kitchen too small? Go for No-Kitchen sink

The No-Kitchen sink will be a great option if your kitchen space is very limited.

You will obviously think that this type will usually limit your cooking and washing options and force you to eat in hotels.

But there are additional creative ways to go around it.

You can cook on the stove top and use an oven or a microwave to prepare the food.

If you have to wash your dishes, the best option is the dishwashing machine.

For other larger kitchenware, you can clean, fill a bowl and pour the water outside.

Some other stores offers a rent-a sink type of deal for people that wants to go without sink temporarily.


What is the best layout for a small Kitchen?

You can pick the corridor style which is the most popular tiny house Kitchen layout where most Kitchen services will take a small space.

In these instances, the storage is reserved for upper and lower cabinets.

This leaves the counter space free for other important purposes.

Does a Tiny House have a kitchen?

Depending on the size of the tiny house, it can have space for a full kitchen or a Kitchenette.

However, the space might be limited and you have to go for Tiny House Kitchen appliances.

Some tiny houses are too small to have a functional Tiny House Kitchen in the space.

How do you build the Kitchen in a Small space?

You have to get super functional tiny house appliances, super organised storage cabinets and a Kitchen island and another layout that will maximize the storage.

You should as well utilize the baskets for storage.

What is the Kitchen Cabinet Color for 2021?

This is light Natural wood cabinets.

This is the most popular kitchen cabinet color for 2020 and 2021.

However, there are other trends that we should all look at and decide our personal preferences.

What colors makes a tiny kitchen look Bigger?

You can make your tiny house look bigger by simply utilizing colors and the light.

In many instances, Black and white colors are praised for making the tiny kitchens seem roomy.

You can as well consider grey and white colors for a natural fee.

This post has compiled everything you need to decide on your tiny house Kitchen space, appliances, storage and sinks.

The trends are always on motion meaning you should take enough time to research the market before making a concrete decision.