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Tiny House Decorating Ideas – The Ultimate Decor Guide 2024

Needing inspiration for Tiny House Decorating Ideas for 2024 then we have some of the best options from modern, elegant to luxury living options.

There’s literally something for everyone if you read the full guide.

When the mood of the house is in question, the only way to approach it is through decoration and improving the looks.

Decorating the house also has a substantial impact on the moods of the people living in it.

This means that it’s very imperative to pay attention to the décor.

If your tiny house is well decorated, you can manage the stress and anxiety and at the same time increase the appeal of rooms.

With that in mind, I’m pretty sure you are already wondering whether it’s easy to decorate a tiny house.

The answer is yes; you can decorate and set the appeal of your tiny house.

However, you need to get creative and think outside the box.

Interior décor in tiny houses requires you to maximize the vertical space and install amazing shelves, beautiful hideaway tables and wall desks.

It’s also easy to add plants, photos, portraits and other décor above the eye level.


Reasons to decorate a tiny house

The fact is that the looks in your home determines the mood and the atmosphere of the inhabitants.

Besides this, there are many other reasons to decorate your tiny house.

It’s one of the best ways to express how you feel and live.

It can as well put all the inhabitants at ease and help get rid of anxiety and make the space more comfortable and appealing.

Here are additional reasons why you should reflect decorating your tiny house.

It’s an indication of how much you care

A well-decorated house is a direct indication of how much you care about your living space.

It’s a clear indication of how much you pay attention to details and how important your living space is to you.

It gives you a feeling of ownership

Sparing your precious time to decorate your tiny living will give you an unconditioned ownership feeling.

The main reason why people decorate is because it personalizes the space and makes you install everything you need in your space.

It improves the mood

The fact is that dull or plain rooms are not the best if you want to set your mood and help with stress and anxiety management.

Think of various tiny house decorating ideas that serve as a reflection of you and how much you value your place.

It enhances sales potential

The Interior décor and other improvements in your tiny house is a potential improvement for the value of your house.

How decorated the house and the exterior is will determine the first expression of the buyer.

In case you are planning to sell your house soon, it’s domineering to improve the exterior and interior look of the tiny house

Secrets to successfully decorate a tiny house

Put function first

In a tiny house, the space is limited meaning you have little space to work with.

Having a lot of items in such a small space can result in things getting cluttered.

There’s also the risk of losing your design.

Consequently, you are supposed to ensure the intent is clear which is easy by putting the function first in the design.

I mean you should let furniture carry the room first.

While every space in your tiny house needs to get aesthetic touches, that should take the back seat and leave space for bed frame, table and sofa.

You can as well work with them to improve the looks in your house.

Decorate and get creative with the storage

One of the biggest challenges of owning a tiny house is finding enough storage for your house.

Even though you have already accepted to declutter the space, there’re chances of leftovers.

Standard storage options such as the cabinets and the closets are necessary but still, you need to get creative with the same.

Challenge yourself to think of a way to add storage everywhere.

You can add under-mount storage to the existing furniture or bringing more shelves in your house.

Choose double-duty items in your house

You have limited space and choosing items that do double work means maximizing your space.

Take time to think about the value each item adds in your house.

You also need to go bold with the style.

One of the best methods is to have bold colors, textures and patterns.

Be Creative with the accessories

When living in a tiny house, you can take a lot of time to figure out how the limited space will work for you.

In this instance, accessories can help you greatly.

They are great choices because it’s one of the best ways to infuse your personality into the space and make it feel like the house you need.

You shouldn’t be afraid to add a design element that solely adds aesthetic value to the remaining space in your house.

The accessorizing décor can consist of décor bowls and trays, coffee table books, candles, area rugs etc.

Major Dos and Don’ts of Decorating a tiny House

If you are currently following major Tiny Movement social media pages and groups, you definitely have noticed that every day new amazing décor ideas are emerging.

Unlike apartments, tiny houses are complicated when decorating and have limited space to live with.

This means that there are some costly decorating mistakes that you can make time to time.

To help you understand the whole concept and avoid such mistakes, we have compiled a list of dos and don’ts when decorating tiny houses.

Don’t buy anything unless you really need it

One major reason for tiny house movement is to minimize clutter.

As humans, we’re all guilty of buying things that we don’t really need.

Talk about the fancy cast-iron pan you saw in the supermarket or the IKEA bookcase you saw and bought last year.

As a minimalist, those impulse buys are not welcome anymore.

Unless you are living in a two bedroom apartment, there’s no space for things that you don’t really need.

If you are not very sure whether or not you will use the appliance or the furniture, it’s advisable to leave it entirely.

Always use light color palette

It’s advisable to use white or light colors on your tiny house walls.

The painted wall panels catch the attention to a focal point and create length in the space.

If you are not very sure which white paint you should use, research the market before buying.

Never Block the few windows

Tiny houses have few windows that are trusted to make the whole space liveable.

In most instances, we make the mistakes of blocking the windows with clutter.

Note that there’s so much air circulation in a tiny house and for that reason, you shouldn’t block the windows.

There are also few options for furniture placement.

Always find space for everything in your house and avoid blocking the windows with plants or anything else.

Don’t forget to think vertically

When decorating the tiny house, remember there’s limited floor space and the only alternative is the vertical space.

Designing vertically creates the illusion of clean space.

It also tricks the visitors to think that your house is well arranged and decorated.

It’s recommended to store items high and low.

Everything should be out of the eye line to create the illusion of space.

Do take advantage of spaces under your bed and coach

In regard to storage, it’s advisable to always take advantage of the spaces underneath the bed and the coach.

This is the best area where you can store your clothes and other necessities.

If you have a second bedroom for your child, the space underneath is perfect for all types of storages including the books and bags.

Tips for decorating a Tiny House

Tiny houses means less room and more complicated decorating approaches.

But this doesn’t mean you can never add some astonishing décor that perfectly fits your lifestyle and personality.

Home décor will include everything from the appliances you buy, your furniture, lighting and walls.

Although the process can be complicated, with some little tips and tricks, you can put things together for a functional flair.

Pick a Theme

The first thing to do is to take time and pick a theme that makes you happy.

People are different and while some of them like to be surrounded by images of waterfalls and native objects, some others want to be surrounded by nature, plans and real flowers.

You should have a vase of flowers and a jar of paint brushes if you are an artist.

This clearly shows that there are countless design options out there.

The best ways of funnelling down the myriad of décor options is to face a theme of sorts.

Choose specific colors, fabrics and styles that appeals to the theme you have picked.

Think Multipurpose

The other thing to do is to think of décor options that can serve more than one purpose.

With the exceedingly limited space, you should choose pieces of arts that can serve two purposes or more simultaneously.

The market is flocking with different methods meaning that there are endless ways to approach this point.

A good example is the use of a bookcase trunk for holding candles and office supplies.

It can as well work for holding medicine and several other supplies.

A table, a décor piece can serve as an extra storage space.

Be selective and let everything you have make the impact you want

This is something all tiny house owners know.

Many of them have already whittled down the accessories, bathroom clutter and clothing options.

The same should work with interior décor meaning that you should choose exactly what works for you.

You shouldn’t keep anything out of guilt.

This is true for people that want to keep something because they were family heirloom or gifts.

Such items will not bring anything to you unless you choose what to do with them.

Embrace the light

Tiny living means less window and eventually less natural light.

However, this doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do about the light.

You are expected to take advantage of the windows to bring in more natural light.

You should also counterbalance the dark with light colors through the décor theme.

Consider white walls and soft textiles.

You also should create a foundation of neutral colors for a brightening effect.

Furthermore, add a lot of lighting options to your décor.

The best option here is the LED Strip lighting on ladders and the stairs.

They add a cozy touch and a safety feature for the people using the stairs and the ladder.

Choose versatile pieces

Minimalism and tiny living is becoming increasingly popular.

With this trend, you expect a lot of changes in the future.

For that reason, you are expected to purchase highly versatile pieces that can be changed at any time of the day.

Go for tapestries and wall art that come with different designs on each of the sides.

This makes it easy for you to change the décor by simply flipping it over.

This can be a great idea in the kitchen.

For the tile art, the tiles in the frame can be swapped out with different options to welcome a new season or to create a different look.

Go Big with the décor

In a very limited space, one of the greatest hacks is to go big with the arts and interior décor.

Big and larger options can take multipurpose options that small pieces of work cannot.

This idea also allows you create larger items that welcome the illusion of space.

Ho to come up with a good tiny house layout (Tips)

Long before you take the project of building your tiny house, you need to plan the house and come up with a definite layout for it.

Besides the fact that you can buy ready-designed layouts, and prefab models, you might think of coming up with your own tiny house layout.

The main benefits of designing your own house are that your creative ideas and preferred features will be included.

Here are some of tiny house design tips to think about.

Tape the design out

There are countless ways you can design your tiny home right now without spending a lot of dollars in professional services.

Computer software has come to help people easily design their own homes.

Their main advantage is the cost and the ease of designing and creating your perfect house layout from scratch.

It also helps in creating a feel of your own creation before spending any penny or time in it.

The best approach is actually to tape out what your house will look like from the floor.

Tape out the areas where occupants can be able to walk and have an idea about the comfort you want.

Fold down options

The most popular standby for micro home architecture is the fold down furniture which generally refers to desks and tables.

With a little imagination, you can take advantage of this which can benefit you significantly.

Think about the space you need for different purposes such as the dining area, the benches and the kitchen.

Fold down furniture options is an incredible Tiny house DIY solution to limited space.

You just need some furniture, hinges, desk or tables and a locking mechanism.

Utilize the walls efficiently

Your walls are very helpful in designing the best layout for your house.

The best tip is creating walls purposely to perform certain vital role.

Take the kitchen for example; there are a couple of items that can easily hang on the wall.

The less clutter you have in the kitchen, the larger the room will seem.

Any wall in tiny house that is not serving a role should be converted to shelving.

This will put the wall to a good use.

Keep all things above the waist clear

This tip will apply anywhere else in the house and not the kitchen.

For any other room in your house, keep the clutter below the waist level.

Anything else above that should be very clear.

Choose High Ceilings

You should be very creative with your ceilings.

If you are going with the trailers, you must pick a trailer that allows extra height.

It might also vary depending on the type of roof whether shed, gable or any other type.

These two types reach as high as possible height giving you an exclusive chance to be creative with your ceiling especially when the lighting and lighting decorative thoughts flow through your brain.

Always go for wider and many windows

One of the most creative ways of making your tiny house seem large enough for you and any other occupant is to let in natural light.

That said, there’s no better ways of bring natural light than the use of large and many windows.

If you are building your tiny house on wheels and thinks of travelling to rural areas where energy alternatives and costs are limited, it’s better to have many windows around the trailer.

Use Mirrors in your house

This is a very effective method of making your house feel large.

You are expected to strategically place mirrors around the walls.

You can go for alternatives in your sitting area that can show you from the head to the toe.

This can greatly increase the visual size of your house.

Some owners will also make the entire wall a mirror which is equally great for spreading the light throughout the tiny area.

Every space should have dual purposes

Every space in your home should have more than one purpose.

This is a common trait for tiny house owners especially because they have a very limited space in the house.

If you have a coach area for relaxing during the day, it can as well work as a bed later in the day.

Your working area can as well work as your library.

The sitting room can have more than one sofa bed that work as seats and beds at different times of the day.

Choose light colors for your interiors

Many house owners choose light colors because they help their interior decoration.

These colors also make the inner space feel more expensive.

The floors and the exterior can be any other color you want.

However, make the ceiling and the walls have an expensive feel by applying light colors.

Always go with the sliding walls

If you assume that your house needs more walls, the best alternative is to choose sliding walls.

This applies if you want an extra bedroom or an extra loft.

It is advisable to consider collapsible or sliding walls for the extra room.

The people can slide the doors and the walls when they need extra privacy.

This is the same case with the tiny house bathroom.

When privacy isn’t necessary, the walls can be collapsed which creates more square footage and makes the space feel bigger.

Loft beds

This is one of the best design techniques for people with limited space.

It’s an attractive feature for the people with tiny houses on trailers and those that want to create the illusion of space.

It’s also great in case one of the occupants wants to sleep while the other is working.

How to decorate a tiny house: 20 Creative design and décor ideas

If you are now searching for design and interior décor brilliances for your tiny one bedroom, or tiny two bedroom house, here are some of the ideas you can utilize.

Small living means you should go creative with everything around you.

Take note of these creative design and décor ideas and choose exactly what works for you.

Use Innovative Wallpaper ideas

I personally admit that installing wallpapers in your house is a huge undertaking.

The process requires utmost attention and commitment.

However, it’s very possible that you can install your personality in your tiny living space with these peel-and-stick wallpapers.

It’s one of the best ways of breathing some life into the home in a way that fresh coat of paint cannot capture.

One of their biggest benefits is that they can be used in numerous spaces throughout the home.

Though, it’s not advisable to use wallpapers in places that gets a lot of wear and tear especially for people that are using exquisite wall covering.

You shouldn’t use it in your small child’s bathroom or other parts of the house where good art is being displayed.

Using Nature colors artistically

Light paint colors are very popular in the tiny house world for all the good reasons.

Some colors such as beiges, grey and white makes the room feel spacious and at the same time airier.

This is mainly because they reflect more light.

Bold colors and wallpapers can be a good idea but you should also be cautious.

Overly bold designs make the home feel cramped.

The best approach in this case is to add color with cushions or throws, occasional furniture or lampshades.

You can use neutral colored footstools and side tables.

Including small patterns and pops of color

One key thing in decorating a tiny house is to mix it up but still you don’t want to have too many competing patterns and colors in your walls.

However, you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to show off your creativity and personality with patterns and colors.

This is a great very small house decorating idea in your kitchen and living room.

You can as well play along with some unexpected tile in your shower.

These are all great ways of experimenting with designs and colors.

Go the plant way

Decorating your tiny house with plants is a creative, cost-effective, elegant and a healthy way to bring a hint of originality, nature and beauty in your small spaces.

Plans also purify air from outdoor pollution.

They are decorative elements that bring a lot of light, harmony and freshness in your indoor environment.

One of the best ideas is to mount plants on the wall.

Other alternatives are to place succulents in the unused areas to keep the air fresh and add pops of colors to the space.

Some tiny house owners also add greenery from the ceiling.

There’s no limit to what you can do with this creative idea, you just have to get creative and do exactly what works for you.

Steps for storage

This is an incredibly popular tiny house storage idea that blends perfectly fine with the interior décor.

You are expected to use the space under the stairs for storage.

To make it look more appealing, you have to open cubbies and store decorative items such as books, hats and more here.

You can as well add creatively made doors to discreetly tuck away your cats litter, shoes, clothes or any other item stored here.

Opt for Neutral Accents

Environmental sustainability is one of the many reasons why you opted for tiny living.

Consequently, you should use as many reclaimed items as possible.

You can consider salvaged wood for countertops, stools, and flooring or add textures to the walls with shiplap.

It’s up to you to look for all the creative ways of reducing and reusing the building materials.

Go for French doors

Natural light is the main interior décor ideas for all types of tiny houses.

It’s the easiest ways to expand small spaces.

Consequently, installing French door is a tiny house interior design tip and idea that will work out for any tiny house interior layout.

It also doesn’t matter whether your décor is rustic, chic or minimalist, there’s some magic in French doors.

Invest in Miniature Appliances

Colored and miniature appliances can be fun and there’s so much you can do to make them an astonishing tiny cabin interior idea.

The appliances should also take less space which is the reason why you should opt for compact ovens, microwaves, coffeemakers, fridges and dishwashers.

Combined functionality, the looks and how well these appliances are arranged can make a great difference.

Invite the indoors in

The outdoor is your playground but there are little creative ideas that can make the outdoor atmosphere an amazing idea for the interior décor especially if you live in very tiny spaces.

Add a large deck or install large and beautiful windows that open outward.

You can eventually decorate the spaces and the deck with plans to enjoy nature at home.

Tiny Home Interior décor lighting ideas

Even though saving money is one of the reasons you opted for tiny living, many people faces a lot of challenges of fitting fixtures into such small faces.

So how do you decorate your tiny home with light?

Given that not all tiny houses have the same dimensions, you need to go creative with your little space depending on the available square feet.

However, here are some of the tiny house lighting ideas that can improve your interior décor exponentially.

Use single color flexible LED Strip light

This idea is perfect for under the counter, edge glow, under the cabinet and other accent lighting spaces.

The idea is also very popular with the tiny houses with vaulted ceiling.

If your house has vaulted ceiling, then mounting strip light to the upright ceiling is a good idea.

You can choose the dimmable flexible tape lights in different colors.

When shopping, make sure they are waterproof and have a multiple brightness options.

Ambient lighting is popular with tiny houses

This is what is popularly known as the general lighting.

It’s one of the best lighting ideas for people seeking a natural option.

The ambient lighting can be supplied through the window for sure when the sun goes down.

When the sun goes down, you can turn the ambient lighting and they will supply the same functionality.

They are usually ceiling down lights or lamps that create a general even amount of light for your bedroom.

Use of Ceiling Lights

This is another common way among the tiny house owners to produce ambient light in a small area such as the tiny house living room.

It can work for you regardless of the tiny house interior layout.

This lighting idea has been greatly revolutionized by the LED Lighting.

This means that you no longer need huge boxes of bulbs in the ceiling to receive the same expediency.

LED surface mount ceiling lights can easily be installed on the ceiling in tiny houses with limited ceiling space.

They are so tiny that that can be on the ceiling instead of being recessed.

Note that you need to plan the wiring and switches before you complete the project.

Some of them are not dimmable.

Consequently, you should pay attention when purchasing the on-ceiling LED lights.

Luckily, they don’t produce any heat and they require less electricity to function.

Use back lights

As stated earlier, you need to be very creative with the lighting ideas.

With little forethought and intensive planning, you can make that small and dull space an amazing décor.

The best ways to do that is the use of LED Rope light situations.

These lights have really opened the opportunities to add back lighting and other unique provisions.

Check these lights on amazon.com.

Amazon currently has more than 10,000 different kinds of these rope lights.

Task lighting ideas

Task lighting such as the use of under counter lighting is great because it only illuminates a work surface.

Some others will also work as ambient lighting.

Some other home owners like the pendant lighting because they add a bit of pizzas to the home interior décor.

If you have a tiny house on wheels, you should go creative with the way to secure the pendant lighting when moving around.

Another great alternative is to design a specific texture aimed at illuminating a painting, reading area or a seating area.

Use sconce lights

Sconce lights offer timeless looks to your interior space.

They are very easy to mount on the walls or posts and at the same time provide benefits of LED Lighting.

I usually recommend using wall sconces near mirrors so that they can work as task lighting.

It’s also great to install bathroom sconces between 60” and 65”from the floor.

This means that the size of the lighting should land slightly above the eye level.

Use Canless Recessed LED Lights

Lastly, use of Can-Free Recessed LED lights allows for easy installation in places where recessed lights wouldn’t be able to fit.

It’s also very easy to customize the fixtures and allow flexibility with regard to the color, light color, beam angle and voltage.

The installation also allows for recessing directly into wood beams in timber framed tiny houses.

They are perfect for tiny houses that don’t permit recessing lights.

Some of the Can-Free recessed LED lights have gimbal head meaning that you can adjust the direction of the beam in real time.

This is one of the best tiny home interior design ideas for tiny houses with sloped ceiling.

Tin House Wallpaper Designing and décor ideas

I personally love wallpaper for small areas but not every person would consider this tiny house ideas interior patterns as an amazing thought.

When it comes to decorating tiny house’s Living area, Kitchen and Bedroom, most owners knee jerk reaction about the use of wallpapers.

Rather than trying to black magically change the look of your tiny house, you can use these tiny house wallpaper designing and décor ideas.

Patterned ceilings

With peel and stick wallpapers, you can do something unexpected with the hallway ceiling and the sitting room ceiling.

It’s easy to add playful wallpaper across the length.

This will automatically space the white walls.

Using wallpapers in your ceiling will also add a contrast against the wood panelling.

It can add contrast that stands out against the competing wall paint color.

A Bold Bathroom using wallpapers

Tiny houses usually have tiny bathrooms but there’s something you can do with the wallpapers to make the space bolder.

Rather than sitting down and watching the small powder room look airy and light, you can go the opposite direction to make it bolder with wallpapers.

This is where your creativity will be highly appreciated.

There’s no rule of thumb in this case.

But I recommend choosing wallpaper with large print.

This is because it will be perfect for backdrop for the lighting fixtures and the mirror.

Patterned stairway with wallpaper

Do you have a two story tiny house and wants to make the stairway amazingly beautiful?

If yes, there’s no better way to go around it than the use of wallpapers in your tiny house.

This is the best ways of giving your guests an unexpected design and interior décor surprise using wallpapers.

It will even be better if you have tiled floors.

Use Negative space wallpapers in your Kitchen sinks

Most tiny house owners are never comfortable with the dark colors in the bathroom.

This is why they usually want to cover this with the wallpapers with some white and negative spaces.

This can as well apply in your tiny kitchen.

The floral arrangement has airy gaps between the blooms which gives you the better of two worlds.

Go wild with ferns in your work area

This idea is not the best for tiny cabins because they essentially don’t have separate working areas.

But if you have a tiny house above 400 square feet, you probably have a tiny workstation in your house.

This is where ferns can do magic.

It’s also a great idea for small bathrooms.

One main reason why I like this Tiny House wallpaper designing idea is because it makes the green hues pop with gold accents or brass.

You shouldn’t be afraid to add other citrusy colors with the mix.


There’s no plagiarism in the world of tiny houses meaning that you can easily get inspired with what other people have done.

Get inspirations wherever you go.

The fact is that the tiny movement culture is growing and people are always finding awesome ways to decorate their houses.

Take time to learn from every experience.