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Are Smokeless Indoor Grills Worth it For A Good BBQ – 2023 Guide

Many people are lucky enough to enjoy summer outside grilling their favourite foods.

But guess what?

Not everyone has a large deck or backyard to put up a fancy outdoor grill.

If you live in a tiny home with limited space but still want to grill your favourite foods, you’ll love the versatility that indoor grills offer.

What’s so special about tiny house indoor grills is that they are small enough to fit into the tiniest of spaces, including your countertop.

And just like those massive outdoor grills you’re used to, indoor grills are also great for grilling tasty foods like vegetables, chicken breast, burgers, vegetables and more.

Get the Same Tasty BBQ Style Dishes

Traditional grill vs smokeless indoor grill will make the same meals that will taste just as great as they do when grilled outdoors with a BBQ.

Today’s guide will provide you with a list of great indoor grills you can use in your tiny space.

But before we delve into all the details, we will take a minute to compare indoor grills and regular grills, showing you some pros and cons.

After reading today’s comprehensive post, making up your mind on which tiny house indoor grills works best for you will be easy.

And before we forget to add, tiny house indoor grills come in various options.

Top Smokeless Indoor Grills of 2023

Now, to the part, you have been waiting for.

Here is a list of the best smokeless grills on the market.

We are sure you’d fancy having one of these in your tiny home.

Griddler FIVE

This is one of the leading indoor grills we came across during our research.

It is highly rated and performs surprisingly well.

This indoor grill from the stables of Cuisinart features digital controls that are easy to use.

Using this indoor grill, you can easily tweak the temperature to desired levels to allow for even cooking.

The coolest thing with this indoor grill is that it comes with dishwasher safe plates.

This makes cleaning a stroll in the park.

Let us also quickly add that this indoor grill converts to a griddle.

Thanks to this option, you can cook up to 8 pancakes at once.

Also, you can get some waffle plates or simply press the paninis to whip your favourite waffle flavours.

For easy cleaning, it’s best to place foil paper underneath the back legs, especially because the top plate tends to drip when cooking greasy foods.

This indoor grill is lightweight and only measures 11.6 lb.

Also, it has a cooking surface of nearly 99 sq inches.

What is Reddit saying about the Griddler FIVE


  • Grills evenly for lightning-fast burgers and chicken breasts
  • Long-lasting – With regular care can last 4 – to 6 years in use
  • The best panini, scambled eggs and pancake maker


  • Cleaning – If you do not clean it regularly the hinges can get stuck.
  • Setting the temperature may be a problem for inexperienced users

Contact Smokeless Ready Grill

Contact Smokeless Ready Grill

If you’re looking for an affordable grill, look no further than the all amazing Contact Smokeless Ready Grill.

While this brilliant indoor smokeless grill has many exceptional features you’d love, what we like most about it is that it is easy to clean.

Created by George Foreman Grills, this amazing indoor grill has performed exceptionally well.

Despite its small cooking surface, you can whip meals for two or three people at once.

Also, it drains grease pretty well, and that’s all thanks to featuring dishwasher safe plates.

The under section of this indoor grill has higher edges.

This unique feature helps create a tight seal for fast and seamless cooking.

Also, its features built-in drainage holes, which help with smoky smells and seamless cleanup.

If you live in a tiny home and have limited counter or storage space, you’ll love this indoor grill, especially because you can store it upright when you aren’t using it.

The only thing we don’t seem to like about this indoor grill is its small cooking space.

But, besides that, every other thing checks out.

Here’s what Reddit is saying about the Smokeless Ready Grill


  • Perfect for dorm room living along with tiny living situations
  • Beginner-friendly thanks to the George Foreman cook guides
  • Cooks all types of meats evenly
  • Doubles as a fantastic panini press
  • Lightweight and cheap
  • Draws less energy – lower electricity bills


  • Not easy to clean and can start to smell if the areas are not cleaned properly
  • Plates will crack if not cleaned regularly
  • After a year of regular use, the plates start to leave a bad taste as the non-stick wears away.

Smart Grill & Griddle

Smart Grill & Griddle

Though this indoor grill is a tad expensive, guess what?

Its unique features justify its high price tag.

Plus, its features are special, and you might not find them on other indoor grills.

To start with, this indoor grill features a powerful heating element and thermostat that allows the grill to stay hot even when you drop a cold steak on it.

This is a brilliant feature because assuming the temperature of the grill drops, what happens is that your food will steam and not sear.

Another selling point of this product is that it comes with a drip tray which sits in front but sticks out a bit from behind.

This is designed to catch drippings that fall off when you open the lid.

When using this grill and you have it completely open, you can easily tweak the surface as you like.

You can even have it slightly slanted to allow the juice from your food to drip into the tray.

Otherwise, you can have it completely flat., especially if you’re cooking foods like eggs or pancakes.

It also features a built-in panini press for people who want to whip crispy sandwiches and cook tasty bacon or hash browns.

Let us also add that this indoor grill features two removable dishwasher safe plates.

This makes for effortless cleaning.

Our only complaint so far about this indoor grill is that it is heavy.


  • Do have a good guide book for cooking for beginners
  • Cooks evenly across the grill plate
  • Easy to clean among the others
  • Quality made with stainless steel which gives confidence for long time use.


  • Slanted grease pan that gets oil and great everywhere
  • Food easily slides off the cooking plate
  • Its expensive

Zojirushi Indoor Electric Grill

Zojirushi grill

If you want to have the outdoor grilling experience, but this time indoor, you’ll love the Zojirushi indoor electric grill.

Even though it doesn’t have a lid, we love that it provides enough room to navigate its small cooking space when grilling veggies.

While it is designed to sit flat, it also features a removable drip tray designed to catch oils and juices.

Many users who have tested this product are impressed with how the grill maintains temperature.

Some of the videos we have come across of this product being used were just amazing.

In terms of heating, this indoor electric grill features a built-in heating element, which helps to keep the grill hot when being used.

However, keep in mind that this indoor grill can only be washed using hands, and that’s because of how its electrical receptacle was placed.

Hand washing isn’t such a bad option, too, as it helps extends the lifespan of the non-stick coating.

Want to know what Reddit is saying about the Zojirushi indoor grill?


  • Water reservoir under the element so the juices run into it to prevent splattering and smoking
  • Highest stainless steel, is built to last, so if you drop it won’t break.
  • Perfect for all meats along with a pancake ball maker for a fun dessert.


  • Needs a Voltage converter if you buy from Japan
  • The price is a little more expensive but it’s justified.

Food Smart Multipurpose Grill and Air Fryer

Food Smart Multipurpose Grill and Air Fryer

This indoor grill is one of a kind and features everything you’re looking for in an indoor grill.

In terms of performance, only a few products come close to what you get with this device.

While this device doubles as an air fryer, it is also a powerful indoor grill.

This heavy-duty grill can produce a whooping 500ºF max temperature.

This temperature is just perfect for grilling any food of your choice.

For example, using this grill, you should be able to cook a medium-well cooked flanked steak within 10 minutes.

Also, it is great for cooking fast cooking foods like hot dogs and hamburgers.

This product also comes with a temperature probe.

This is great for cooking steak, making it an excellent option for people who want their meat perfectly done.

What’s so special about this indoor grill is that it comes with a lid that creates an oven-like environment.

This unique feature allows all your food to cook quickly without squishing the food.

While this indoor grill performed excellently well, Ninja, the parent company that manufactured this grill, also has other wonderful products that perform superbly.

And before we forget to add, it will interest you to know that this indoor grill has a pretty decent cooking surface to whip meals for a couple of people.

The not so cool thing with this product is its heavy size, which may end up taking up space in your tiny home.

Reddit is loving the 5 in 1 Food Smart grill & airfryer.


  • Ability to grill steak and air fry chicken nuggets all at once without issue.
  • Regularly on a discount from big box retailers and online
  • The helpful automatic thermometer makes cooking steak like a pro easy.
  • Perfect for baking bread
  • Dehydrates food for later serving
  • All parts are dishwasher safe except roasting rack


  • Smells after a few cooking sessions without a deep clean.
  • It takes up a lot of room on the counter

Electric Indoor Searing Grill with Viewing Window (Our favourite) ⭐⭐⭐

Searing Grill with Viewing Window

If you’re on the market for a quality indoor grill with incredible features, you will find that the indoor electric grill with window by Hamilton is a great deal!

Reviewers like myself have think this product among the best for its versatility and performance, its something special!

While this indoor grill produces adequate energy to cook your meal intensely, many users love it because it is easy to use and clean.

Plus, it’s lightweight and compact design makes it perfect for tiny homes with limited spaces.

Besides being lightweight and easy to store, this indoor grill also features a dishwasher safe grill plate and drip tray.

The unique thing about this electric grill is that it comes with a preheat grill light.

This feature lets users know when the grill is ready to take on their food.

Despite all of these appealing features, some users have complained that the cord that comes with this product is very short.

This isn’t such a bad thing as users can extend the cord by getting replacement options.

Reddit has been talking about the Hamilton Beach grill and this is what we found in common.


  • Evenly distributed heating on the plates for a great cooking experience for all meats and vegetables.
  • Viewing window for accurate cooking
  • Perfect for getting BBQ styled charred meat that’s not a charcoal Webber.
  • We love how it sears the meat, the hot plate gets really hot.
  • Constantly on discounts online from Target and Walmart
  • Easy to clean


  • After a few cleaning the Teflon coating may come off
  • Heard to reach cleaning places where grease builds up and starts to smell
  • Takes too much power which can cause outages

Livenza Electric All-Day Grill by DeLonghi

Livenza All-Day Grill

So many remarkable things that make this indoor grill by DeLonghi a must-have, especially if you live in a tiny home.

To start with the basic features, this indoor electric grill comes with interchangeable plates for different cooking options, including grilling.

And as if that’s not enough, it also features a powerful broiler function which allows the lid to float nicely overcooked meals.

This indoor grill also features all the extra you’ll ever need to grill your favourite foods, including grill and griddle plates and dishwasher safe waffles.

The most unique feature of this product is that it comes with separate temperature controls.

This allows users to create multiple zones when using both surfaces.

Also, the different heating options will enable you to choose your preferred heating option when grilling.

Unfortunately, while this grill provides ample cooking surface, the downside is that it takes up quite some space in your home.

The cooks and chefs Reddit users have been raving about the DeLonghi grill which has never failed me yet, its resturant grade kitchen quality.


  • From meat to waffles – it makes the perfect versatile grill.
  • Gets really hot – perfect for searing a ribeye steak or making juicy marinated chicken without losing the tenderness of the meat.
  • The kitchen-grade quality feels expensive and up to grade the exceeds the price tag.
  • A quick clean is all it needs – no need to worry about grease getting into hard to reach places
  • Maintains consistent temperature and the display screen keeps you informed of whats happening
  • Broil mode is perfect for those wanting to bake pizzas or flatbread


  • The power cord is long and may get in the way

500F Searing Grill/Griddle

500F Searing Griddle

If you’re looking for an indoor grill with large cooking space, you’ll love the 500F Searing Grill/Griddle by CRUXGG.

And the best part is that its large cooking surface is divided into a griddle and grill.

This unique feature allows users to cook two different foods simultaneously.

We love that this indoor grill has deep groves, which is important for creating nice sear marks on your food.

It also has a unique button you can press if you want extra heat.

Its built-in splatter guard can be easily removed.

This makes cleaning a stroll in the park.

Similarly, the drip tray that comes with this product is dishwasher safe, so cleaning is easier.

Besides all of the great features that this product offers, it’s thrilling to know that the company gives back 5% of its proceeds to nonprofit organizations to democratize access to food.

There are many great things /r/cooking reddit is saying about 500F Searing Grill which is why I have included it on this list.


  • Its like having a small electric BBQ
  • Handy splatter guard
  • Has a classic design that could go with any rustic interior for a tiny house
  • The non-stick coating will last years to come.
  • It’s simple – No bells and whistles, It does everything you need and more.
  • It can live in a draw thanks to its compact design.
  • Good head distribution for a qualify BBQ styled dinner


  • Basic smoke control
  • Can get messy with great after cooking

Top benefits of Smokeless Grills in a Tiny Home

Have you come across the catchphrase “all grilling is not made equal”?

Well, that’s true, and we will show you why soon.

A bulk of summertime memories include spending quality time outdoors grilling your favourite foods.

But grilling food outside isn’t the only option these days.

With the tiny house movement gaining momentum, many companies are beginning to build indoor grills that are smokeless.

Authentic BBQ for your Tiny Home

What we love so much about this grilling option is that users still get the authentic barbecue taste they get when they grill outdoors while living in a tiny home.

If you’re a diehard barbecue lover and you have always wanted to grill your food in your tiny space, you’ll love the versatility that indoor grills offer.

The best part is that this new tiny house grilling option promises to eliminate the smoke and fire hazards that comes with standard outdoor grills.

Here, check out some benefits of smokeless grills and why it is a great option for tiny house owners.

It’s a tad healthier to grill using smokeless grills

If you’re a sucker for healthy living, then opting for an indoor grill is a brilliant option, especially because indoor grills are designed to eliminate harmful smoke that can cause problems.

Just so you know, most indoor grills feature a built-in fan.

The job of the fan is to eliminate any smoke generated when grilling.

With indoor grills, the quantity of smoke produced is largely harmless.

Ease of use

If you have breathing problems like sinus, asthma and others, the likelihood of your condition worsening when exposed to charcoal, gas smoke, wood, and pellet stoves is higher.

The smoke generated from outdoor grilling can trigger flare-ups in people with breathing problems.

That is why many people are turning their attention to indoor smokeless grills.

With indoor smokeless grills, you don’t have to stress yourself trying to manage the temperature being generated, and that’s because most indoor grills are designed to provide consistent temperatures that are perfect for grilling your favourite foods like chicken, beef, and fish with the perfect grilled taste of vegetables.

So besides eliminating smoke, smokeless indoor grills also promote a healthier way in cooking.

And yes, you don’t have to worry about accidently undercooking or burning your food.

Space-saving and accessible indoor grilling

Most of the fancy smokeless grills we have come across also double as tabletop grills.

As a matter of fact, some of the leading models come with an outsized grill surface.

Plus, some come with large cooking space, big enough for two people to grill their favourite food without having to juggle the food on the fire.

We love that most indoor grills should fit nicely into your tiny kitchen space without inconveniencing you.

Most of the new smokeless grills are either electric powered or propane.

They are easy to connect just like your other home appliances.

So if you plan to live in a tiny home, you’re sure to find a smokeless grill that will fit into your space or if you need to bring it out for that special night for your favourite BBQ dishes.


What’s the Difference With Smokeless grill vs Regular grills

It’s a tough choice to compare smokeless grills with traditional grills.

But once you’re done reading this guide, you should be able to decide which is best for you easily.

One fundamental question: Should I buy an indoor smokeless grill or opt for an outdoor grill?

The reality is both indoor and outdoor grills have their unique benefits and drawbacks.

(See the Pros and Cons of each below)

And if you think you have enough space in your home and some change to spare, you can even get both.

Here is what you need to know about indoor smokeless grills vs regular grills.

Indoor grills

As we mentioned right from the very get-go, indoor grills offer many unique advantages you don’t want to pass on, especially if you live in a tiny home.

With indoor grills, you can seamlessly whip your favourite BBQ styled meals, including steaks, ribs, grilled vegetables and burgers without leaveing your kitchen.

Cool right?

We think so too.

We like how compact they are and how they don’t emit smoke, yet you get the same smoky flavour.

Here, check out some pros of indoor smokeless grills.


  • Are portable and do not take up a lot of space
  • They offer better heat distribution. With this, you can expect your food to cook evenly.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • In terms of versatility, they perform way better than outdoor grills
  • You can use them all year round, regardless of bad weather.
  • They are a tad more affordable than outdoor grills.


  • One thing we don’t like about indoor grills is that they offer less of that BBQ flavour.
  • They have less cooking surface space.
  • They can’t attain the high temperatures

One tradeoff is the compact size means less output of food for big American style feasts for 5+ people.

However, for 2 to 3 people dinner work great.

Also, we love that many indoor grills can be used as a panini press for gourmet sandwiches, avocado toast, waffles and more.

Outdoor grills

Outdoor grills are a good option for people with lots of space on their property.

This type of grill typically uses either propane or charcoal.

Unlike indoor smokeless grills, outdoor grills provide ample space to cook up a feast, 5+ to 10 people feast is usually not an issue.

Some of the best outdoor grills on the market offer a massive 851.1 square inches of cooking space with the main grilling area and a high sitting warming rack.

The only caveat is that it can take a lot of time to clean, prepare and get the right weather.

Compared to indoor grills, there’s virtually no setup, cleaning and preparing, and the best part is if you feel like making the perfect ribs on a cold rainy day, you can do it in a snap.


  • Delivers that unmistakable smoky flavour we all love
  • Offers a larger cooking area. This makes it great for cooking for multiple people at once.
  • Outdoor grills are powered by either propane or charcoal and can get really hot.
  • Great for large gatherings


  • Outdoor grills are affected by weather conditions.
  • Setup, cleaning and preparing time
  • Need to have prior experience on how to cook evenly.
  • It is harder to maintain, especially when compared to indoor grills

From everything we have written so far, you’ll probably agree that buying an outdoor grill will cost you quite a fortune, both in terms of time, space, money and limitations to weather.

But nonetheless, many people don’t mind, Like myself, I love the smoky charcoal flavour that outdoor grills offer.

More so, fans of outdoor grills believe that nothing trumps hosting a BBQ on a beautiful summer night but each style of grill has there time and place.

You could yourself using an indoor grill 365 days in a year because its possible than that of the latter.

Other Grilling Factors

Have you made a choice yet?

if not then keep reading.

Well, it’s okay to have a favourite right now.

But just to add to some of the points we have highlighted earlier, we would like to highlight some more unique differences.

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Getting The Perfect Smokey Flavour

One of the most significant differences in the battle of supremacy between indoor and outdoor grills is the flavour factor.

When cooking on a charcoal grill, for instance, your foods are infused with a delicious smoky flavour, which demonstrates the true essence of BBQ.

Sadly, even the most expensive and advanced indoor grills can’t seem to deliver the same depth of flavour.

Which Grill Gets Better Heat?

One thing about outdoor grills is that it tends to burn hotter, but the biggest tradeoff is inconsistent heat.

This is a common problem with charcoal grills.

Thankfully, gas-powered grills are proving to be a more reliable option.

This type of grill can keep the heat consistent, ensuring that your foods are evenly cooked.

Unfortunately, you’ll spend extra money on propane and charcoal with outdoor grills.

And as if that’s not enough, you’ll spend a lot of time cleaning out the grill.

On the flip side, indoor grills are much easier to use.

And yes, they heat up quickly too.

The most important part of it all is that indoor grills use electricity that can draw power from an off grid solar system without limitations.

To this end, they provide an evenly heated surface.

Compared to outdoor grills, indoor grills are super easy to clean.

Some of the top indoor grills on the market feature removable grates you can easily take out and put right into the dishwasher.

And like we mentioned earlier, indoor grills are smokeless.

This means you don’t have to worry about smoking out the interior of your tiny home or activating the smoke alarm.

Grill safety

Whether you love to grill indoors or outdoors, you must consider some safety measures to prevent your BBQ sessions from becoming a disaster.

Talking about safety, never leave the grill unattended.

Also, ensure that your grill is properly cleaned and maintained before use.

With anything that creates heat, you want to have it away from decorations or other flammable materials.

And yes, you also want to have a fire extinguisher close by for emergencies.

Is it healthy?

Cooking BBQ food every day is not healthy according to WebMD research.

But some indoor grills do a great job at separating bad fats from fatty meats like sausages and cevapes

Smokeless grilling is healthier because it doesn’t produce carcinogens.

More so they don’t use propane which can be indoor fire hazard or be prone to propane leaks.


Top Indoor Tips To Know in 2023

Before you settle for any indoor grill, here are some factors you should consider:

Size: If you’re planning to only grill for a few people, say one or two persons, you should opt for an indoor grill that offers at least 80 square inches of cooking space.

If that’s too small and you’d prefer something a little bigger, you can opt for a grill that offers 100 to 150 square inch cooking space.

This will suffice if you plan to cook for 3 to 5 people.

And if you plan to cook for a larger group, you’d have to cook in batches as indoor grills aren’t as large as outdoor grills,

Design: Open indoor grills are designed to mimic outdoor grills without the lid.

When using this type of indoor grill, you’d have to flip your food to allow it to cook evenly.

On the flip side, you can decide to buy contact grills as they have bottom and top grill plates that makes cooking pretty fast.

Versatile design: Some indoor grills open flat.

This type of grill is designed so that you can easily switch out the original grill plate with a waffle or griddle plate.

In addition, indoor grills with removable plates are most time dishwasher safe, so cleaning isn’t much of a hassle.

Heat levels: When shopping for an indoor grill, keep in mind that some models don’t allow you to set your preferred temperature for cooking.

So if you’d like to set a specific temperature for cooking, it’s best to go with an indoor grill that allows you to adjust the heat range.

Also, to get a decent sear on your food, you should have an indoor grill that lets you tweak the temperature range up to 500ºF.

Our verdict

Both indoor grills and outdoor grills are great for grilling sumptuous meals.

However, if you live in a tiny house and have limited space and you wanna BBQ style grill 365 days a year in rain, wind, snow or shine from the comfort of being indoors, then the indoor grill as it is a more versatile option.

However, if you host BBQ feasts with multiple people then you will be limited, it’s best to get an indoor grill, especially if you have ample space.

And if you’re interested in that deep smoky flavour, it’s best to get an outdoor charcoal grill.

Frequently asked questions

How much do indoor grills cost?

We can’t put a specific price tag on indoor grills, and that’s because there are different models on the market, each priced differently.

That said, you’re sure to get an indoor grill for as low as $100.

How challenging is it to maintain an indoor grill?

Compared to outdoor grills, indoor grills are easy to clean and maintain.

Plus, most of them come with grill plates that are dishwasher safe.

This makes cleaning super easy.

What can I cook on an indoor grill?

With an indoor grill, you can cook your favourite meals, including steaks, burgers, waffles, sandwiches and more.

The only complaint most people have about indoor grills is that they have limited cooking surfaces.

Also, you’ll miss that smoky flavour that you get with outdoor charcoal grills.