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Tiny House Communities in Virginia – Everything To Know for 2024

Tiny homes are springing up across different communities in the US as more people opt for the perks and bliss that come with the tiny house movement.

With traditional housing becoming more expensive by the day, many people are looking for affordable housing options, and thankfully, tiny houses haven’t disappointed as they are super affordable, especially when compared to the steep prices of traditional homes.

But while tiny homes are the rave of the moment, one trend that is becoming increasingly rampant in the tiny home industry is tiny house communities and Virginia is one of the states that is embracing this trend.

Sure, tiny house living, comes with its many excitements, but living in a tiny house community and interacting with people with whom you share the same values with is a blessing that most tiny house enthusiasts would embrace.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, here is what a tiny house community means.

Tiny house community: What is it?

If you love the bliss that tiny home offers and want to experience what it feels like to live in a community that houses tiny house enthusiasts such as yourself, you’ll not be disappointed to give the tiny house community a try.

For those who are pretty new to this, a tiny house community is like a village or neighborhood, strictly designed to house tiny homes of different shapes and sizes.

So instead of living off-grid by yourself, tiny house communities give you an opportunity to explore tiny living with others who share similar ideals.

Most of the popular tiny house communities feature between 20 to 50 tiny houses.

The cool part about these communities is that each home on the property is equipped with all the basic amenities needed to live a comfortable life.

If you want to experience what it feels like to live in a tiny house and share your ideas with other tiny house enthusiasts, now is an awesome time to get hooked to a tiny house community close to you for a truly rewarding communal experience.

Why should anyone live in a tiny house community?

Are you still on the fence and wondering why anyone would want to live in small spaces, especially the kind of small houses you’ll typically find in a tiny house community?

Well, the answer is pretty simple.

Tiny house communities offer unique advantages you don’t want to miss out on.

Read on as we take you on tour on why tiny house communities are such a big flex right now.

Access to basic amenities

Besides tiny house communities providing access to gorgeous small houses, the community features all the basic amenities that make for comfortable living.

For instance, every tiny house community we have come across provides portable water, electricity, and access to basic appliances in every home.

To add to that, most of these communities have a shared community garden, where you can go and indulge yourself in the things you love doing the most.

The cool part is that you don’t pay through your nose for utilities as they are super affordable.

Community swimming pool

If you live off-grid all by yourself in a fancy tiny house that took you several months to build, chances are you won’t be able to have a swimming pool on your property, and that’s because it is a tad expensive.

But in a typical tiny house community, you get seamless access to a swimming pool you share with other people in your community.

And guess what, you may end up not evening paying for it.

So if you want to experience something different, you should seriously consider living in a tiny house community.

Community library

Another thing that intrigues us about tiny house communities is the fact that most communities we have come across have a community library that is open to every member of the community.

So if you like reading a lot, you’ll enjoy every minute spent in the community library.

And guess what, you can even form a reading club with other members of the community, a luxury you don’t get to experience when you live all by yourself in your own tiny home.

Communal living

Are you thinking of giving tiny house living a try but you don’t want to live off-grid alone?

Then now is an awesome time to give tiny house communities a try.

Besides having access to a beautiful tiny house, and enjoying access to wonderful amenities and cheap utilities, living in a tiny house community allows you to enjoy communal living, especially with other people who share the same values as yourself.

In a tiny house community, you get to interact and partner with people living their tiny lifestyles to the fullest.

Why tiny house communities aren’t for everyone

Despite the many benefits that come with living in a tiny house community, living in a tiny house community isn’t for everyone.

If you love to live in a quiet and serene environment or you’re an introvert, you’re better off living off-grid in a regular tiny house.

The whole idea of living in a tiny house community is to experience communal living while living your tiny dream.

So for someone who loves to stay alone, you won’t find living in a tiny house community fun.

How does a tiny house community work?

The working principles of living in a tiny house community are simple.

While some tiny house communities are only open for rent, others allow you to buy the house outrightly.

On the flip side, in some tiny house communities, you’re allocated lots that you can use to build your own big tiny home.

So before you opt to live in any tiny house community, it’s important you know the terms and conditions.

This way you know exactly what you’re signing up for.

That said, regardless of the type of tiny house community you go for, you’ll still enjoy all the perks we outlined in today’s post.

Are there any tiny house communities in Virginia?

Virginia is still catching up with the tiny house movement, so there aren’t a lot of tiny house communities in this area yet.

Most of the tiny house villages in this city are still in the pipework.

Nevertheless, we expect the trend to sweep through the city in the next 2 to 5 years.

Proposed Virginia tiny house communities

Even though tiny house communities aren’t yet common in Virginia, experts predict the emergence of tiny house communities in the next few years as the trend continues to sweep through other popular cities across the U.S.

For instance, Central Virginia is going to be home to one of the most fascinating tiny house villages the city has seen- Piedmont Ecovillage.

The team behind this remarkable project, the RVA Tiny House Team has not only kicked off discussions and consultations about the project with relevant authorities but is also helping tiny house enthusiasts to transition smoothly into the tiny house lifestyle.

The Piedmont Ecovillage is a grand effort towards making the city more tiny house friendly.

Why there aren’t a lot of tiny house communities in Virginia

The only thing standing in the way of these tiny house community is zoning ordinances, which varies from county to county.

Plus, they aren’t written to accommodate tiny house communities.

According to the city’s zoning ordinance, single-family detached homes are only allowed on lots not less than 5000 square feet in area.

Additionally, the width shouldn’t be less than 50 feet.

Other requirements include the fact that single-family detached homes must have a minimum of 25 square feet in depth in front of the yard.

Also, there must be 5 feet width for the side yards and another 5 feet of depth around the backyard.

The lot coverage must also not exceed 40 percent of the lot area.

Not just that, it should also not be taller than 35 feet.

And just to add, this ordinance hasn’t been updated since 2004.

This explains why there aren’t a lot of tiny house communities in this city.

Piedmont Ecovillage in view

Even though the Piedmont Ecovillage only exists only on paper, we expect the project to come to fruition within the next couple of years.

We also expect to see an increase in cohousing communities, single-family homes, tiny homes, and condominium-style living houses.

According to information on the Piedmont Ecovillage website, the grand plan of this project is to develop a neighborhood that is focused on addressing environmental concerns.

To this end, the community will house green building structures, community gardens while being powered by alternative energy.

When the community launches fully, members within the community will have to share resources like kitchen areas, tools, and laundry stations as the community is built to foster the ideals of communal living.

What would Piedmont Ecovillage look like?

Now, we are sure you’re curious about the Piedmont Ecovillage and want to know what the community would look like.

Well, for now, we don’t have any concrete answers to that just yet.

And that’s because the Piedmont Ecovillage doesn’t yet have an assigned piece of land.

The reason for that is because the team behind the project is still considering options close to Richmond’s Metro region and other close cities.

According to the FAQ section on the project’s website, Powhatan County is also of interest, even though there isn’t any confirmed location just yet.

As of right now, there are already constituted proposal committees as well as online message boards whose responsibility is to voice their concerns and share ideas for the tiny house community.

That said, only full members of the project’s boards have the exclusive right to vote on the final decisions.

If you want to be part of this project, you can sign up directly on their website.

Will we see other tiny house communities in Virginia?

As we mentioned earlier, Virginia is only recently opening its doors to tiny homes.

Even then, the city’s zoning ordinance doesn’t capture tiny house communities.

This is why we haven’t seen a lot of tiny house communities spring up in this city.

But with the tiny lifestyle becoming increasingly popular in the US, it is only a matter of time before the trend sweeps through the city.

Also, we expect the city’s ordinance to be updated to make room for tiny house communities.

Frequently asked questions

Are tiny houses legal in Virginia?

Tiny houses are becoming a popular option in Virginia.

And yes, these structures are legal in the state.

Provided you build your tiny house on land zoned for a single-family residence, you shouldn’t have any issues with local authorities.

That said, keep in mind that Virginia zoning laws vary from one county to the next.

To be on the safer side, it’s best to speak with local authorities before kicking off your project.

Some locations in Virginia Beach allow people to build multiple-family homes on a single lot.

How much does a tiny house go for in Virginia?

The cost of tiny homes in Virginia can vary quite significantly, especially when you consider the size of the home, the materials used to build it, and of course, the features that come with the home.

Nevertheless, with a $30,000 budget, you can build the structure yourself.

And if you decide to outsource the project, you may end up spending close to $60,000.

This is not to say that there aren’t tiny homes that cost more in Virginia.

At the end of the day, what you get all depends on your budget.

Are tiny house communities legal in Virginia?

As of right now, the zoning ordinance in Virginia doesn’t capture tiny house communities.

So, we can’t say for sure if tiny house communities are legal in this city.

That said, with many tiny house communities in the pipework, we are sure the zoning ordinance will be updated to accommodate these structures.