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Florida Tiny House Communities – Which Are The Best In 2024

If you are a tiny house fanatic then you are probably interested in the Florida Tiny House Communities and if they are still relevant in 2024, you have obviously shared them on social media and pins them on your favorite category on Pinterest.

Today, tiny houses are everywhere, but when it comes to the reality of living in a tiny house, there’s a lot that most people miss.

So are tiny house communities real?

Are you wondering whether there are any tiny houses near me?

The fact remains that minimalist living and tiny homes have taken the larger space in the USA over the last few decades.

Some of the many benefits of living in a tiny house are simplicity, low cost of living, and the freedom to move from one place to the other any time you want.

What are Tiny Houses?

Tiny houses are tiny structures built to be tiny functional living spaces.

They are tiny enough but having a tiny house, tiny home or micro houses is the best sustainable choice among many housing options available today.

Tiny homes can be either tiny mobile houses on wheels or non-movable tiny houses on a temporary or permanent foundation.

If you are wondering whether there is any land for tiny house Florida with water and electricity connection, I would say no because most of them don’t have it unless the owner has made some provision for it by himself.

However, with some little research, you might be lucky enough to find habitats tiny homes in Florida with water and on-grid electricity.

To build your own tiny house either on foundation or on wheels is not easy, but with proper research and understanding of building codes and laws in your area, you will soon become expert enough to meet all construction guidelines required for building your dream tiny home on wheels or foundation in Tiny House communities in Central Florida.

Typically tiny houses are tiny dwellings, compared to an average family house built today.

Most tiny homeowners have priced their tiny homes for less than $50,000.

However, the most expensive tiny house costs no more than $100,000.

And they live happily in them without any access to hot water or electricity unless they’ve made all the necessary provisions on their own.

Is the tiny house the thing for me? Benefits of Living in a Tiny House Community

With all that information provided above, are you trying to see whether tiny houses are the right bet for you?

Or do you want a temporary tiny home for your small family that can grow later as your family size grows?

Here are some of the pros, tips and reasons why you should be looking for tiny houses community locations near you.

You also need to decide the amount of rent to own tiny house Florida.

Environmental concerns

The benefits of living in small homes vary greatly depending on several factors.

If you live in a tiny home for environmental reasons or by choice, then living in a smaller space yields many benefits.

For example, if you have less stuff to store inside your home, there is less work involved with taking care of all those things.

When cleaning out your closet at home it might take maybe two hours to clean everything up versus ten minutes every six months when everything is stored away neatly inside a tiny house! You can also use this time to go on a walk through the woods or relax with a drink.

Just by living in such close quarters, you can gain an expansive amount of time to enjoy life and what you love doing.

The freedom to choose the perfect spot

One of the main pros of establishing an effective Florida tiny house community is giving everyone the chance to choose their own mini home depending on their partialities and needs.

If you like a certain location which no one else has, you can always secure it for your personal use and enjoy life with other people who prefer living in places which provide them pure peace and tranquillity even as they go about their activities on a daily basis.

In addition, tiny house communities in Jacksonville Florida allow you to live close enough to friends or relatives if that’s something that matters a lot to you during the selection process.

What’s more?

You have someone who will be taking care of all administrative tasks from time to time so you won’t worry about some main issues such as administrative duties.

Less Housework

Another benefit is less housework – one of the big benefits people think about when considering going tiny.

Living small eliminates clutter and allows for easier clean-up.

If you have ever lived in a large house this will be a common theme after moving into a tiny home because there is less mess everywhere- basically, it is just more organized with a smaller storage capacity.

Another great thing about living alone, maybe with your beloved pet dog or cat, is that there is no arguing over who cleans up what! One person takes the trash out every night before bed then puts away dishes from the night before, the other person washes dishes and does laundry.

This would make any relationship stronger!

Enable Exploration

When living in a big house it’s difficult to explore places you haven’t been to or see new things because there is no room for traveling with all your furniture, decorations and knick-knacks.

But when living in smaller spaces, such as a tiny home, it’s easier to travel frequently allowing you to explore new places and meet new people.

Moving into a small space allows you to get rid of materialistic things that don’t matter and dedicate more time to experiences that matter most! By doing this, the world becomes your oyster and there is nothing holding you back from traveling whenever your heart.

Low cost of living

One of the biggest reasons why people are shifting to tiny houses is the fact that there’s little to pay at the end of the month.

This is especially the truth when it comes to electricity bills and other utility bills such as water bills and taxes.

Freedom of movement

Here is another good reason why some people are on the look out for tiny houses on wheels and RVs.

Some people especially the adventurous ones will need the freedom of moving around with their Homes.

Here tiny houses are the best for this because holding on to tiny houses requires little, fuel.


One way tiny house communities have been able to maintain the cost of tiny houses is through simplicity.

There’s a huge benefit in tiny homes that you must not ignore, and that’s simplicity itself.

Tiny homes are designed to be simple, cheap and easy-to-maintain which makes it one of its major benefits to those who live in them.

Tiny House trends in 2021

Living large is officially a thing of the past.

This is mainly because many people are today settling with tiny houses because of their simplicity, cost-effectiveness and several other advantages.

At this point, we are going to discuss some of the best tiny house trends in 2021 and some of the news that you should familiarize yourself with right now.

It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to enduringly settle on a tiny house or even invest in the real estate industry, it’s always good to keep yourself updated with whatever happens around you.

Tiny house sizes

The first thing that we will look at is essentially the size of the tiny houses and how they will continue to grow smaller as time goes by.

A lot of people love tiny houses because of their small sizes and this trend isn’t going anywhere else anytime soon.

However, there is also another group of people who were actually quick to come up with an answer to this problem.

This particular solution was none other than transforming these ultra-compact houses into portable ones.

In case if you have been treasuring about owning a Tiny House for quite some time now, you can get your hands on one if you choose to go for such a solution.

The increased popularity of tiny house communities

So what else do we have in store for you?

Well, we would like to start off by saying that there are several companies out there who actually know how hard it is to live all alone and sometimes the best thing is to find some common ground and reside together.

Tiny houses will probably be the next big thing when it comes to communal living and once they become even more popularized than they already are, this new concept of communal living might not seem as bizarre anymore.

Now, whether or not these tiny house communities will gain massive popularity is up for debate simply because people aren’t really into adopting such drastic changes into their lifestyle unless there are some very convincing arguments.

The fact that tiny homes are trending won’t stop us from exploring the idea of communal living within the tiny house communities in South Florida.

There are several states in America where you can get your hands on a mobile tiny house for very affordable prices, but these mobile homes are often placed in tiny house communities in Florida for sale with other 1 or 2 room houses to make it feel similar to a regular-sized house.

The only difference is that this type of micro-housing community will have communal living aspects where you could enjoy life together with others under one roof.

Even though these tiny house communities might not be completely perfect for everyone, when we look beyond the walls and limits of society, we can easily see how beneficial such an opportunity would be.

Tiny Houses on wheels

The benefits of tiny house communities are obvious, but what some people don’t realize is the fact that even though these mobile homes are on wheels and look like toy houses for adults, they still require significant protection measures.

Even if your home is tiny, it’s still expensive to build or buy one.

What you need to keep in mind when planning on living in a tiny house beach community in Florida with other micro-housing units around you is that you should be extra careful not to trespass over the boundaries of your neighbors.

This might seem odd because these small abodes give off an image of being close-knit and neighborly towards each other, but there could be more than just one way where someone can get harmed by trespassing into another person’s property.

Tiny Houses: Natural Lighting

Another major trend in the Tiny House community is the trick of inviting natural lights into the house.

This is a popular trend seen in small modern minimalist designs.

Designers are currently embracing natural lighting sources.

In fact, this is one of the biggest things that makes a tiny house look more natural.

Many tiny houses today are being built with large windows to make sure the house has enough natural light during the day.

Another great advancement is the utilization of skylights because they allow the tiny houses to harness the light from the sun.

This paves the way for big energy savings.

During the day, you will obviously not need bulbs.

Skylight designs

For DIY individuals, there are many tiny house plans that come with small windows or skylights.

Statistics show that an ordinary person spends about 90% of their time indoors.

According to research, using natural lighting in modern homes has several benefits.

This is because during the day people spend most of their time indoors in front of computers, televisions and other electrical appliances.

These appliances produce heat which can be very uncomfortable when indoors during summertime.

But with natural light sources like sunlight and skylight, your space will remain cool enough even if it’s very hot outside.

The productivity level in your home will also substantially increase because studies show that working in an environment where sunlight streams through enables you to work much better than working under artificial lights.

Communal Living

Living in tiny houses may seem like a good idea to many individuals, but one thing that most people miss is the fact that tiny houses are not built to be lived in all year round.

Tiny house living means experiencing colder temperatures in the winter and hotter summer days.

However, you can still enjoy a comfortable stay even in your tiny home if you decide to search for tiny house community locations in Florida where several mini homes are already gathered together.

Tiny house communities in Tampa Florida give everyone the opportunity of owning their own tiny house while enjoying life with fellow community members who experience similar struggles as they go about their lives on a daily basis.

There are many benefits which you will get when it comes to joining other people in establishing an effective Florida tiny house community so that everyone’s interests are protected at all times.

Living Off-Grid

More people are currently choosing to live off-grid.

This decision seems odd in the 21st century but the fact is that among the tiny house communities, most people choose to live off-grid using off-grid electricity such as installation of solar energy panels and alternative sewer solutions such as the use of compost toilets.

By installing solar and starting to use alternative sources of energy, you are more independent and more self-sufficient, which is actually the main reason why people are moving to tiny houses.

However, you must make sure you have the right equipment for an off-grid scenario.

If you are going with solar, you should have the panels and the inverter, batteries and charge controllers.

If you are using wood stoves, you should choose the right kind of stove (rocket mass heater or not) and if you are looking into compost toilets, make sure it is the one that best suits your needs.

Use of Tesla Batteries

Nowadays, many homeowners are even installing Tesla batteries for their private homes which can reduce the monthly power bills instantly reducing the overall cost of living.

It is important that you study all the utility costs before making your final decision on whether to live in a tiny home or not.

After all these calculations, you will understand how much does it cost to build a tiny house and also the limitations of living in one depending upon factors like location, number of visitors and personal needs among others.

However, let us look at some examples where getting into a community setting has affected your monthly cost of living on a tiny house is the cost of using the utilities such as the sewer line and electricity.

This will mainly be affected by the reality of choosing Off-grid or on-grid options.

The cost of living in a tiny house

Today, there are countless articles and videos out there praising the affordability of tiny houses.

Some people are building the entire tiny house on wheels because it’s perceived to be cheaper than the traditional houses and tiny houses on wheels.

But is it true that tiny houses are cheap?

Is the cost of repairs and maintenance, the weekly grocery trips and the monthly bills cheaper?

Let’s find out.

So what is the cost of living in a tiny house?

The fact is that the situation of living in tiny houses is different from one person to the other which automatically means that the monthly cost will equally vary depending on a number of factors.

Some of these factors are discussed below.

Do you own the land for your home?

The first factor that will determine the cost of living in a tiny house is whether you own the land for Tiny house foundation or not.

If not, you will have to pay additional money for land rent.

If yes, then you will automatically save a lot of money on land.

Traveling needs

If you are a constant traveler, or if you make more trips to the grocery stores, the cost of traveling and the cost of funding all the trips will be higher unless you are considering tiny houses on wheels.

Otherwise, you will have to factor the fuel costs or fare costs into the entire cost of living in a tiny house.


Another important factor that will tactfully increase the cost of living in a tiny house is utilities.

If you have a large family, or if you live with several other people, it will be difficult to share the electricity bills.


Insurance is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to building and living in a tiny house.

If you have good insurance, you can end up saving a lot of money.

The monthly cost of living in a tiny house can vary from $500 to $100.

In most cases, you can fall somewhere in the middle.

Laws, zoning and codes for tiny houses

The zoning and code for tiny houses are similar to the laws regarding mobile homes.

Nowadays, there are many communities that allow people to live in tiny houses.

What you need when it comes to the building of your own tiny house is a good location with all required approvals in place.

Before we delve any deeper, it is very imperative to know that the biggest headache that you are likely to get when building a tiny house is the current laws, zoning and codes in your area.

Besides the fact that you might have all the understanding of the zoning laws and codes for tiny houses in your area, it’s very important to involve experts in this step.

Luckily, some cities in the USA are loosening the tiny house parking laws and Building laws.

One of these cities is the city of California which recently loosened all its tiny house laws and codes.

Texas on the other hand also promotes itself as ‘‘The first Tiny House Friendly Town in America”

Florida tiny house communities

Florida has a number of communities that allow people to live in tiny houses together.

What you need when it comes to building your own tiny house is a good location with all required approvals in place.

So are there any Tiny House Communities in Florida?

Yes, but there are only a few and not widespread across counties and cities in this state.

The population density here makes it hard to offer public land for community development.

It is wise therefore to think about buying private land if you want to be in the know especially with regards to tiny house communities Florida Panhandle or other locations.

It is most likely that you will either go for an all-inclusive or bare land setup when it comes to planning on living in a community of tiny houses in Florida.

All-inclusive is simply where the developer works with the architect to deliver your dream before choosing your lot.

The structure can also include landscaping and garden installation too.

When it comes to privately owned lots, you can decide on the layout of the property, extension opportunities, landscaping and even building customized DIY features before moving into your tiny house.

These are some considerations when looking for places where people live in small homes, whether rented or owned.

At this point, we will talk about the best Tiny House Communities in Florida and How to get started living in a Tiny House in Florida.

What is the best tiny house community in Florida?

There are many communities where people live together in small homes or tiny houses, some towns created specifically with small home living in mind.

We will list our top picks for places where people live together in Florida.

Palm Island Park

The first place we recommend looking into if you want to buy a Tiny House here is Palm Island Park located near St Petersburg on the west coast of Tampa Bay.

The community park has “6,000 feet of private pristine waterfront”, and suggests you bring your boat along because there are no bridges for cars or pedestrians.

There is a community Facebook group that you can join if you want to ask any questions about living here (it’s not an official site).

Rules and Regulations in this tiny house community/park

  • No pets, near Paul’s Restaurant unless you have a service animal.
  • No vehicles are allowed in the community except bicycles and golf carts.
  • There’s an onsite manager who lives there full time and can also assist with accommodations for weddings/pa. They’ll give you a tour of Palm Island Park including showing where everything is located on a map, howrties/events if any of that interests you.

Orlando Lakefront Tiny Home Community

Orlando Tiny Home community is located on a lakefront community which is a gated, very nice and upscale community.

In this community, there’s also a dog park and the other tiny home residents have dogs too who go to the park but sometimes it can be smelly from other people visiting their dogs to do their business.

Rules and Regulations in this tiny house community/park:

  • No smoking is allowed in or around any of the homes or buildings anywhere on site.
  • Only one person per home unless approved by management. The second person would need to pay an additional $125/mo pet rent fee to have a second renter, I don’t think they check so if you get someone in that you don’t like it’s a pain in the ass to get them out.
  • No large pets such as pit bulls, rottweilers and most dogs with short hair are fine but if your dog sheds a lot you’ll most likely be asked to leave because the tiny house community isn’t suitable for this kind of pet, most people who live there own small dogs.
  • If you own and drive an oversized vehicle and park it at your tiny home or park it inside your garage you can get fined by management, they will ask for proof of insurance.

Tampa Bay Tiny Homes Communities

There were many opportunities in this area that were underutilized.

Sensing this opportunity, one man, Dan Dobrowolski liked the region and established the Tampa Bay Village.

This village is a god Tiny house community on a 1-acre land.

Visit the community to learn about rules and regulations that you should observe.

Florida Tiny House: Rent or Own?

There are certain rules and guidelines that everyone must follow in order for the community to stay well organized and avoid problems such as noise, drugs, or any other type of suspicious activity since everything happens really close together.

Rules vary depending on the city’s laws, how organized the community is and several other factors.

Most tiny home communities have a strict renting policy that requires you to pay rent every month.

In other words, only people with a regular income and good credit scores can live there.

This is to make sure everyone has the same living standards and nobody spends their money elsewhere.

It’s really common for these kinds of communities to be situated in cities where real estate area is pretty expensive, like Sarasota Florida.

But finding tiny house communities in Sarasota Florida is a good move.

But the isolation might not always be an advantage since it can affect your social life and your sense of community (although this depends on what you’re looking for).

As we mentioned before, most tiny house owners are young people who value freedom more than neighbors next door.


Are there any tiny house communities near Florida?

The biggest advantage of visiting a location where you can see tiny house communities is that you will get an idea of how they look and feel.

Some of these locations include large plots of land with many homes that are close together while some prefer open space for each home to be seen from the outside or through their window panes.

You also get to learn about different styles of tiny houses as well as check out amenities offered by the developer including public transportation, water system and energy supply.

Check out some tiny house communities near Florida.

Are there any rules and regulations in specific Tiny House Community?

If you’re looking to join an already organized community of like-minded individuals, it’s important to check out the rules and regulations that each location sets before committing.

Can I permanently live in a Tiny House?

Just because you can fit an entire community in a field does not mean that it would be suitable.

People looking to retire in tiny homes should consider if they will enjoy the simplicity of their lifestyles or live in chaos instead.


For most people, retirement is all about relaxing, spending time with family and enjoying life without too many worries.

Being inside a tiny house might feel suffocating at times so what you need to do is take everything into consideration before you make your final call.

Here we have compiled all the tiny house communities in major cities in Florida and some important information for people looking for a suitable community for living.